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Others have urged, that if the wicked were to live for ever, they would sin for ever: But this, says our author, is mere presumption. Who can say, that if a man lived ever so long, he would never repent? Besides, the justice of God only punishes fins men have committed, not those they might possibly have done.

32 Others therefore urged, that God gives men the choice of everlasting happiness and misery; and that the reward promised to obedience, is equal to the punishment threatened to disobedience. --To which it was answered, that tho' it be not contrary to justice to exceed in rewards, that being matter of mere favour ; it may be so to exceed in punishments. It may be added, that man in this case has nothing to complain of, since he has only his election.--- But tho’ this may suffice to lilence the finner, and make him acknowledge his destruction to be of himself, it does not satisfy the objection from the disproportion between the crime and the punishment.---All the considerations, therefore, hitherto alleged, proving ineffectual ; our great author is left to solve the difficulty himself.

In order to this, he observes, that the measure of penalties, with refpect to crimes, is not only, nor always taken from the quality and degree of the offence ; much less from the duration and continuance of it; but from the reasons of government, which require such penalties as may secure the observation of the law, and deter men from the breach of it.--- Among men it is not reckoned injustice to punish murther, and many other crimes, which perhaps are committed in a moment, with perpetual loss of estate, or liberty, or life. So that the objection of iemporary crimes being punished with such long sufferings, is of no force.

In effect, what proportion crimes and penalties are to bear to each other, is not so properly a consideration of justice, as of wisdom and prudence in the law-giver, who may enforce his laws with what penalties he pleases, without any impeachment of his injustice which is out of the quellion

35 The primary erd of all threatning is not punishment, but the prevention of it: God does not threaten that men may fin and be punished; but that they may not fin, and so escape : And therefore, the higher the threatning runs, the more goodness there is in it.

36 After all, it is to be considered, says the good archbishop, that he who threatens, has still the power of execution in his own hands.--- There is this difference between promiles and threatnings; that he who promises, Falles over a right to another, and thereby stands obliged to him in juitice and faithfulner, to make good his word : But it is otherwise in threatnings; he that threatens, keeps the right of punishing still with him, and is not obliged to execute what he threatned, any farther than the reasons and ends of government require.... Thus, God absolutely threatned the deliruition of Nineveh ; and his peevith prophet underfood the threatning to be absolute, and was angry for being employed in a message that was not made good : But God understood his own right, and did what he pleased, notwithstanding the threatning he denounced, and notwithilanding Jonah was so touched in point of honour, that he had rather have perished, than Nineveh should have escaped. See the Polis Sheet of Supplement to Cyclop published herewith Col. 5.)


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Cave, at St. John's Gate.
THE GENERAL DICTIONARY Historical and Critical; in Ten

Volumes Folio; containing, besides a compleat Tranflation of Mr
Bayle's Di&ionaty, his Differtations, &c. many additional Lives, a

new and very large Index co the whole, an alphabetical List of the Articles and a Chronological Table, which shews the Reader at one View who were contemporary, and enables him to peruse cheir Lives according to the Order of Time in which they fourilhed. The whole Work containing the History of the molt llustrious Persons of all Ages and Nations, particuJarly those of Great Britain and Ireland.

By The Rev. Mr John Peter Bernard, F. R. S.

The Rev. Mr Thomas Birch, A. M. F.R.S.
The late Mr George Sale,

Mr John Lockman ; and other Hands. N. B. The Observations and Corrections of the late Paris Edition, of Bayle's Dictionary, and Reflections on the Palages which seem to favour Scepticism and the Manichee Syftem are inserted in their proper places throthe whole, but thole, as well as all other Additions, are always distingnijhed by proper Marks from what was written by Mr Bayle.

II. Description of the Empire of China and Chinese Tartary, together with the Kingdoms of Korea and Tibet ; containing the Geography and History (Narural as well as Civil) of those Countries, Tranflared from the French of 7. B, du Halde, Jesuit. Wich Notes, Geographical, Historical, aud Cri.. tical, and other Improvements, particularly in the Maps. Illustrated with 205 Copper Piate Representations and Maps, In 2 Vols Folio. pr. 31. 3 s. bound.

