Unit Costs in a Selected Group of High-school Libraries

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1942 - 36페이지

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11 페이지 - Each cost accounting system should provide for the recording of all the elements of cost incurred to accomplish a purpose, to carry on an activity or operation or to complete a unit of work or a specific job.
20 페이지 - An informal education considered by the chief librarian as the real equivalent of four years of college work plus five years' experience in a library of recognized professional standing. (This provision is to take care of those already in the profession who are performing duties which require a knowledge of books and library technique as taught in a library schoo1.) 7.
20 페이지 - A subprofessional assistant is a person who performs, under the immediate supervision of professional staff members, work largely concerned with the higher routine processes which are peculiar to library work and which require some knowledge of library procedure. (No assistant paid on an hourly basis should be included here.) A subprofessional assistant should have had at least brief elementary training in library work as taught in a library summer session or a training class.
20 페이지 - A professional assistant is a member of the professional staff performing work of a professional grade which requires training and skill in the theoretical or scientific parts of library work as distinct from its merely mechanical parts...
20 페이지 - ... training and skill in the theoretical or scientific parts of library work as distinct from its merely mechanical parts and includes all the professional staff except the chief librarian or director, assistant chief librarian, department heads, division heads, branch librarians, and first assistants.
3 페이지 - Libraries do not have devices at present by which they can accurately measure their administrative effectiveness or social significance. The next ten years will witness the development of a body of costs and measurements...
1 페이지 - FARGO, LUCILE F. The Library in the School. 3d ed. Chicago: American Library Association, 1939.
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2 페이지 - In this report we find the first mention of a ''time study" in relation to cost analysis. As a result of this report, a test was undertaken in a group of libraries in which they selected 100 titles . . . representing the average degree of difficulty for the class of books usually handled, the time of the various operations connected with the cataloging, classification, shelf-listing, revision and checking, preparation of the cards for the catalogs and their filing, to be carefully noted and the cost...
2 페이지 - Hanson, JCM The cataloging test in the University of Chicago library. Library Journal 40s 399-400. Jacobs, EP and Spencer, Robinson. What price reclassification? ALA Catalog section. Catalogers* and classifiers

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