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Why not send us a Trial Order MEXICAN NATIONAL PILLS

Doz. $ 4.25 Createst of Antimalarials

Gross 46.00

They say they are the


Retail 500

We can send them by


They produce a

Ravenous Appetite

They are especially good

to cure Anaemia


They do not purge They are a Chemical Food

They are guaranteed to contain neither Arsenic, Strychnia, nor any other poison,
stomach tolerates them.

Sold by the Wholesale Drug Trade
THE NATIONAL PILL CO., P. O. Box 2357, Mexico, D. F., Mex.

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Meyer Brothers Druggist


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(WE HAVE BUT ONE PRICE.) One-fourth page, 3 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 6 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches) One-fourth page, 9 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches) One-fourth page, 1 year (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches) One-half page,

3 months (4 1-4x6 inches) One-half page, 6 months (4 1-4x6 inches) One-half page,

9 months (4 1-4x6 inches). One-half page,

1 year (4 1-4x6 inches) One page,

6 months (6 x8 1-2 inches) One page,

1 year

(6 x8 1-2 inches)

$ 27 00

45 00 65 00 82 50 51 00 87 00 125 00 157 50 160 00 300 00

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In the Pharmaceutical Eye is Prof. William Baker

Leo Eliel, of South Bend, Ind., President of the Day, secretary of the Chicago

American Pharmaceutical Association, was repreBranch of the A. Ph. A. which was the first one or

sented on the frontispiece of the MEYER BROTHERS

DRUGGIST for October, 1906. ganized. He is also a member of the faculty of the The Prescribing of U. S. P. VIII. and N. F. III. PrepPharmacy Department of the arations should occur on a materially increased scale Illinois University and sec- in the near future if there is any potency in the variretary of the Ill. Ph. A. ous movements in favor of such prescriptions. The Prof. Day attended the Indi- N. A. R. D., the A. Ph. A., the Manhattan Retail Drug anapolis meeting of the A. Association and the similar organizations in Chicago, Ph. A. and promises to con- St. Louis and some other large cities are all pushing tinue active work in that or- the Pharmacopoeia into the full view of the medical ganization. He is a careful, profession. The American Medical Association and conscientious worker and a the local medical societies are preparing the practiuseful member of any organ- tioners of medicine and placing them in a receptive ization to which he belongs. mood. A medical-society of St. Louis invited sister or




ganizations and the retail druggists of the city to con- eries of wonderful importance to the commercial, infer and examine an exhibit of N. F. preparations. A dustrial, and hygienic world. Today, quinine is so Baltimore medical society has invited the local A. cheap that no chemist bothers about making it artiPh. A. branch to meet with them for a similar purpose. ficially.

Perhaps the most signal evidence of increased pop- A careful reading of the address delivered by Dr. ularity for U. S. P. and N. F. preparations is the ac- Schweitzer will give pharmacists a bird's-eye view of tion of manufacturers in placing before both pharma- much history which pertains to their calling. cists and physicians full lists of such preparations. The abstract of the U. S. P. and N. F. recently issued by Squibb is, we understand, only one of a number of similar lists to be distributed in the near future by manufacturers.

We publish in the Public Opinion Department of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for November a letter from a local physician who is familiar with pharmaceutical as well as medical conditions. His suggestion to keep constantly before the medical fraternity in the medical auditorium samples of N. F.and U.S. P. preparations is backed up by arguments which will appeal to the pharmacists of other cities as well as St. Louis. If the pharmacists are to educate the physicians along these lines they must go about it in an effective but not offensive manner.

We feel justified in strongly urging the pharmacists to, first of all, become thoroughly familiar themselves with the preparations of the N. F. III. which has only recently been placed upon the market. The druggist to-day who is without a copy of this volume is decidedly behind the times. The Jubilee of the coal tar industry, and by this

Charles Frederick Mann, of Detroit, Mich., Presiis understood the semi-centennial celebration, occurred

dent of the National Association of Retail Druggists, in New York City, October 6, 1906. The occasion was

was represented on the frontispiece of the MEYER made particularly impressive by the presence of the

BROTHERS DRUGGIST for April, 1904. At that time venerable Sir William Henry Perkin who discovered mauve, the first coal tar color, and thus made possible which he held continuously until elected president.

Mr. Mann was treasurer of the N. A. R. D., a position the wonderful developments in the coal tar industry. Some persons never do anything in this world but they A New Pharmaceutical Degree.—The Buffalo Colsimply “be.” Sir Perkin started out early in life with lege of Pharmacy has decided to establish a a determination to do something and he found the leading to the degree of analytical chemist (A. C.) opportunity for himself, and has for half a century As far as we know, this will give pharmacists the opencouraged other young men in seeking for opportu-portunity of obtaining a new degree. With the long nities rather that waiting for them.

list of degrees now being followed in different instituWe publish in the November issue of the MEYER tions, one more or less makes but little difference. It, BROTHERS DRUGGIST the address in full of Dr. Hugo however, is one step away from the universal adoption Schweitzer who gives in an exceptionally entertaining of "Doctor of Pharmacy,” as a college degree. At the manner a history not only of the discovery of mauve present time, the prospective pharmacy student who but of a number of other chemicals which are well can meet the preliminary qualifications has at his comknown to pharmacists. He shows in what an ex- mand the following list of degrees from which to make ceptional manner the medicinal properties of phe- a selection: Ph. G., Ph. B., Ph. C., Ph. D. (frequently nacetin were discovered. That wonderful, sweet sub- written Phar. D.), Ph. M., Ph. B. Sc. and A. C. The stance, saccharin, also has an interesting history, as ambitious person who is anxious to use as much of the pointed out by the doctor. Finally, we call attention alphabet as possible after his Christian name will find to the fact that the high price of quinine and its great a larger field in pharmacy than in any other calling. importance in therapeutics led chemists a half a cen- This array of titles reminds us of the Chemist and tury ago to industriously search for a method of build- Druggist comments upon the Toronto meeting of the ing up synthetic quinine. The efforts were as futile American Medical Association. It is quite evident as those of the alchemists who sought the philoso- that some of the English delegates were not averse to pher's stone, and those who endeavored to find the the addition of new titles, for our London exchange elixir of life, but experiments made in an effort to suggests that some appendages to the names look manufacture synthetic quinine brought about discov- very much like X? +H2SO4.



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