North Indian Notes and Queries, 1-2권

Pioneer Press, 1891

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125 페이지 - The. country about being overspread with Paganism, the custom of wives burning with their deceased husbands, is also practised here. Before the Mogul's war, Mr. Channock went one time with his ordinary guard of soldiers, to see a young widow act that tragical catastrophe ; but he was so smitten with the widow's beauty, that he sent his guards to take her by force from her executioners, find conducted her to his own lodgings.
49 페이지 - Almighty! In place of this my son I offer life for life, blood for blood, head for head, bone for bone, hair for hair, skin for skin.
5 페이지 - O God we offer the sacrifice to you — give us good crops, seasons and health", after which they address the victim, "We bought you with a price, and did not seize you — now we sacrifice you according to custom, and no sin rests on us.
204 페이지 - Y thers have no authority, they wait upon the elder as his servants, and can be turned out of doors at his pleasure, without its being incumbent upon him to provide for them. On the death of the eldest brother his property, authority, and widow devolve upon his next brother.
3 페이지 - If the intestate has left lineal descendants who do not all stand in the same degree of kindred to him, and the persons through whom the more remote are descended from him are dead, the property shall be divided into such a number...
17 페이지 - How lov'd, how honour'd once, avails thee not, To whom related, or by whom begot ; A heap of dust alone remains of thee, 'Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be ! Poets themselves must fall, like those they sung, Deaf the prais'd ear, and mute the tuneful tongue.
17 페이지 - I'm drifting down with the tide, I have my sailing orders, while ye at anchor ride. And never on fair June morning have I put out to sea With clearer conscience or better hope, or a heart more light and free.
7 페이지 - Rajput history. Socially the custom makes marriage difficult by narrowing the field of selection, for neither can a man go very far among strange tribes to seek his wife, nor a father to seek a husband for his daughter ; so that a poor man often does not marry at all, while a rich man of high birth is besieged with applications for his hand, in order that the stigma of an unmarried daughter may at...
17 페이지 - Shoulder to shoulder, Joe, my boy, into the crowd like a wedge ! * Out with the hangers, messmates, but do not strike with the edge ! " Cries Charnock, " Scatter the faggots ! Double that Brahmin in two ! The tall pale widow is mine, Joe, the little brown girl for you.
125 페이지 - Paganism, and the only part of Christianity that was remarkable in him, was burying her decently, and he built a Tomb over her, where all his Life after her Death, he kept the anniversary Day of her Death by sacrificing a Cock on her Tomb after the Pagan Manner...

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