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No. 2. HiLr Yearly Bills.—A Table showing the rates of pay established by \ ders in council, dated 25th November, 1816, 24th June, 1824, 33rd April IS3S ,5th i\.J 1838, and 10th August, 1840; also the several sums which olKcers and petty officers . respectively entitled to draw for six months' pay under the regulations of act 11th G* >/> IV. cap. 20, as altered and extended by act 4th VVm. IV., cap. 25, but subject to t abatement of the charges standing against them upon the ships books; and also (in t* tin case of a young gentleman under the tuition of the chaplain or schoolmaster,) to a d duction of £5 per annum, for the benefit of those officers.


years years


Naval instructor &

schoolmaster, 1st

entry Do. after

service Do. after

service Do. after 10 years

service Gunner, boatswain,

carpenter 1st rate Do. do. 1st class Do. do. 2nd class . Do. do. 3rd class 1st engineer 2nd engineer 3rd engineer Midshipman Muster's-assistant . Volunteer, lstclass Clerk to secretary


Do. to do. to junior

Bag officer
Clerk to schoolmas

tcr (not a naval in

struetor) 1st rate

Full pay.

fay by Bill subject to the Deduction which appear upon the ships' books

Per YearPr Mnth
28 days

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Naval instructors, who receive the new rate of pay, will no longer be allowed the bounty of ^'30 a year, but if a chaplain act as naval instructor, he v. ill be entitled to the bounty, in addition to his pay as chaplain.

We regret to learn that Commander Bvng, of the Racer, in attempting to cross the bar of a river nt Sacriticios, was unfortunately drowned by las gig being capsized in the surf. It appears thai he was strongly urged by the mid(hipinau of the boat not to attempt it. The boats crew and midshipman, as well as Commander Byng,, were all thrown out of the boat; the former sueeedud in reaching the shore, which the Commander also attempted after holding loine little time by the boat, but failed and was drowned.

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Downing Street, December \8th, 1840. The Queen has been pleased to appoint the following officer*, viz.—Capt. C. J. AnnTM, Capt. Hon. W. W aldegrave, Capt. M. F. F. Berkeley, Capt. E. Colliur, Capt W. W. Henderson, Capt. A. Fan^hawe, Capt. H. Stewart, Capt. K Boxer, Capt H. B Martin, Capt. H.J Codrington, Capt. W. H. Henderson, and Capt. HI". Austin, of the Royal Navy, and Lieut.-Col. W. Walker of the Royal Marinas, U> ba Companions of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath.


The filln'ving officer* have been specially promoted for their services on the Coast of


Commanders to be Captains, by comihission dated ith November, 1840. W. Luckraft, commander of Bellerophon, T. Henderson, commanding Vesuvius, (st.T.) F. D. Hastings, commander of Edinburgh, G. Hathorn, do. of Benhow, L. T. Jones, do. of Princess Charlotte, F. Liardet, do. of Powerful, S. Hope, do. of Revenge, R. F. Stopiord, commanding Phoenix (at. v.)

Commanders to be Captains, by commissions dated 5th November, 1840. H. J. Worth, commandero*' Hastings, R. S. Robinson, commanding Hydra(st. T.)

The undermentioned Cirmmanders are specially noted fur promotion to Captains, when thry sho.ll have completed the lime reijuired by regulation. T. L. Mas-ie, commander of Thunderer, W. J. Williams, commanding Stromboli ('t. v.) The Hon. C. G. J. B. Elliot, commanding Hazard.

Lieutenants to be commanders, by commissions dated ith November, 1840. W. Clarke, 1st Lieutenant of Edinburgh, H. H. Bingham, do. of Princess Charlotte, C. C. Birkett, do of Bellerophon, G. Lowe, do. of Revenge, W. H. Hall, do. cf Thunderer, J. Bittt, do. of Vesuvius, (st.v.) W. Maitland, do. of Benbow, W. F. Glauville, flag Lieut. Princess Charlotte, R. H. Eliot, 1st Lieut, of Powerful, T. Stuart, do. of Hazard, D. Curry, do. of Pique, F. T. Brown, do. of Gorgon (st. v.) J- Fullord, do. of Talbot, J. Russell, (b) do. of Stromboli (st. v.) G. N. Broke, do. cf Wasp, W. K. Stephens, do. of Carysfort, C. G. E. Patey, do. of Castor.

Lieutenants to be Commanders, by commissions dated bth Novetnber, 1840. C.Thompson, 1st Lieut, of Hastings, S. Grenfell, do. of Cyclops, G. (jiffard, Lieut, of Cyclops, E. P. CharlewooJ, Lieut of Benbow.

The undermentioned is specially noted for promotion to Commander when his regulation time is completed. J. S. A. Dennis, 1st Lieutenant of Phoenix.

