Copies and Extracts of Advices to and from India, Relative to the Cause, Progress, and Successful Termination of the War with the Late Tippoo Sultaun, Chief of Mysore;: The Partition of His Dominions in Consequence Thereof; and the Distribution of the Captured Property Found in Seringapatam..

Printed for the use of the proprietors of East India stock, 1800 - 277페이지
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237 페이지 - Behauder shall immediately issue orders to his Aumils, or other officers, either for carrying into effect the said regulations and ordinances, according to the tenor of the Fourth Article, or for placing the territories required under the exclusive authority and control of the English Company Behauder.
211 페이지 - Behauder, with a continued course of victory and success, and finally to crown their arms, by the reduction of the capital of Mysore, the fall of Tippoo Sultaun, the utter extinction of his power, and the unconditional submission of his people ; and whereas the said allies, being disposed to exercise the...
237 페이지 - Mysore ; which sum of one lac of star pagodas, together with the amount of one-fifth of the said net revenues, the East India Company engages, at all times, and in every possible case, to secure and cause to be paid for his Highness
237 페이지 - ... regulations and ordinances, or for assuming the management and collection of the revenues of the said territories, as he shall judge most expedient for the purpose of securing the efficiency of the said military funds and of providing for the effectual protection of the country and the welfare of the people.
185 페이지 - ... were addressed, not merely to the Government of Mauritius, but to that of France, and we cannot ascertain how soon they may be satisfied to the full extent of his acknowledged expectations. This, therefore, is not merely the...
88 페이지 - Sultaun that he caused immediate search to be made for his body, which, after much difficulty, was found, late in the evening, in one of the gates, under a heap of slain, and soon after placed in the palace. The corpse was the next day recognised by the family, and interred, with the honours due to his rank, in the mausoleum of his father.
57 페이지 - Tippoo Sultaun declined, by various evasions and subterfuges, this friendly and moderate advance on the part of the allies . and he manifested an evident disposition to reject the means of pacific accommodation, by suddenly breaking up, in the month of December, the conferences which had commenced with respect to the districts of Amerah and Souleah ; and by interrupting the intercourse between his subjects and those of the Company on their respective frontiers. On the 9th of January, 1799, the Governor...
44 페이지 - It is impossible that you should suppose me to be ignorant of the intercourse which subsists between you and the French, whom you know to be the inveterate enemies of the Company, and to be now engaged in an unjust war with the British Nation.
47 페이지 - Mauritius, from whence forty persons, French and of a dark colour, of whom ten or twelve were artificers, and the rest servants, paying the hire of the ship, came here in search of employment. Such as chose to take service were entertained, and the remainder departed beyond the confines of this Sircar...
43 페이지 - Highnefs will have been fenfible of the advantages likely to refult to all parties from the conciliatory meafure of my deputing Major Doveton to you, which I propofed in that Letter. I expect to have the pleafure of finding your anfwer to that Letter on my arrival at Madras, for which place I am on the point of fetting out from Calcutta ; I hope to arrive at Madras about the fame time that this Letter reaches you, and...

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