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Promotions And Appointments.

(From the Nml and Military GuetU.)

Douming-street, June 23th, 1841.

The Queen has been pleased to appoint Vice-Admiral John Chambers White, Rear-Admirals Charles Richardson, Cb., and Sir Arthur Farqnhar, Knt., Cb., and Commodore Sir James John Gordon Bremer, Knt., Cb., to be Knights Commanders of the most Honourable Military Order of the Bath.

Her Majesty has further been pleased to appoint Captain Sir H. F. Senhouse, Knt., Rn.; Captain T. Herbert, Rn.; Captain the Hon. R. S. Dundas, Rs.; Captain T. Bourchier, Rn.; Captain J Scott, Rn.; CaptainC. R. Drinkwater Bethune, j»N.; Captain J. Nias, Rn.; and Captain T. Maitland, Rn.; to be Companions of the most Honourable Military Order of the Bath.

PROMOTIONS. Lieutenant—A. P. Ryder.

AppointmentsCaptain— D. Pring.(1815) to Powerful.

Commanders—F. H. H. Glasse (1838) to Ni?nrod.—P. Gostling (1828) to Eleclra.—E. Barnett(1838) re-appointed to command Thunder surveying-vessel.

Lieutenants—J. H. Bowker {1815) re-appointed to command Savage.—C. Autndge (18L5) to Royal George yacht, for service of Pigmy steam-packet.—H. G. Morris (1837) to Champion.—H. Crocker (1812) to command Ranger packet.—J. Douglas (1826) to command Swift packet.—T. Creser (1826) to command Star packet.—J. R. Rodd (1840) to Scout.—P. Somerville (1841,) J. Daly {1841,) G. B. Jeffreys (1841.,) R. Edwards (1841,) A. Vyner {1841,) and G. C. Fowler (1841) additional to Wellesley. —E. Heathcote (1840) to Eleclra.

Masters—J. KiUock to Eleclra.—R. Mowl (1841) to Scout.—W.Jeffrey (1841) to command Tortoise.

Mates—VV. Ponsonby to Blenheim.— J. Wilson (1837) to Excellent.—W. R. Surridge (1838) to Magnificent.—W. D. Carroll (1838) to Royal George yacht, v. E. Voules, to Fair Rosamond.—R. Hopkins ('835) to Sarage.

Second-masters—H. Hill (additional) to Victory.—W. H. Williams to Savage.

Movements And Stations Of Her Majesty^ Navy.


Athol, 28, (tr. s.) Mas. Com. C P. Bellamy, 6th July arrived at Portsmouth from Quebec with the 73rd reg.

Castor, 3fi, Capt. E. Collier, July 15, arrired at Portsmouth.

Champion, 16, commissioned at Plymouth 16th June.

Conpiance, (st. v.) Lieut. Com. E. Stopford, 20th June, arrived at Plymouth from Malta, proceeded to Woolwich.

Cornwallis, 72, Capt. P. Richard*, 4th July sailed for China.

Edinburgh, 72, Copt. W. Henderson, 14th July paid off at Portsmouth. (.See p. 573.)

Elects*, 18, Capt. E. R P. Mainfaring, 18th June moved into harbour, 22nd paid off and recommissioned by Commander (jostling.

Griffon, 3, Lieut. Com. J. G. D'Urban, 27th June arrived at Sheerness from West Indies.

Implacable, 74, Capt. E. Harvey, 4th July left Pi) mouth for Mediterranean.

Lynx, 3, Lieut. Coin. H. Broadhead, 20th June arrived at Portsmouth from Africa, 21st sailed for Chatham.

Princess Charlotte, 104, Capt. A. Fanshawe, 17th July arrived at St. Helens from Mediterranean, 1'Jth moved iulo Portsmouth.

Sapphire, (tr. a.) G. H. Cole, 6th July ariived at Portsmouth with the 73rd regt. from Quebec.

Saracen, 10, Lieut. Com. H. W. Hill, 12th July arrived at Plymouth from Africa.

Thunder, (sur. v.) Com. E. Barnett, 3rd July arrived at Spithead, and sailed for Chatham, Paid oil and it-commissioned.

Vernon, 50, Capt. W. Walpole, 9th July left Portsmouth for Mediterranean.

