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Second Reading, I think it is only right WITNESSES (ROYAL COMMISSIONS

to say that very careful consideration AND PARLIAMENT) PROTECTION

must be given to Sub-section 1 of Clause BILL.-(No. 287.)

1 and the language therein used. The SECOND READING.

words are, any person who“ dissuades, Order for Second Reading read.

hinders, or intimidates,” &c. These

words are, I think, altogether too (12.25.) MR. YERBURGH (Ches- broad, because they would include ter): In moving the Second Reading of people who legitimately object, or prothis Bill I may mention that an under-bably would object, to the inquiry by standing has been arrived at with the a Commission. 'I remember, in 1874, hon. and learned Member for Hackney when the Conservative Party were (Sir Charles Russell) by which with in power, they proposed and conthe assent of the Government if the stituted a Commission for the purHouse will give a Second Reading to

pose of inquiring into questions this Bill and to the Bill introduced by which we, the organised Trade Unions the hon. and learned Member, the two considered had been inquired into and Bills shall be referred to a Select Com- debated quite sufficiently, and we obmittee. I do not think it is necessary jected on reasonable and quite sufficient for me to trouble the House with any grounds to giving evidence or taking detailed reference to the provisions of

any part in the proceedings of the Comthe Bill. As the House knows it mission. With the Bill in force leaders arises out of recent proceedings upon a of Trade Unions, if they so acted now, breach of privilege, and the firm con- would be liable to the penalties under viction in the minds of myself and my the Bill. I do hope, if the Second friends that distrust has been aroused Reading is now agreed to, care will among the working classes as to the be taken at a future stage to carepower of Parliament to protect those fully consider the language of Clause 1, who give evidence in a Parliamentary so that the Bill may not really do more inquiry.

injury than it will do good. Motion made, and Question proposed Motion agreed to. " That the Bill be now read a second time.”—(Mr. Yerburgh.)

Bill read a second time, and com

mitted to a Select Committee. (12.26.) DR. TANNER: This Bill, I understand, is the issue of the MERCHANT SHIPPING ACTS AMENDproceedings arising out of the wrong

MENT BILL.-(No. 229.) ful dismissal of the man Hood, who

SECOND READING. gave evidence before a Committee, and was, for so doing, dismissed Order for Second Reading read. from his employment by an

(12.30.) MR. HOWELL (Bethnal Gentleman, a member of the Conserva- Green, N.E.): I hope the House will tive Party, and other Directors of the now allow this Bill to be read a second Cambrian Railway Company, and for time. The promoters of the Bill have which the hon. Gentleman and his co- come to an arrangement with the shipDirectors incurred most severe censure owners' representatives by which we from the Chair.

have agreed to leave out all reference (12.27.) MR. MORTON: I do not to the examination of papers, and to rise to make any objection; but I think amend the second clause in reference it should be clearly understood that to the inspection of provisions. If the the Bill of the hon. Member for Hack- House will permit, I propose to insert ney (Sir C. Russell) dealing with the the Amendments in Committee pro same subject should also receive a forma, and then, when the Bill. has Second Reading, otherwise we may been reported, to move its re-committal. find ourselves jockeyed after passing this Bill.

Motion made, and Question proposed, (12.28.) MR. BROADHURST (Not- That the Bill be now read a second tingham, W.): Before the Bill proceeds time.”—(Mr. Howell. further, and not now objecting to the Motion agreed to. VOL. III. (FOURTH SERIES.]

4 E

Bill read a second time, and committed for To-morrow.


BILL.-(No. 213.)

Bristol, W.): I understand it is to be

Order for Second Reading read. committed pro forma ?

DR. CLARK (Caithness): Seeing MR. HOWELL: Yes, this day at

that the House unanimously passed

the Resolution two.

which this Bill is

upon founded, may I suggest that the Second

Reading should be taken and the Bill SALMON AND FRESHWATER

referred to a Select Committee in the FISHERIES BILL.-(No. 258.) same fashion as was adopted just now SECOND READING.

with the Parliamentary Witnesses

Bill ? Order for Second Reading read.

