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c! arts afford will be at no loss to hunt these persecutors of the poor negro to their rery homes. In every point of view, not only of a scientific, but of a useful pl ilunthropic kind, we look on these charts as the most important that have appeared for a long time. We shall now proceed to enumerate thein. WESTERN COAST OF AFRICA ;

Sheet 9.-Sherboro' Island to Cape Mesurada.
Skeet 10.-Cape Mesurada to Cape Palmas.
Sheet 11.-Cape Palmas to Grand Lahou.
Sheet 12.-Grand Lahou to Cape Three Points.
Sheet 13.-Cape Three Points to Banacoe.
Sheet 14.-Banacoe to C. St. Paul
Shret 17.-Cape Formoso to Fernando Po.

Sheet 18.-Fernando Po to Cape Lopez. The description which Capt. Vidal has already given of the abore charts, is more complete than anything that we can add.

PRESENTATIONS. We understand that the officers employed under Commander Sheringham, Rs., in the survey of a part of the coast of England, have presented their esteemed leader with a handsome sword, on his recently attaining his Commander's rank. It is gratifying to record such marks of friendship, as highly honourable to all parties, and as a pleasing testimony of an officer's method of earrying on a service of great importance to the country, being alike agreeable to all employed in it.

A telescope has been presented by her Majesty's Government to Capt. Delor, of the French brig Arzac, of Rochelle, for rescuing three British seamen from the wreck of the Belvidera, of Yarmouth; and another to the chief mate of the New York ship Garrick, for re-cuing the master and eight men of the brig Eugenia, of si. John, New Brunswick.

Sueves.-We understand that Capt. Blackwood has just commissioned the Fly, 16, at Plymouth, for the purpose of surveying the north-eastern seas of Australia.

METŁORIC APPEARANCE.—The following singular phenomenon appeared on the morning of the birth of the Prince of Wales.

“ Early in the morning, of that auspicious day which gave birth to an heir to the crown of these realms, while it was yet “pitchy" dark, the heavens suddenly became illuminated, and increased in brilliancy until the hills around were seen as clearly as at noon day; and the men working in the dock at Belfast, were dazzled and astonished at the light.

“This extraordinary phenomenon lasted about a minute, when the light gradually disappeared, and all was dark as before. There was no flash or corruscation accompanying this singular appearance- the light gradually increased to its greatest intensity, and then as gradually diminished, nor was there any noise." "The foregoing is from a naval officer, who witnessed what he has described. Our readers will remember, that about the period mentioned, (the 9th of November,) the earth is in that part of her orbit, when these appearances from previous observation are expected.

THE OLDEST NAVY List. -The following is the title of the oldest list of officers of the Royal Navy, preserved in the Admiralty. "Admiralty Office, July 1st, 1700. A list of the Names of such Lieutenants who served in his Majesty's fleet, during the late war. One hundred whereof will from time to time be entitled to Half- Pay, during their being out of employment a-shoar, according to their Seniorities, and his Majesty's establishment in that behalf. Dated the 18th of April, 1700."

In this curious ancient record the list is first given, then the dates of thei commissions, followed by a column entitled “Which of them are now en ploy'd and how," wherein it appears that the lieutenants in those days were 1.0 less employed in the Merchant Service than now. Numerous entries of this kind appear. “Had leave to go Master of a Merchant Ship."-"Was said to be gone Commander of a Merchant Ship to Newfoundland, in July 99, wher enquired after to be employed."- Another entry says, “Said to be gone to S( : in the Merchant Service when a commission was designed him in August, 99. Lieutenants were then, it would also appear, employed as Midshipmen. Hie find several as so stated, --James Wilson, a lieutenant of 1694, appears in ling list of 1700, as “Midshipman extra in the Arundel." Walter Pigot, of 169: is also “ Midshipman extra in the Romuey," a mode of serving which wou? not be very gratifying to the lieutenants of the present day.