III. Thirty-nine Sermons, by (a lace very celebrated PREACHER) John Cooke, A.M. Rector of the United Parishes of St George the Marryr, and St Mary Magdalen in Canterbury, and of Merpam in Kent, and one of the Six Preachers of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury : On the following Heads. viz. Of Faith. Happiness. Coming to Chrift. Righteonsness, Temperance, and Judgment to come. Cleanness mistaken. God's Omniscience. On Prayer. of Friendship with God. "The Enmity of the Devil. Resolution in Faith and Practice. Of Proving and Per

servering. The Nature of Cleannes. Naaman's Cure. Of vision. Revelation and Repentance. Of Zeal. The Crown of Glory. The Righteous Man's Reward. The Wicked Man's Lot. Bloffed are the Meek. Mercy to the Merciful. Purity in Heart. Holding fall the Faith. Godly Fear and Obedience. Covet eos fness. The Sabbath. Sion preferred. Of Superflition. The Difficulty of Salvation. On S. Peter's Denial.' Upon the Fiftb of November. preach'd before the Lower House of Convocation, who requested this Sermon to be printed price bound 10 s.

iv. The History of the Life and Reign of Q Elizabeth. With the Proceedings of the Divorce of K. Henry VIII. fr m Q. Catherine, his Marriage with che Lady Ame Bullen, and the Cause of her unfortur ate Death on the Scaffold. Illustrated with Copper-Plate Cuts. 2 Vols. pr. 8 s. bound.

V. . The entire Works of Dr THOMAS SYDENHAM, newly made Eng. lish from the Originals ; wherein the History of Acute and Chronic Di eales, and the fafelt and moít effectual Methods of creating them, ale faithfully, clearly, and accurately delivered, Iliustrated with explanatory and practical Nistes, from the best medicinal Writers. To which are added, the Author's Life, and a c pious Index. By John Sw.in, M. D. price bound 6s.

VI. An Essay on the Scheme and Conduct, Procedure and Extent of Man's Redemption. Wherein is bewn, from the Holy Scriptures, that this Work is to be accomplished Gradually. To which is annexed, A Differta. tion on the D:lign and Argumenta ion of the Book of Job. By WILLIAM WORTHI'NGTON, M. A. Vicar of Blodwell in Shropshire pios.

I think, I see plainly a gradual Working of Providence towards the Redemption of the World from

the Curse of the Fall.

Bishop Skerlock's Use and Intent of Prophecy;

VII. Travels into the Inland Parts of Africa; Containing a Description of the several Nations for fix hundred Miles op the River Gambia ; their Trade, Habits, Customs, Language, Manners, Religion and Government; che Power, Dilpolition and Cra a&ters of some Negro Princes; with a particu. lar Account of Job Ben SOLOMON, a Pholey, who in che Year 1733 was* in England, and known by the Name of the African. Being the Journal &c. Of FRANCIS Moore, Factor several Years to the Royal African Company of England. To which he h s added, Cape Stibbs's Voyage up the Gambia in the Year 1723, to make Discoveries; and Observations on the Captain's Remarks and Conduct. Also an accurate Map çf that River taken on the Spot; and the Soundings for goo Miles, by Mr John Leach; with ten more Copper Plates engraved by very good Hands, viz. Prospects and Plans of the African Company's Fort at James INand, and of a Factory; a Draughe of the strange Situation of a Pholey Town, Figures of uncommon Birds and Insects, Representation of a Negro Prince on Horseback, and of the Method of climbing the Palm-Tree to extract the Wine. The Author has likewise, to compleat his Subjeå, given Extracts from the Nxbian's Geography, LEO the Afrrican, and other Authors antient and modern, concerning the Niger Nile, or Gambia, and this Part of Africa, with Observations thereon; and a Vocabulary, English and Mundingo, the Language most used by the Negroese The Work concludes with an Appendix, containing, 1. His Con rad with the African Company. 2. Several Letters, Papers and Instructions relating to the Company's Commerce, particularly the Gum Trade. 3: The Voyage of an Adventurer, who found, and describes the Way to, the Gold Mines up the Gambia. To the whole is prefix'd a learned and critical Incroduction. price 6s. bound.

VIII. POEMS on various Subjects, Humorous and Serious (many never printed bef re) By Mr Moses BROWNE, In 8vo. with a Frontispiece. In this Volume are inferred, with large Improvements and Additions, Piso CATORY ECLOGUES, a New Attempt in Pastoral; together with the Eflay on the UNIVERSE, 3 Books first published; as allo the Prize Puems of the fame Author that obtained the sol. the Gold Medal, and the Prizes on A. ftronomy, the Queen's Grotto, and the Divine Attributes. All proposed in the Gentleman's Magazine. price 6 s.

IX. Memoirs of a Man of Quality. Containing the Travels and Adventures of the Marquis de Bretagne and the Duke de Harcourt, written originally in che French Tongue by the Marquis, after his Retirement from the World. (See Gent. Magar. Vol. XII. p. 95.) in 2 Vols 12mo. price bound 5 s.