Portsmouth, 16th July.—Bittern is nearly ready to go to Spithead; Electra is in the dock; and the Driver steamer in the basin. Pantaloon will be ready for commission next week. Illu:-trious being the intended flag-ship of Viee-Admiral Sir Charles Adam, has been taken into a dock to have her copper looked at, and she will then fit in the basin; her masts have been brought down to the shears. Edinburgh was paid oft yesterday in very good order; Hit y arc a most orderly, welldiseiplined crew, and it is a great pity that so many good men should be lost to the service. It is said that Sir Charles Adam will hoist his bag in a day or two. The Sapphire and Atbol troop-ships are refitting in the harbour Cracker cutter is here for the same purpose. Dublin will be ready tor sea eariy next month. Monarch and Indus are the guard-ships at. Spithead. Rapid lias gone on a cruize. Sliijts in Port—Vonaieh and Indus at Spithead.—In Harbour— Queen, Royal George yacht, Victory, Dublin, Excellent Bittern, Electra, At'hol, Sapphire, and Cracker.

Plymouth, July 14th.—The Spartan, 26, building in (|hs dockyard, will be launched the 2bth of the ensuing month. The, Hastings. 72, Capt. J. Lawrence, Cm., 15 hourly expected at this port from.

Gibraltar, and orders have been received to make her delects good with all possible expedition, and when completed s-he will return to Malta. The Savage, 10, Lieut.Com. T. H. Bowker, it is said, will proceed to South America, and daily experts her orders.—In Harbour—San Jostf, Caledonia, Champion, Saracen, and Avun and Canon steamers.—In the S</und.— Impregnable, Belleisle, and Savage.


Arrow, 10, Lieut. Com. W. Robinson, 22nd of April arrived at Rio from Falkland Island.

Porl Louis, Falkland Islands.—H.M. surveying vessel Arrow, Lieut. Com. Robinson, was all well the 10th Apnl. Mr. Mearns, master of the Arab, begs to acknowledge the attention shown towards him, on coining into the above anchorage by Lieut. Robinson and his officers, and especially the kindness of Mr. Bodie, master of the Arrow, who piloted the Arab to the anchoring ground.

Beagle, (sur. v.) Act.-Com. J. L, Stokes, 24th March at Sydney.

Calcutta, 84, Capt. Sir j. Roberts, Cb., 4th July left Malta for Syria.

Cambridge, 78, Capt. E. Barnard, 4th July left Malta for S) ria.

Camej.ion, Io, Lieut. Com. G. M. Hunter, 12th April left Cape for Rio.

CHAavBDis, 3, Lieut. De Courcv, 26, 20th April at Port Roval.

Clio, 16, Com. J. G. Frecmantle,4th May arrived at Rio from Buenos Avres.

Cockatrice, Lieut. J. Oxeuham, 21st May arrived at Madeira.

Crocodile, Capt. Johnson, 14th Ap. left Halifax for Quebec, 26th at Pictou.

Ctgnet, 10, Lieut. E. Wilson, 30th June spoken on equator in loug. 8" E.

Endvmion, Capt. Him. F. W. Grey 6th May left Simons Bay for Persian Gulf.

Espoir, 10, Lieut. Com. J. T. Paulson, 3rd July in the Tagus.

Fawn, Lieut. Com. J. Foote,5th May arrived at Rio from a cruise. See p 574

Firefly, (st. v.) Lieut. Com. \V. Winnictr, 2(ith May arrived at Jamaica from Barbados.

Ganges, 84, Capt. B. Reynolds, 4th July left Malta lor Mahon.

Hastings, 72, Capt. J. Lawrence, 7th Juno arrived at Gibraltar.

Hornet, 6, Lieut. Com. R. B. Miller 14th June ariived at; Jamaica from Chagres, 15th sailed lor Chagres.

Lark, (st. v.) Mr. J Lawrence, 14th Juno arrived at Jamaica.

Lizard, (st.v.) Lieut. W.G.Estcourt, Thundbrkr, 84, Captain M. F. F.

1st July at Gibraltar. Berkeley, 7th June left Gibraltar for

Pelican, 16, Cora. C. G. E. Napier, Tangier, 1st July at Gibraltar.

8th Juno arrived at Lisbon, 27th left Tweed, 20, Cora. H. D. C. Douglas,

Gibraltar for East Indies. 27th April arrived at Bermuda.

