A Rational Account of the Weather,: Shewing the Signs of Its Several Changes and Alterations, Together with the Philosophical Reasons of Them. Collected Not Only from the Common Observations, But Chiefly from Some of the Most Approv'd Authors, ...

L. L., 1723 - 76페이지

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47 페이지 - Air muft neceflarily be attenuated, when and where the faid Winds continue to blow, and that more or lefs according to their violence ; add to which, that the Horizontal Motion of the Air being fo quick as it is, may in all probability take...
23 페이지 - And thus the purple hair is dearly paid.) Then, thrice the ravens rend the liquid air, And croaking notes proclaim the settled fair. Then round their airy palaces they fly, To greet the sun; and, seiz'd with secret joy, When storms are over-blown, with food repair To their forsaken nests, and callow care.
12 페이지 - Above the rest, the sun, who never lies, Foretells the change of weather in the skies : For, if he rise unwilling to his race, Clouds on his brow, and spots upon his face, Or if through mists he shoots his sullen beams, Frugal of light, in loose and straggling streams ; Suspect a drizzling day, with southern rain, Fatal to fruits, and flocks, and promised grain.
46 페이지 - ... heavier than the medium wherein they floated ; fo that they defcend towards the earth, and, in their fall, meeting with other aqueous particles, they incorporate together, and form little drops...
46 페이지 - make very little or no Variation of the " Height of the Mercury in all Weathers. ''. " Hence I conceive that the principal Caufe " of the Rife and Fall of the Mercury, is from " the variable Winds, which are found in the " temperate Zone, and whole great Uncon" ftancy, here in England, is moft notorious.
48 페이지 - ... needs be heaped over this ifland, and confequently the mercury muft ftand high, as often as thefe winds blow. This holds true in this country, but is not a general...
74 페이지 - Man goeth forth to his work, and to his labour : until the evening. 24 O Lord, how manifold are thy works : in wifdom haft thou made them all ; the earth is full of thy riches.
47 페이지 - Va" pours are better kept fufpended, fo that they " have no Inclination to precipitate and fall " down in Drops, which is the Reafon of the " ferene good Weather which attends the " greater Heights of the Mercury.
48 페이지 - In calm frofty weather the mercury generally ftands high, becaufe (as I conceive) it feldom freezes but when the winds come out of the northern and north-eaftern quarters, or at leaft unlefs thofe winds blow at no great diftance off ; for the northern parts of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and all that tract from whence north-eaftern winds come...
23 페이지 - When storms are over-blown, with food repair To their forsaken nests, and callow care. Not that I think their breasts with heav'nly souls Inspir'd, as man, who destiny controls: But, with the changeful temper of the skies, As rains condense, and sunshine rarefies, So turn the species in their alter'd minds, Compos'd by calms, and discompos'd by winds. From hence proceeds the birds' harmonious voice; From hence the cows exult, and frisking lambs rejoice.

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