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Memoir of Mrs. Sarah Lanman Smith, late of the Mission in Syria, under the Direction of the A. B. C.F. M. By Edward W. Hooker, Pastor of the First Congregational Church, Bennington Vt. Boston : Perkins & Marvin. Philadelphia : Henry Perkins. 12mo. pp. 407.

Memoir of Normand Smith, Jr., or the Christian Serving God in his Business. By Rev. Joel Hawes, D. D. Hartford : Spaulding & Storrs, 18mo, pp. 77.

Transplanted Flowers, or Memoirs of Mrs. Rumpff, Daughter of John Jacob Astor, Esq., and the Duchess de Broglie, Daughter of Madame de Staël. With an Appendix, by Robert Baird. New York: John S. Taylor. 12mo. pp. 159.

Memoir of Mrs. Elizabeth McFarland; or Full Assurance of Hope, the Reward of Diligence in the Christian Life, By Nathaniel Bouton, Pastor of the First Congregational Church in Concord, N. H. Concord : Marsh, Capen, & Lyon. 18mo. pp. 319.

The Life of Mrs. Isabella Graham, by her Daughter Mrs. Joanna Bethune. New York: John S. Taylor. 18mo pp. 144.

A Biographical Sketch of the Honorable Jobn Boyle, in an Introductory to the Law Class of Transylvania, November 7th, 1838. By George Robertson, LL. D., Professor of Constitutional Law, Comity, and Equity. Frankfort, Ky.: A. G. Hodges. 8vo. pp. 22.

EDUCATION A Synopsis of Natural History, embracing the Natural History of Animals with Human and General Animal Physiology, Botany, Vegetable Physiology, and Geology. Translated from the latest French Edition of C. Semmonnier, Professor of Natural History in the Royal College of Charlemagne, with Additions from the Works of Cuvier, Dumard, Lacepède, &c., and arranged as a Text-book for Schools ; by Thomas Wyatt, A. M., Author of " Elements of Botany,” “Manual of Conchology,” &c. Philadelphia : Thomas Wardle. 8vo. pp. 191.

An Introduction to Geology; intended to convey a Practical Knowledge of the Science, and comprising the most important Recent Discoveries, with an Explanation of the Facts and Phenomena which serve to confirm or invalidate various Geological Theories. By Robert Bakewell. Third American, from the Fifth London Edition. Edited, with an Appendix, by Professor B. Sillimau of Yale College. New Haven: B. & W. Noyes. Svo. pp. 596.

The Beauties of History ; or Examples of the Opposite Effects of Virtue and Vice, drawn from Real Life. For the use of Families and Schools. With Questions for the Examination of Students. By L. M. Stretch. Philadelphia: Grigg & Elliot. 12mo. pp. 336.

The Bible Reader; being a new Selection of Reading Lessons from the Holy Scriptures, for the use of Schools and Families. By William Bentley Fowle, Author of the Primary Reader, &c. &c. Boston: Published by the Author. 12mo. pp. 283.

The First Reader. For the Use of Schools. By S. G. Goodrich. Boston: Otis, Broaders, & Co. 16mo. pp. 96.

The Second Reader. For the Use of Schools. By S. G. Goodrich. Boston: Otis, Broaders, & Co. 16mo. pp. 144.

The Third Reader. For the Use of Schools. By S. G. Goodrich. Boston: Otis, Broaders, & Co. 12mo. pp. 180.

HISTORY. The History of Greece. By Thomas Keightley. To which is added a Chronological Table of Contemporary History, by Joshua Toulmin Smith, Author of " Comparative Views of Ancient History," &c. &c. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 8vo. pp. 490.

The History of the Navy of the United States of America. By J. Fennimore Cooper. In Two Volumes. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard. 8vo. pp. 394 & 481.

The Northmen in New England, or America in the Tenth Century. By Joshua Toulmin Smith, Author of “The Progress of Philosophy among the Ancients," &c. &c. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 12mo. pp. 364.

A Familiar Conversational History of the Evangelical Church of New York. New York: Robert Carter. 18mo. pp. 222.

Thirteen Historical Discourses on the Completion of 200 Years from the Beginning of the First Church in New Haven, with an Appendix. By Leonard Bacon, Pastor of the First Church in New Hayen. New Haven : Durrie & Peck. 8vo. pp. 400.

Historical Letters on the First Charter of Massachusetts Government. By Abel Cushing. Boston: J. N. Bang. 18mo. pp. 204.

An Inquiry into the Origin of the Antiquities of America. By John Delafield, Jr., with an Appendix, Notes, &c. New York: Colt, Burgess, & Co. 4to. pp. 143.**

History of Michigan, Civil and Topographical, in a compendious Form; with a View of the Surrounding Lakes. By James H. Lanman. With a Map. New York: E. French. 8vo. pp. 397.

JUVENILE BOOKS. Caleb in the Country, a Story for Children. By the Author of the Rollo Books. Boston: Crocker & Brewster. 18mo. pp. 180.

