The Lives of the Players, 2권

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1831

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268 페이지 - His gardens next your admiration call, On every side you look, behold the wall! No pleasing intricacies intervene, No artful wildness to perplex the scene: Grove nods at grove, each alley has a brother, And half the platform just reflects the other.
277 페이지 - Looking tranquillity ! it strikes an awe And terror on my aching sight ; the tombs And monumental caves of death look cold, And shoot a chillness to my trembling heart.
86 페이지 - Barry, in characters of greatness, had a presence of elevated dignity, her mien and motion superb, and gracefully majestic; her voice, full, clear, and strong, so that no violence of passion could be too much for her; and when distress, or tenderness possessed her, she subsided into the most affecting melody and softness. In the art of exciting pity, she had a power beyond all the actresses I have yet seen, or what your imagination can conceive.
251 페이지 - Foote went first to that coffee-house, one of its habitues was a lively little man who supplied it with ' red port ;* with whom he formed an acquaintance ; whom he then described living in Durham-yard with three quarts of vinegar in the cellar, calling himself a wine-merchant...
142 페이지 - best good man with the worst-natured muse," declared that " Love's Last Shift " was the best first play that any author, in his memory, had produced ; and that for a young fellow to show himself such an actor, and such a writer, in one day, was something extraordinary.
300 페이지 - at Homes,' Foote invited the public ' to Tea,' and his invitation was accepted with avidity. The conception of this entertainment did credit to his eccentric taste and talent. While the audience were sitting wondering what it would be, the manager came forward, and after making his bow, acquainted them ' That as he was training some young performers for the stage, he would, with their permission, whilst tea was getting ready, proceed with his instructions before them...
19 페이지 - Othello ; the mixture of love that intruded upon his mind, upon the innocent answers Desdemona makes, betrayed in his gesture such a variety and vicissitude of passions, as would admonish a man to be afraid of his own heart ; and perfectly convince him, that it is to stab it, to admit that worst of daggers, jealousy.
76 페이지 - How inimitably is the varied excellence of Monfort depicted in the following speaking picture : " Monfort, a younger man by twenty years, and at this time in his highest reputation, was an actor of a very different style : of person he was tall, well made, fair, and of an agreeable aspect : his voice clear, full, and melodious : in tragedy he was the most affecting lover within my memory. His addresses had a resistless recommendation from the very tone of his voice, which gave his words such a softness,...
102 페이지 - Memoirs OF AN UNFORTUNATE YOUNG NOBLEMAN, RETURN'D FROM A THIRTEEN YEARS' SLAVERY IN AMERICA, Where he had been sent by the Wicked Contrivances of his Cruel Uncle.
305 페이지 - He has a singular talent of exhibiting character.' JOHNSON. 'Sir, it is not a talent; it is a vice; it is what others abstain from. It is not comedy, which exhibits the character of a species, as that of a miser gathered from many misers: it is farce, which exhibits individuals.

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