Adam Brown, the merchant. By the author of Brambletye house

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148 페이지 - I could a tale unfold whose lightest word Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, : Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres, Thy knotted and combined locks to part And each particular hair to stand on end, Like quills upon the fretful porcupine : But this eternal blazon must not be To ears of flesh and blood.
163 페이지 - I believe this man is a first-rate chap,' thought Stanley. He liked the look of him sitting up there in his neat brown coat and brown bowler. He liked the way Pat had tucked him in, and he liked his eyes. There was nothing servile about him — and if there was one thing he hated more than another it was servility. And he looked as if he was pleased with his job — happy and contented already.
88 페이지 - Another age shall see the golden ear Imbrown the slope, and nod on the parterre, Deep harvests bury all his pride has plann'd, And laughing Ceres reassume the land.
85 페이지 - Crab, what was the weight of that fine jack you caught last week in Langholme water ?" " Twelve pounds." " By the powers ! is that all ? The very last jack I caught in the river Newry weighed twenty-four pounds." " Hang it !" muttered Crab, aside ; " I wish I could catch my jack again, I would double the Captain's weight instantly, and make him a forty-eight pounder.
10 페이지 - Clarence uttered a deep sigh. " But if you feel too much, my dearest Virginia— if you give way to your feelings in this manner," said Mrs. Ormond, " you will make both yourself and Mr. Hervey unhappy !" " Heaven forbid! The first wish of my soul is " She paused. " I should be the most ungrateful wretch in the world, if I were to make him unhappy.
92 페이지 - Certainly not, if you are not," replied Brown, chuckling till he grew red in the face. " On the contrary, I think his wanderings, as you call them, are very like home-thrusts, or shots in the bull's eye. Depend upon it, he's a good bowler, for he seems to know that, if you would hit the Jack at last, you must seem at first not to be taking aim at it." At this moment, Matilda alluded to some private theatricals about to be performed at Gloucester, when the Captain, utterly unable to lose any opportunity...
85 페이지 - Are you quite sure it was not Bounce Molloy ? " asked Crab, in a tone and with a look of innocent curiosity. "Bounce, Jupiter, bounce, are the words of Midas in O'Hara's burletta of The Golden Pippin. High nonsense, says Addison, is like beer in a bottle, which has in reality no strength or spirit, but frets, and flies, and bounces, and imitates the passions of a much nobler liquor.
82 페이지 - Tilda was a wit ? As to old Crab, with his venomous jibes and jeers, and his malignant—" The conclusion of his speech was arrested by the opening of the door, and the appearance of John Trotman, ushering in the very party thus bitterly vituperated. "Ha, my good friend Crab ?" cried the unabashed Captain, " I was just singing your praises to Mr. Brown. Allow me to introduce you to him.
78 페이지 - This was not a very polite speech, but the worthy merchant did not pique himself upon his courtesy, and did pique himself upon the money which he had so hardly earned, and which he thought ought to secure him a position in society, wherever he might settle, and whosoever might be his neighbors. "But you have not introduced me to these young ladies...
86 페이지 - Crab, moreover, had a sort of charter, as a humorist subject to strange fits of absence, for thinking aloud, and uttering whatever vagaries suggested themselves to his wandering thoughts; nor was it easy to believe that there was any raillery, badinage, or intentional offence in his effusions, however caustic ; for his countenance never lost the grim seriousness of its expression, if we may except an occasional twinkle of his small, sharp eye, and his manner was invariably respectful. Rude and inopportune...

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