X. Sir Isaac Newton's Philof phy explained for the Use of the Ladies. In 4x Dialogues on Light and Colours. From the Italian of Sig. Algarotti, 2 Vols 12 mo. Price bound ss.

N. B. Mons. Voltaire speaks of Sig. Algarotti, and this his Work with great Applause, in a Poem on this Subje&, viz.

Pursuing chee, I venture to advance,
And bring home Truth, that Wanderer, to France,
While A garuti, sure to please and reach,
Conduets ibe Stranger to the Latian Beach
With Nalive Flow'rs adorns the beauteous Maid,

And Tyber wonders at such Worth displayed.'. XI. The History and Antiquit es ott: e Corporation of King's Lynn in the County of Norfolk: Containing whaterer is, or hath been curious and remarr able in v is Town: With a chronological and historical Account of me. morable Occu re ces for more than soo Years palt. A particular Account of all ihe Monuments and their Inscriptions, and of all the Coars of Arms and their Blazons in every Church. To which is added an accurate Doscription of King John's Sword and Cup, the West Prospea of the Town and Har. bur, and ten more Copper Plates of the Arms, publick Buildings, dr. beautifully engraved; aifo a great Number of other Cuts. By B. Mackerel, Gint. Price bound 4 s. XII. GEOGRAPHY reformed: or, a new System of General Geography,ac.


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cording to an accurate Analysis of the Science, augmented with several necessary Branches omitced by former Authors. In Four Parts,

1. Of the Nature and Principles of GEOGRAPHY ; its ancient and presene Scace in all Nations ; its Usefulness co Persons of all Profesii ns, and the Me. thod of studying it, with its Analyfis or Division into Species, according to former Authors, and a new Plan, Chewing the Errors and Deteás of those by Varenius, Sanfon, la Martiniere, Pere Caftel, &c.

2. Or MATHEMATICAL GEOGRAPHY and its Branches, astronomical and geometrical : Shewing the several Divisions of the Earth, by Regions, Hemispheres, Zɔnes, Climates, Meridians and Parallels, c.

3. HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY and its Species, Nacural; Civil ; Ecclefiaftical; National ; Periodical, anciens, middle, modern; Parallel and critical.

4. O TECHNICAL GEOGRAPHY_and i:s Brarches: Representatory, by Globes and Maps; Synoptical, by Tables ; and Explanatory, by Systems and Didionaries.

Under cach Branch is given an Account of its Object and Use, an Explana. tion of the Terms, the History of its Rise and Progress, with Rules for exhi. biting it to the best Advan: age. The whole illustrated with Noces and Refe. sences to the principal Geographers, whose different Sentiments are cited and examined. Delign'd for the Use of the Curious in general, and Students in particular. There is added a copious Index of the Terms contained in the Work, answering the End of a Distionary of general Geography. pr. 35. 6d.

XIII. The Nature and Laws of CHANCE, wherein the Subje&t is fully, yes concisely, handled ; and the more abstruse and important Problems, as well as the more fimple ones, are resolved in a general and conspicuous Manner ; Containing the Doctrine of Combinations and Permutations clearly deduced": An Investigation of the Probability that a proposed Event happens a given Number of Times in a given Number of Tryals; a new and very compre. henfive Problem of great Use in Lotteries, Cards, &c, with or hers for de cermining the Probability of Winning, whether at Bowls, Coits, Raffles, doc. in any Circumstance of the Play: A Problem for finding the Tryals wherein it may be undertaken that a proposed

Event shall happen or fail a given Nam. ber of Times ; another to find the Chances for a given Number of Points with a given Number of Dice; and another on the Duration of Play, being three of the most curious and remarkable in the Subject, and all solved by dew and general Methods. The Solution of a Problem proposed to the Pubs lick some time ago, in Latin, as a very difficult one, with full and clear Investigations of the two new Problems added at the End of Mr de Moivre's last Edition, whose Demonstracions are there omitted ; one of which Problems is allowed, by chat greae Man himself, to be the most useful, as well as the most difficule in the whole Subje&. 4to. price 3s;

XIV. An Examination of Pope's Eray on Man. Translated from the French of M. Crousaz, Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris and Bourdeaux ; and Professor of Philosophy and Mathematicks at Lausanne. Price stich'd 2 s.

XV. A Commentary on Mr POPE's Principles of Morality, or Essay on Man by Mons. Crousaz, Memter of the Royal Academies of Sciences at Paris and Bourdeaux, and Professor of Philosophy and Mathematicks at Luusanne ; in answer to a Letter of Remarks on his Examen, &c. Containing allo

1. The Letter of Remarks to Mons. Crousaz. 2. The Abbe du Refrel's Translation of the Esay into French Verse. 3. An Interlineary English Verfion of che la nic. 4. M. Du Resnel's Pre.ace, with bis Observacions on the French, Italian,

and English Poetry 3. Some Annotations by the Transla.or. Tse two foregoing proper to be bound with Mo Warburton's Defence of the

Efsay on Man.

