Life of ... the duke of Wellington


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467 페이지 - I am one of those who have probably passed a longer period of my life engaged in war than most men, and principally, I may say, in civil war; and I must say this, — that if I could avoid, by any sacrifice whatever, even one month of civil war in the country to which I am attached, I would sacrifice my life in order to do it.
255 페이지 - I should stop. Now I have both the 20,000 and the 40,000 at my command upon this frontier; but I cannot venture to bring forward any, for want of means of paying and supporting them. Without pay and food they must plunder; and if they plunder they will ruin us all.
438 페이지 - I make him a present of them all. Let him come on with his whole force, sword in hand, against the Constitution, and the English people will not only beat him back, but laugh at his assaults. In other times, the country may have heard with dismay that
289 페이지 - I had the honour to lend you the other night at play; and which I shall be much obliged to you if you will let me have some time either to-day or to-morrow. I am sir, Your most obedient, most humble servant, GEORGE TRENT.
341 페이지 - British army has had in producing these events, and the high character with which the army will quit this country, must be equally satisfactory to every individual belonging to it, as they are to the Commander of the Forces ; and he trusts that the troops will continue the same good conduct to the last.
456 페이지 - Does not a tremendous organization extend over the whole island ? Have not all the natural bonds by which men are tied together been broken and burst asunder ? Are not all the relations of society, which exist elsewhere, gone ? Has not property lost its influence? has not rank been stripped of the respect which should belong to it ? and has not an internal government grown up, which, gradually superseding the legitimate authorities, has armed itself with a complete domination ? Is it nothing that...
136 페이지 - Lengua. During these movements there have been occasional cannonades, but without loss on our side. I have this morning moved the left of the army to the Tormes, where the whole are now concentrated ; and I observe that the enemy have also moved towards the same river, near Huerta.
165 페이지 - ... instead of being, as it is, the period during which of all others every rule for the regulation and control of the conduct of the soldier, for the inspection and care of his arms, ammunition, accoutrements, necessaries, and...
387 페이지 - Billow upon the enemy's flank was a most decisive one; and, even if I had not found myself in a situation to make the attack which produced the final result, it would have forced the enemy to retire if his attacks should have failed, and would have...
188 페이지 - Zadora, in the neighbourhood of that city. They had a reserve, in rear of their left, at the village of Gomecha. The...

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