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Captains—P. Richards, (1828) to Cornwatlis, destined for the flag of Rearadmiral Sir W. Parker, Kcb. M. Seymour (1826) to Britannia, v. Drake, superseded at his own request.

Commanders—C. Richards (1840) to Cornwatlis. W. W, P, Johnson (1835) to IVincAesfer.

Lieutenants—A. G. Bulman (1828) to command Fair Rosatmmd. M. de Courcy (1838) to command Charybdis, v. Tinling, promoted. H. Wright (1832; to Dee. A. C. May (1838) to command Skipjack. J. Fitzjames (1838) to Excellent. T. Densten (1812) agent on board the Belle Alliance victualler, C, Wise (1833,) J.J. Lacon (1835,) J. Stoddart (1838,) and G. Skipwith (1834,) toCornwallis. Lieut. J. Lowry to Impregnable, v. Stoddart, to Cornwallit. E. N.Troubridge (1838) to Southampton. J. Lodwick (1837) to Winchester from Dee, v. E. A. Glynn, invalid. L. P. Burrell (1840) to Tyne. v. Johnson. J. E. F. Risk (1840) from Princess Charlotte to Belleruphon, v. Saunderson, invalided. A. Cumming (1840) from do. to Hydra, v. Malley, sick. C. H. Binstead (1824) from Queen to command Spitfire. J. C. Pittman (acting) to Druid. J. Dirom (IS41) to Iris. J. Dunsterville (1840) to Royal William yacht. W. C. Chamberlain (1840) to Excellent.

Masters—B. W. Robinson(1830)from Winchester to Columbia, v. Thompson, deceased. J. Fowler (1831) from CleopatratoWinchester,v. Robinson. Raines (acting) to Cleopatra, v. Fowler. W. JefFcry (acting) to Pilot, v. Langden, deceased. G. Wright (acting) to Edinburgh from Dido, v. Davies, invalided. J. R. Aylen from Wasp to Dido, v. Knight. Roberts from Alecto to Wasp, v. Aylen. G. B. Hoffmeister (1828) to Cornuxillis.

Mates—W. A. R. Lee, and N. Vansittart to Queen. J. R. Thompson(1834,) and T. C. Herbert (183'J) to Excellent. H. Wall, J. A. Payntur (1833,) G. Hancock, and W. D. Carrol (1838) to I'ernon.

Movements And Stations Of Her Majesty's Navy.

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N. Vansittart from Queen to Cornwallit. PyDe and Vyse to Polyjihemut. A. P. Greene (16'its) to Cornwullis from Sulumamler. H. 1). Blancklcy (IKl'J) from Excellent to Salamander. H. S. Hillyvr (1838,) C. K. Jackson (183'J,) S. Fowle, 6(183ti,) and D. Lane (1838) to Cornwallis. A. D. Gordon (1840) to Excellent. Smith and Harvey to Gorgon. Marryatt from Ganges to Edinburgh.

Midshipmen—C. W. Elton to Cambridge. Dew to Thunderer. C. C. Maddicot to Cornwatlis.

Vols. 1st Class—W. B. Masson and J. Miller to Inconstant.

Second-masters—F.C.Kent to command Echo steam-tug. R. Read to command Portsmouth yacht. N. H. Balliston to San Josef for Plymouth Buoy Boat.

Deputy Inspector Op Hospitals And Fleets—J. Cay (1823) late Surgeon of Princess Charlotte.

Surgeon—J. Gibson (1835) Superintendent to Westmoreland convict-ship. Assistant-surgeons—J. S. Burn, (a< ting) to Queen. Campbell to Victory. J. P. Burke and P. Porter to Winchester. A. Elliott, Md., J. Simpson, and A. Sibbard, Mn., to Queen. T. E. Molesworth, MD.jtoCrocodtVefrom Dwst. S. Sproule, Md., (1837) from Sappho to Flamer, v Pascoe, invalided. W. Cass (1830) to Queen, for duty of Haslar Hospital. J. Simpson to Queen. J. Campbell to l'i'ctory. A. Sibbald to Haslar Hospital. C. P. Blake to Cornwall*. W. C. Hancock, Md., to Implacable.

Pursers—H. H. Chimmo (1840) to Thunder. J. Tapson (1808) to Corouxdlis.

Clerks—Lewes from Winc/iesfer (in charge) to Gleaner.

Naval Instructor—Rev. J. A. Burrough to Impregnable.

Coast-guakd.—Commander—A. T. Goldie (1839) to be inspecting Commander.

Lieutenant—E. Knapman (1812) to bo Chief Officer.