Males to be Lieutenants, by commissions dated ith November, 1840, G. Wyke, C. O'Brien, G. J. R. Snow, J. A. Shears, R.Williams, G. Johnson, A. LaToache, T. Heard, E. W. Sanders, T. C. O'D. Whipple, G. E. Patey, R. D. Stupart, A. Warren, L. N. Burrell, J. Sanderson, C. J. Walton, C. S. Norman, A. Farquhar, W. J. Lake, A. W. Wood, M. S. Kirks, G. H. C. Sunderland, R. M. Floud, H. Stewart, J. Blackmore,J. M. Boxer, M. H. Rodney, W. C. Chamberlain.

Mates to be Lieutenants, by commissions dated f>th November, 1840.

D Reid, W. T. Disney, R. Hoops, S. F. Short, J. Dunsterville, J. Allen, (b) F. H. Btaafell, J. M. D. Smith, W. W. Pridham, R. D. White, C. Bullen, J. H. Cockburn, W. Butler.

The two last for special mention in the Gazette.

Assistant-Surgeons to be Surgeons, by warrant dated 4th November, 1840. W. Houghton, P. Niddrie, M.d., J. Plimsoll, H. Baker, A. B. Cutfield. Five Second Masters have been promoted to be Masters, and six more are specially noted for promotion, when they shall have passed the usual examination.

Captains-g. Mansell, W. Warren.

Commanders—P. B. Stewart, Augusts Leopold Kuper, late Petorus, commissioned to bear date from 27th July, 1839.

Lieutenants—Lord F. Kerr, J. I. Thumburn, R. Maguire.W. K. O Price, A. Gumming, and \V. H. Gennjs, the latter confirmed in death vacancy of Lieut. Le Mesurier, killed.

Purser—J. Bluet.


Captains.—A.Milne, (act.) to Cleopatra, v. Lushington, invalid. W. W. P. Johnson, (act.) to Crocodile- v. Milne, to Cleopatra. G. Elliot, (act.) to Volage.

Commanders—H. Harvey, (act.) to Serpent, v. the Hon. R. Gore, invalid. T. Harvey, (act.) to Racer, v. Byng, deceased. W. Hubbard, to Belleisle. 1. 3. Clarke, (act.) to Columbine. E-Yonge, to Indus, v. Castle, sick.

Lieutenants—W. G. B. Estcourt, to command Lizard, (st. v.) J. B. Marsh, and H. T. Laye, to Endymion. W. S. Blount to Pluto. E. H. Kenney to Excellent. 3. P. Thurnburn (act.) to Wolverine. M. Knox to Phoenix, v. N. Norway, sick. F. S. El Iman, to Tu>eed. W. Boys to Britannia, v. Gordon, sick. P. H. Dyke, W. Webster, (b.) and H. J. Robins, to Iris.

Masters—A. W. Quintan, to Indus, v. Strutt, appointment cancelled. W. J. Wood to Iris. J. Roberts to Shomboli.

Surgeon—G. A. Munro, to Tweed.

Mates—W. Hickey to Caledonia. N. Vansittart from Queen to Tweed. M. H. Perceval from Vestal to Indus. C. J. Hoffmcister to Impregnable. W. D. Carrol, and J. M. Boyd to Queen. H. Barley and R. G. Campbell to Impregnable. W. Moorsum and A. F. Webster to Endymion. H. J. Robins to Iris. G. VI. Jackson and F. J. F. Barrow to Indus. W. V. D. Anson to Iris. F" Robinson to Cyclops. A. Paget to Indus.

Second-masters—W. H. T. Green to Albert, lor Niger expedition. W.

Squire to Howe. H. Hooper to South, ampton. J. Drysdale to Indus. F. Loney to Lizard. W. Saunders from Lightning to Monkey steam-tug. VV. C. Pettigrew to Pluto.

Volunteer 1st Class—T. Palmer to Tweed. 3. J. S. Josling to Iris.

Master'b Assistant—B. Woolley to Lucifer. W. Diaper and J. Milton to Victory.

Assistant-surgeons—W. M'Dermott M.D. to Caledonia. T. Hart to Endymion. G. G. Creighton (additional) to Caledonia. Risk to G reenwich Hospital, v. M. Pritchet, promoted. Dr. C. P. Blake to Haslar Hospital J. R. Beatty to Queen. 3. Peters to Pluto. T. A. Gray to Vernon. W. B. Fegan to Haslar Hospital. J. J. W. Roberts to Afeteur. G. M. McClure and J. M. Jackson to Excellent. A. Euston to Indus. 3. Fii-her, of the Caledonia, to the Queen. C. W. White to Ceylim, for service at Malta Hospital. J. Hobb to Indus.

Pursers—J- Pinhorn to Edinburgh. E. F. Heaslop to Cyclops. Young (act.) to Jaseur. S. H. Mauley to Iris. E.