NAUTICAL Notice.-York Ledge.—A cast-iron beacon has been placed or this dangerous ledge, after much labour and difficulty, which will resist allt, fury of the elements, and be of much service to eastern coasters. This ledyo is almost always covered with water, and to such a depth that it is indicated by breakers only at low water or in severe storms. We learn from the Ports mouth Journal that the workmen have only been able to land and work on the rocks in good weather and low tides, and then were not able to work more thal from ten to eighteen minutes, before the tide would drive them off. Durin this time, even, they were often obliged to work up to their middle in water with the sea breaking over them. This beacon is composed of six cast-iron hollow pillars, each 22 feet long, 12 inches diameter at the lower end, on which is cast a flance; they are 10 inches in diameter at the top, and are cast in two parts, which are connected by faucet joints. These pillars or columns are dis posed at the base in a hexagonal form, and inclined in wardly so as to meet ariel rest against each other at the top, thus forming a hexagonal pyramid. Within the base thus formed by the feet of the columns, and secured to the rock, is ar: entire centre plate, with sockets, from which radiate six diagonal braces, which are secured in the sockets of the centre plate by hook joints and spear bolts The tops of the main pillars where they meet, rest against an iron centre block which gives additional solidity and strength to this part of the structure; over the apex thus formed by the meeting of the columns and centre block, enclosing the whole, is an iron tubular cap which rises eight feet above the tops vi the pillars, and rests on an iron ring previously placed around them. The upper end of this cylindrical cap is surmounted with an iron ball three and a half feet in diameter, cast in ribs which are enclosed in an iron ring, with thu inscription " York Ledge, 1840." The whole structure is well keyed and wedged together. The whole of the exterior is painted black, except the ribs of the ball, which are alternately coloured red and black.

The following are the bearings of various objects from the beacon, viz.-Boon Island light E. . N., about seven miles; Whales Back light, W.b.S. } six miles; White Island (shs) light, S.b.W. 1 W. two miles; York Nubile. N.b.E. three miles ; York Harbour N.W.b.N. I N. Ihree miles; Weston Sister W.S.W. five miles; east point of Duck Island (Isle of Shoals.) S. W. seven miles.

N.B. --South-west, about two miles from the beacon, lies a shoal, called “the Triangles," which breaks in a heavy ground swell, and has not more than four fathoms at spring rides.

P.S.-Vessels falling in with York Ledge in foggy weather, may, by sending their boats, read “ York Ledge, 1840," as described, and shape their course accordingly:.-Salem (U.S.) Register.-From Shipping Gazette.


(From the Naval and Military Gazette.) Adiniralty, Oct. 261h, 1841.-With reference to the Gazette Extraordinary of the 8th inst., and to the Gazette of the 15th inst., the following additional naval pro. motion of officers, who served with the army in taking the heights at Canton, trom the 23d to the 30th of May, has taken place:-

Lieutenants to be Commande:s.
C, C, Dawkins and W. C. Metcalfe.

Mates to be Lieutenants.
Lord A. W. Beauclerk, G. Walker, W. R. Rolland, A. C. C. Denny, and W. H.


Mates—M. T. Moleskorthy (1940),

C. B. Strong (1839), J. C. Snell (1834), CAPTAIN-C. G. E. Napier, (1838) and E. F. Clarke (1835) to Queen-A.

COMMANDERS-C. J, Jay, of the Ad- Doyle to Hazard-H. D. Blanckley miralty Semaphore, and to continue his (1829) B. G Rowles, and A. C. Kerr to former duty.

Heroine-Lord C. W. Butler (1840) to LIEUTENANTS–J. M, N. Boyd, R. T. Aigle-T. Gaussen (1838) and J. W. Bedford, W. R Smith, A. C. Murray. Dorville (1839) to Isis-C. J. HoffmeisMASTER-J, F. Rees.

ter (1834) to Culedonia–J. W. Probert SURGEON-W. F. Carter.

(1835) to Spartan-R. L. Curtis, Hon.

F. A. Foley, and - Lethbridge tu Cann. APPOINTMENTS.

brian-E, A Blake to Excellent-J E. CAPTAINS-T. Ogle (1838) to South Bridges to Madagascar-R. W. Conrtampton-J. Kingcombe (1838) to Bel. ennay (1839) to Malabar-C, Bromley leisle.