Mates— J. G. S. M. Moore, and C. Ludlow to be Chief Officers.

arr. at Spithead, 25th, Sheerness, 10th April, paid off.

BonKtta, Lieut. F. W. Austin, at Chatham, fitting for coast of Africa, I'Jth April, at Shrernesa.

Cornwallis, 72, Capt. P. Richard*,

at Plymouth, fitting for flag of Rear Admiral Sir VV. Parker, Kcb., commissioned 7th April.

Fair Rosamond, 2, Lieut. Com. A.G. Bulnian, at Portsmouth, fitting.

Isis, 23, Capt. H. Nuise, 24th March, left Plymouth lor Africa.

Pique,36, Capt. E. Boxer, 17thMarch, arr. at Spithead, under jury masts, 21st at the Nore, and proceeded to Chatham.

Salamander, (st. v.) Com. J. C. Davis, 20th March, sailed for Sheerness.

Tweed, 20, Com. H. D. C. Douglas, 26th March, left Spithead for American station.

At Portsmouth, 15th of April,—At Spithead, Indus, Vernon, Pelican, Nautilus. In Harbour— Queen, Victory, Excellent, Royal George yacht, and Rapid.

At Plymouth, 12th April—In Harbour—Caledonia, San Jo?ef, Cornwallis, Stag, Acorn, Soudan —Steamers, Avon and Carron. In the Sound—Impregnable, Belleisle,

Atdkptiord—Albion, England, Orbit, Liverpool, St. Ann's, and Enterprize, to embark troops for Canada—Diligence and City of Rochester—Remain Bodicea, transport, for Rio, Adelaide for India, Garland, Grove, Westmoreland, convict ships, and Wilberforce, iron steamer.


Andromache, 25, Capt, R. L, Baynes, Cb., 28th January, in Simons Bay.

Beacon (sur.v.) T. Graves, 4th March, returned to Malta from the survey of Graham Shoal.

Uhli.hrophon, 80, Capt. C. J. Austen, 4th April, left Malta for Gibraltar.

Benbow, 72, Capt. H. Stewart, 10th March, arr. at Malta.

Camblion, Lieut. Com. G.M,Hunter, 4th February, left Rio for the Cape.

Carysfoht, 26, Capt. H. B.Martin, 3rd Aprd, left Malta for Corfu.

Castor, 36, Capt. E. Collier, 9th of March, arr. at Malta.

Charybdis, 3, Lieut. Cora. E. B. Tinling, 2nd February, left Port Royal for Nassau.

Cleopatra, 26, Capt. Milne, 27th February, arr. at Jamaica from Barbados, having captured a Spanish slaver with 260 negroes oil' St. Thomas.

Comus, 18, Com. E. Nepean, 4th February, left Port Royal for Honduras.

Crocodile, 26, Capt. Johnson, 26th February, arr. at Jamaica.

Curacoa, 21, Com. W. Preston, 2nd Februatxf, arr. at Rio.

Curlew, 10, Lieut. Com. T. C. Ross,

8th January, arr. in Simons Bay.

Cyclops, (st. v.)Capt.) H. T. Austen. 11th March, arr. at Malta from Suda.

Daphne, 18,Com. J. W.Dalling, Kith March, left Smyrna for Malta.

Edinburgh, 72, Capt. W. Henderson, mi., 8th March, left Malta for Smyrna, llth, returned, 4th April, sailed for England.

Gordon, (st. v.) Capt. W. H. Hender Sod, 3rd April, left Malta for Alexandria.

Grecian, 16, Com. W. Smyth, 22nd February, left Rio on a cruize.

Hastings, 72, Capt. J. Lawrence, Cb., 22nd February, left Malta for Candia, 25th March returned.

Hornet, 6, Lieut. Com. R. B, Miller, 20th February, arr. at Jamaica from Carthagena, 2nd March, sailad for Chagres.

Howe, 120, Capt. Sir W. O. Pell, 26, March, arr. at Malta from Marmonee.

Hydra, (st. \.) Com. R. Stopford, 5th March, to leave Malta for Marmonee, Su la, and Candia, 10th March, arr. at Malta.

Implacable, 74, Capt. E. Harvey, 3rd March, arr. at Malta, 20th, sailed for Syracuse.

'inconstant, 36, Capt. D. Pring, 15th March, about to sail from Malta for Trieste and Venice visiting the continental ports to Barcelona.

Lily, 16, Com. J. J. Allen, 3rd Not. in Mozambique channel.

Magicienne, 24, Capt. F. P. Micheil, 28th March in the Bosphorus.

Phoenix, (st. v.) Com. R. Stopford, 1st April, left Malta for Bey rout.