B. Robins (act.) to Racer. D. Clow to Impregnable.

Chaplains—G. Bellamy to Endymion. W. R. Payne to Indus. W. G. Sucker to Revenge.

Clerks—C. M. Balfour, (assistant) to Kprnon. E. S. F. Cheeseman (additional) to Ki'cfory. C. J. France, (assistant) to Tweed. 3. Haddock, (in charge) to Pluto. 3. S.Millingham to Lizard. C. G. Burney to Indus. W. T. Biddlecomba to Tweed. W. F. Hennah from the Wellesley, to be additional Clerk of the Druid.

Coast-guard—Comtnanderj—D. Peal from Grimsby District to Folkstone, v. Barton, appointed to Monarch. C. Madden to Grimsby District, v. Peat. W. H. Jervis to Whitstaple from Donaghadee District, v. O. Oakes, resigned. A.

C. Duncan to Ballycastle, v. A. M'Gregor Skinner to Donaghadee. Lieut. T Cartwright from Irish Coast Guard, to be Chief Officer at Lidd, Romney.

Captain T. Renwick has been appointed to the out-pension of Greenwich Hospital.



\inAx, (st. v.) Mr. F. King, 2nd. Dec left Dublin with troops for Cork.

Apollo, Lieut.-Com. R. Pritchard, 9th December lowed into Portsmouth.

Avon. (st. T.) 1st December arrived at

Plymouth, 4th sailed for Falmouth, 14th at Portsmouth from Sheerness

Blazer, Lieut -Com. J. Steane, 27th November left Woolwich for Barbados, 2nd December left Portsmouth.

Britannia, 120, Capt. J. Drake, 19th November left L'orttmeuth. for Mediterranean.

Ferret, 10, Lieut. W. S. Thomas 29th No*en>bvr arrived at Tarbert.

Howe. 120,Capt. SirW.O. Pell, 19th November left Portsmouth for Mediterranean.

Inconstant, 36, Capt. D. Pring, 13th December sailed from Cork, 17th arrived at Plymouth.

Locust, (st. T.) Lieot.-Com. J. Lunn, 1st December passed Deal on way to Portsmouth, 3rd arrived at Plymouth.

Luopkr, Capt. F. Beechey, 2st Dec, arrived at Spithead.

Phoenix, (st. v.) Com. R. Stopfonl, 1st December arr. at Portsmouth with despatches, announcing the cjpture of Acre.

Raves, 4, Lieut.-Com. D. R. B. Mapleton, 6th December at Plymouth from Bristol, eleven days in a gale of wind.

Sapphire, (tr. s.) Master-Com. G. W. Nembhard, 13th November sailed for Cork.

Serpent, 16, Com. Hon. R. Hore, 1st December arr. at Spithead, 8th at Chatham.

Spitfire, (st. v.) Lieut.-Com. J. Evans, 7th December arr. at Portsmouth and sailed for Woolwich.

The Boxes, surveying vessel, Capt. Bollock, is to be placed in ordinary, and her crew to be turned over to another vessel.

Portsmouth,December 17th. Jnhartnur,— Queen, Victory, Indus, Excellent, Royal G»orge, Tweed, Phcenix, Rapid, Apollo, Athol, Cuckoo.

At Plymouth. InHamoaze,—Caledonia, San Josef, Impregnable, Belleisle, Endymion, Raven, Sylph, Carron, and Comet.


AcheRon, (st. v.) Lieut.-Com. A. Kennedy, 15th November at Malta.

A'sia, 81, Capt. VV. Fisher, 20th November arr. at Malta from Alexandria.

Atholl, 28, (tr. s.) Master.-Com. C. P. Bellamy, 5th November returning down the St. Lawrence, got on shore below I. Madrone.

Basilisk, 6, Lieut.-Com. J. Russell, 7th August at Valparaiso from Cobija, 18th sailed.

Beacon, (sur. v.) Lieut. T. Graves, 1th December at Malta from Athens.

Blenheim, 72, Capt. Sir H. F. Senhouse, 22nd July at Macao, 23rd sailed for northward.

Bkitomart, 10, Com. O. Stanley, 2d July arr. at Bay of Islands.

Calcutta, 84, Capt. Sir J. Roberts, c»., 21th November left Malta for Levant

Castor, 36, Capt. E. Collier, 30th November Rrr. at Malta from Smyrna.

Chahybdis, 3, Lieut.-Com. E. ti. Tinling, 2nd October arr. at Jamaica from Nassau, 18th arr. at Halifax.

Childkrs, IB, Coin. [•'.. P. Halstead, 7th October air. at Calcutta from Singapore.

Cleopatra, 26, Capt. A. Milne, ISth Octoberarr. at Bermuda from Newtoundland, 5th November left Bermuda for Halifax.

