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Byzantine Empire, The, its influence | Damnatory clauses of the Athanasian
upon Christendom, 571-590

Creed, 75-83

Decline of the Salon, The, 950-959
YALIFORNIA, Japanese labourers

Dicey (Edward), Last Month, 163-172,
in, 815-819

330-340, 510-520
Cancer research, London hospitals,

Domestic life in Pepys's time, 269-285
and the French doctors' visit to

Douglas (Langton), The Exhibition of
England, 892–904

Early Art in Siena, 756-771
Census of India, The, 938-949

Drama of to-day, The, 870-872
Chamberlain's (Mr.) fiscal policy, 152-

Drummond-Wolff (Sir Henry), Some
155, 163-172, 236-241, 324-327,

Maxims of the late Lord Dalling
334-339, 502-504, 516-518, 694-

and Bulwer, 262-268
695, 856-858, 1033-1039
Chapman (Dr. Paul), A Reminiscence EAST Africa Protectorate, The.

as a European Colony, 370-355
Cheiromancy, Chinese, 985-988

Education Act, The, and the Roman
China, Palmistry in, 985-988

Church, 549-555
Christian doctrines and clerical critics, Educational Conciliation: an Appeal

to the Clergy, 67-74
Christina's (Queen) Pictures, 989– Egyptian peasants, their past troubles

and present prosperity, 443-450
Church hymns and the new edition of Electrical currents and invisible radia-
Hymns Ancient and Modern, 925-

tions, 88-96

Eliot, Sir Charles, The East Africa
Church Music, The. Pope andra Protectorate as a European Colony,
Rejoinder, 247-250

Church of England, Free Thought in Elkind (Dr. Louis), The German Nary
the, 386-401

League, 1012-1022
Church of England, The, and Roman Eltzbacher (O.), How Japan Reformed

doctrines and practices, 543-558 Herself, 28-41
Cibber's (Colley) Apology,' 451-468 England, Germany, and Austria,
Cobdenism and Confucianism, 163-172 707-722
Collins (J. Churton), The Rhodes Be. England's financial position and alleged

quest and University Federation, prosperity, 469 474

Ethical Need of the Present Day,
Colonies, The, and University Federa- The, 207-226
tion, 970-984

Ewart (Dr. William), Medicated Air:
Compulsory Education and Compul. a Suggestion, 97-104

sory Military Training, 20-27
Compulsory military service, how it

TAMILY decorum in China as pre.
works in Germany, 606-621
Conscript life in Russia, 842-854

scribed in native classics, 8:20-

Conversation, The art of, 790–795
Coreless Apple, The, 966-969

Federal and State elections in Australia,
Courtney (Leonard), What is the

105-112, 475-491
Use of Gold Discoveries ? 299-306

Finland, The Literature of, 772-
Crewdson (Wilson), Japanese Emi-

grants, 813-819

Fellah, My Friend the, 443-450
Criminal procedure and wrongful con.

Fiscal question, The, 152-155, 163-
victions, 1004-1011

172, 189-198, 324-327, 334-339,
Cross, J. W., The Pinnacle of Pro.

502-504, 516-518, 694-695, 856-858,
speritya Note of Interrogation, Fiscal Reform, British Shipping and,


Cruisers, scouts, and submarines for
the British Navy, 599-602

Fisher (W.J.), The Liberal Press and
Currie (Lady), Concerning Some of Foxcroft (Frank)," The Check to

the Liberal Party, 199-206
the Enfants Trouvés' of Litera.
ture, 126-141; Are Remarkable

Woman Suffrage in the United
People Remarkable - looking ?- an

States, 833-841
E.travaganza, 622-642

Frank (Helena), The Land of Jargen,


Free Church property and the judg.
DALLING and Bulwer, Lord (the ment of the House of Lords, 504 -
late), Some Maxims of, 262-268

507, 519


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Free Thought in the Church of Eng. Hindus and other Indian races, their

land, 386-401, 737-745 ; a Rejoin. condition as shown by the Census,
der, 905-924

Free Traders, The Unionist, 236-246 Hospitals of London, The, and the
French Doctors, What they saw, 892- French doctors, 892-904

