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leaves so-Hey, is not that a man? Oh! oh! there's the way my nectarines fall so short. [Goes and brings Julia forward.] Here! here! no resistance-Come out, and let us see what we can make of you. Well, young graceless, and what do you do here? Come, let's hear what account you can give of yourself.

Julia. I do assure you, sir, I came in by accident.

Adm. By accident? Well that's a good beginning enongh; what do you shut your eyes as you go along, that you can't tell the highway from an enclosure ?

Julia. I mean, sir, I just stepp'd in to avoid a person I wish'd not to see me.

Adm. Very like, sir; but pray, sir, will you have the goodness to tell us who you may happen to be, sir?

Julia. Pray, sir, excuse me.

Adm. Indeed, sir, I shall do no such thing—Come, sir, who's your father?

Julia. I cannot tell you, indeed, sir.

Adm. Indeed, sir- Well, after all, it might puzzle a wiser head than your's to do that; but possibly you may have better luck with regard to your mother-who is she? · Julia. My mother, sir, is dead.

Adm. Dead, is she? But had she no name when she was alive? Egad you shuffle so, that I fancy you've been longer' at the trade than I at first imagined. You’re a gay spark for the profession too-If Rachel had been a young woman, I should have suspected something else; but perhaps the coat may have been stolen too; these gentry now-a-days think nothing they can get too good for them, and the finger is only an accomplice to the felonious pride of the back,“ win gold and wear it -Hey, is that your maxim, my young poacher: Gadso, now. I remember, I have seen Sam. Welford in those very clothes I shall secure you, my lad; you shall answer all this.

Julia. I beseech you, sir, not to expose me.

Adm. Not expose you—What! do you think I shall connive at felony? Here, Tom, Simon, Ralph-attempt to move, and you're a dead man. Here, will nobody help me to secure this villain?

Enter Mrs. RACHEL and-SERVANTS. Adin. Here, seize that fellow, and tie his hands behind him-Keep off, Rachel, I dare say he has got pistols in his pockets-Lead him directly to .a magistrate, l'IL follow.

Julia. Dear madam, I implore you to plead for me to that gentleman--your looks speak benevolence-I en: treat you, madam, to have pity on me! :

Adm. There's a young artful dog now, beginning to coax and flatter Rachel about her good looks; aye, that's the way with these handsomer sprigs of the fraternity, they are sure to attack the women; but 'tis such a snivelling puppy--why hang it, my lad, you must expect these rubs in the way of your business, its only a misfortune in trade-Come, man, behave yourself a little more like a rascal of spirit. .

Mrs. Rack. Brother, I entreat you to send your servants in.

Adm. Send 'em in, Rachel, why how's this? Do you want him to make his escape? Has he softened you with his whimpering? You know if he takes to his heels, I can't follow him.

Mrs. Rach, I have particular reasons for my request.

Adm. Well, be it so then--wait in the house till I call you. [Exit SERVANTS.] Don't you think to get off tho'

if you attempt to stir

Julia. You may rely upon it, sir, I will not move. Oh, madam, may I hope that you will befriend me in this dreadful exigency.? .

Adm. No, no, my lad, you are dipping into the wrong pocket there ; Rachel is not like most of her sex, to be won over by wheedling, you do but fling away your skill.. But why was I to dismiss those fellows, Rachel ?

Mrs. Rach. Brother, if what I've already said has surpris'd you, I shall increase your astonishment still further, by desiring to have a short conversation with this stranger, while you walk aside.

Adm. What, leave you alone with a pickpocket, a housebreaker? I tell you, he has pistols in his pockets, or a swashing cutlass in his coat-lining ! Rachel, Rachel, you are a poor ignorant woman, you can't tell what instruments these fellows may have about them. . ; Drs. Rach. You are mistaken, brother, this is no robber, I am persuaded.

Adm. Oh Rachel, Rachel, is it come to this after all?

I did think for your sake, that there might be such a thing as a woman without folly or frailty; but you are determined that I shall not die with too favourable an opinion of your sex-for shame, Rachel, for shame-'tis too bad too bad indeed. · Mrs. Rach. A few minutes will convince you, brother, that if I merited your good opinion before, I shall not be likely to forfeit it on the present occasion.

