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Harris, 18tb Sept. left Jamaica for Barbados.

Racer, 1G. Com. G. Bvrg,24th Sept at St. John, N.B., 18th Oct. at Halifax.

Revenge, 7G, Capt. Jioo. W. Waldegrave, 24th Oct. arr. at Malta from Tunis.

Robsey, 92, Capt. R. Mannsell, 4th Oct. arr. at Malta.

Sappho, 16, Com. T. Fraxer, 11 tb at Antigua.

Savage, 10, Lieut. J. H. Bowltrr, 25tu Oct arr. at Malta.

Scorpion, 10, Lieut, com. C. Gayton, 11th Oct. arr. at Jamaica, 21st ed. for England.

Vaxgcarti, SO, Capt. Sir D. Dunn, 24th Oct., air. at Malta from Tuais.

Victor, Com. \V. Dawson, (a), Oct. 10th at Halifax fjom Jamaica.

Births, Marriages, And Deaths.

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Sir H. Popham, to Susan, eldest daughter of P. Murray, l^q., Arthurs! one, Ferthatare.

At Southampton, T. Stevens, E-q , eldest son of the late G. H Stephens, Esq., Rear-adml. of the Red, to Mary Harriet,onlydaughterof G. Adams, Ksq.» member of the Medical Board, Madras.

On the 9th ol Sept., in the Cathedral Calcutta, Henry, voungest son of the Rev. G. A. H'-iw, vicar oi Boslian , Sussex, to lick n Louisa, daughter of the late R, R. Lloyd, Esq., CommissKmer ul the Court of Requests.

At his residence, 15, Grosvenor-place, London, Rear-adml. J. VV. Holland, in the 7Gth year of his ape.

At Brighton, Bged £4, Capt. the Hon. Sir J. M. A. Maude, Cb., Kch., Rk., brother of Viscount Ha warden.

At Hampton Court Palace, Charlotte, the Dowager Lady B. Pechell, widow of Major-Gen. Sir T. V. Pechell.

On the 31st of Oct., at Glasgow, Fanny, the Veloved wife of Major Povm r, 10th Regiment of Foot, and daughter of Rear-adn.l. Ross, Cb.

On the 23rd of Oct.,G. Falronar, E-q., 64, Newman-street, London, aped 75.

On the 13th of Nov., at Plymouth, Com. J. Keti.an, aped 77, on the outpension Grtenwiih Hospital.

At Edinburgh, Mrs. LiraLazon, w'tcoar of Capt. L. Eral-azoti, Rk.

In St. George's Square, retired Com.

€>. Button, aged 74 years,—made Lieut. in 1809.

At Devonport, Anne, wife of Capt. Clinch, Hn.

On the 30th of Sept., at Lyme Regis, Dorset, Mrs. A. Oliver,, aged 72 years, fhe wife of Mr. J. Oliver, master, Rn.

Oct. the 20th, at Poole, ot a decline, N. T, Parrott, aged 20, eldest son of G. L. Parrott, Esq., master, Rn.

Oct. the 25th, at the Royal Naval School, Camberwell, in the 3th year of his age, deeply lamented, J. Burn, the beloved and eldest son of Lieut. F. W. Ellis, Rn., of Southwold, Suffolk.

Oct. 23d, G. Rowe, Esq , surgeon of Melville hospital, Chatham.

Onboard H.M.S. Pelorus, of apoplexy, Mr. VV. Crawford, (I)), mate of that ship

At Plymouth, Louisa Luxmore, daughter of Lieut. Jeans, of the Royal Naval hospital, aged 21.

At Kensington,. Mrs. Elcock, relict ef Lieut. Elcock, R.n., aged 70.

Drowned on the 15th Oct. while on his passage from London to Cork, on board the Sir Edward Paget, Indianian, Mr. E. Hutchings, aged 19 years, second son of J. B. Hntchmgs, Esq., purser of the Actaeon, South. America.

