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not only contains an unvarnished statement of affecting truth, shewing the eminent claims of the late lamented officer, Cant. Hewett, upon every branch of the maritime interests of this country, but it also conveys in more eloquent and heart-stirring language the grounds of those claims more forcibly and appropriately than your petitioners can venture to hope by any language of their own to accomplish.

That the children left by the late lamented Capt. Hewett are as follows:— 1 Frederick Stafford Hewett, aged 14 years. 2 Henry Skyring Hewett, aged 12 years, 3 James Hewett, aged 9 years. 4 Charles Hewett, aged 7 years. 5 George Babb Hewett, aged 6 years. 6 Alfred John Philip Hewett, aged 9 months. Also two girls, 7 Anne Hewett, aged 16 years, and 8 Elizabeth Hewett, aged 6 years.

That in the dreadful catastrophe in which Capt Hewett's most useful career on earth was ended he had with him in his ill-fated ship the sum of J£50 in cash, his watch, and valuable collection of instruments, all his wearing apparel, and one half of his silver plate; and the large expenses of his family prevented him from laving by a fund adequate to the respectable station which his family had filled by liis laborious exertions, so that his afflicted widow upon administering to his effects will not be able to realize from that source more than from £60 to £70 per annum, for the maintenance of herself and eight children, unless they are otherwise provided for by a generous public. .

That your petitioners cannot for one moment doubt from the high example which your Honourable Corporation has at all times set for the relief of the widows and orphans, of those who have fallen in the service of their country, (in eases so peculiarly calling for its generous sympathies, as those now submitted to its notice,) it will as Britons, as christians, and as men, embracing the municipal superintendance of the rights and revenues of the first Corporation in the world, and representing interests identified with its civic privileges, which have ever supported the honour and welfare of her Majesty's fleets and armies, extend a fostering hand for the relief not only of the widow and children of an eminently distinguished officer of the crown, and of this great commercial and maritime kingdom, (Captain Hewett;) but also for the relief of the widows aud families of the Purser, Petty Officers, Seamen, and Marines, forming the crew who perished at the same time as their gallant commander. Two subscriptions having been commenced, one for those specific objects, and separate trustees, (as noticed in the printed statement,) appointed for the receipt and proper applicatioin of the sums subscribed, for the respective parties for which they are benevolently designed.

Vour Petitioners therefore, most humbly pray that your Honourable Corporation will be pleased to contribute such a sum, as in your wisdom may seem meet, in aid of the fund now raising for the benefit of the widow and children of the late Captain Hewett, and also such a sum as in your like wisdom may seem meet, in aid of the fund now raising for the benefit of the widows and families of the Purser, Petty Officers, Seamen, and Marines, of her Majesty's ship Fairy, who perished by the same melancholy catastrophe before-mentioned.

And your Petitioners will ever pray, &c.

A. W. Bob*. Major, Royal Engineer!,Tower i M. Clarke,«, Susaex-pl. Regent'.-pk. i J. H. Pelly, Ban.. Deputy Ma.ier, Trinity Hon.ej R.Drew, Elder Brother. Trinity Home i J. H. Ebnngton, Major of the Tower of London) Northampton, President Royal Society i J. W Lubbock, Bart., Trea. R'.y. Soc. j J. F. W. Henchel, Pre.. R A.t. Soc. j Pranci. Bailey, V. P. R. AM. Soc.iG. B. Greenough, Pre... Geo. Soc. i W. M. Burton, Lieut-Col. R. M., O. Stacy, Tower j Gould, bowie, ,u, Barge yd., Ruck, Son. St Fenwick, 19, St. Dun.tan'. Hill} Brougham, Grafton-H.; Chalmer., Gmhiie. icCo., Idol lane,Tower-.l.j Heath, Fur.e, & Co., 31. Old Jewry) Geddc., M. Simpton. Webster, Sirnpwn k Scott. Tower-.t.; Kemble. & Trower, Mincmg-lane j Quarter, Harnafc Son., 5 B.U.lersq. JN. k H. Mayo, 17. Mincing-lane j T. Saunder., 1 Qucen-.t.-pl.) C. W. Pa.ley, Col. K- Engine*?. , Ph.pp. Hornby, Capt. Supot., Woolwich Dk.-yd., F. Beaufort, Hydr.gr., Adrnlly. B,rd Allen. Com. KLM.S. goudan, Londonj J. Walker. Pre.. in.t. Civil Engineer. ; H. R. Brand, rath, Cap" B Engineer. , H. Bel linden Ker, Linc.-inn, Barriater , R. L. MurchUon. tale Pm. Geo Loc ■ G. S. Knight. Dep. Lieut, of Buck. ; C. Brodrick ; F. Bullock, Capt. RAN. | W. H.JIonnolly, n. R.M. Woolwich; Bloomlield, Licul Gen. Com. at Woolwich j H.