Housing question, The, and Rural
French society and salons of Walpole's Council by-laws, 643-651
days, 950-959

Hunter (Sir Robert), The Re-flow from

Town to Country, 1023-1032
Hymns— Ancient and Modern,'

ERMAN Anglophobes and their
U ambitions, 707-722
German Army System, The, and How
it Works, 606-621

INDIA, The Census of, 988-949
German Navy League, The, 1012-

Indian Portraits, Some, 286-298

Industrial Arbitration Acts and labour
Germany, Great Britain and : a Con. questions in Australia, 475-491
versation with Count Bülow, the

International conference on rights and
German Chancellor, 873-881

duties of neutrals, 697-706

Gibraltar, Story of its capture by Sir

International Questions and
George Rooke, 181-188

Present War, 142-151
Gifts, 312-318

Invisible Radiations, 88-96
Gilbey (Sir Walter), Motor Traffic and

Irby (Adeline Paulina), Ischia in
the Public Roads, 723-786

June, 119-125

Giles (Professor Herbert A.), Woman

Irving (H. B.), Colley
in Chinese Literature, 820-832;

Apology,' 451-468
Palmistry in China, 985-988

Ischia in June, 119-125
Girls in China, Rules and advice con-

cerning, 820-832
Glünicke (Lieut.-Col. G. J. R.), The JAPAN and the Commencement of
Women of Korea, 42-45

the War with Russia, 179–180
Gold Discoveries, What is the use of ? Japan, How she reformed herself,

Goldstein (Vida), The Political Woman Japanese capital punishment and com-
in Australia, 105-112

pulsory suicide, 960–965
Graham (Marquis of), British Ship. | Japanese Emigrants, 813-819

ping and Fiscal Reform, 189-198 Jargon, The Land of, 652-667
Great Britain and Germany: a Con. Jersey (Countess of), Hymns--- An-

versation with Count von Bülow, cient' and Modern,' 925-937
the German Chancellor, 873-881 Jesus Christ, The miraculous birth of,

Joubert (Carl), The Coming Revolu-

tion in Russia, 364-369 ; The
ALE (Col. Lonsdale), Our Pitiable

Russian Soldier, 842-854
Military Situation, 1-19
Hara-kiri : its Real Significance,

Hardie (J. Keir), The International Need of the Present Day, 207-226
Socialist Congrc88, 559-570

Kruger, ex-President, Death of, 339-
Harrison (Mrs. Frederic), Table Talk,

Harrison': (Mr.) Historical Romance,

ABOUR troubles and Arbitration
Hedgerows, The Harvest of the, 227– Acts in Australia, 475-491

Last Month, 152-172, 319-340, 499-
Heron's Ghyll and Coventry Patmore, 520, 686-696, 867-872, 1033-1048

Lathbury (D. C.), Educational Con.
Higgs (Mrs.), Tramps and Wanderers, ciliation : an Appeal to the Clergy,

Highways, their history, construction, Lhasa, The Capture of, in 1710, 113-

and usage, and motor traffic, 723- 118

Liberal Ministry, The Next, 675-685

Harcourt (Sir William), Death of, KoKropotkin (Prince), The Ethical


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Liberal party, The, its policy and ' Morley (John), Vr. Harrison's Hie.

prospects, 155-159, 163-172, 236- torical Romance, 571-500
241, 320, 326-327, 330-334, 338, \ Motor Trafic and the Public Roads,
511-519, 1038

Liberal Press, The, and the Liberal Music in churches, The Pope's 'In-
Party, 199-206

struction' upon, and Mr. Bagot's
Literature, Concerning some of the views, 46–54, 247-250

Enfants Trouves' of, 126-141 Musical servant-maids in Peppe's time,
London expansion into rural districts, 269-285

Mutual aid, morality, and modern
Lord (Walter Frewen), Last Month, ethics, 207-226