Pickle, 5, Lieut. Montresor, 13th February, arr. at Jamaica from Honduras, 2nd March, sailed for Chagres.

Racehorse, 18, Com. Hon. E. A. Harris, 8st February, left Port Royal on a cruize, 24th returned.

Racer,10, Com. T. Hervey, 38th Feb. arr. at Jamaica from Bermuda.

Ringdove, 16, Com. Hon. K. Stewart, 3rd February, arr. at Barbados.

Rover, 18, Com. T. W. C. SynionJs, 16th January, arr. at Jamaica, 18th, left Jamaica on a cruize.

Sappho, 16, Com T. Fraser, 194 February, arr. at Jamaica from Port to Prince.

Skipjack, 5, Lieut. Com. H.Wright, 25th Feb. arr. at Jamaica,

Tai.bot, 26, Capt. H. J. Codringtoo, 28th March had sailed for Corfu.

Thunderer, 84, Capt. M. F. F.
Berkeley, 2nd April, left Malta for Syra-
Trinculo, 16, Com. H.E.Coffin, 31t

March, arr. at Gibraltar from Lisbon.

Vanouard, 80, Capt. SirDnviii Dunn, 23rd February, left Malta for Candia, March, returned.

Vbstal, 26, Capt. T.W.Carter, 12th February, at Belize.

Victor, Com. W Dawson, 2nd Feb. arr. at Tampico, 21st at Jamaica, 28th, Bailed for Barbados.

Vor.AOE, 26, Capt, H. Smith, arr. at the Cape.

Wasp, 16,Com. G. Mansell. 8th March left Malta for Beyrout, 10th returned.

Winchester, 50, Capt. J. Parker, 28th February, arr. at Jamaica from Antigua and Bermuda.

Wizard. 10, Lieut.Com.T. F. Birch, 22nd February, left Rio on a cruize.

In PortMalta, 5th April.—The Princess Charlotte, 120, bearing the flag

Births, Marriages, And Deaths Wxthi.

On the 2d of April, the Wady of Lieut. Young, Rn., of the Coast-guard Service, at Hill Head, of a daughter.


At Malta, on the 30th of March, the Rev. E, Kitson, Chaplain of H.M.S. Princess Charlotte, to Anne Jane, eldest daughter of Colouel Bredin, Royal Artillery.

At Newington, April the 10th, Lieut. T. A. Butler, Rn., to Emma Louisa, eldest daughter of Commander Sir H. E. Atkinson, Rn.

At Rogate Parish Church, Lieut. W. H. Kennedy, Rn., to Georgina, fourth daughter of the late Hon. Admiral Sir C. Paget, and niece of the Marquis of Anglesea.

At Newington, on the 25th of March, J. Hay, Esq., of Canal Grove, to Eliza Jane, daughter of the late H. M. Cunningham, lieutenant Rn.

At Plymouth, on the 16th of March, T. Coral Esq., assistant-surgeon, Rn., to Harriet Elizabeth Beresford, youngest daughter of Com. J. Patey, Rn.

At Meopham, Kent, on the 3rd of April, F. M. Brown, Esq., to Elizaheth, daughter of the late S. Bromley, Esq., surgeon, Rn.

At Blendworth, the Rev. H. Forster, to Ellen, daughttrof the late Rear-admiral Sir M. Seymour, Bart.


At Reading, Berkshire, at an advanced

of Admiral Sir R. Stopford,GCB., actio. Ceylon, 6, bearing the Hag of Hear Ad miral Sir J. Lewis, Bart. Powerful, 86. Howe, 12(1. Benbow, 72. Hastings, 72, Vanguard, 80. Carysfort, 36. Castor, 36. Dido, 18. Steam frigates—Vesuvius, Cyclops, Stroinboli, and Acheron. Steam packets—Megaera, Locust, and Prometheus.

Port Royal, 4th March.—Admiral Sir Thos. Harvey, with his flag in the Winchester—Magnificent, Cleopatra, Crocodile, Pilot, Victor, Sappho, Racehorse, Racer, Charybdis, Pickle, Skipjack, and Dee and Tartarus steamers.

Barbados, 17(ft Feb.—Seringapatam, Cleopatra, Ringdove, Griffon, Crane packet—and the Hecla, Columbia, Tartarus, Flamer, Gleaner, and Blazer steam-vessels.

age, Vice-admiral Sir. T. Dundas, Kcb. and Dcl.

At his residence at Southsea, on the 21st of March, after a lingering illness, Com. W. Swiney, aged 64 years, leaving a disconsolate widow.