The School Boy; or a Guide for Youth to Truth and Duty. By John S. C. Abbott, Author of the “Mother at Home," “ Child at Home," &c. &c. Boston: Crocker & Brewster. 18mo. pp. 180.

Arthur Lee and Tom Palmer; or the Sailor Reclaimed. Boston: James Munroe & Co. 18mo. pp. 78.

A Visit to the Country. A Tale. By the Author of " Letters to a Mother," " Ellen," &c. &c. Boston: William Crosby, & Co. 181no. pp. 132.

Tales of Truth for the Young, or Waters from the Living Fountains, flowing at all Seasons. By R. Babcock, D, D. Philadelpbia: George W. Donahue. 18mo. pp. 144.

Instruction from Trees and Flowers. Boston: Joseph Dowe. 18mo.

Charles Hartland, the Village Missionary. Revised and prepared by William A. Alcott, Author of " The House I Live in." Boston: Weeks, Jordan, & Co. 18mo. pp. 191.

Juvenile Music; originally published in the Sabbath School Visiter. Furnished by Lowell Mason, Professor in the Boston Academy of

pp. 78.

Music. No. I. Revised by the Committee of Publication. Boston : Massachusetts Sabbath School Society. 18mo. pp. 36.

Ellen Hart; or the Little Servant Girl. Boston: American Sunday School Union. 18mo. pp. 106.

LAW. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature, and in the Court for the Correction of Errors, of the State of New York. By J. L. Wendell, Counsellor at Law. Vol. XVIII. Albany: W. & A. Gould & Co. New York: Gould, Banks, & Co. 8vo. pp. 700.

A Practical Treatise on the Law of Contracts not under Seal, and upon the usual Defences to Actions thereon. By Joseph Chitty, Jun. Esq., of the Middle Temple. Fourth American Edition, from the second London Edition, Corrected and greatly Enlarged by the Author; with the Notes of former Editions ; to which are now added, copious Notes of American Decisions, to the Present Time, by J. C. Perkins, Esq. Springfield: G. & C. Merriam. 8vo.

Opinion of the Court of Appeals of Maryland in the Case of the University of Maryland, delivered by Buchanan, Chief Justice, Baltimore: Lucas & Deaver. 8vo.

Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Maine. By John Shepley, Counsellor at Law, Volume II. Hallowell: Glazier, Masters, & Co. 8vo.

An Abridgment of the American Law of Real Property. By Francis Hilliard, Counsellor at Law. Boston: C. C. Little & J. Brown. 8vo.

A Treatise on Law, relative to Sales of Personal Property. By George Long, Esq., Barrister at Law. Second American edition, with Additions, by Benjamin Rand, Esq., Counsellor at Law. Boston: C. C. Little & J. Brown. 8vo.

Remarks on the Exclusion of Atheists as Witnesses. Boston: Weeks, Jordan, & Co. 8vo. pp. 10.

MEDICINE, ANATOMY, AND SURGERY. A Lecture on Loxarthus or Club Foot. By Thomas D. Mütter, M. D., Lecturer on Surgery, Fellow of the College of Physicians, &c. &c. Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 104.

The Dental Art, a Practical Treatise on Dental Surgery. By Chapin A. Harris, M. D., Surgeon Dentist. Baltimore. 8vo. pp. 384.

MISCELLANEOUS. Advice to a Young Gentleman, on Entering Society. By the Author of "The Laws of Etiquette." Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard. 18mo. pp. 295.

The Young Lady's Aid to Usefulness and Happiness. By Jason Whitman, Author of “ The Young Man's Assistant.” Second edition, improved and enlarged. Portland: S. H. Colesworthy. 18mo. pp. 288.

Lecture on War. By William Ellery Channing. Bostou : Dutton & Wentworth. 8vo. pp. 50.

The Theory of Money and Banks Investigated. By George Tucker, Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Virginia, and

Member of the American Philosophical Society. Boston: C. C. Little & James Brown. 8vo. pp. 412.

Legal and Political Hermeneutics, or Principles of Interpretation and Construction in Law and Politics, with remarks on Precedents and Authorities. Enlarged Edition. By Francis Lieber. Boston: C. C. Little & James Brown. 12mo. pp. 240.

A Dictionary of Commerce and Commercial Navigation. By J. R. McCulloch, Esq. Edited by Henry Vethake, LL, D., one of the Professors in the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle., Part I. 8vo. pp. 144.

Lectures on the Science of Human Life. By Sylvester Graham. In Two Volumes. Boston: Marsh, Capen, Lyon, & Webb. 12mo, pp. 562 and 660.

Tales and Sketches from the Queen City. By Benjamin Drake.

