Brewing and Liquor Interests and German Progaganda: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary. United States Senate, Sixty-fifth Congress, Second and Third Sessions, Pursuant to S. Res. 307. a Resolution Authorizing and Directing the Committee on the Judiciary to Call for Certain Evidence and Documents Relating to Charges Made Against the United States Brewers' Association and Allied Interests and to Submit a Report of Their Investigation to the Senate. Printed for the Use of the Committee on the Judiciary, 2권


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1902 페이지 - Five members who are members of the Committee on Banking and Currency of the House of Representatives, three from the majority and two from the minority party, to be appointed by the chairman of the committee.
2023 페이지 - We will adjourn until 2.30 o'clock. (Whereupon, at 1 o'clock pm a recess was taken until 2.30 o'clock pm) AFTER RECESS The committee reconvened at 2.30 o'clock pm, pursuant to the taking of a recess.
1942 페이지 - If a person subpoenaed to attend such inquiry fails to obey the command of a subpoena without reasonable cause, or if a person in attendance upon such inquiry shall without reasonable cause refuse to be sworn or to be examined or to answer a question or to...
1942 페이지 - This Act shall take effect immediately. STATE OF NEW YORK, OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE. I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom, and of the whole of said original law.
1534 페이지 - The Government of the United States is, of course, not oblivious to the great changes which have occurred in the .conditions and means of naval warfare since the rules hitherto governing legal blockade were formulated. It might be ready to admit that the old form of "close...
1692 페이지 - His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, declare that the articles hereby annexed to the treaty concluded this day between His Majesty the King of the Belgians and His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of...
1749 페이지 - I take it for granted, for instance, if I may venture upon a single example, that statesmen everywhere are agreed that there should be a united, independent, and autonomous Poland, and that henceforth inviolable security of life, of worship, and of industrial and social development should be guaranteed to all peoples who have lived hitherto under the power of Governments devoted to a faith and purpose hostile to their own.
1402 페이지 - Germany is so warm and of such long standing, the ties which bind them to one another in amity are so many and so strong, that this Government feels under a special compulsion to speak with perfect frankness when any occasion arises which seems likely to create any misunderstanding, however slight or temporary, between those who represent the Governments of the two countries.
1494 페이지 - I request authority to pay out up to $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars) in order, as on former occasions, to influence Congress through the organization you know of, which can perhaps prevent war. I am beginning in the meantime to act accordingly. In the above circumstances a public official German declaration in favor of Ireland is highly desirable, in order to gain the support of the Irish influence here.
1532 페이지 - His Majesty's Government cordially concur in the principle enunciated by the Government of the United States that a belligerent, in dealing with trade between neutrals, should not interfere unless such interference is necessary to protect the belligerent's national safety, and then only to the extent to which this is necessary.

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