Sketches of the Relations Subsisting Between the British Government in India: And the Different Native States

G.H. Huttmann, 1837 - 193페이지

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72 페이지 - Sing and his heirs and successors will act in subordinate co-operation with the British Government and acknowledge its supremacy, and will not have any connection with any other Chiefs or States.
45 페이지 - Excellency engages that he will establish in his reserved dominions such a system of administration, to be carried into effect by his own officers, as shall be conducive to the prosperity of his subjects, and be calculated to secure the lives and property of the inhabitants ; and His Excellency will always advise with, and act in conformity to the counsel of the officers of the said Honourable Company.
63 페이지 - Peshwa for its expenses, and inflicted no punishment for his protection of a murderer. It simply required the surrender of the criminal, and on Bajee Rao's compliance, it restored him to the undiminished enjoyment of all the benefits of the alliance.
72 페이지 - Oudeypore will not commit aggressions upon any one ; and if by accident a dispute arise with any one, it shall be submitted to the arbitration and award of the British Government.
30 페이지 - French nation, actuated by design and deceit, attempt to settle with a view of establishing themselves on any of the Islands or shores of Persia, a conjoint force shall be appointed by the two high contract* Sutherland's Sketches, p.
30 페이지 - ... if any of the great men of the French nation express a wish or desire to obtain a place of residence, or dwelling, in any of the islands or shores of the kingdom of Persia, that they may raise the standard of abode, or settlement, leave for their residing in such a place shall not be granted.
45 페이지 - Oude government from its subjects, without having the means of judging whether that claim were just or unjust ; and we have lent our troops almost for the performance of the ordinary duties of police. We at another time supported a minister in his office, and, during our support of him, borrowed money from the treasury of the state, the interest of which we guaranteed in perpetuity to him and his family, though in lending it he was guilty of betraying the interests of his sovereign. We have at another...
76 페이지 - Raja of Jeypore will no doubt continue to enjoy the friendship of the English, as he has disgraced himself to please that nation by giving up to their vengeance the unfortunate Vizier Ally, who had sought its protection.
45 페이지 - There is no state in India with whose government we have interfered so systematically, and so uselessly, as with that of Oude. But this interference has been more in favour of men than of measures ; and has apparently been utterly useless for the purpose of securing to the people of Oude any improvement in their institutions, or in the form of administering them. We at one time sent our officers and troops to enforce the payment of the revenue claimed by the Oude government from its subjects, without...
193 페이지 - Self preservation therefore requires, that where we have the right, these portions of the native armies should be brought under our authority, for the purpose of fighting their battles and our own. " Yet, until this control over those armies has been obtained, our situation in India, under particular circumstances, must become highly critical, for it is obvious that we cannot afford to pay an army in India sufficiently extensive to fight our frontier battles, and to support our position -against...

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