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Promotions And Appointments.


The Earl of Minto has appointed W. D.Christie, Esq. his Private Secretary, in the room of Viscount Melgund.

Commander—Lord Henry Russell. Lieutenants—W. W. Wilson, W. H.Bridge, H. S. Austen,T. Hodgkinson.


Rear-admiral—Richard Thomas to be Commander in Chief in the Pacific, Sir William Parker, K.c.b. to be Commander in Chief in the East Indies.

Captain—John Jervis Tucker (1838) to Dublin.

Commander—The Hon. B. C F. P. Cary (1835) to Bittern, Colson Festing to Dublin.

Lieutenants—W. Walter Oke (1825) addl. to Royal Sovereign yacht, for service of the Asp st. v. A. Kennedy (1838) to Acorn. C. R. Bambcr (1837) to Indus. G. Wodehouse (1838) to Queen, v. W. Tringham. D.Reid (1840)toA/onarcn. F. R. Coglan (1814) to command Linnet. J. Douglas (1826) to command Lapwing. T. S. Scriven (1822) addl. to Victory, for service of Cuckoo packet. A. La Touche (1840)add.toWmc/iesfer. G.J.Burslem (1838), and J. Elliott (1840; to Dublin. W. R. Davies, (1815) to Niagara. G. Williams (1831) to Land Surveying Service, Scotland. W. Tringham (1826), from Queen to command Spitfire, vice Binstead, appointment cancelled. B. Haines (1826) to Dub/in. C. E. Tennant (1832) to Wellesley, as Flag Lieut, to Sir W. Parker. G. B. Dewes (acting) to Herald. T.H.Sasaght(act.)toSamarang'.

Masters—C.A.Cole,toj4<xrn. W.R. Mudge to Dublin. W. Barrett to Acorn. — Avery to Lyra.

Mates—D.H.M'Neill to Acorn. C.E. Molloy (1837) and F. D. Rich to Herald. J. Cashman (1833) to Alligator. T. E. Sanders to Caledonia. E. W. Vansittart (1836) to Cornwallis. E. J. Voules (1837) to Fair Rosamond. R. L. Curtis to Queen. E. Hardy (1832), and H. Burroughs to Indus from Excellent. R. Hudson to Caledonia. F.S.M.CIintock (1838) to Excellent from Crccodile. J Cashman (1838) and T. Hanson to Cornwallis. J. A. Paynter (1833) to Vernon from Excellent C. K. Jackson (1839) to Quern. C. G. Fegan (1837) to Monarch.

Second Masters—John Willis to Caleutta. W. Wilkin, to Co,nwall£

J. M. O'Brien to Melville from Blonde, v. King, promoted to Modette, James Drysdale to Indus. N. C. Pettigrew to Spitfire, Joshua Whiting (acting) to Fair Rosamond. F. W. Paul to Merlin.

Master's Assistant—W. F. Palmer to Polyphemus.

Midshipmen—J. N. Parish to Indus. J. C. Byng to Queen.

Volunteers 1st Class—A. Breen and W. Rowden to Cornwallis.

Surgeons—Peter Snther (1805) to Woolwich Dockyard. J. Prior (1807) to William and Mary yacht. Isaac Nout (1808) to Royal Sovereign yacht. James Salmon (1840) to Afedea. John Gibson

(1835) to be Superintendent of Westmoreland convict ship. A. Nisbet. >d. (1815) to Cornwallis. J. W. Johnston, M.d. (1832) to Dublin. L. T. Cunningham (1840) to Bittern.