(1841) to Belvidere-W. G. Dean (1836) COMMANDERS_G. K. Wilson (1840) to St. Vincent-A. M'Nagbten (1837) Cambridge-J. Scott (1815) to Alfred and - Isaacson to Formidable-W. H. B. M. Festing, kh. (1825) to Apollo- Stewart (1841) and J. Boyce to IllusJ. B. Woodthorpe (1838) to Alfred. trious,

LIEUTENANTS-C. H. Lapidge (1824) Second-MASTERS-J. Hughes to Panto Ferret-J. Saunderson (1815) to Ma- taloon-H. Norway to Malabar-J. M. labar-G. Kenyon (1837) to Madagascar O'Brian to Apollo-J. McClorne to Tha-H. Wellington (1834) to be flag-lieu- lia-J. Mathews to Queen--J. W. R. tenant to Sir E. Owen-E. S. Southeby Jenkins to Sprightly packet. (1835), J. H. Bridges (1838), W. H. SURGEONS—Ğ. Å. Munro (1838) to Molyneaux (1820), T. Ellis to AlfredPique-Dr. King, Deputy-Inspector to J. Wildey (1817) to Semaphore station, Winchester-T. W. M‘Donald (1830) to Portsclown hill, v. J. Long (1806) to Belleisle. Rendezvous, Douglas, Isle of Man-D. MASTERS-ASSISTANTS-J. Pollard to Elliot (1839), and H. Bernard (1841), to Belvidera–J. R. Godden to HazardSyren-G. Wodehouse (1838) to Mada- C. C. Mitchell to Vindictive. gascar-Hon, C. St. Clair to Cambridge MIDSHIPMEN-C. G. Rowley to Dido –J. B, Duffield (1824) to North Star Hon. F. Walpole to Vernom-H. F. J. Moore (1841) supernumerary, M. S. McKellop to Vindictive- J. Corbet to Kirkes (1840) additional, R. A. Oliver St. Vincent-H. G. Simpson to Fornid (1838), and G. G. Wellesley (1838) to able-W. H. Phipps to MadagascarQueen-J. Nepean (1836) to the Penin- C, Vesey to Belvidera. sular Mail Agency-G. L. Volley (1820) VOLUNTEERS 1st Class-G. M. Parvis to Astrea-G. Snell to Hope-ciw. G. to Howe-W. Lowry to Queen-C. Grillin (1814) to Tyrian--T, Creser to Moore to Implacable-A. M. Cochrane Star packet-R. T. Bedford (1841) to to Thalia-J. Rowley to Dido-F. Peel Vanguard-G. S, Parsons (1802) to be to Queen--G. A. Pidcock to Illustrious Admiralty Agent of one of the Halifax - J. Leader to Madagascar-J. Noble packets--J. M. N. Boyd (act) to Panta- to Talbot-J. Dutchinson to Cyclopsloon.

C. J, Stockdale to Belvidere-R. B. At. Masters-G. Grant to Vincdictive-P. kinson to North Star. Loney (1841) and T. Hancorn (1841) to PURSERYT. D. Gulliver (1831) to Syren-G. J. Hodges, supernumerary) to Apollo--W. L. Freeman (1833) to Alfred si Vincent-G. Wright (1838) acting to R. M. Jeffrey (1138) to Aigle-A. l'edBelleisle,

prase (1812) to Belléisle.

CLERKS-C. H. Elkins, G. S, Singer Coast GUARD.- Lieutenants--J. Da. to be secretary's clerk, and E. A. Smith vis to chief officer-C. Moss, to command act. additional to Queen-R. Malone ad. Wickham-C. G. Clarke to command ditional to Ilustrious-CH. Goddin to Nimble. Hazard-J. Pascoe to Belleisle.



sailed for Plymouth on way to Mediter

ranean. ALBAN, (st. v.) Mr. J. King, Nov. 9, Ships In Porr. - At Woolwich.-Dearr. at Cork.

vastation, Lightning, Firebrand, Comet, APOLLO, (tr. s.) Paid off, and recom- Charon, Fearless, Heroine, Rhadamanmissioned by Com. Festing

thus, Vixen, Ardent, (st, v.) Com. J. Russell, 2d AT PORTSMOUTH --St. Vincent, flag, Oct. sd. for Brazil'from Portsmouth. Queen, tiag, Victory, flag, Britannia,

Avon, (st. y.) Lieut. com. R. Pritchard, Illustrious. Excellent, Royal George 9th Nov, arr. at l'ortsmouth from Sheer- yacht, Warspite, Vindictive, Madagascar, ness.

Belvidera, North Star, Hazard, Apollo, BRITANNIA, 120, Capt. J. Drake, 2d Styx, Driver, Orestes, Rapid, Viper, Oct. arr. at Portsmouth, 18th paid off. Lynx.

