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the absence of a Lieutenant, and several of her best senmen, in a prize recently captured; the total number of her crew in this action may therefore be fairly stated as not exceeding 240, of whom not a man was hurt. Soon after his return to port, Captain Williams received the honour of Knighthood, as a reward for his gallant conduct. Sir Thomas was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral in October, 1809, and between that period and 1814, hoisted his flag successively in the North Sea, at Lisbon, in the Channel fleet, and as Commander-in-chief at the Nore. In Jan. vary 1815, he was made a Knight Commander of the Bath, and subsequently was nominated a Grand Cross of that Order. In January 1833, he was appointed Commander-in-Chief, at Portsmouth, where he continued during the customary period of three years. The deceased was the benevolent founder of the Royal Naval Female School, towards which object he munificently presented £1000.

VICB-ADMIRAL Sia Patrick CAMPBELL was fourth son of Mr. John Campbell, of Melfort, Argylesbire, was born in 1773, and was consequently in his 68th year. He entered the navy in 1788, since which time until after the peace, he was constantly engaged in the service. At the capture of the Cape of Good Hope in 1795, then a lieutenant, he commanded a light company of seamen, and in 1799 covered the landing of a division of the army in Holland. When in command of the advance of the British vessels in the Zuyder Sea, he gallantly cut out four of the enemy's gun-boats. In 1800, then in command of the Dart sloop, he carried by boarding, and brought out of the harbour of Dunkirk, the French frigate Desire of 40 guns, for which brave action he was posted, and received the order of the Bath, The late admiral was also actively employed in the command of the Unite and Leviathan in the Mediterranean, from 1807 to 1812. In 1825 Sir Patrick married Miss Wauchope, youngest daughter of Mr. Andrew Wauchope, of Niddrie, Marechall, N.B., by whom, we believe, he leaves a family. His commission bears date as follows,-Lieutenant, Sept. 25, 1794; Commander, Sept. 4, 1797 ; Captain, July 11, 1800; Rear-admiral, July 22, 1830; and Vice-admiral, June 28, 1838. He was nominated a Knight Commander of the Bath in April, 1836.

CAPTAIN SIR H. Le FleminG SENHOUSB, KCH., was third son of the late Mr. W. Senhouse, surveyor-general of Barbados, and married in 1810 to Miss Manley, daughter and co-heiress of Vice-Admiral Manley. He entered the navy at an early age, and when midshipman, was present at the capture of Suriuan, in 1799; and in 1809 assisted at the debarca tion of the army at Martinique. Throughout the last American war he was actively engaged, and in 1813 he gallantly defended his sloop, the Martin, when attacked by an American flotilla, when aground at the mouth of the Delaware. The deceased captain was appointed to the command of her Majesty's ship the Blenheim, 72, in 1839, since which he has been employed in the China seas. In consideration of his services he was nominated a Knight Commander of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order, April 13, 1832. His commissions bear date, Lieutenant, April 9, 1802; Commander, June 2, 1809; and Captain, Oct. 12, 1814.


Admiralty, 28th Aug. 1841. The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, referring to the 4th See. of the 6th Chap. Art. 5, of the Instructions for Her Majesty's Service At Sea, in which it is directed that the Captains of Her Majesty's Ships are not to allow any person to Smoke Tobacco in any other part of the ship than the place appropriated for Smoking, are pleased to direct, that the Captains and Commanding Officers of Her Majesty's Ships and Vessels do give most positive orders that no Smoking shall on any account be allowed in any part of the Ship except the Galley. By Command of their Lordships,


« Temperance Men," being embarked on board Her Majesty's Ships or Tromp Ships, or in Transports en Freight Ships, such Non-Commissioned Others Privates shall be allowed double rations of Sugar, Coca and Tea, for each rution of Spirits stopped.

The Captains of Her Majesty's Ships and Troop Ships and the Masters of Transports and Freight Ships are therefore hereby directed, at the end of the Certifcates signed by the Commanding officer of Troops esbarked, as to the accurncy of the Lists of the Troops vietulle, to add the following words " Except for the Men marked x from whom, as Temperance Men, there has been stopped

rations of Spirits, med to whom tbere las been issued, in lieu, & double allowance of Sugar, Cocon, and Ten.