Assistant Surgeons—C Ferguson to Cornwallis. R. Futton, Md., to Belleisle. T. F. Henry to Caledonia. W. L. Methven, Md., (1836) to Greenwich Hospital, v. Hopley, promoted. Henry Johnson to Catatonia. C T. S. Kevern

(1836) to Haslar Hospital, v. Blake, to Cornwallis.

Pursers— R. Halliday (1804) to be Agent and Steward of Haslar Hospital. J. Elliott (1804) to be Storekeeper and Agent Victualler at Haulbowline Island. J.Sparshott(1809) toDubh'n. —Hooper (acting) to Sulphur — Loney (acting) to Samarang. — Norman (acting) to Larne.

Chaplains—R. Thompson to Impregnable. J. A Borough to Cornwallis. H. S. Slight reappointed to Winchester.

Naval Instructors—A. Gerard to Indus. R. M. Inskip to Impregnable.

Clerks—W. Essell to Cornwallis. E. S. F. Cheesman (in charge) to Fair Rosamond. E. C. Davison fin charge) to Sheerwater. G. S. Singer, additional to Victory.

The following gentlemen passed for Lieutenants at the Royal Naval College on the 21st inst.:—C. K. Jackson, Mite of the Queen, and T. Cochran, Mate, late Asia.

A. Elliot, Esq., has been appointed Naval and Victualling Storekeeper at Halifax, N.S.

COAST Guard.

Commander—A. T. Geldie (18S9)to be Inspecting Commander.

Lieutenant—W. H. Lloyd (1815) to be Chief Officer.

Movements And Stations Of Her Majesty's Navy.


Albert, (st. v.) Capt. H. D. Trotter, 12th May left Plymouth for Africa.

Beli.erophon, 80, Capt. C.J. Austen, 11th May arrived at Plymouth from Gibraltar.

Bittern, Com. Hod. G. B. Cazy, at Portsmouth fitting.

Bonetta, Lieut. F. W. Austen, 24th April at Portsmouth from Sheerness, and sailed for Africa.

Cockatrice, 28th April at Portsmouth from Chatham, 12th May sailed for South America.

Dee, (st. v.) Com. J. Sherer, 10th May arrived at Portsmouth from Antigua.

Dublin, 50, Capt. J. J. Tucker, at Portsmouth fitting.

Edinburgh, 72, Capt. W. Henderson, K.h. llth May, arr. at Plymouth from Gibraltar.

Implacable, 74, Capt. E. Harvey, 12th May arrived at Plymouth from Malta.

Kite, (st. v.) Lieut.Com. G. Snell, 3l»t April arrived at Portsmouth from West Indies, 1st May left for Woolwich. Mastipp, (s. v.) Mr. G. Thomas, 26th April arrived at Harwich from the river. Monarch, 84, Capt. S. Chambers. 12th May arrived at Spithead from Sheerness. Shearwater, (st. v.) Com. Washington, 6th May touched at Harwich, previous to resuming the survey of the North Sea.

Soudan, Com. B. Allen, 19th April left Plymouth for Africa.

Stao, 46, Commodore T. B. Sulivan, 8th April arrived at Plymouth from South America, 25th May paid off.

On this occasion, officers and crew were complimented on the order she was in by Adml. Warren; and the dockyard officers have stated that no ship has paid off so well, or returned her stores in such good order at Devonport, for some time. Her men were on shore every night while paying off, and every thing went on in the most orderly manner. The gun-room officers of the Stag have presented Mr. Brown, the master, with a very handsome tea and coffee service, as a mark of their regard and esteem in which he has been held by them for upwards of four years. The articles have the following inscription on them :—" Presented to James Brown, Esq., Rn., by the gunroom officers of H.M.S. Stag, as a token of their obligation and esteem."

Trinculo, 16, Com. H. E. Coffin, 8th May arrived at Plymouth from Lisbon.

Volage, 26,Capt. H. Smith, 6th May arrived at Portsmouth with Hug of Rearadmiral Elliott, 21st paid off at Chatham.

Wilberporcb, C. W. Allen, 12th May left Plymouth for Africa.