At Leamington, Capt. T. Garth, R.N. senior captain of 1808.

At Shaldon, Devon, Capt, G. Hesscy, R.N. He had seen much service, and was in the battle of the Nik;, where he had one of his legs shattered, which was three times amputated.

Oct. 28th, at Sheerness, Lieut. Whitfield, R.n., of H.M.S. Ocean, drowned by the upsetting of his boat in a squall.

Nov. 7th, at Plymouth, Matilda, the tedy of W. Eales, Esq., purser of H.M.S. Ben bow.

Admiralty OunEns.

Admiralty, Oct. 25th, 1M1.

The Lords Commissioner* of the Admiralty have taken into consideration that part of therir Memorandum dated the 24th May, 1838, relating to seamen gunners which directs, that when vacancies occur in those ratings they may bo filled up by any of the crew who may be able to pass, and obtain either a second or third class certificate from a gunnery officer nnder the inspection of any captain the admiral may appoint, and arc pleased to direct fiat hereafter, when there are vncancies for seamen gunners in any of her Majesty's ships, the captains of such ships may rale any men in such vacancies who may obtain second or third class certificates from the gunnery officer of his own, or, if there be not any gunnery olliecr, of any other ship, who may bo appointed by himself to examine them—such men being subject to re-examina

Nov. 8th, at Brockhurst, Jessie Maria, aged ti years, the daughter of Lieut. D. Welch. R.n.

Nov. 8, at Devonport, Mrs. Coller,widow of Lieut. Coller, R.n., aged 83.

Nov. 5th, at Dublin, in his o'Jth year, C. H. Townley, Esq., commanding her Majesty's packet Merlin, belonging to* the Liverpool and Irish station; on which service be bail commanded Government packets under the post-oilice and admiralty, for more them seventeen years. Mr. Townley's perfect know ledge of navigating through the intricate diiiiculties of the River Mersey; his firm and manly conduct in all cases of emergency, more particularly when in command of the Avon, returning from Kingstown, iu the hurricane of January, 1838, when he received a serious and violent hurt; added to his well known courteous and gentlemanly bearing, hadseeured for him the character of a most efficient, zealous, trustworthy, and gallant officer, whose professional services must ever be considered a public loss. In private life, he was esteemed and highly respected; and in the bosom of his affectionate and sorrowing widow, and beloved children, his memory will be long and faithfully cherished.

Sept. 5th, in Table Bay, aged 23, J. R. Merewether, third son of Mr. S. Merewether. As first officer of the ship Bucephalus, this humane and intrepid young man had, during the night, madethree trips to a wrecked emigrant i^hip, the Prince Rupert, in the course of which he had succeeded in saving the lives of thirty persons; returning a fourth time to complete his benevolent purpose, tho boat was swamped.

tion on rejoining the Excellent, and to rejection if not then found qualified.

By command of their Lordships,


Admiralty, Oct. 19th, 1841. Great inconvenience having been experienced from the imperfect and irregular manner in which the several Pay Documents and Muster Books are made out, and transmitted from her Majesty's ships and vessels, it is the desire of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that officers in command of ships will make themselves sufficiently acquainted with the regulations respecting the same, to see that the several documents are made out in a clear and prefer manner by their Clerks before they are signed and transmitted.

By command of their Lordships,


Cleopatra Rock, NewfoumUaHd.—ller Mnjostys'* ship Cleopatra whilst running between Fogo island and Fuuk island 0:1 the ca-t coast of Newfoundland, passed within two cables' length of a shoal not laid down in the charts. It appeared rocky, of small extent, and very little below the surface of the water. When passing it White island bore VV.S.W. by compass, distant twelve miles. This shoal was known to the iishenneu at Toulinguet, but its position not accurately.


Kept at Croom's Hill, Greenwich, by Mr. W. Rogerson, of the Royal Observatory.

From the 21sl of October to the 20lh of November, 1841.


November 19th.—Flashes of lightning were seen, and frequent claps of thunder were heard, about 5h. A.M.