Objection taken. SIR E. BIRKBECK (Norfolk, E.): I

Second Reading deferred till Wedneshope the House will agree to give this day. Bill a Second Reading. The object is to supplement the existing Salmon and NATIONAL EDUCATION (IRELAND).-Freshwater Fisheries Acts by providing

RETURN. a means of identifying packages con MR. SEXTON (Belfast, W.): I beg taining salmon, trout, or char which to move the Motion for the Return may be transmitted from place to place standing in my name. during the period in which the sale or THE SECRETARY TO THE TREA. possession of such fish is already, with SURY (Sir J. GORST, Chatham): I am certain exceptions, illegal. The Bill has afraid I cannot consent to this without the support of the hon. Member for some further consideration. The preSwansea (Mr. Dillwyn), the right hon. paration of the Return will be very Gentleman the Member for Berwick- expensive. Perhaps the hon. Member shire (Mr. Marjoribanks), and others will give me a day or two to look into interested in fishery questions.

the matter? Motion made, and Question pro

MR. SEXTON: This is a somewhat posed, “That the Bill be now read a strange proceeding. The Return is in second time."-(Sir E. Birkbeck.) relation to the National Education of Motion agreed to.

Ireland ; it concerns the Department of

the Chief Secretary, and he, the Bill read a second time, and com- Minister responsible, has stated that mitted for Thursday.

he has no objection to the Return. I

am extremely surprised at the right COMMISSIONERS CLAUSES ACT (1847) hon. Gentleman's interposition now. AMENDMENT BILL.-(No. 216.)

SIR J. GORST: I did not understand SECOND READING.

that my right hon. Friend had no Order for Second Reading read.

objection to the Return. At any rate, I

cannot let the Motion pass without MR. DILLWYN (Swansea, Town) : some further converse with him. I hope the House will allow this Bill MR. SEXTON: The right hon. to be read a second time now. Its Gentleman distinctly stated that he object is simply to allow the elections for would raise no objection, but he Commissioners, Trustees, and cognate

observed that the Return would take bodies to be conducted by the ballot long time to prepare, and probably instead of by open voting. I do not would not be ready in time for the know that there is any objection to the But he certainly said he had no

discussion of the Education Bill principle.

objection to giving the Return. I cerObjection taken.

tainly think the organisation on the Second Reading deferred till Wednes- Treasury Bench must be defective day.

when the Secretary refuses what a

Minister has accepted. I will renewbers voting “No." Mr. Speaker, I my Motion to-day.

was sitting in my place the whole time,

and took no part in the Division, and PUBLIC LIBRARIES LAW CONSOLIDATION I desire that my name may be struck BILL.

out of the List. I should not have Select Committee on Public Libraries Law called attention to the mistake in this Consolidation Bill nominated of Sir John manner-it is a mistake for which I do Lubbock, Mr. Bartley, Mr. Crilly, Mr. Loder, not blame anyone—but for the fact Plowden, Mr. Powelí, Mr. Summers and Mr. that it may render me liable to the Wootton Isaacson.

charge of obstructing a measure I Ordered, That the Committee have power to have been asked to support by my consend for persons, papers and records. stituents, and which, in their interest,

Ordered, That Five be the quorum.-(Mr. I promised to support. “May I also, Akers-Douglas.)

Sir, venture to offer a humble suggesSHORT TITLES BILL (Lords].

tion that when Members are asked to As amended, considered; to be read well that the names should be read

stand up in their places it might be as the third time To-morrow, at Two of over before the List is passed in order the clock.

that mistakes may not occur ?

MR. SPEAKER: I will take care MOTIONS.

that the remarks of the hon. Member

have attention. I understand that the CIVIL BILL COURTS (IRELAND) BILL.

hon. Member desires that his name On Motion of The Attorney General for Iro- should be struck out. The correction land, Bill to amend the Laws relating to Civil shall be made. Courts in Ireland, ordered to be brought in by The Attorney General for Ireland and Mr.