At PortsmouthIn harbour—Queen, Victory, Excellent, Royal George yacht, Dublin, Bittern, Fair Rosamond. At Spithead—Monarch, Indus, Vernon, Pelican, Nautilus.

At Plymouth—Inhaibour—Caledonia, San Josef, Cornwallis, Acorn, Trinculo, Alert, Driver, Carron.—In the sound— Impregnable, Bellerophon, Implacable, Edinburgh, Belleisle.

At Deptpord, Horatio, for Ascension, Troubadour for Cape.


Andromache, 26, Capt. R. L. Baynes, Cb., 7th March, in Simon's Bay.

Apoli.o, (tr.s.) Mr. A. Karley, 27th April arr. at Gibraltar from Malta.

Beacon, (s.v.) Com. T. Graves, 26th April left Malta for Candia.

Beagle, (s.v.) Com. J. C. Wickham, 23rd Dec. arr. at Sydney from Adelaide, South Australia.

From the Perth Gazette of the middle of October.—" This surveying vessel returned to our port on the 28th ult. She anchored under Rottenest Island on the 27th, and removed into Gage's Roads on the 28th, Nothing of importance connected with the survey of the New South Wales coast has transpired, further than that the survey on the north and northwest coast of New Holland is now completed. The Beagle visited Timor, but brings no later intelligence from the east, and no account of the fate of the Pelorus, which vessel, it maybe remembered,was driven on shore at Port Essington. She also touched at Shark's Bay, where an ample supply of turtle was obtained at the intervening islands. Opposite Moresby's flat-topped range a good anchorage or harbour was discovered, but open to the north-west."—Sydney Gazette of December 29.

Brisk, 3, Lieut.-Com. A. Kellett, 25th March left St. Helena for coast of Africa.

Britannia, 120, Capt. J. Drake, 26th April arr. at Malta.

Bhitomart, 16, Com. O. Stanley, 16th Dec. at Hobart Town.

Calcutta, 84, Capt. Sir J. Roberts, Cb., 26th April arr. at Malta.

Cambridge, 78, Capt. E. Barnard, 26th April arr. at Malta.

Cleopatra, 26, CaptAVyvill, 5thMar. left Jamaica on cruize, 10th April at Halifax, 17th sailed on cruize.

Curacoa, Cap. J. Jones, at Rio Janeiro.

17th of February, his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Brazil, with the princesses his sisters, and all Ins ministers, paid a visit to H.M.S. Curacoa, Capt. Jenkin Jones, senior officer at Rio. His Majesty was received with all the honours due to his rank, the yards being manned, and royal salutes tired from the ships when he first embarked in Ins state barge, and on his reaching and quitting the Curacoa. He remained on board nearly two hours, exhibiting very intelligent curiosity, and visiting even tile storerooms and magaziue. Alter leaving the Curacoa, the Emperor went on board the French and American senior officer's ships, the Alcmene and Potomac, remaining about a quarter of an hour on board each, and then landed.

Daphne, 18, Com. F. W. Dalling, 9th April at Smyrna.

Dido, It), Capt. L. Davis, 15th April left Malta.

Elkctra, 18, Com. E. R. P. Mainwaring, 2nd Jan. at San Bias going to Valparaiso.

Favorite, 18, Com. Sulivan, acting, 6th December arr. at Sydney from New Zealand.

Gorgok, (st.v.) Capt. W. H. Henderson, April at Alexandria.

GRiproN,3, Lieut.-Com.J.G.D'Urban, 13th March at Barbados.

Hastings, 72, C.ipt. J. Lawrence, Cb., 8th April sailed tor England from Malta. Hazard, 18, Com.Hon.C.G. J.Elliott, 23rd April arr. at Malta.

Hydra, (st.v.) Com. R. Stopford,24th April arr. at Malta.

Inconstant, 36, Capt. D. Pring. April at Beyrout.

Iris, 28, Capt. H. Nurse, 4th April touched at Madeira on way to Africa, 7th sailed.

Jaseur, 16, Com. F. M. Boultbee, 14th April at Gibraltar.

Larne, 18, Com. Kuper, (act.) 9th March arr. at Madras, 16th sailed for Ceylon.