By command of their Lardships,


Admiralty, Oct. 11th, 180. The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that in case of any Soldiers, who may be

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(From tho Naval and Military Gazette.) Whitehall, Sept. 21st. The Queen has been pleased to grant to Sir E. Lyons, Bart. Her Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary to the King of Greece, Captain in the Royal Navy, and Knight Commander of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order, her royal licence and permission, that he may accept and wear the insignia of the French Order of St. Louis, which his late Most Christian Majesty the King of France was pleased to confer upon him, in approbation of his services at the siege of the Castle of Morea,

Whitehall, Oct. 9th, 1841.-The Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal, granting the dignity of a Knight of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland unto Henry Huntley, Esq., Commander in Her Majesty's Navy.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONS POR THB LATB OPERATIONS IN China. Her Majesty has been pleased to appoint Captain Thomas Herbert of the Royal Navy, Companion of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, to be a Knight Commander.

Admiralty, Oct. 15th-With reference to the Gazette of the 8th inst., the following Naval Promotions have taken place, dated on that day :

Lieutenants to be Commanders. W. W. Chambers, H. Coryton, J. M. Hayes, P. W. Hamilton, and W.C. Wood.

Mates to be Lieutenants. R. L. Bryan, I. N. T. Sanley, H. Noed, W. S. Miller, G. 3. Tayler, T. W. Pur. ver, and W. T. Bate. PROMOTIONS.

binson (1838) and E. M. Noble (1841) to

Serpent-E. B, Nott (1829) to Syren-J. LIEUTENANTS-J. Moore, J. Wood. B. West (1831) and C. B. Hamilton

Masters T. Hancorn, F. W. Paul, (1840) to Aigle-J. A. Abbott (1830) H. Brehaut.

H. Eden (1837) and J. Hunt (1841) to SURG BONS—T, H. Keown, J. Stewart, Dido-H. Probyn (1841) to Isis-David C. D. Steel, J. Bower, MD.

Robertson (1841) to Hazard-A. Boyle (1830), Caffin, (1838), Cannon (1832), J.

J. Robinson (1834), Wellington (1834), APPOINTMENTS.

Fisher (1833), and Hamilton to Queen

M. Peppin (1837) to Volage-J. Boxer CaptainS-G. F. Rich (1823) to Queen (1840) to Niagara–H. Stewart (1840), for the flag of Vice-admiral Sir E. Owen, W. Carr (1821), F. A. Ellis (1836), s. r, H, I. Codrington, CB., (1836), to St. H. Gennys (1838), W. G. Luard (1811), Vincent-J. T. Nicolas, CB., KH., (1815) to Vindictive-N. F. Edwards (1827), G. to Vindictive.

Wodehouse (1824), C. H. Binsted (1824), COMMANDERS-M. A. Slater (1837) a, and C. C. Grey to St. Vincent-G, T. to William and Mary-J. B, L. Hay to M. Purvis (1823) to Cambrian-E, TaQueen—C. Bell (1830) to Hazard. tham to Spartan.

LIEUTENANTS-R. Bullen (1830) to Lieut. F.J. F. Henslow (1829) is apBelvidera-Ellicombe to Niagara-Jas. pointed to Travers' Naval College, Johnstone and W. Butler to Ardent Windsor, in the vacancy occasioned by W. Wilson (1841), T. McGregor (1827), the death of Lieut. W. Jones, a, (1799) and G. Johnson to North Star-H. Du. Governor. morsq (1838) to Caledonia-G. Ogle Masters-J. Doidge to Ardent-R. (1838) to Cambrian-P. Parkhurst (1841) Wilson (1828) to Viper-J. H. Ashton L. Browell (1828), and D. Buchan (1841) and J. G. Mugford to Devastation-W. to Vixen-F, Lowe (1837) and C. G. Dillon to Cruizer-J. F. Boxer (1838) to Rigge (1838) to Devastation-G. Smythe Volage-J, Tonkin (1832) act. to For(1834) and F. W. C. Hickey (1841) to midable-W. D. Mainprise (1841) to Volage-J. C. Johnston (1827), R. A. Aigle-F. Edington (1841) to Harlequin Oliver (1838), J. P. Thurburn (1841), -W. J. B. Hilliard (1841) to Serpentand E, J. B. Clarke (1841) to Thalia J. Dor (1840) to Syren-R. C. Allen to A. P. Ryder (1841) to Belvidera—Thos. Vixen-F. W. Paul (1840) to Hazard Edwards (1834) and P. Parkhurst (1841) J. C. Giles (1826) to Queen-C. Pope to Styx-H. G. Morris (1837) and E, R. (1829) to Vindictivé-J. Warner (a) to Power (1839) to Harlequin-J. C. Ro- Ferret.