MR. CONYBEARE: Yes, Sir, I Jackson.

supported the

the Bill in two other Bill presented, and read first time. (Bill 313.] Divisions. ADJOURNMENT.

MR. SEXTON: May I ask the right Motion made, and Question proposed, hon. Gentleman the Secretary to the “That this House do now adjourn.” Treasury, who just now interfered to

PERSONAL EXPLANATION. prevent the granting of a Return in MR. CONYBEARE (Cornwall, Cam- which his Department is not concerned, borne) : I desire, Mr. Speaker, to call whether and when he intends to fulfii your attention to a small matter affect the promise he gave in reference to a ing myself, partly in the nature of a matter in which his Department is personal explanation, having relation concerned-namely, to lay before the to Division List 91 in the proceedings Treasury fiasco in reference to the

in of Thursday lastquestion was put Irish Teachers' Pension Fund ? that the Clergy Discipline Bill be committed to the Standing Committee on SIR J. GORST: I recognise the Law, and Mr. Courtney, acting as courtesy of the hon. Member's reference Deputy Speaker in your unavoidable to myself

. The Papers will be preabsence, directed that the Members sented as soon as the Committee have who challenged a Division should furnished their Report. As to the stand up in their places. The record Return, I may explain to the hon. stands in the Votes thus:

Member that I do not wish at all to " The House proceeded to a Division, and stop it if it is desired by the GovernMr. Deputy Speaker stated he thought the ment of Ireland, but the hon. GentleAyes had it, and

on his decision being chal- man should be aware that the preparalenged, it appeared to him that the Division tion of this Return involves considerable Noes to stand up in their places, and Four- expenditure which it is necessary the teen Members having stood up, 'Mr. Deputy Treasury should sanction before it is Speaker declared that the Ayes had it.” incurred. To my great astonishment, when I MR. SEXTON: It is, I believe, in looked at the Division List, I found my accordance with the usual custom to name at the head of the list of Mem- assume that a Return will be granted

when not opposed by the head of the an accelerated service on the Great
Department concerned.

Southern and Western Railway. The
MR.CAUSTON (Southwark, W.): In Postmaster General admits the justice
reference to the suggestion made by the of the claim, but the Treasury blocks
hon. Member for Camborne just now, I the way. Can the right hon. Gentle-
hope it will receive favourable con- man say if anything is being done to re-
sideration, because this is not the first move this deadlock?
time a mistake of the kind has SIR J. GORST: The hon. Member

will be glad to learn that there is no
DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid) : deadlock between the Post Office and
Will the right hon. Gentleman, who the Treasury. Nothing has been done,
takes such an unusual interest in and nothing is likely to be done. The
matters of Irish administration, give us Departments are in a perfect state of
some explanation of, and say if anything harmony.
has been done to remove, the deadlock DR. TANNER: I will refer to the
between the Post Office and the Trea- subject in Committee of Supply.
sury, which prevents the citizens of

Motion agreed to.
Cork from having that improvement in
their postal service they have every

House adjourned at a quarter
right to claim? A small sum of £3,000

before One o'clock.
is required for the purpose of giving us

Mr. Seaton


[blocks in formation]

Bills, Read 14, 1o, 22, 20, 34, 30, Read the Dept. Department.
First, Second, or Third Time.

Intro. Introduced.
1R., 2R., 3R. Speech delivered on

1. Lords.
First, Second, or Third Reading.

Obs. Observations.
Adj. Adjourned.

Pres. Presented.
A. Answers.

Q. Questions.
Cols. Colonies.

Re-com. Re-committed.
C. Commons.

Rep. Reported.
Com. Committee.

R.P. Report Progress.
com. Committed.

Reso. Resolution.
The subjects of Debate, as far as possible, are classified under General Headings :-.g.,


' A |

BERDEEN, EARL OF (Viscount Accumulations Bill [c. No. 277] ·

Intro. Sir R. Webster ; Read 1°, 1227
Labourers (Ireland) Allotments Bill, 530 Debated 1737 ; Read 2°, 1743

[blocks in formation]
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