PtusiAN, 18, Com. T. R. Eden, 27th Vanguard, 80, Capt. Sir D. Dunn,

April at Ascension. 4th July left Malta for Syria, after visit

Pickle, 5, Lieut. Montrcsor, 22nd ing Goza.

May arrived at Port Royal, 2rJth sailed Victor, Com. W. Dawson, (a), 26th

for Santa Martha. April at Jamaica.

Pilot, 16, Com. G. Ramsay, 18th Mar, Waterwitch, 10, Lieut. Com. H. J.

arrived at Jamaica from Nassau. Matson, lyth March in Simons Bay.

Racer, 16, Cora. G. Byng, 24th May Wizard, 10, Lieut. Com. T. F. Birch,

St. Johns. See p. 575. 9th April at the Cape.

Rodney, 92, Capt. R. Maunsell, 4th At MaltaIn Port—The Ceylon, 6,

July left Malta for Syria. bearing the flag of Rear-admiral Sir J.

Rover, 18, Com. T. VV. C. Symonds, Louis, Bart.; Britannia, 120, bearing the

10th June left Jamaica for Havana. flagof Sir J. Ommaney, Kcb.; Howe, 120.

Seringapatam, 42, Capt. J. Leith, —Cyclops, Acheron, Prometheus, and

l!)th May at Barbados. Alecto. French steam-packets Eurota,

Skipjack, 5, Lieut. Com. H. Wright, Leonidas, and Tancrede. Roman gun

24th May arrived at Jamaica, 30th sailed boats La Fedelta, San Pietro, and San

for Nassau. Paolo.

Southampton, Capt. Hillyar, 6th of In Simons Bay, 14th May—Wizard,

May left Simons Bay for Rio. L'l)'j and Andromache.

H.M.S Edinburgh.—The Edinburgh, 72, Capt. W. Wilmot Henderson, en., was paid off' into ordinary on Wednesday last, after having been nearly four years in commission ; during the greater part of which time she was actively and usefully eraployed in the West Indies, North America, and the Mediterranc n stations. We Feei pleasure in noticing the creditable and orderly manner in which her crew conducted themselves whilst in port—conduct we cannot but attribute to the efficient state of discipline attained on board that ship. On her being inspected at Spithead hy the Commander-in-chief, the very first shot from the main deck sunk the target, and subsequently two other targets were as quickly destroyed. The precision of their fire, and the celerity with which the ship's company performed the various duties, were such as to induce Sir Edward Codrington to make a very favourable report to the Admiralty; and it became a pleasing part of Capt. Henderson's duty, before parting with so fine a set of men, to read to them the expression of the appronation of the Board at the efficiency in every respect of the Edinburgh.

Whilst at Spithead liberal leave was allowed. When she came into harbour to be stripped, all further leave was stopped until she wa3 cleared. The consequence of these judicious measures was, that the same order and regularity was observed up to the moment the men wirre paid off and went over the ship's side, as if she had only come to refit. The commander-in-chief, in a public letter, expressed his high approbation of the excellent arrangements adopted for paying off the ship.

The following medals, pensions, and gratuities were awarded;—A.Thompson, quarter-master, a medal, gratuity of 151,, and a pension of 27(. lG.i.; Thomas Fleetwood, ship's corporal, a medal, gratuity of 71., and pension of 22(.; William Tye, gunner's mate, a medal, gratuity of 7/., and pension of 25(. lGs.; Sergeant Trescott, a medal, and a gratuity of "il.; James Drudge, ship's cook, is not entitled to the medal and gratuity, having only served twenty years. The Humane Society have awarded a medal to Benjamin Young, second captain of mizenmast, for saving the life] of a woman who fell overboard.

On Monday the officers of the ward-room gave a parting dinner to Capt. Henderson and the gun-room and warrant officers; thirty sat down. They also presented a silver snuff-box to Captain Joliffe, Rm., in testimony of their esteem and regard for him as an officer and gentleman, but more particularly for the very agreeable, urbane, and satisfactory manner in which he had conducted the mess affairsOil paying off, the ship's company disposed of, in charitable purposes, the proceeds of the savings generally of liberty liquor, during the commission, in the following manner-,—To the widows of two petty officers who had lost their lives in the ship, 51. each (we are desired by the widows and orphans in this case to express their grateful thanks lor this generous bounty); to the Seamen's Hospital, 51.; to the Seamen and Marines' School, Bath square, 51.; to the Orphan Seamen and Marines' School 6(.; to detray the funeral expenses of J. Callard, a shipmate, who died the day the Edinburgh arrived at Spithe;ul, and was btmed by desire of the crew at Kingston, underneath the tablet they had erected to the memory of those who fell at Acre, 71. Total 321.—Seepage 503 of our last number.