MATER-R. W. Alcock to Excellent Madagascar-J. E. Riley to Isis-H. H. Trollope and Davis to Ardent-R. E. Dickson to Hastings-R. M. MoorHopkins and R. L. Reynolds to Warspile man to Spartan–J. Mackie, T.W. Pratt, -A. P. Arkwright to Pantaloon-F, L T. W. Haydon, and Malcom to V'indicSelwyn, H. D. Blanckley, and B. Rowles tive. to Devastation-W.J. Everett to Cale. ASSISTANT-SURGEONS—T. Wells to donia–T. B. Stewart to Avon-G. A. Ceylon, for service of Malta HospitalPharys to Driver-G. T. Graham (1841) Dr. A. Battwell to Viper-G, Butler to to Belvidera-H. Clarke to North Star Driver-J. Bolland to Volcano-Dr. W. -H. M. Kinsman (1833), F. J. Hornby Wood to Arden-J. Bowman to Tweed (1841) and W. P. S. Morton (1838) tó -W. White to Thalia-C. D. Steel to Vindictive-D. B. Dawes (1822) and L. Rhadamanthus-J. H. Paterson to DeR. Place (1836) to Styx-W. Horton vastation–J. Simpson, MD. to Dido-J. (1839), J. M, Boyd (1832), and J. C. Bower to Lynx-W. F. Carter to St. Snell (1834) to si. Vincent-H. Bayley Vincent-S, E. Sandys and R. Fulton, to Malabar.

mp. to Vindictive-W. Lawrence to PanSecond-Masters-E. Fox to Apollo taloon–M. Burton, MD. to Ferret.

W. Roberts to Dasher-G. Hodges to PORSERS-W. Stanway to Ardent-J. Warspite-J. Colman toVolcano-Stokes Millingham to Styx--J. H. Greaves to to Merlin-J. Gallon to Illustrious J. Spartan-J. Harshaw to Vixen-J. Grant Garner to Rhadamanthus--H. Dormer to Devastation-J. H. Cook to Volage to Carron-J. Scarlet and H. Jackson to K. Sutherland to Harlequin-J. Brick. St. Vincent.

wood to Syren-W. Freeman to AigleSURGEONS-H. Baker (1840) to Ardent Clatsworthy to Thalia-J. Bullman to -D. Geddes to Belvidera-A, Sander. Dido_W. A. Harries to Hazard-R. son (1837) to North Star-T. Kittle to A. Godson to Serpent-G. V, Oughton CleopatraA. Stewart (1816) to Power- to Queen, until he joins Sir E. Owen, ful-J. Naulty (1838) to Vixen-R. L. J. Cole to Vindictive-J. Nicholls to Birtwhistle (1836) to Volage–J. Elliott Hastings. to Devastation-W. Kent (1838) to Aigle CHAPLIN-Rev. J. Falls to St. Vincent --C. K. Nutt (1840) to Harlequin-J. NAVAL INSTRUCTOR-J. Mallard to St. Lambert (1838) to Serpent-W. Roy to Vincent. Syren-D. G. Miller, MD. (1838) to Styc C LERKS-H. Pinhorn (in charge) of -R. Douglas (1831) to Thalia—A. Do Heroine v, - Bateman, whose appointnoghoe (1825) to Dido-W.C. Watt, MD. ment was cancelled at his own request, (1819), and to be Deputy-Inspector of on account of ill-health-H. R. Cole to Hospitals to Queen-J. Drummond(1814) Skylark-E. Whitehead to North Starto St. Vincent- A, S, Allen (1828) tó F. Rutter to Warspite-J. C. Aldridge Vindictive-J. W. Bowler (1837) to to Forester-C. Hore to Driver-D. Clow Hazard-T. H. Keown (1841) to Snake. to be secretary's clerk in Sir E. Codring.

MASTERS-ASSISTANTS—W.C. Pyper to ton's office-Ġ. Munro to North StarIllutrious-R, W. Ward to Cambrian, C. Jenkins to Spartan, Barclay to VoG, Stabb to Belvidera.

lage-E. E. Vidal to be secretary to Sir MIDSHIPMEN-T. B. Crawford to Ex. E. Owen-R. A. Clarke and C. Lyne, cellent-P. W. Darnell, W. Perrier, and add. to St. Vincent-R, Curgenven to B. Beale to Spartan-A. Percy to War. Cambrian-H. S. Dyer to Excellent. spite-E. D’Ath to Dido-D’Aguilar to Vindictive-P. R. Couch to Caledonia.