XVI. A Miscellany of New Poems on several Occasions. By R. Luck, M. A. Master of Barrft able School. Cuntaining also the Loves of Hero and Leandes, from the Greek of Musaus. To which is added, Poemat a Quædam Latina. Au&ore R. Luck. price 35, bound.

Price 35.

Xvit. A new Method to obtain the knowledge of the Hebrew Tongue speels dily and without a Matter for the Use of the English Schojar. To which is affixed, A Praxis of Reading, together with an Elliy to recover the Rhetorical Power of its Accent-Instruments for interpreting of Scriprure, used by the divinely inspired Pen-men under the old Testament; Being a Key to a Critical Analysis of all the Hebrew and Chaldaic W ds in the Bible. By Andrew Burrel, M. A. price 2s.6d.

XVIII. An Account of the Life of Mr Richard Savage, Son of the Earl Rivers. Who was, soon after he came into the World, baitardifcd by an Ad of Parliament, and deprived of the Title and Eltate to which he was born; was committed by his mother, the Countess of Macclesfield, to a poor Woman, to be bred up as her own gon; came to the Knowledge of his real Mother, now alive, but abandon'd by her, persecured, and condemnd for Murder, and, against all her Endeavours, pardoned; made Poet Laureat to Quzen Caroline, became very cmiaent for his Writings, of which many are quored in this work, particularly the Baftard, the Wanderer, Voluntier Las. reat, and Author to be let ; went inco Wales, to be fupported by a Subscrip tion. Promoted by Mr Pope, but at last died in Prison. price 25. 6d.

XIX. The Parliamentary Register, containing Lists ot cwenty four Parlia. ments from 1660 to 1641. In which the Names of the Members ar not only registered under the Names of the Counties, Cities and Boroughs represented by them; (and a Margin left to register many succeeding Parliaments) buc they are colie&ed again into an alphabetical Index, referring to the Places they have been returned for; and distinguishing the Restoration Parliamenc and the last. The Second Edition, corrected by the Returns to Parliament; with a Preface containing fome Obfervations on each Parliament. To which is added, an exact LIST of the present House of Lords, and of the Peers of Scotland since the Union ; and the Peers excinct since the Reitoracion. Price bound 25. 6d.

XX. The natural History of Mount VESUVIUS, with the Explanation of the various Phenomena that usually attend the Eruptions of this celebrated Volcano. Translated from the original Italian, compos’d by the Royal Academy of Sciences ac Naples, by Order of the King price 2 s. ftitch'd.

XXI. A Compleat Catalogue of all the Discuurses written both for and against POPERY, in the Time of King James II. Containing in the Whole, an Account of f ur hundred and fifty seven Books and Pamphlers, a great Number of them not mentioned in the three former Catalogues. With References after each Title, for the more speedy finding of a further Account of the said Discourses, and of their Au:hors in sundry Writers: And an Al. phabetical List of the Writers on cech Side. A Tract very necessary for these Times, and for all those who are desirous to compleat their Sect of those Pie. ces, or would fort them to the best Advantage. 'Drawn up in a new Meched by Francis Peck. M. A. Re&or of Godeby, near Melton in Leicestershire. pr. 25.

XXI. The RUDIMENTS of GEOGRAPHY: From the French of the cele brated M. Maxpertuis; wherein is explained the Rise of that Science and how che Motion of the Earth came to be believed. An Attempt to determine the Earth's Bigness: The System of the World. How the Experiments on Gravity might induce one to believe the Earth was not (pherical

. The Phe. nomena to prove its Alat Figure. The Measures of M. Picard, Cassini, and the Mathematicians sent to the North to determine it. Why Degrees being shorter towards che Poles than the Equator, suppose the Earth to be length cn'd, and why Degrees being longer suppose it to be Aatcened towards the Poles. The great Usefulnets of knowing the Earth's Bigness and Figure. With a Table of Degrees of Longitude and Latitude, and its Construction.

XXIII. Poems on several Occasions. By Mary Maflers.

XXIV. LONDON: A Poem, in Imitation of the Third Sacirc of Jovenal. Edit. 4. By S. Johnfort. price is.

XXV. An Account of the Life of John Philip Barretier, who was Master of five' Languages at the Age of sine Years. Compild (rom his Father's Letters, 6s, price 66.

price is. 64.

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