867-872, 1044-1048
Low (Sidney), President Roosevelt's
Opportunities, 882-891

TATIVE characteristics in India,
Lucy (Henry W.), The Next Liberal

Ministry, 675-685

Naval Strength, Our, and the Nary

Estimates, 591-605

Navigation Laws, Shall we restore
(ACDONELL (Sir John), Inter. the ? 418-432

national Questions and the Navy League, The German, 1012-1022
Present War, 142–151 ; The Rights Neutrals, belligerents, and international
and Duties of Neutrals: President law, 148–151
Roosevelt's Proposed Conference, Neutrals, The Rights and Duties of:

President Roosevelt's Proposed
Macnamara (Dr. T. J.), Physical Con. Conference, 697-706

dition of Working class Children, Newspapers, Liberal and Conservative,

compared, 199-206
McNeill (Ronald), Our Bi-C'entenary Nihilists, revolutionary committees,
on the Rock, 181-188

and rulers in Russia, 364369
Mallock (Mr.) and the Bishop of Nonconformist objections to the Edo-

Worcester, 746-755; Free Thought cation Act, 67-74
in the Church of England, 886-401 ;
a Rejoinder, 905-924
Manchuria and Port , Arthur, How

OPALS, A Chapter on, 492-498
Russia obtained possession of, Open air and medicated air is
341-363, 521-542

the treatment of disease, 97-104
Mann (Tom), The Political and In. Oxford University and the Colonies

dustrial Situation in Australia, and the Rhodes and Beit bequests,

Marriage customs and home life in

Korea, 42-45
Marriott-Watson (H. B.), The Ameri. PAINTINGS and sculpture and

can Woman-an Analysis, 433-442 other works of art by Sienese
Masai grazing lands and European artists, 756-771
settlers, 375-379

Päivärinta, Minna Canth, and Juhani
Maxwell (Sir Herbert), Sir Robert Aho, Finnish authors, 782-789

Wilson : a Forgotten Adventurer, Palmistry in China, 985-988

Parliament and politics, 152–172, 319-
Medicated Air : a Suggestion, 97-104 340, 499-520, 686-696, 856-869,
Mercantile marine, Our, and foreign 1033-1039
competition, 189-198

Patmore (Coventry), a Reminiscence
Vercer, Pepys and, 269-285

of, 668-674
Meredith (Mr.) and the marriage con. Patriotism and reform in Japan, 23-41
troversy, 870

Pearson (Norman), Pepys and Mercer,
Miéville (Sir Walter), My Friend the 269-285
Fellah, 443-450

Peking expedition and Russian in-
Military Situation, Our Pitiable, 1-19 trigues, 341-363, 521-542
Military Training, Compulsory, Com- Pepys and Mercer, 269-285

pulsory Education and, 20-27 Personal peculiarities of distinguished
Minor poets, Some, 126-141

men, 622-642
Money values as affected by gold dis- Physical Condition of Working-class
coveries, 299-306

Children, 307-311
Jorgan (Sampson), The Coreless Pinnacle of Prosperity, The-a Note
Apple, 966-969

of Interrogation, 469-474



Political and Industrial Situation in Russia, Japan, and 'the Commence.
Australia, The, 475-491

ment of the Present War with, 173-
Political Woman in Australia, The, 180

Russia, The Coming Revolution in,
Poor Law, Need for revision of the, 364-369

Russian Soldier, The, 842-854
Pope, The, and Church Music-a Russo-Japanese War, The, 148-151,
Rejoinder, 247-250

161-162, 172-180, 328-329, 339, 341-
Pope, The, and the Novelist : a Reply 363, 507–508,687-693,859-861, 1037,
to Mr. Richard Bagot, 46-54

Precious or noble opals, 492-498
Presents, their etiquette and their
abuse, 312-318


CHOOL Kitchens and dinner cou-
Presidential election in the United

pons, 307-311
States, 882–891, 1039–1043

Sermons, The Difficulty of Preaching,
Priestley (Lady), What the French 402-417
Doctors saw, 892-904

Sexual distinctions as affecting Ameri.
Proverbs of Lord Dalling and Bulwer, can civilisation, 433-442

Shogun and samurai of Japan, their
Public Roads, Motor Traffic, and the, patriotic self-effacement, 28-41

