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—H. L. Dolling, (add.) to Cambrian—J. W. Fletcher to Harlequin—II. Graham to Aigle—b\ Graham, Md., and H. D. Mason to Warspite.

Pursers—T. Hookey to North Star— D. Simpson to Belviilera—W. Law«>s to packet establishment at Liverpool—R. Wilson to Isis—J. Hobbs to Harlequin —J. Jacobs to Warspite—G. Harrison to Afatabar—J. Reid to Cambrian—J. Greaves to Spartan—J. Ozzard to packet service, Weymouth—W. Wilkins to Hecate—E. Hooper to Queen.

Chaplains—J. Hill to Malabar—E. Hii mi to Ceylon for service of Dockyard and Naval-hospital, Malta—P. Somerville to Warspite—A. Fielding to Illustrious—G. HM to Malabar—F.Gail way to Formidable.

Naval Instructors—J. Laverty to Warspite—A. W. Lane to Illustrious— —T. Eastman to Formidable.

Clerks—J. M. Jefferson to Impregnable—VV. Donald in charge of Jamaica Yard—H. Wiseman in charge of 3tores at Valparaiso—C Jones to be clerk in charge of PanlaUxm— R. Godson to fixcellent—J. Cleeve to Pique—H. Bateman to Rhadamanthus—G. Singer add. to Belvidera—T. Wise to Serpent—E. Atkin (in charge) to Lynx—W. De Carteret and J M. Hobbs to Queen—T. Gilbert to Volcano.

Coast Guard.

Commanders—C. Parker and A.Kellet, to be Inspecting commanders.

Lieutenants—E. Hennah, J. Clark, T. S. Coppinger, and P. Bissom, to be chief ollicers.

Mr. J. Reid to Registrar of Vice admiralty court, Cape of Good Hope.

Mr. M. Costello to be advocate and proctor of Vice admiralty court, Gibraltar

Mr. Price to lie secretary to Vice-adml. Sir F. Mason, Kcu.

Movements And Stations Of Her Majesty's Navy.


Alban, st. v., Mr. J. King, 10th Sept. arrived at Portsmouth from Hull, with depot of 73rd regt.

Apollo, (tr. sh.) Mr. A. Karley, 17th Sept. arrived at Portsmouth from Quebec with 32nd refit.

Athoi., Mas.-Com. C. P. Bellamy lGth Aug. left Portsmouth for Barbados.

Bei.leislk, 72, Capt. J. T. Nicolas, Ih., 1st Sept. at Cork, 4th sailed, 5th arrived at Plymouth.

BiTTEnN, Com. Hon. G. B. Lary,20th Aug. sailed for South America ■ from Portsmouth.

Devastation, (st. v.) commissioned at Woolwich by Com. Henry.

Dido, 18, Capt. L. Davis, CB., 18th arrived at Chatham, paid off, reeom missioned 4th Sept. by Captain the Hon. H. Capel.

Dublin, 50, Capt. J. J. Tucker, 20th Aug. left Portsmouth, 21st arrived at Plymouth, 28th sailed for S. America.

Formidable, Capt. Sir E. T. Troubridge,25th Ang. commiasknieu1 at Sheerness.

Hastings, 72, Capt. J. Lawrence, Cb. 13th Aug. sailed for Mediterranean.

Heroine, 10, commissioned at Woolwich by Lieut. Stuart.

Illustrious, at Portsmouth fitting. Impregnable, 110Capt. T. Forest,Cb. 3rd Sept. left lortsmouth for Mediterranean with flag of Rear-admiral Thomas, 10th at Plymouth.

Isis, 44, Capt. Sir J. Marshall, 21st Aug. at Sheerness fitting.

Mf.lvii.i.k, 72, Capt. Hon R. S. Dundas, 21st Ang. paid off at Portsmouth.

North Star, commissioned by Capt.

Sir J. E. Home,ath Sept at Portsmouth.

Pique, 36, Capt. E. Boxer, 3rd Sept.

left Spithead with Hag of Admiral Sir

C. Adam for West Indies.

Rase, 1G, Com. P. Christie, 16th Sept. arrived at Plymouth from Brazil.

Samarano, 26, Capt. J. Scott, 17th Aug. arrived at Portsmouth from China, 2Uth moved into harbour.

Sapphire, (tr. ah.) Mas.-cora. G. Cole, 10th August, left Portsmouth for Quebec.

Scout, Com. J. Lareom, 20th Aug. left Sheerness for Portsmouth, 23rd arr. 3rd Sept. left Plymouth for Mediterranean.

Styx, (st. v.) 12th Aug. commissioned at Sheerness by Com. A. T. E Vidal.

