English Comic Dramatists

Oswald Crawfurd
K. Paul, Trench, 1884 - 283페이지

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242 페이지 - It's not my way, you see, to receive my friends with my back to the fire. I like to give them a hearty reception, in the old style, at my gate. I like to see their horses and trunks taken care of.
269 페이지 - I take to be a prudent old fellow, who has got money to lend. I am blockhead enough to give fifty per cent, sooner than not have it ! and you, I presume, are rogue enough to take a hundred if you can get it. Now, sir, you see we are acquainted at once, and may proceed to business without further ceremony.
237 페이지 - Alack, master, we have but one spare bed in the whole house. TONY. And to my knowledge, that's taken up by three lodgers already. (After a pause, in which the rest seem disconcerted.) I have hit it. Don't you think, Stingo, our landlady could accommodate the gentlemen by the fire-side, with — three chairs and a bolster?
7 페이지 - A goodly portly man, i' faith and a corpulent; of a cheerful look, a pleasing eye, and a most noble carriage; and, as I think, his age some fifty, or, by'r Lady, inclining to threescore; and now I remember me, his name is Falstaff. If that man should be lewdly given, he deceiveth me; for Harry, I see virtue in his looks. If then the tree may be known by the fruit, as the fruit by the tree, then, peremptorily I speak it, there is virtue in that Falstaff.
3 페이지 - Should I turn upon the true prince ? Why, thou knowest, I am as valiant as Hercules: but beware instinct; the lion will not touch the true prince. Instinct is a great matter ; I was a coward on instinct. I shall think the better of myself and thee, during my life; I, for a valiant lion, and thou for a true prince.
139 페이지 - Till it laugh in my face, With ale that is potent and mellow; He that whines for a lass Is an ignorant ass, For a bumper has not its fellow. But if you would have me marry my cousin, say the word, and I'll do't —Wilfull will do't, that's the word— Wilfull will do't, that's my crest my motto I have forgot. Lady. My nephew's a little overtaken, cousin— but 'tis with drinking your health— O' my word you are obliged to him — Sir Wil.
137 페이지 - And yet our distemper in all likelihood will be the same; for we shall be sick of one another. I shan't endure to be reprimanded, nor instructed; 'tis so dull to act always by advice, and so tedious to be told of one's faults - I can't bear it.
246 페이지 - It's a way I have got. When I travel, I always choose to regulate my own supper. Let the cook be called. No offence I hope, sir.
245 페이지 - So that with eating above stairs, and drinking below, with receiving your friends within, and amusing them without, you lead a good pleasant bustling life of it.
246 페이지 - Yes, sir, supper, sir; I begin to feel an appetite. I shall make devilish work to-night in the larder, I promise you. HARD.

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