New Amsterdam—Berbice, May 13.—Some sensation has been created by the arrival into this port of a slaver, with about 160 captives. As near as we can ascertain, the following are the facts concerning her:—She is a Portuguese-built brig, called the Denas Fevereira, captured off the Brazilian coast, on the 19th February last, by H.M. briganthie Fawn, Capt. Jones, after a chase of eight hours. Upon inquiry, it was ascertained tbat she had sailed from Benguela, with a cargo of 510 slaves; that during a passage of thirty days she had lost 130 other number, from the scurvy and small-pox. When she was captured she was taken to Rio Janeiro, whence she was despatched under the command of Mr. Johnson (mate) Rn., to this colony with 180 of the captives for adjudication. During a passage of fifty-three days, from Rio Janeiro to this place, 20 more of the unfortunates perished from the same causes, and the remaining 160 were landed in a most debilitated and sickfy state. Since being landed four more have died, 29 are confined to the hospital, and 137 have been conveyed to PL Ondeinteuiing, under the superintendaiice of the assistant agent-general for emigration, G. G. Lowenfeld Esq., by whom they hays been furnished with blankets, provisions, anil other necessaries, until the case can be adjudicated by the Court of Vice-Admiralty at Georgetown. The remaining 200, or such of them as are still living, are at Rio Janeiro, waiting for a vessel to be sent by the governor of this colony, to bring them hither. It is supposed that the Venezuela will be despatched as soon as possible, and that within i6 days from the time she starts, she will return with tlieni to this colony. The condition of these poor unfortunates is truly lamentable, many of them dying from inanition. We cannot too highly commend the prompt and active exertions of the assistant agent-generaj in this business, and the benevolent anxiety which he has evinced to render them as comfortable as possible. Since writing the above we have been favoured with tb* following extract from the log of her Majesty's schooner Fawn.

"Latitude 22° 30', longitude 40° west,' Lieut-Corn. J. Foote, her Majesty's schooner Fawn—On the 19th February, 1841, Cacupos, on the coast of Brazil about eighteen miles, observed a large brig standing in for the land;—altered our course so as to cut her olf if possible, on approaching. She appeared not to have the least idea of our being a man-of-war—allowed her to close within range of our long Sipounders—fired a gun over her, and another as quick as possible ahead—she then up with her helm, attempted to run, but appeared in great confusion. We continued to throw the shot over, ahead and astern of her, without intention of striking, as we were positive of slaves being on board. After a short time she was increasing her distance; Lieut. Foote then determined to put a shot into the hull, but with great regret, on account of the unfortunate beings on board. Shots were then thrown close under her stern twice—a third was about to he fired, when we observed her round to. In about 20 minutes we came up and boarded her. The slaves were all below, with the hatches on , on turning them up, a scene presented itself enough to sicken the heart even of a Portuguese :—the living, the dying, and the dead huddled together in one mass. Some unfortunates in the most disgusting state of smallpox in the confluent state, covered from head to foot, some distressingly ill with ophthalmia, a few perfectly blind, others, living skeletons, with difficulty crawled from below, unable to bear the weight of their miserable bodies. Mothers with young infants hanging at their breasts, unable to give them a drop of nourishmentHow they had brought them thus far appeared astonishing—all were perfectly naked, and their limbs much excoriated from lying on the hard plank for so long a period. jOn going below, the stench was insupportable. How beings could breathe such aa atmosphere and live, appeared incredible. Several were under the loose planks, which was called the deck, dying, one dead. We proceeded to Rio Janeiro with the prize. On the passage we lost 13 : in harbour 12, from small pox and debility. A number also died on board the recovery ship Crescent. After clearing the hold and fumigating the brig, it was determined by Mr. Guseley, the British minister, tx» send lier, with part of her cargo for adjudication, to the nearest colony, under tin

command of Mr. G. Johnstone, mate of the Fawn. We tailed March 10th, with ISO slaves, well provided with medicines, and directions in what manner to use them. Tapioca ami lime juice were also provided. Notwithstanding all the care that a small crew could bestow on them, we unfortunately lost 20, chiefly from scurvy and general debility. This unfortunate brig left Kahia Fort, on the coast of Benguela,with 54.0 negroes, and 13 days after, on her capture, she had but 375.r'— Jieibice Gazeite.