Vipun, 6, commissioned at Portsmouth hy Lieut. J. Curtis.

Wolverine, 1G, Com. W. Tucker (6) 21st August arrived at Plymouth from Africa, 22nd passed Deal from westward.

PortsmouthIn harbour—Excellent, Queen, Victory, Illustrious, Warspite, Madagascar, Belvidera, Royal George, North Star, Driver, Kapid, Pantaloon, Viper, Avon ; Albun and Echo steamers; Sylvia surveying-vessel.

PlymouthIn Hie Sound—Belleisle, Impregnable, Nightingale—In Hamcxize — Caledonia, San Josef, Malabar, Cambrian, Spartan.


Albert, Capt. Trotter, 5th Sept. in Monscrado roads, coast of Africa, all in good health in the expedition.

A K Row, 1 o, Lieut.-com. W. Robinson, 8th July at Rio Janeiro.

Beagle, (st. v.) Acting com. J. L. Stokes, 1st April, at Sydney.

Britannia, 120, Capt. J. Drake, 19th Aug left Corfu for Malta, 26th arrived, 6th .Sept. remained

Calcutta, 61, Capt. Sir T. Roberts,

Cb., 23rd July off Alexandria.22nd Aar. sailed for Beyroat

Cambridge, 78, Capt. E. Baroari. 24th July at Bevrout.

Cockatrice, Lieut. J. Oxenhaa, eta Rio Janeiro.

Columbine, 16, Com. G. Elliott, 111» May arrived at Macao from Chusan.

Comus, IP, Com. E. Nepean. 24th July at Jamaica from the Havana, «Jti 270",0OO dollars, 5th Aug. left Barbados. Corkwallis, 72, Capt. P. Richards, 9th July arrived at Madeira in ten days from the Lizard.

Cyclops, Capt. H. T. Austen. 54 Sept. at Malta.

Endymion, 38, Capt. Hon. F. W. Gray, 12th June arrived at Aden leaJrr. having struck on a reef off I. Joan £= Nova in Mozambique channel Mav IS.

Erebus, Capt. J. C. Ross, 20tii April at Hobart Town.

Espoir, 10, Lieut.-com. J. T. Pauls*. 10th Aug. in the Tagus.

Fair Rosamond, 2, Lieut.-com. A. G. Bulman, 20th July arrived at Halifex.

Ganges, 84, Capt. B. Reynolds, 22al Aug. left Corfu, 20th arrived at Malta.

Goroon, (st. v.) Capt. W. H. HenderBon, 5th Sept. arrived at Malta.

Grecian, 16, Com. W. Smyth, 5th June, arrived at Rio.

Hazard, 18, Com. Hon. C. G. J. Elliott, 24th Aug. arrived at Malta from Zante.

Hornet, 6, Lieut.-com. R. B. Miller, 5th Aug. left Barbados.

Howe, 120, Capt. Sir W. O. Pell, 19th Aug. left Corfu for Malta, 26th arrived, 5th Sept. remained.

Implacable, 74, Capt. E. Harvey. 3rd Sept. at Tunis.

Inconstant, Capt. D. Pring, 24th of July at Beyroot.

Indus, 84, Capt. Sir J. Stirling, 22nd August passed Gibraltar.

Modeste, 18, Com. Eyres, loth July at Canton.

Partridge, 10, Lieut.-com. W. Morris, (a) 8th July at Rio Janeiro.

Phoenix, (st. v.) Com. R. Stopford, 24th July at Beyrout.

Pilot, 16, Com.G. Ramsev, 25th July arrived at Bermuda, with flag of Com. Douglas.

Powerful, 84, Capt. C. Napier, 24th July at Beyrout.

Revenge, 76, Capt. Hon. W. Waldegrave, 3rd Sept. at Tunis.

Sappho, 16, Com. T. Frazer, 17th July at Barbados.

Savage, 10, Lieut. J. Bowkcr, 4th Aug. arrived at Gibraltar, and sailed to westward.

Serinqipatam, 42, Capt. J. Leith, 7th Aug. arrived at Halifax from Barbados.

Southampton, Capt. Sir W. Hillyar, 8th July at Rio Janeiro.

Stromboli, Com. W. J. Willianu, 24th July at Beyrout.

Talbot, 26, Capt. H. J. Codrington, 19th Aug. arrived at Malta from Palermo.

Vanguard, 80, Capt, Sir D. Dunn, l'Jlli Aug. left Corfu for Candia.

Vernon, 50, Capt. W. Walpole, 8th Aug. left Gibraltar, 19th arr. at Malta, 5th Sept. at Malta.