At Ramsgate, retired Com. W. Hutchinson, Rn., aged 76.

In Grosvenor-street, on the 4th of April, Jane, relict of the late Admiral Sotheron.

At Falmouth, Lieut. Pawle, Rn., late Commander of the Mutine packet. He was seized with paralysis whilst taking a walk ;—immediate surgical aid procured, but in vain.

On the 20th of February last, of fever, off Bevrout, Mr. H. Prior, Master of HMS. Zebra, highly esteemed and much regretted by all who knew him, as a truly deserving ami persevering officer.

At Prospect Lodge,Reading, on the 11th of April, W. Foster Esq., in the 82d year of his age, formerly of the Navy office, Somerset House.

At Falmouth, Lieut. Forrester, Commander of her Majesty's brig Linnet.

At Windsor, Canada, on the 19th of February, P. Wright, Esq., lieutenant RN., (1313,) and Collector of Customs for that port.

At Com. Cuppago's, Wilton Cottage, near Ross, Hertfordshire, Letitia, daughter of the late W. McCurdy, Esq., surgeon, Rn., of Hambledon, Hants, aged 52 years.

Lately, S. Eades, Esq., Purser, Kn., (1798)

Lately, R. Dunn, Esq., (a) 1790, surgeon of Woolwich Yard.


Koptat Croom's Hill, Greenwich, by Mr. W. Rogerson, of the Royal Observatory. From the 21s/ of March, to the 20lh of April, 1841.



We are much obliged to the Harliour-master at Madras for his attention, and we would request the Rime attention from other harbour-masters of our colonies, that they .forward to us us soon as possible, all Hydrographical notices passing under their cognizance as they may occur,—the establishment of this Journal having proved itself a receptacle for their reference, at once economical, secure, and immediate.

We have inserted the letter from Liverpool, and shall be happy to hear from the writer whenever he pleases.

It was our intention to have inserted the memorial presented to the Lord Mayor and Corporation of I.on!on, in f.ivour of the widows left by theoffieers and crew of the Fairy, but our limits have prevented it. In our next it will appear, with the list of donors and their donations to Mrs. Hewett's fund. In the mean time the latter will speedily appear in the columns of the Tinu-x.

Lieut. Williamson is thanked. His manuscript is returned.


Bank In Tub River La Plata.

H.M.S. Curacoa, Monte Video, Jan. Wth, 1840. Sir,—On the 13th of last December the United States frigate, Potamac, left this place to complete with fresh water from the river. The wind was about E.S.H. at the time, and fine weather, and while steering N.W.b.N., by compass, believing themselves to be about five miles from the Ravines of St. Gregory and St. Lucia, the leadsman having at the previous minute got a cast in four fathoms, the ship ran aground in seventeen feet water, drawing at that time twenty feet six inches.

She was cleared of everything excepting her ballast and lower masts, and after remaining fast until the 21th of December, by great exertions she was hove off S.b.W., their efforts to heave her off stern foremost having proved ineffectual, and her tendency being to clear away the sand and mud forwards, where she was less deeply immersed than aft; when she floated she drew seventeen feet six inches.

The wind was south-east when she got off, fine weather, with a remarkable high river.

During the eleven days they were aground the least water they had alongside was twelve feet, the most (the day she hove off) eighteen feet. The surface of the shoal consisted of a light coloured quick-sand, but about three feet was mud and shells.

As no notice is taken of this shoal in the chart of that part of the River Plata, supplied for the guidance of her Majesty's ships; and as it lays in the way of ships proceeding up the north side of the river to Point de Santa Maria, to water, I have thought it my duty to furnish you with this information of its existence, and send also a chart showing the shoal, &c.

When the Patomac was aground, the true bearings of Santa Maria, and the Ravine of St. Gregory and St. Lucia, were N7W. and N.E.

On the Admiralty chart the least depth of water marked on the shoal is three fathoms, and that close to Santa Maria, four fathoms being the average depth.

I have the honour to be, sir,
Your most obedient humble servant,

Jenkin Jones, Captain.

Captain Beaufort, R.N., F.R.S.,

Hydrographer of the Navy, London.

Madras Roads.

The roadstead of Madras is tolerably well known to our navigators, but time produces changes there as elsewhere, and there is room for a few remarks even on that much frequented anchorage. A short time ago a survey of these roads was made by Mr. Mc Kennie, then actingmaster-attendant, principally with the view of shewing the position and state of progress of a stone breakwater, for facilitating the landing. What is the actual condition of it at present we are not aware, but considering the well-known dangerous nature of the roads in which, year after year vessels are placed in the greatest jeopardy, particularly


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