Mr. Ommisg's letter ill our next. Alto, the useful remaiks of Mr. Wells of the Mastiff.

Our valuable friends, A West Country Coaster, and Stormy Jacr, ra onr next

The rommmiic-atinns of Mb. Brooks shall have our best consideration, but they came too late to secure a place in our present number.

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Naval Promotions.

The following Naval Promotion has taken place in pursuance of Her Majesty's pleasure on the occasion of the late happy event which has bestowed on these realms a Prince of Wales. The commissions bear the date of November 23rd, 1841.

Admirals of the White, to be Admirals of the Red,

Sir Charles Hamilton, bart. Kcb. William Taylor, esq.

Hon. Henry Curzon Sir Thomas Byam Martin, Gcb.

Sir Robert Harlow, Kcb. Sir John Lawford, Kch.

Sir Philip Charles C. H. Durham, Ocb. Right Hon. Sir G, Cockburn, Gcb.
Right Hon. Lord A. Beauclerk, Ocb., &

Admirals of the Blue, to be Admirals of the While,

James Carpenter, esq. Sir Edward Codrington, Gcb., Gc, St. Sir Graham Moore, Gcb,, Gc, ST. M. & a. M. & a.

Philip Stephens, esq. Sir George Parker, Kcb.

William Shield, esq. Frederick Watkins, esq.

Sir William Hotham, OCB. John Erskine Douglas, esq.

Sir J. Rowley, bart. Gcb., Gc St. M. & a. Sir John Poo Beresford, bart., Kcb Och.

Vice Admirals, of the lied, to be Admirals of the While, Thomas Le Marchant Gosselin, esq. Sir Robert Waller Otway, bart. Kcb.

Sir Charles Rowley, bart. Gcb. Gch. Sir Willougby Thomas Lake, Kcb.

Sir David Milne, Gcb.

Vice Admirals of the Red, to be Admirals of the Blue,

Sir Charles Ogle, bart. John GifFard, esq.

Henry Raper, esq. Sir John West, Kcb.

Robert Dudley Oliver, esq. Joseph Bullen, esq.

D'Arcy Preston, esq. Stephen Poyntz, esq.

Man Dobson, esq. Right Hon. John Lord Colville

Hon. Sir John Talbot, Kcb. John Cochet, esq,

Vice Admirals White, to be Admirals of the Blue,
Sir Henry Digby, Kcb. Benjamin William Page, esq.

Sir Charles Ekins, Kcb. Thomas Alexander, esq,

Vice-Admirals of the White, to be Vice-Admirals of the Red.

Sir R. H. Hussey, Kcb., Gc. St. M. & G. Sir William Hall Gage, knt. Och.

Henry Richard Glynn, esq. Aiskcw Palfard Hollis, esq.

Sir Edward Hamilton, bart. Kcb. Sir Henry Heatheote, knt.

Sir Thomas Baker, Kcb. Sir E. W. C. R. Owen, Kcb., Gch,

Henry Evans, esq. George J. Shirley, esq.

Hon Sir Courtenay Boyle, knt. Kch. Sir George Scott, Kcb.

Sir Robert Laurie, bart. Kcb. James Keith Shepard, esq.

Vice-Admirals of the Blue, to be Vice-Admirals of the Red, Sir Graham Eden Hamond, bart. Kcb. Hugh Downmam, esq. Robert Honyman, esq. Hon. Sir T. B. Cupel, Kcb.

Sir Rohert Lewis Fitzgerald, knt. Kch.


Vux-Admiralt of the Blue,

Right Hon. Lord James CBrjenj Och.

Richard Matron, esq.

John Maekellar, esq.

George Barker, esq.

Sir Charles Adam. Kcb.

William Grainger, esq.

Sir John Chambers White, Kcb.

Henry Garret, esq.

Sir Adam Drummond, knt. Kcb.