Victor, Com. W. Dawson, (a), 2nd July at Jamaica, 5th Aug. sailed from Barbados.

Wasp, IB, Com. G. Mansell,24th July at Beyrout.

Waterwitch, 10, Lieut-com. Henry Martin, 11th July arrived at St. Helena, (captured the Donna Eliza, a Brazilian vessel on the 20th of June.)

Births, Marriages, And Deaths.


r On the 15th Aug. at Thornton heath, Surrey, the lady of J. R. Sterritt, Esq., surgeon, Rn., prematurely of twins, still born.

At Brighton, the lady of Capt.T. Martin, Rn., of a daughter.

On the 9th August, at Edinburgh, the lady of Lieut, the Hon. Charles St. Clair, Rn., of a son.

August 17, at Batheaston, the lady of Capt S. C. Dacres, Rn., of a daughter, still born.

Sept. 1st, at Stoke, Dovonport, the wife of Mr. J. Rogers, master Rn., of a son.

On 2nd Sept. at Trematcm,thc lady of Capt. J. Tucker, Rn., of a daughter, still born.

On Sept. 6th, at Stonehouse. the lady of Lieut. J. Somerville, Rn., of a son.


On 16th Sept. at Bath, the Rev. John Strickland, Am., to Emma, youngest daughter of Emeric E. Vidal, Esq., Rn.

At Prince Edward Island, the Hon. K. Stewart, commander of the Ringdove, to Marv, only daughter of Sir C. Fitzioy

Oil 7th Sept., C. Fane. Esq., to Harriet Anne, only daughter of the late Vice admiral the Hon. Sir H. Blackwood, Bart., Kcb., Och.

On 31st August, at Fareham, Hants, Lieut. S. Y. Brown, Rn., to Barbara Whalley Smvthe, second daughter of Sir J. W. S. Gardiner, Bart.

At Southampton, the Rev. E. D. Tinling, son of late Rear admiral Tinting, to Catherine, daughter of C. A. Elton, Esq.

On 18th Aug. at Sidwells, Mr. Way, Rn., to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Dr. Pierce.

On 20th Aug. at Woolwich, William

Hamilton, Esq., Rn., to Catherine Eliza, daughter of B. Pidcock, B',sq. Woolwich.

At Plymouth, Mr. J. Scott, master of Thunder, to Miss Simpson, of Torpoint.

On 9th Sept. at Bishopstington, Devon, Edward, son of late Vice admiral Young, to Frances Eliza, daughter of T. M. Baker, Esq., of Totness.

At Littlehara, Devon, Henry Ingles, Esq., to Susan, daughter of Capt. H. W. Scott, Rn., of ExillilUth.


Off Cuba, July 11th Lieut. Alexander Derbishire, (1839), lieutenant of the Victor, lent to the Comas.

At Newtownbarry, Ireland, Sept 13th the Hon. R. T. Maxwell, late mate of H. M. S. Asia, in his 24th year.

At Port Royal, July 4th of fever, Mr. J. E. Hayes, youngest son of Captain G. Hayes, Rn , aged 28 years.

At the Naval Hospital, Stonehouse, on the 11th inst., Mr. D. Sullivan, purser, Rn., (1806), late of H. M. S. Hastings, leaving 7 orphans to deplore their loss.

At Iffley, Mrs. Nowell, relict of ViceAdmiral W. Nowell. aged 78.

Lieut. M. T. West, Rn., (1814).

At the Royal Hospital, Plymouth on the 22nd inst., Capt. Nurse, RN., late of Iris, and commanding on the coast of Africa.

At Stoke, on the 19th of August, Mr. William Scott, master Rn.,

Recently in Canada, W. Cannon, Esq., on the retired list of surgeons of the Royal Navy.

In Upper Stamford-street, Mrs. Eliza Hill, aged 45, widow of the lute lieutenant Mordaunt Hill, Rn.,

In Lisson Grove North, August 14th, aged 58, Margaret wife of Capt. Daly, Rn.

AtLowcstoft, August29th, J.Mathics, Esq., Lieut, u N.


Kept at Croom's Hill, Greenwich, by Mr. W. Rjgerson, of the Royal Observatory.

From the 21»« of August to the 20lh of September, 1841.


Our friend " A Well-wisher And Subscriber," is informed that we have not lost sight of our intentions respecting the chart. The data for currents being rather meagre originutcd the delay. But this has been increasing, and we hope to see the chart in an cirly part of our next volume.

Southampton Docks.—Extract in our next. We congratulate the Company on the success they have already gained.

Lieut. Raper's Longitudes will be continued in our next, which will contain an important discussion on that of Madras.

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