Sienna, The Exhibition of Early Art
Pulpit oratory and its difficulties, 402- in, 756–771

Smith (Rev. H. Maynard), Mr. Mallock

and the Bishop of Worcester, 746-
RADIATIONS, Invisible, 88-96 755; Mr. Mallock's reply to, 905–

Ramsden (Hermione), The Lite- 924
rature of Finland, 772–789

Socialist Congress, The International,
Rationalism in the Church of England, 559-570

Somerset lanes and an old dame's trip
Rattigan (Sir William), Some Indian to London, 227-235
Portraits, 286-298

Strachey (J. St. Loe), The Unionist
Raymond (Walter), The Harrest of Free Traders, 236-246
the Hedgerows, 227-235

Suyematsu (Baron), Japan and the
Rees (J. D.), The Census of India, Commencement of the War with

Russia, 173-180; How Russia
Reformation, Rome or the, 543-558 Brought War-a Complete
Reid (Sir Wemyss), Last Month, 152- History, 341-363, 521-542; Hara.

162, 319-320, 499-509, 686-696, kiri, its Real Significance, 960-
855–866, 1033-1043

Remarkable People, Are they Remarki. Swedish literature in Finland, 773-

--an Extravaganza, 782
Reserves for the Navy, 592-595
and Evolutionary

T-ABLE-Tall:, 790-795
Socialism, and the Amsterdam

Taunton (Rev. Ethelred L.), The
Congress, 559-570

Pope and the Novelist: a Reply to
Rhodes Bequest, The, and University Mr. Richard Bagot, 46-54 ; reply
Federation, 970-984

to, 242-250

and motor traffic, 723-736 Tavastjerna, Ahrenberg, and Helen
Roman Catholic church music, 247- Westermar ck, Swed o.f'innish

authors, 773-782
Rome or the Reformation, 543-558 Taylor (Benjamin) Shall we restore
Roosevelt's (President) Opportunities, the Navigation Laws ? 418-432

Taylor (Jeremy) on the Athanasian
Roosevelt's (President) Proposed Con. Creed, 82-83
ference: The Rights and Duties of Theophano, the Crusade of the Tenth
Neutrals, 697-706

Century, by Mr. Frederic Harrison,
Rural Councils and their Building By- reviewed, 571-590
laws, 643-651

Tibet, Mission to, 509, 695
Rural Depopulation, The By-law - Eleuth invasion of, in 1710, 113-
Tyranny and-a Personal Experi-

ence, 643-651

Town to Country, The Re-flow from,
Russia, how she brought on War-a 1023-1032

Complete History, 341-363, 521-542 Tramps and Wanulerers, 55-66


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, East


Tsar, The, and the revolutionary party : Whitworth (Rev. Prebendary), Free
in Russia, 364-369

Thought in the Church of England,
737-745; Mr. Mallock's reply to,


Wilson (Sir Robert): a Forgotten
African colonisation, 370-385 Adventurer, 796-812
Underfed school children, 307-311 Wimborne (Lady), Rome or the Refor:
Unionist Free Traders, The, 236- mation, 543-558

Wireless telegraphy in warfare, 148-
University Federation, The Rhodes 151
Bequest and, 970–984

and balloon exploration, 260-261
Woman in Chinese Literature, 820-

AGRANTS and the Poor Law, Woman Suffrage in the United States,

The Check to, 833-841
Virgin-Birth, The, 84-87

Women of Korea, The, 42-45
Voluntary enlistment and compulsory Women voters in Federal Elections in
military training, 20-27

Australia, 105-112
Voluntary schools and the Education Worcester (Bishop of), Mr. Mallock
Act, 67-74

and the, 746-755; Mr. Mallock's
reply to, 905-924

Workhouses and vagrants, 55-66

on Opals,

of, 307–311
Wanderers, Tramps and, 55-66
War, The Present, International Ques.
tions and, 142-151

of the Athanasian_Creed, 75–83 ;
The Difficulty of Preaching Ser-
mons, 402-417

ZIMMERN (Antonia), Invisible
Wheeler (C. B.), Gifts, 312-318

Zi Radiatione, 88-96




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