Coast GUARD. · VOLUNTEERS 1st Class-R. Dawl-ins to Harlequin-G. D. Murray and E. H. LIEUTENANT-J. Clark to the Coast Hatchwell to North Star-J. Barnard to Guard at Romney.

The following, from the Naval and Military Gazelte, is a list of appointments to commands made by the late Admiralty during the month of August, 1841.

Flag Officers. Vice Admiral Sir Charles Adam (date of appointment, Aug. 17, 1841,) to be Com

mander in chief in the West Indies. Rear Admiral Sir Francis Mason (date of appointment, Aug. 23, 1841,) to be second

in command in the Mediterranean. Captains.

Ships. Dates of Appointment.

Inconstant. , 4th Aug,

. . . Magicienne . . 4th


Ships. Dates of Appointment.
Erskine (Flag Captain) ... Illustrious

6th Aug.

San Josef . , 6th
Ellice :


.. 6th Smith .


. 9th Hon. G. F. Hastings . . Harlequin

· 10th Lord John Hay.


. 17th
Foote .

Madagascar . . 18th


. 18th Sir John Marshall


. 18th
Boxer (Commodore)

Magnificent. . 18th


19th Chads


20th Tucker

Iris .

20th Hon. C. G. J. B. Elliot Spartan

. 21st Lord C. Paget


. 230 Sir E, T. Troubridge


23d E. N. Troubridge


. 230 Shirreff


. 24th Smart (Flag Captain).


. 25th Hon, George Grey


. 28th Ommanney


28th Sir J. E. Home

North Star

30th Harmer


. 30th Hon. H. Keppeli


30th Sir W. Dickson

Boyes .

Vixen (steam vessel) 30th
Scale .

Serpent . . 30th
Total, Two Flag Officers and Twenty-nine Captains and Commanders.
The following is a list of appointments made by the late Admiralty between May
I and July 31, 1841:-
Rear Admiral Sir William Parker (date of appointment, May 12, 1841,) to be Come

mander in chief in the East Indies. Rear Admiral Thomas (May 5, 1841,) to be Commander in chief in the Pacific. Captains,

Ships. Dates of Appoinlment.
Hon. Byron C. F. P. Cary .


. 5th May
J. Tucker

Byron .


· 10th June Larcom


· 10th Louis .


. 11th Gostling


• 25th Glasse .


. 28th Barnett


, 18th July

Pring .

Thunderer . . 28th


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Total, Two Flag Officers and Ten Captains and Commanders; and also in Sept.:Henderson . . . Victory

. . 20 Sept.

MOVEMENTS AND Stations of Her MAJESTY's Navy.

19th Sep. arr, at Plymouth, 41 days from

Sierra Leone, 22nd moved into harbour. COLUMBIA, (st, v) 11th Oct. arr. at FORESTER, 3, Lieut.-Com. G. L. NorPortsmouth from West Indies, 13th sailed cock, 17th Sep. arr. at Plymouth, 20th for Woolwich.

moved into harbour. ELECTRA, 18, Com. Gostling, Sept. HAZARD, 18, Com. Hon. C: G. J. left Portsmouth for

Elliott, 19th Sep. arr. at Portsmouth. FERRET, 10, Lieut. W. S. Thomas, IMPREGNABLE, 110, Capt. T. Forrest,

8th Oct, sailed for Malta with flag of HASTINGS, 72, Capt. J. Lawrence, C., Rear-Admi. Sir F. Mason.

22d Sept, arr. at Malta RINGDOVE, 16, Com. Hon. K. Stewart, Hecate, (st, v.) Com. H. Ward, 2146 20th Sep. arr. at Portsmouth from West Sept. left Malta for Syria Indies, Ith Oct. paid off.

Howe, 120, Capt. R. Smart, 25th Sept Styx, Capt. A. T. E. Vidal, 17th Oct, left Maita for Syracuse. arrived at Portsmouth from Woolwich. InPLACABLE, 74, Capt. E. Harrey, Sailed with Sir C. Bagot, Governor. 17th Sept. at Tunis. General of Canada.

INCONSTANT, 36, Capt. F. T. Michell, PORTSMOUTH-In Harbour-St. Vin- 31st Aug. left Constantinople for Begrout, cent, Victory, Queen, Illustrious, Ex- 9th Sept. at Beyrout. cellent, Royal George, yacht, Warspite, Indus, 84, Capt. Sir J. Stirling, 7th Madagascar, Vindictive, Belvidera, North Sept. arr. at Malta. 25th sailed for SyraStar, Driver, Hazard, Rapid, Pantaloon, cuse. Viper, Alban, Apollo.