Admn. May be so, may be so, Rachel, it has an odd look however; have a care of yourself, old girl; if you should do a foolish thing, it won't be taken as if one of your prudes had been guilty of a little trespass, who prepare, people for their fall, by the fuss they make about their virtue. You'll have a hot birth on't, my old lass, you will—but, however, mind I give you fair warning.

(Retires. · Julia. Dear madam, vouchsafe to hear my wretched story.

Mrs. Rach. As I know not what impression my brother's strange conjectures may have made on your opinion, suffer me to gain a little credit, by sparing you the trouble of informing me that you are Miss Wingrove.

Julia. Madam!

Mrs. Rach. Dear young lady, be not alarm'd at this discovery, for never was there'more sincere commisera. tion than what your suff'rings have produced in me..

Julia. Oh, madam, how has my wretched situation been made known to you ? and by what means may I obtain your friendship?

Mrs. Rach. I have but one condition to propose, and that is an unreserved communication of the circumstances that have involved you in this distress that made, for I cannot admit an idea of criminality in you, I can assure you not only of my own protection, but my brother's; who is as warm in his attachments, as he is rash and hasty in forming conclusions from first appearances; but my brother returns; I would not meet him till I can inform him of the whole. This way, dear Miss Wingrove.

[Retire to an alcove.

Enter ADMIRAL Adm. What isn't this tête-a-tête over yet? what, they retire at the sight of memOh! guilt! guilt! I'll observe you tho'why she seems to be courting him! I'll be sunk if it isn't so--Aye, Rachel, now you have flung aside propriety, decency, I fancy, will soon follow. Women, I find, never love to do silly things by halves; when once they slip cable on a voyage of folly, let thema bring them to that can.' Particularly your reasoning sort of sensible, elderly gentlewomen-for when they have fairly passed the equinox of life, they know they sail with a trade wind, and the devil'can't stop them, till they are snug in harbour with a yoke-fellow, after a tedious passage of difficult virginity. By all that's scandalous she takes his hand-Oh sit down, sit down, my gentle swain- Why he's weeping still-sink me if ever I saw such a watery-ey'd puppy. Nct but there was something in his distress that moved me if cir. cumstances had not been so strong against him, I

should "What, mhing in there too.care

sahy she has as if she samlet [MRS.

should no more have taken him for a thief than for a sailor-What, must he have your smelling bottle too why she has left him in the arbour, and comes this way - she looks as if she saw me toomcan she face me? will she brazen out 'her folly? [Mrs. Rachel advances.] Well, Mrs. Rachel Cleveland.

Mrs. Rach. Well, brother, I come to clear up all your doubts and difficulties.

Adm. Oh don't take so much trouble, madam, it is sufficiently clear already, I give you my word.

Mrs. Rach. Nay, then I perceive you are under your old mistake, so I shall explain all at once. This way, my dear. [To Julia.)

Adm. My dear! by heaven that's too much-what, no shame, Rachel ! Mrs. Rach. Now learn your error, brother, and give me leave to recommend to your protection (JULIA ud. vances, Mrs. Rachel takes her hand, the ADMIRAL going out in a ruge.) Miss Julia Wingrove.

Adm. What's that, Rachel! who did you say?

Mrs. Rach. This young lady, brother, whose misfortunes, you have heard in part, is Miss Julia Win. grove; I am convinced she deserves your friendship, and it is evident she is much in need of it. · Adm. And she shall have it cost what it will. Young bady! why what a fool have I made of myself-Can you excuse an old fellow, madam, who frequently lets his hasty temper run away with his slow wits ?

Julia. Your present kindness, sir, infinitely overpays the fears occasioned by your misconception.

Adm. You must seal my pardon, miss, by a salute, or I sha'nt think we are fairly reconciled. Rachel, I don't apologize to you, as I know your forgiveness is always close in tow of my repentance; but as for you, lady fair, since you have been forced upon my coast, they must fight through fire-and water for you that drive you out to sea again.

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