H.M.B. Races.—Extract of a letter from Il.M.B. Racer,dated Newfoundland, May 24th:—Yesterday, came from sea, bad weather, with a thick fog; while the ollio rs were at dinner, an alarm was given of a man overboard; a rope was thrown to the poor fellow, but from the tide running so strong (full six miles an hour) he soon became exhausted; he cried out that he could not hold any longer, when, at this moment, the master, Mr. C. T. A. Noddall came on deck, instantly seized a rope, made a bowline knot, jumped overboard with it,and thev were pulled up together; when on the top of the hammocks, Mr. Noddall caught hold of one of the halyards tr> steady himself, when it unfortunately broke, and he fell on the deck; his left arm coming in contact with the sharp iron on the gun slides, a severe contusion was the consequence, but whether accompanied with a fracture of the bones or not we cannot yet ascertain. The poor fellow is, however suffering severely for his noble action.

Births, Marriao

At the Royal Naval Hospital, at Haslar, en the 31st of May, the wife of Dr. Richardson, of a daughter.

At Douglas, Isle of Man, the lady of Capt. Sir T. S. Pasley, Bart., Rn., of a ion.


At Walpole St. Andrews, near Lynn, June 29th, Capt. Sir W. E. Parry, Rn., to Catherine Edwards, relict of S. Hoare, Jun., Esq., and daughter of the Rev. R. Hankinson.

On July the 5th, at St. Mary's Church, Bryanstone Square, Capt. Lushington, Rn., second son of Sir H. Lushington, Bart., to Henrietta, eldest daughter of Capt, Preseott, Cb., Rn.

At Aberdeen, J. Michell, Esq., of Forcett Hall, and Glassell, to Jane, only daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir A. Farquhar.

On the 15th of July, at tlamhle Rice, the Rev. J. Barney, Ma,, Vicar of Charlton Adam, Somerset, to Mary Ann Bradby Lumley, only daughter of the late Capt. J. R. Lumley, Rn., of Charlton, Kent, and grand-daughter of the late Admiral B. Douglas.

On the 13th of July, at St. Nicholas, Harwich, Capt. M. W. Heath, Bb., Civil Engineer to the Admiralty, in the Royal Dockyard, Pembroke, to June, the third daughter of J. Sansum, Esq., of Harwich.

At Marylebone, P. Gostling, Esq., commander of H.M.S. Electra, to Ann, daughter ol the late W. Bishop, Esq.

ES, AND Dkatfts.

At St. George's Hanover-square, Capt. Blanckley, Rn., late of H.M.S. Pylades, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Sir G. Nayler, Garter King at Arms.

On the 6th of July, at Southampton, by the Rev, J. Jones, Am., Capt. E. Jones, of VVymistay Place, Wexhain, to Caroline, eldest daughter of the Ute Capt. P. Rainier, Rn., Cb., of Hamilton-place, Southampton.

At Clapham Church,C. VV. N. Fowell, Rn., to Theana, daughter of J. Holland, Esq., of Clapham Common.

On the 13th of July, by the Rev. W. B. Pole, Munday Pole, Esq., Capt. 89th Regiment, son of C, Pole, Esq., of Wyik Hill, Gloucestershire, to Mrs. A. Salwey, only daughter of the late Admiral Manley.

At Marylebone, Capt. Morier, Rn., to Fanny, daughter of D. Bevau, Esq., of Belmont, Herts.


Recently in France, Admiral J. Aylmer; second in seniority of the flag officers of the fleet.

At Gatcombe House, on the 30th of May, Lady Curtis, the wife of Rear-Admiral Sir L. Curtis, Bart., Cb., aged 51.

Lately, at St Petersburg!!, Admiral Sir R. Crown, aged 89. He was a native of North Britain, and entered the Russian service at the close of the American war. He was always highly respected by the Imperial Family, and his funeral (which was a public one,) was honoured by the personal attendance of the Emperor.

In Baker-street, London, in his 60th year, John, youngest son of Rear-Admiral Sir C. Malcolm.

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