CAMBRIAN, 36, Capt. H. D. Chads, AT PLYMOUTH.-In Harbour.-San 8th Nov. left Plymouth with Lord Ellen. Josef, Caledonia, Malabar, Spartan, Adborough, Governor-general of India. venture, (N. T.), Belleisle, Ferret.-In

CARYSPORT, 26, Capt, H. B. Martin, the Sound-Syren. 24th Oct, arr. at Portsmouth, 1st Nov. AT CHATHAM -Aigle, Serpent, Vopaid off.

lage, Thalia, Diligence, Spider, Monkey, CROCODILE, Capt, Milne, l!th Nov. AT SHEERNESS.-Ocean, Formidable, arr. at Portsmouth from the West Indies. Camperdown, Snake, Alfred, Speedy,

HARLEQUIN, 16, Com. Hon. G. Hast. Dido. ings, 4th Nov. arr. at Portsmouth from Woolwich, 6th sd. for Plymouth,

Lynx, 3, Lieut. T. Broadhead, 5th
Nov. left Portsmouth for Lisbon.

ACORN, Com. J. Adams, 5th Sept. left MADAGASCAR, Capt. J. Foote, Nov, 6, St. Helena for coast of Africa. left Portsmouth for Plymouth.

ACTEON, Capt. Russell, 5th July arr, NIGHTINGALE, Mr. G. Hicks, Nov. 9, at Lima from Islay. at Cork.

ANDROMACHE, 26, Capt. R.L, Baynes, OR ESTES, 18, Com. P. S. Hambly, 5th 7th Sept, at the Cape. Nov. arr. at Portsmouth from South ATHOL, Mas.com. C. P. Bellamy, 23d America, 12th paid off.

Sept. arr. at Jamaica PIQUE, 36, Capt. Yates, 10th Nov. CALCUTTA, 84, Capt. Sir J. Roberts, arr. at Spithead.

CB., 4th Oct. arr. at Malta. Sapphire, (tr. s.) Mas-com, G. H, CAMELEON, Lieut. com. G. M. HunCole, 2d Nov. arr. at Portsmouth from ter, 7th Sept. at the Cape, Quebec.

CHARYBDIS, 3, Lieut. De Courcy, 10th Scorpion, 10, Lieut. com. C. Gayton, Oct. at Halifax. 12th Nov. arr. at Portsmouth.

CLEOPATRA, 26, Capt. Wyvill, Oct. 18, SERINGAPATAM, 42, Capt. Johnson, at Halifax. 5th Nov. arr. at Spithead from Halifax, Comus, 18, Com. E, Nerean, Sept. 18, 9th sd. for Sheerness to be paid off, 12th left Port Royal for Quebec. arrived.

CORNWALI.is, 72, Capt. P. Richards, Syren, 16, Com, W. Smith, 3d Nov. 7th Sept. at the Cape. arr, at Plymouth from Woolwich.

Cyclops, (st. v.) Capt. H. T. Austen, SPIDER, 6, Lieut. com. J. O'Reilly, 22d Oct. arr. at Malta. 1st Nov. arr. at Portsmouth, and sd. for DolPHIN, 3, Lieut. E. Littlehales, 8th Chatham.

Aug, arr. at Accra, 10th sailed. Styx, (st. v.) Capt. Vidal, 1st Nov. ESPOIR, 10, Lieut. com. J.T. Paulson, returned to Portsmouth with engine 17th Oct. arr. at Gibraltar, from Lisbon, damaged.

20th sailed, VOLCANO, (st. v.) Lieut. com. Smith, FAVORITE, 18, Com. W. Croker, 4th 22d Oct. arr. at Portsmouth, same day June left Sydney for Hobart town,

GANG BE, 84, Capt. Reynolds, CB., 24th Harris, 18th Sept. left Jamaica for BarOct., at Malta from Tunis.

bados. GORGON, (st. v.) Capt. W. H. Hen- RACER, 16, Com. G. Byng, 24th Sept. derson, 16th Dec. arr, at Alexandria. at St. Johu, N.B., 18th Oct. at Ilalifax.

Howe, 120, Com. Şır W.O. Pell, 3d REVENGE, 76, Capt. Hon. W. WaldeOct, arr. at Malta.

grave, 24th Oct. arr. at Malta from ToIris, 28, Capt. H. Nurse, 31st July nis. arr, at Accra, 5th Aug. sailed.

