Census of the Philippine Islands: Taken Under the Direction of the Philippine Commission in the Year 1903, in Four Volumes ..., 4권

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1905
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543 페이지 - Islands, and for other purposes," approved March eighth, nineteen hundred and two, is hereby amended so as to authorize the civil governor thereof in his discretion to establish the equivalent rates of the money in circulation in said islands with the money of the United States as often as once in ten days.
544 페이지 - An act temporarily to provide revenue for the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes," and to amend an Act approved March second, nineteen hundred and three, entitled "An act to establish a standard of value and to provide for a coinage system in the Philippine Islands," and to provide for the more efficient administration of civil government in the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes.
434 페이지 - ... Reiterated assertions to the effect that native labor in the Philippines is unreliable must be accepted as coming almost exclusively from Europeans, who primarily are exploiters, pure and simple, and, as .such, have absolutely no interest in the islands beyond the immediate realization of enormous profits. Under the old system the wages of labor were too small to establish anything like a sense of self-interest on the part of employees, and, as a consequence, solicitude for the interests of employers...
35 페이지 - MAURO PRIETO, SUPERINTENDENT OF THE GERMINAL CIGAR AND CIGARETTE FACTORY. The statement of Mr. Prieto is as follows : REPORT ON THE CULTIVATION OF TOBACCO IN THE PROVINCE OF CAGAYAN (LUZON). Cagayan, situated in the extreme north of the Island of Luzon, enjoys a more temperate climate than the rest of this island and the other islands of the Archipelago.
117 페이지 - Georgia reporting 38,000 pounds of green forage per acre, Mississippi 44,000, and Louisiana the enormous amount of over 50 tons. It needs a long season of hot weather, a rich soil, and abundant moisture in order to succeed well, and it is useless to plant it where all these conditions can not be had. It is a remarkably vigorous, grower, reaching 10 to 12 feet in height, with an unusually abundant supply of leaves and tender stems, which continue to grow until killed by frosts.
458 페이지 - Notwithstanding so many impediments, it would not, however, be prudent in the government entirely to abandon the enterprise, and lose sight of the advantages the country offers, or indeed, to neglect turning the habitual facilities of the natives to some account. Far from there existing any positive grounds for despairing of the progress of manufacturing industry, it may justly be presumed that, whenever the sovereign, by adopting a different line of policy, shall allow the unlimited and indistinct...
180 페이지 - American sense, impracticable, and have forced the people to live in more or less closely settled communities for purposes of protection and defense against the incursions of the robbers. This has been one of the greatest obstacles in the way of agricultural development and is in a large degree the cause of the numerous small land holdings. Another reason is the great productiveness of the soil and the variety of crops that can be raised on a small piece of land. " The spaces of land between their...
435 페이지 - I know the disposition of most Americans here is to open the doors and let in the Chinese, so that we may have Chinese cheap labor in the islands, but I am emphatically opposed to the general policy of admitting the Chinese, first, because the Filipinos have the strongest opinion that it will be for their detriment, and, second, because I believe the history of the Straits Settlements shows that it will not be for their prosperity as distinguished from the material prosperity of the islands.
115 페이지 - ... profits of the estate to the approximate amount of $5,000. This would amount to a dividend of rather more than $312 per hectare, or its equivalent of about $126 per acre. These tables further show original capitalization cost of nearly $90 per acre, and from the ninth year annual operating expenses of rather more than $60 per acre. It should be stated, however, that the operating expenses are based upon a systematic and scientific management of the estate; while the returns or income are based...
544 페이지 - Islands until such date, not earlier than the first day of January, nineteen hundred and four, as may be fixed by public proclamation of said Civil Governor, when such coins shall cease to be so receivable...

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