Crocouile, 26, Capt. W. P. Johnson, (acting) lyth November arr. at Bermuda from Newfoundland, 5th November sailed for Jamaica.

Curlew, 10, Lieut.-Com.G. Rose,7th September left the Cape for Eastern Coast.

Cyclops, (st. v.) Capt. H. T. Austen, 21th November arr. at Malta from Levant.

Cygnet, 10, Lieut. E Wilson, 21st October at Teneriffe, 23rd sailed lor Africa.

Dee, (st. v.) 8th November left Halifax Bermuda.

E..e< Tra, 18, Com. E. P. Mainwaring, 26th September at Mazatian.

FANToME,Com. Butterlield, 17th Oct. at St. Helena.

Favorite, 18, 24th July arr. at Sydney, from Southsea Islands.

Grecian, 16, Com. W. Smyth, 26th September at Rio from a cruize.

Hastings, 72, Capt. J Lawrence, Cb., 4th November at Malta from Beyrout.

Hecate, (st. v.) Com. H. Ward, 10th November arr. at Lisbon, 21st sailed for Mediterranean, 3rd December left Malta for Syria, with ordnance stores.

Herald, 36, Capt. J. Nias, 24th July arr. at Sydney from Southsea Islands.

Hydra, (st. v.) Com. R. Stopford 27th October arr. at Malta from Sidou.

Lily, 16, Com. C. Dear, 17th August at Cape refitting to return to East Coast.

Magpie, (s. V.) Lieut.-Com. T. S. Brock, 2nd December at Malta from Athens.

Medea, (st, v,) Com. F, Warden, 4th December at Malta from Alexandria. Partridge, 10, Lieut.-Com. W. Morris, 20th September arr. at Pernambuco, 13th October sailed for Macao.

Pearl, 18, Com. C. C. Frankland, 11th September arr. at Bahia from Macao.

Persian, 18, Com. M.Quin, 27th September Rt Ascension.

Pickle, 5, Lieut.-Com. F. Holland, 29th September arr. at Jamaica, 4th October sailed for Honduras.

Pilot, 16, Com. G. Ramsay, October arr. at Jamaica.

President, 50, Capt. J. Scott, 2nd August arr. at Valparaiso from Talchauana, 2Uth remained.

Prometheus, (st.) Lieut.-Com. T. Spark, 16th November left Malta for Syria.

Racehorse, 18, Com. Hon. E. A. Harris, 10th October left Jamaica for Halifax, 8th November left Halifax for Bermuda.

Racer, 16, Com. G. Byng, 2nd Oct. at Tampico.

Ringoove, 16,Com. Hon. K. Stewart, 30th September left Halifax for Bermuda.

Rodney, 92, Capt. H. Parker, Cb., 22nd October left Malta for Levant.

Rover, 18, Com. T. VV. C. Symonds, 2rith October arr. at Halifax from Jamaica with troop3, 7th November at Bermuda.

Sappho, 16, Com. T. Frazer, 1st Sept. arr. at Belize, and sailed for VeraCruz, 2Dth Oct. at Vera Cruz.

Saracen, 10, Lieut-com. H. W. Hill, 27th Sept. at Ascension

Satellite, 18, Com. J. Robb, It Nov. left Halifax for Barbados.

Scorpion, 10, Lieut.-com. C. Gayton, 3d Dec. sailed from Gibraltar, 5th spoken oil' Cape de Gatte.

Seringapatam, 42, Capt. J. Leith, 4th Oct. arr. at Barbados from Antigua.

Skipjack, 5, Lieut.-coin. H. Wright, 26th Oct. arr. at Barbados from Antigua

Talbot, 26, Capt. S. Codringtou, 21st Nov. at Constantinople from Acre, with 100 Egyptian prisoners.

Thunder, st. v. Com. E. Barnett, 14th Oct. left Bermuda for Nassau.

Tyne, 26, Capt. J. Townshend, 21st Nov. at Corfu from Zante.

Vesuvius, st. v.Lieut-com .W. Blount, 29th November arrived at Alexandria from Malta.

Victor, Com. W. Dawson, (a), 25th Oct. arr. at Jamaica from Halifax.

Volcano, st. v., Lieut-com. J. West, 4th Nov. left Madeira for Barbados.

Wanderer, Com. J. Denman, 27th September at Ascension.

Wasp, 16, Com. G. Mansell, 29th November arrived at Malta from Smyrna

Winchester, 50, Capt. J. Parker, 29th October at Bermuda from Halifax.

Wizard, 10, Lieut.-Com. T. F. Birch, 26th September at Rio trom a cruize.

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I Quarterly Return of a Detachment of Royal Marines serving on board Her Majesty'!
Ship Commanded by dated at 18

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