Rodney, 92, Capt. R. Maunsell, 4th Locust, (st. v.) Lieut. com. J. Lunn, Oct. arr, at Malta. 220 Oct. arr. at Malta.

SAPPHO, 16, Com. T. Frazer, 11th Medea, (st. v.) Com. F. Warden, 24th at Antigua. Oct. arr, at Maita from Alexandria. SAVAGB, 10, Lieut. J. H. Bowker,

PELORUS, 16, Com. F. Harding, said 25th Oct arr. at Malta. to have arrived at Sirgapore April 23d. SCORPION, 10, Lieut. com. C. Gayton,

Pelican, Com. C. G. Napier, Sept. Ilth Oct. arr. at Jamaica, 21st ed. for Ist, left the Cape fot Chiua.

England. PIQUE, 36, "Capt. Yates, 1st Oct. VANGUARD, 80, Capt. Sir D, Dunn, arr. at tialifax

24th Oct., arr. at Malta from Tunis. PRESIDENT, 50, Capt.

VICTOR, Com, W. Dawson, (a), Oct. 4th July arr. at Lima from Islay.

loth at Halifax from Jamaica. RACEHORSE, 18, Com. Hon. E. A.



Sir H. Popham, to Susan, eldest daughter

of P. Murray, Esq., Arthurstone, PerthOn the 27th of Oct., at Hordle-bouse, shire. near Lymington, Hants, the lady of J. At Southampton, T. Stevens, Esq-, R. Carnac, Esq., of a daughter.

eldest son of the late G. H1 Stephens, Sept. 26th, at Weymouth, the lady of Esq., Rear-adml, of the Red, to Mary Capt. Dolson, RN., Inspecting-Com. of Harriet, only daughter of G. Adams, Es Coast Guard, of a son.

member of the Medical Board, Madras.

On the 9th of Sept., in the Cathedral Warriages,

Calcutta, Henry, youngest son of the

Rev. G. A. How, vicar of Boshan , Sussex, On the 15th, at Marylebone Chorch, to Helen Louisa, daughter of the late R. Vice-adm). Lord Colville, to the Hon. B. Lloyd, Esq., Commissioner of the Anne Law, third daughter of the late and Court of Requests. sister of the present Lord Ellenborough,

On the 2 ist of Oct., at St. Pancras, London, B. Thompson, Esq, to Eliza,

Deaths. widow of the late Mr. Midulemist, RN., and daughter of the late – Hannan, At his residence, 15, Grosvenor-place, Esq., Rn., and formerly Com, of Lord London, Rear-adml. J. W. Holland, in Yarborough's yacht Falcon.

the 76th year of his age. At Folkestone, Capt. W. Calder, late At Brighton, sged 54, Capt. the Hon. of the 8th Regiment, to Sophia, daughter Sir J. M. A. Maude, CB., KCH., RN, of Lieut. G. Kennicott, RN.

brother of Viscount Hawarden. On the 30th of Oct., at Abbott's Lang. At Hampton Court Palace, Charlotte, ley, Herts, the Rev. R. Gee, to Marianne, the Dowager Lady B. Pechell, widow of second daughter of the late Capt. R. M. Major-Gen. Sir T. B. Pechell. Jackson, RN.

On the 31st of Oct., at Glasgow, At Charles Church, Plymouth, Mr. P. Fanny, the beloved wife of Major Power, G. Nettleton, R., to Maria, youngest 10th Regiment of Foot, and daughter of daughter of the late Capt. W. H, Ben- Rear-adul. Ross, ce. nett, H. E. I. C.S.

On the 23rd of Oct., G. Falconar, Esq.. At St. George's Church, Hanover-sqr., 64, Newman-street, London, aged 75. Lord Walpole, eliest son of the Earl of On the 13th of Nov., at Plymouth, Orford, to Miss Harriet B. F. Pellew, only Com. J. Keeran, aged 77, on the outchild of Capt. the Hon. Şir. F. B. R. pension Greenwich Hospital, Pellew, (B. and K.C.H., and Lady Pellew. At Einburgh, Mrs. Brabazon, widow

At i lorence, on the 26th Oct., Capt. of Capt. L. Brabazon, RN. B. Burham, Kn., son of the late Adml. In St. George's Square, retired Com.

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