These short “ Tales and Sketches" breathe the freshness of the West. They are gracefully written, and abound in characteristic touches, that show them to have been drawn directly from nature. Life in the West is certainly something different from any thing the world has ever seen anywhere else ; and the literature, which shall adequately describe it and embody its experiences, must be strongly marked by raciness and originality. Mr. Drake has been a worthy and successful laborer in this field. Of the Sketches in this volume it is not easy to make a selection; perhaps that called “ Putting a Black Leg on Shore " is as striking as any. The " Kentucky Election " is capital.

With the general merits of this pleasing little volume, there are some literary blemishes, which ought to have been avoided. Words are sometimes used with a false meaning: as, for example, " the founders of our towns, who, feeling themselves the prototypes of Romulus and Remus," &c p. 19. The printing is sometimes very inaccurate, particularly in the quotations from the French. A book that is worth printing at all, is worth printing well; a writer who possesses so much graphic power as Mr. Drake, ought to write accurately.

City and Country. By Dr. William A. Alcott. Boston: George W. Ligbt. 12mo. pp. 24.

Phrenology in the Family ; or the Utility of Pbrenology in Early Domestic Education. Dedicated to Mothers. By Joseph A. Warne, A. M. Philadelphia: George W. Donahue. 18mo. pp. 291.

A View of the Action of the Federal Government in Bebalf of Slavery. By Wm. Jay. New York: John S. Taylor. 12mo. pp. 217.

Conversations with Goethe in the Last Years of his Life. Translated from the German of Eckerman, by S. M. Fuller. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 12mo, pp. 414.

Remarks on the Slavery Question, in a Letter to Jonathan Phillips, Esq. By William Ellery Channing. Boston : James Munroe & Co. 12ino. pp. 91.

Means and Ends, or Self-Training. By the Author of “ Redwood,” “Hope Leslie," &c. &c. Boston : Marsh, Capen, Lyon, & Webb. 18o. pp. 278.

Considerations in Favor of Classical Studies; a Lecture delivered in the Irving Institute. By Charles H. Lyon, A. M., one of the Principals. New York : 8vo. pp. 19.

Principles of Statistical Inquiry, as illustrated in Proposals for Uniting an Examination into the Resources of the United States, with the

Census to be taken in 1840. By Archibald Russell. New York : D. Appleton & Co. 8vo. pp. 263.

The New England Gazetteer; containing Descriptions of all the States, Counties, and Towns, in New England; also Descriptions of the Principal Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Capes, Bays, &c., and Fashionable Resorts within that Territory. Alphabetically arranged. By Jobn Hayward, Author of “The Columbian Traveller," " Religious Creeds," &c. Boston: John Hayward. Concord : Boyd & White.

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Selections from German Literature. By B. B. Edwards and E. A. Park, Professors in the Theological Seminary, Andover. Andover: Gould, Newman, & Saxton. 8vo. pp. 472.

The Beauties of the Honorable Daniel Webster. Selected and Arranged, with a Critical Essay on his Genius and Writings, by James Rees. Second edition, with a Portrait and Considerable Additions. New York: Edward Walker. 18ino. pp. 196.

Strictures on the New School Laws of Ohio and Michigan ; with some General Observations on the Systems of other States. By O.S. Leavitt. Cincinnati. 8vo.

Review of Dr. Channing's Letter to Jonathan Phillips, Esq., on the Slavery Question. Boston: John H. Eastburn. 12mo. pp. 77.

Contributions to Electricity and Magnetism. By Joseph Henry, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the College of Princeton. (Extracted from the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 6.) Philadelphia: J. Kay, Jr. & Brother. 4to. pp. 51.

France and Mexico. Examination of the Difficulties between those Powers. By a Citizen of the United States. 1839. 12.no. pp. 24.

Letters on the Internal Improvements and Commerce of the West. By Henry A. S. Dearborn. Boston : Dutton & Wentworth. 8vo. pp. 119.

Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Nary of the United States, including Officers of the Marine Corps for the year 1839. Printed by order of the Secretary of the Navy, in Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate of the United States of August 2d, 1813. Washington : Langtree & O'Sullivan, 8vo. pp. 83.

Selections from the Works of Edward Everett, with a Sketch of his Life. Boston: James Burns. 32mo. pp. 180.

Proceedings of the Peace Convention, held in Boston, at the Marlborough Chapel, September 18th, 19th, and 20th, 1838.

An Address on the Origin and Evil Influences of Money. By Edward Palmer; who bas nothing to do with Money, being convinced that it is an Engine of Oppression, and an Anti-Christian Institution. Boston. 12mo. pp. 45.

Essays on Asylums for Inebriates. By Samuel B. Woodward, M.D., Superintendent of the Hospital at Worcester, Mass. 8vo. pp. 38.

An Article on Literary Property. From the New York Review, No. VIII. New York. George Adlard. 8vo. pp. 35.

A Series of Separate Pamphlets, Elucidatory and Defenditory of the New Doctrine of Expulsion. By its Originator, John James Flournoy. Athens, Ga. 8vo. pp. 67.

The Tusculan Questions of Marcus Tullius Cicero. In Five Books. Translated by George Alexander Otis, Esq., Member of the Amer

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