Magpie, (sur.v.) Lieut.-Com. T. S.

Birch, 4th April left Malta for Candia.

Megera, (st. v.) Lieut. Goldsmith, 6th May arr. at Gibraltar, and sailed for Barbados.

Racehorse, 18, Com. Hon. E. B. Davis, 3rd March left Jamaica ou cruize.

Racehorse, 16, Com. G. Byug, 17th April left Halifax on a cruize.

Revenge, 76, Capt. Hon. W. Wildegrave, 18th April arr. at Malta from Suda.

Rolia, 10, Lieut.-Com. C. Hall, loth Feb. oil' Princes Island.

Sappho, IG, Com. T. Fraser, 4th March left Jamaica for Barbados.

Scorpion, 10, Lieut.-Com. C. Gaytoo, 11th April arr. at Gibraltar from Carthagena, 22nd at Gibraltar.

Sbringapatau, 42, Capt. J. Smith, 13th March at Barbados.

Soudan, Com. B. Allen, 2nd April touched at Lisbon.

Southampton, Capt. Sir W. Hylhar, 19th Feb. arr. at Cape.

Talbot, 26, Capt. H. J. Codringtoo, 20th April arr, at Malta from Corfu.

Thunderer, 84, Capt. F. F. Berkely, 9th April arr. at Malta from Catania, 5th May sailed for Gibraltar.

Vesuvius, (st. v.) Lieut--Com. W. Blount, 26th April left Malta for Candia and Beyrout.

Wanderer, Com. Hon. J. Daman, 20th March left the Gambia.

Waterwitch, 10, Lieut.-Com. H. J. Martin, 19th Feb arr. at Cape.

Wi Nchester, 50, Capt. J. Parker, 2nd April arr. at Bermuda from Jamaica.

At Malta, 4th May—The Princess Charlotte, 120, (bearing the Bag of Adml. Sir R. Stopford, Gcb., Ocmg. ;) the Ceylon, 6, (bearing the flag of Rear-admiral Sir J. Louis, Bart.;) the Britannia, 120, (bearing the flag of Rear-admiral Sir J. Ommanney, Kcb. ;) the Howe, 120; the Powerful, 86; the Benbow, 72; the Vanguard, 80; the Revenge, 78; the Calcutta, 84; the Cambridge, 78; the Rodney, 92; the Castor, 36; the Tyne, 26; and the Hazard, 18. Steam frigatesCyclops, Hecate, Hydra, and Stromboli. Steamers—-Confiance, and Locust. Steam Packets—Alecto and Acheron. French Steam Packets—Dante, Sesostrs and Lycurgue.

Births, Marriages, And Deaths.

At Donnington, Berks, on the 11th May, the lady of Capt. Haynes, In., of

a son.

On the 21st April, at Wickhill-hoose, near Bracknell, Berks, the lady of Lieut Francis F. D. Sewell, RN., of a daughter

At Cintra, Portugal, the lady of Capt Sartonus, ■»., of a son.


In India, Arthur Morris, Esq.,4thN.I., to Jane, daughter of Capt. Renwick, Rn., of Honiton, Devon.

On the 15th April, at St. Thomas's, London, G. A. Falconer, Esq., Surgeon, to Isabella Sophia Leolie Macdonald, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Macdonald, RN., and grand-daughter of the late Admiral Sir John Knight, Kcb.

April 26th, at Uplyme Church, Wm. Edmund, second son of Sir William T. Pole, Bart., of Shute-house, Devon, to Margaret Victoriosa, second daughter of Vice-admiral the Hon. Sir John Talbot, of Rhode-house, in the same county.

May 5th,at Brighton, Capt.S.Forward, to Harriet Eliz. Warden, eldest daughter of Capt. Warden, Rn.

Capt. W. Payne, Rn., of Wyke Regis, to Cecilia, only child of J. Glendining, Esq.

Lately at St. George's, H. Lyster, Esq., ofTwickenham, to Harriet, daughter of Capt. Spence, Rn., of Devonshire-street, Portland-place.

On 27th Jan. last, at Penang, H. Scott, Esq., of that island, to Miss Ann Waller, daughter of G. Waller, Esq , Rn.