Rear-AdmiraU of the Red, to be Y'ice-Admiral$ of the White, Norbome Thompson, esq. Edward Stirling Dickson, esq.

to be Vice-Admirals of the White,
Robert Hall, esq.
Robert Lloyd, es».
John Chesshyre, esq.
Sir Thomas Livingstone, bait.
Sir Edward Brace, Kcb.
Sir Jaheel Brentoo, bart. Kcb.
Sir Francis William Austen, Kcb.
Kendall Robert Littlehales, esq.

Rear Admirals of the Red, to
Thomas James Maliog, esq.
Sir John Aeworth Ommanney, Kcb.
Zacbary Madge, esq.
Henry Hill, esq.
Charles Wol!i=.ton,esq.
Alexander Wilraot StJiomberg, esq.
Sir Edward Durnford King, Knt. Kcb.
Henry Vansittart, esq.
Sir George Moody, KCB.
Frederick Warren, esq.

be Vice-Admirals of
Richard Peacocke, esq.
James Cartliew, esq.
Sir Thomas Briggs, Gc. St. *■ and o.
Right Hon. Thomas Earl of Dondonald
Nicholas Tomlinson, esq.
Sir William Parker, Kcb.
Sir Robert Tristram Ricketts, bart.
George M"Kinley, esq.
James Katon, esq.
Sir Charles Dashwood, Kcb.

Rear-Admirals of the White, to be Rear~Admirals of the Red.

Richard Carry, esq. Cb.

William Skipsey, esq.

Hon. Frederick Paul Irby, Cb.

Sir John Wentworth Loriog, Kcb. Kch.

Sir Robert Howe Bromley, bart.

Hon. Duncombe Pleydell Bouverie.

Richard Poulden, esq.

John Dick, esq.

Peter Ribouleau, esq.

Matthew Buckle, esq,

John Allen, esq.

James Noble, esq.

Auselm John Griffiths, esq.

Francis Holmes Coffin, esq.

Jeffery Baron de Raigersfield

Christopher J. W. Nesharo, esq.

Sir Charles Bullen, Kcb. Kch.

Rear-Admirals of the Blue, to
Right Hon. Lord W. FiU Roy, Kcb.
Matthew Godwin, esq.
Sir Hugh Pigor, Knt Cb. Kch.
Sir Salusbury Davenport, Knt. Cb. Kcb.
Edward Hawker, esq.
Sir Charles Richardson, Kcb.
Francis Teropie, esq.
Sir Arthur Farquhar, Kcb. Kch.
Henry Gordon, esq.
Sir James Alexander Gorlon, Kcb.
Hon. Frederick William Aylmer, Cb.
Richard Thomas, esq.
James Richard Davres, esq,
John Surman Carden, esq.

John Wight, esq.

Henry Folkes Edgell, esq.

William Butteifield, esq.

William Young, esq.

Edward Galwey, esq.

Jacob Walton, esq.

Samuel Campbell Rowley, esq.

Balkeley Mackworth Praed, esq.

Edward'Walpole Browne, esq.

John Rouett Smollett, esq.

Hon. William Le Poer Trench

Edward Speyd Clay, esq.

Charles Carter, esq.

Thomas Browne, esq.

William Henry Brown Tremlett, esq.

Sir Samuel Pym, id.

be Rear-AdmiraU of the White.
John Sykes, esq.
John Inipey, esq.
Henry Maiiaton Ommanney, esq,
Archibald Duff, esq.
Hon. Donald Hugh Mackay
Sir Francis Mason, Kcb.
Hon. Major Jacob Henniker
Thomas Brown, esq.
Robert Henderson, esq.
Sir Lucius Curtis, bart. Cb.
Sir John Louis, bart.
Brian Hodgson, esq.
Hood Hanway Christian, esq.

Captains to be Rear-Admirals of the Blue.

Sir Josiah Coghill Coghill, bart,
Nathaniel Day Cochrane, esq.

John Ayscough, esq.

Sir Thomas John Cochrane, Knt. Cb.

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