The Lancet, 1권;102권

J. Onwhyn, 1872

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14 페이지 - Allbutt (TC)— ON THE USE OF THE OPHTHALMOSCOPE in Diseases of the Nervous System and of the Kidneys ; also in certain other General Disorders. By THOMAS CLIFFORD ALLBUTT, MA, MD Cantab., Physician to the Leeds General Infirmary, Lecturer on Practical Medicine, &c.
36 페이지 - ... about all this. Some years ago we talked and acted as if we were thoroughly acquainted with the liver and its functions; but during the last fifteen or twenty years new light has been thrown upon the subject by Bernard, Pavy, and other workers in the same field, and we have learned that the more we inquired the less did we certainly know of its natural functions, still less of its action in disease. Thus, if one thing was more settled than another, at least since the time of Abernethy, it was...
121 페이지 - A TREATISE ON DISEASES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. By WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, MD, Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, and of Clinical Medicine, in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College ; Physician-in-chief to the New- York State Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous System, ete.
38 페이지 - I do not say the alkalies have been absolutely unserviceable as regarding his constitutional state, but they will not improve it to any great extent ; and when he leaves them off the acid shows itself again.
36 페이지 - ... come for advice in the earliest stages, and with the strongest desire to avoid the advanced one of stone in the bladder. So far from sending them to Vichy or giving them alkalies, I believe they can be more effectually dealt with by a different mode of treatment. Let me premise, in broad and simple terms — as our time here, and, I may perhaps add, the extent of our knowledge, will not permit me to be more minute or exact in detail, — that the origin of what we call gouty symptoms, as well...
52 페이지 - Paris, on the action of digitalis, says — " When digitalis, or digitaline, is administered for some time to a man in full possession of sexual powers, these become gradually weakened, the propensities disappear, formation of the liquor seminis diminishes, and may at last cease altogether. The anaphrodisiac properties of the drug are the secret of its good effect in spermatorrhoea.
39 페이지 - Friedrichshalle water in a warm water bath, and obtain as perfect a product as a chemist can produce, and administer four times the amount of salt in that form which exists in a dose of the natural water, you would still not have such efficient or such certain results as from the small quantity (in the natural water) named above. So that there is something, which I do not pretend to explain, and certainly shall not speculate about here, which distinguishes the action of mineral waters from the action...
53 페이지 - is one to be recollected, and he has not erred in giving an outline ol it to the public."— The Lancet.
289 페이지 - The physician who judges of fever cases without a knowledge of the facts of thennometry, and without taking note of the temperature, is like a blind man trying to find his way. With much practice and great intelligence, the blind man may succeed ; but he will more frequently fail, and always do, only with great difficulty and unsatisfactorily, what to him who sees requires no effort.
217 페이지 - ... flesh ; pulse slow and soft ; nothing irregular to be found in heart or lungs ; no sort of tumour or thickening about pylorus, but on gently/ vibrating the stomach, fluid was heard splashing about in it, and this sound could be always produced irrespectively of any liquid having been recently ingested. The stomach was much distended. The early treatment of this case consisted in the use of alkalies with bismuth and various bitters, but no improvement resulted : the only noteworthy feature was...

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