May ] 1th, at Witley, Surrey, by the Rev. J. Chandler, Steyning Beard, Esq., of Ovingdean, Brighton, Sussex, to Mary A nn, only daughter of Lieut. H. Hopkins,


April 20, at St. Paul's, Southsea, Mr. P.Wellington, Master, RN., to Margaret, daughter of Mr. C. Maitland, Master Rigger of her Majesty's Dock-yard, at Portsmouth.


May 6th, at Plymouth, Adml. Sir L.W. Halsted, Ocb., at an advanced age.

April 4th, at Valetta, after a few days' illness, of a disease of the heart, A. Shippard, Esq., Rear-admiral of the Blue.

May 11th, at Bath, after a long and severe illness, Jane, the beloved wife of Vice-adml. SirR. L. Fitzgerald, Kch.

March 15th, in Marmorice Bay, Lieut.Col. W. Baker, Roval Marines.

May 1st, at Mill-hill, West Cowes, deeply regretted, Elizabeth, widow of the late E. O. Osborne, Vice-admiral of the White, aged 72.

Feb 28th,at Gairbraid, near Goderich, in Upper Canada, Com. R. G. Dunlop, «N. (IW>2.)

Lately, at Purbrook, Catherine, the beloved wife of Capt. Harrison, Rn.

Lately, at Loches, in France, Capt. H. Weir, Rn., Cb., in his 66th year.

Lately, at Bar End, Winchester, Lieut. R. Hutchinson, Rn., aged 52 years.

April 21st, at Weymouth, aged 61 yrs., after a short illness, Capt. W. Comben, Commander of her Majesty's stm. packet Cuckoo.

Lately, Mary, relict of Captain R. Williams, Rn., in her 59th year.

Lately on board H.M.S. Edinburgh, of the effects of the Syrian fever, Mr. Owen, Midshipman of that ship, son of Com, Cunliffe Owen.

In Bath, in the 62d year of her age, Anne, widow of the late Capt. J. Sanders,

RN., CB.

April 26th, at Ryde, Isle of Wight, aged 29, G. E. Watford, Esq , Mate in the Royal Navy, third son of R. Walford, Esq., of Woburn-place, London, and nephew of the late Rear-adml. Sir E. Berry, Bart. Kcb. He was a man of strict integrity, and an excellent officer.

April 29th, at AKeston, Gloucestershire, Harry Norris, son of Wm. Norria Tonge, Esq., retired Com. in H.M. Navy.

April 25th, at Portsmouth, Com. E. Southcott, RN.

April 19th, in Portsea, after a few hours' illness, of scarlet fever, aged five years, T. T. M. Hales, second son of Mr. J. Hales, Master, Rn.

April 30th, at Portsea, Elizabeth Crawford, aged 59, widow, of the late Lieut. A. Crawford, Rn.

May 1st, at Malta, aged 17, Mr. C. C. King, of H.M.S. Princess Charlotte, son of the late Adml. Sir R. King, Bart.

May 5th, at Plymouth, aged 61, Elizabeth Love, relict of Capt. W. H. Douglas, Rn., and eldest daughter of the late Stephen Hammick, Esq , of the Naval Hospital, Plymouth.

Lately, at Portsmouth, Mr. J. Cook, late Master of the convict ship, aged 67.

May 16th, in Norfolk Street, Strand, P. Cosgreave, Esq., Surgeon, Rn.

May 22d, at Queen's Terrace, Southsea, Frederick Richard, the son of Capt. Basil Hall, Rn., aged five years.

May 21st, at Fareham, suddenly, of apoplexy, Lieut. T. Hunt, Rn.

May 20th, at Wickham, in the 74th year of her age, Johanna, relict of the late Capt. Pitt Burnaby Greene, Rn.

May 18th, Alfred Adolphus, the infant son of Mr. G. Heather, Master, Rn. aged two years and seven months.

Lately, at Camberwell, in his 48th year, Lieut. George Hales, Rn.

Lately, at Gosport, Mrs. Jefferies, widow of Mr. Jefferies, Master, Rn.

May 22d, at Kingston Crescent, of paralysis, Mr. Lloyd Edwards, Master, Rn, aged 53 years.

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