History of Scotland, 9권

William Tait, 1843
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378 페이지 - Ye shall plainly declare," the ambassadors were told, "to Mr. Secretary and his followers, that since now, when they are in their kingdom, they will thus misknow me, when the chances shall turn, I shall cast a deaf ear to their requests ; and whereas now I would have been content to have given them, by your means, a pre-assurance of my favour, — if at this time they had pressed to deserve the same, — so, they now contemning it, may be assured never hereafter to be heard.
224 페이지 - To their rage and disappointment, the ladders proved too short ; but finding a postern in the wall, they undermined it, and soon made a breach enough for a soldier to squeeze through. In this way a dozen stout fellows passed into the outer court...
340 페이지 - I wish nothing with a better heart, nor § to achieve to that which your Lo. would fain attain unto: and my continual prayer shall tend to that effect; and with the large spending of my lands, goods, yea the hazard of my life shall not affright me from that, although the scaffold were already set up, before I should falsify my promise to your Lo.
304 페이지 - This was cheerfully agreed to ; and meanwhile the king, whose financial ingenuity seems to have been whetted by the gloomy prospect of an empty exchequer at the time money was becoming every day more needed, drew up another scheme which was submitted to his Estates with as little success as the former.
58 페이지 - Keith) was most remarkable; a woman, not of the base and ignorant sort of Witches, but matron-like, grave and settled in her answers, which were all to some purpose.
335 페이지 - MAR forgather, -fbecause he is somewhat consety,\ for God's sake be very wary with his reckless toys of Padua: for he told me one of the strangest tales of a nobleman of Padua that ever I heard in my life, resembling the like purpose." * * * After assuring him that he might place implicit faith in Laird Bower, the bearer of the letter, Logan again thus alluded to the plot : — " Always to our purpose, I think it best for our plat...
339 페이지 - Lo., with many others of your lovers and his, at a good dinner before I die. Always, I hope that the king's buck-hunting at Falkland this year shall prepare some dainty cheer for us against that dinner the next year. Hoc jocose, to animate your Lo.
153 페이지 - I have ever been an enemy to all your enemies, and the only point I can be challenged in, that I take not such form of order, and at such time, with some particular men of my subjects as peradventure you would, if you were in my room ; when thus I enter in consultation with myself, I cannot surely satisfy myself with wondering upon these abovementioned effects : for to affirm that these things are by your direction or privity, it is so far against all princely honour, as I protest I abhor the least...
203 페이지 - Elizabeth was delighted with this exploit of Lauchlan Mor, assured him of her gratitude and friendship, and sent a more substantial proof than words, in a present of a thousand crowns : an " honourable token of her favour...
61 페이지 - He made an oration, however, some sentences of which give a good picture of the style of his oratory : often pedantic and tedious, but not unfrequently epigrammatic and sententious. Alluding to the shocking state of the country and the prevalence of crimes,

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