Locust, (st, v.) Lieut.-Com. J. Lunn, PLYMOUTH-in Harbour-Caledonia, 14th Sept. left Malta for the Levant. San Josef, Malabar, Belleisle, Cambrian, MaGICIENNB, 24, Capt. R. L. Warren, Spartan, Ferret, Nightingale.-In the 22d Sept. at Therapia. Sound-Tortoise convict-ship.

MEDEA, (st. v.) Com. F. Werden, 27th DEPTFORD, Oct, 14th-Sailed the Beau. Aug. at Alexandria, 9th Sept. left Coomont, with emigrants; the Reward with stantinople. stores for Jamaica; the Maitland troop- PARTRIDGE, 10, Lient. Com. W. Mor. ship, Lieut. Hemswhoth, agent for Syd. ris, (a) 15th Aug. left Bahia for Rio. ney. Remain, the Royal Emperor, Phoenix, (st, v.) Com. J. Richardson, Richard Webb, and Somersetshire, for (6) 9th Sept, at Beyrout. Sydney. The Boyne transport is dis POWERFUL, 84, Capt. G. Mansell, cluarged.

18th Sept, arr. at Malta.

REVENGE, 76, Capt. Hon. W. WaldeABROAD.

grave, 17th Sept. at Tunis.

RODNEY, 92, Capt. R. Maunsell, 14th ACTA BON, 26, Capt. R, Russell, 16th Sept, off Alexandria. May left Lima for Valparaiso.

Rolla, 10, Lieut.-Com. C. Hall, 22:1 ANDROMACHE, 26, Capt. R. L. Baynes, July artat the Gambia from Sierra CB., 7th July left the Cape for Mauri- Leone, 27th sailed for Sierra Leone. tius.

Rose, 16, Com. P. Christie, 29th Ang. BENBOW, 72, Capt. H. Stewart, Sept. left Pernambuco for Demerara, at Suda.

SAPPHO, 16, Com. T. Fraser, 12th Sep BRITANNIA, 120, Capt. J. Drake, 220 at Antigua. Sept. left Malta for England.

SavaGB, 10, Lieut. J.H. Bowker, 201h CALCUTTA, 84, Capt, Sir S, Roberts, Sept. arrived at Malta from Gibraltar, CB., 7th Sept, at Beyrout.

27th sailed for Tripoli. CARYSFORT, 26, Capt. H. B. Martin, Scout, Com. J. Larcom, 19th Sept. 10th Sept, arr. at Malta.

arrived at Gibraltar, 21st sailed for CHARYBDIS, 3, Lieut. De Courcy, 12th Malta. Aug. at Jamaica from Carthagena.

SOUTHAMPTON, 50, Capt. Clio, 16, Com. T. G. Freemantle, 9th 26th Aug. at Rio to sail for the River Aug at Rio.

Plate. Curlew, 10, Lieut.-Com. T. C. Ross, SPIDER, 6, Lieut.Com. J. O'Reilly, (a) 2nd July arr. at Cape from Mozambique. 9th Aug. at Rio.

Cyclops, (st. v.) Capt. H. T. Austin, STROMBOLI, Com, W. Louis, 2nd 28th Sept. left Malta for Constantino- Sept. arrived at Malta. ple.

TALBOT, 26, Capt. R. F. Stopford, Daphne, 18, Com. J. W. Dalling, 11th Sept, arrived at Smyrna from Malta 29th Aug. left Smyrna, 14th Sept. arr. 12th sailed for Bosphorus. at Smyrna.

TERMAGANT, 10, Lieut. Com. H. F. DUBLIN, 50, Capt. J. J. Tucker, 8th Seagram, 28th July arrived at the GamSept, arr, at Madeira. 9th sailed for Rio. bia, 29th sailed. Fair RoSAMOND, 2, Lieut.-Com. A.

Ívne, 26, Capt. J. Townshend, 22nd G. Bulman, 12th Sept, at Antigua. Sept. arrived at Malta. GANGES, 84, Capt. B. Reynolds, 17th

Sept. ar

VANGUARD, 80, Capt. Sir David Duna

7th Sept, arrived at Jalta from India, LAN, 16, Com, W. Smyth, 9th 25th sailed for Smyrna.

VERNON, 50, Capt. W. Walpole, 4th

Sept. at Tunis.

GRECIA Aug. at Rio

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