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sunk amidst the various shocks of unstable faction; while, in searching out new expedients, pretended for our security, it has produced nothing but daily disappointments, and has brought us and our posterity under a precarious dependence upon foreign councils and interests, and the power of foreign troops. The late unhappy Union, which was brought about by the mistaken notions of some, and the ruinous and selfish designs of others, has proved so far from lessening and healing the differences betwixt his Majesty's subjects of Scotland and England, that it has widened and increased them. And it appears, by experience, so inconsistent with the rights, privileges, and interests of us and our good neighbours and fellow-subjects of England, that the continuance of it must inevitably ruin us, and hurt them; nor can any way be found out to relieve us, , and restore our ancient and independent constitution, but by the restoring our rightful and natural king, who has the only undoubted right to reign over us. Neither can we hope, that the party who chiefly contributed to bring us into bondage, will

, at any time, endeavour to work our relief ; since it's known how strenuously they opposed, in two late instances, the efforts that were made by all Scotsmen by themselves, and supported by the best and wisest of the English, towards so desirable an end, as they will not adventure openly to disown the dissolution of the Union to be. Our sub-' stance has been wasted in the late ruinous wars, and we see an unavoidable prospect of having wars continued on us and our posterity, so long as the possession of the crown is not in the right line. The hereditary rights of the subjects, though confirmed by conventions and parliaments,

are now treated as of no value or force ; and past services to the crown and royal family are now looked upon as grounds of suspicion. A packed up assembly, who call themselves a British parliament, have, so far as in them lies, inhumanly murdered their own and our sovereign, by promising a great sum of money as the reward of 80 execrable a crime. They have proscribed, by unaceountable and groundless impeachments and attainders, the worthy Patriots of England, for their bonourable and successful endeavours to restore trade, plenty, and peace, to these nations.

“ They have broken in upon the sacred laws of both countries, by which the liberty of our persons was secured; they have empowered a foreign prince (who, notwithstanding his expectations of the crown for fifteen years, is still unacquainted with our manners, customs, and language), to make an absolute conquest (if not timely prevented) of the three kingdoms, by investing himself with unlimited power, not only of raising unnecessary forces at home, but also of calling in foreign troops, ready to promote his uncontrollable designs. Nor can we be ever hopeful of it's being otherwise, in the way it is at present, for some generations to

And the sad consequences of these unexampled proceedings have really been so fatal to great numbers of our kinsmen, friends, and fellow-subjects, of both kingdoms, that they have been constrained to abandon their country, houses, wives and children, or give themselves up prisoners, and perhaps victims, to be sacrificed at the pleasure of foreigners, and a few hot-headed men of a restless faction, whom they employ. Our troops abroad,



notwithstanding their long and remarkably good services, have been treated, since the peace, with neglect and contempt, and particularly in Holland; and it's not now the officer's long service, merit, and blood they have lost, but money and favour, by which they can obtain justice in their preferments; so that it's evident, the safety of his Majesty's person, and the independency of his kingdoms, call loudly for immediate relief and defence.

“ The consideration of these unhappy circumstances, with the due regard we have to common justice, the peace and quiet of us and our posterity, and our duty to his Majesty, and his commands, are the powerful motives which have engaged us in our present undertaking, which we are firmly and heartily resolved to push to the utmost, and stand by one another to the last extremity, as the only solid and effectual means of putting an end to so dreadful a prospect as by our present situation we have before our eyes. With faithful hearts, true to our rightful king, our country, and our neighbours, we earnestly beseech and expect (as his Majesty commands) the assistance of all our true fellow-subjects to second our attempt ; declaring bereby our sincere intentions that we will promote and concur in all lawful means, for settling a lasting peace to these lands, under the auspicious government of our native-born rightful sovereign, the direction of our own domestic councils, and the protection of our native forces and troops.

That we will in the same manner concur, and endeavour to have our laws, liberties and properties, secured by the parliaments of both kingdoms, that by the wisdom of such parliaments, we will endeavour to have such laws enacted as shall give absolute security to us, and future ages, for the Protestant religion, against all efforts of arbitrary power, Popery, and all its other enemies.

“ Nor have we any reason to be distrustful of the goodness of God, the truth and purity of our holy religion, or the known excellence of his Majesty's judgment, as not to hope that, in due time, good example, and conversation with our learned divines, will remove those prejudices which we know his education in a Popish country has not riveted in his own discerning mind ; and we are sure, as justice is a virtue in all religions and professions, so, the doing of it to him will not lessen his good opinion of ours.

That as the King is willing to give his royal indemnity for all that is past, so he will cheerfully concur in passing general acts of oblivion, that our fellow-subjects, who have been misled, may have a fair opportunity of living with us, in the same friendly manner that we design to live with them. That we will use our endeavours for redressing the bad usage of our troops abroad, and bringing the troops at home on the same footing and establishment of pay as those of England. That we will sincerely and heartily go into such measures as shall maintain effectually and establish a right, firm, and lasting union betwixt his Majesty's ancient kingdom of Scotland, and our good neighbours and fellow-subjects of the kingdom of England.

The peace of these nations being thus settled, and we freed from foreign dangers, we will use our endeavours to have the army reduced to the usual number of guards and garrisons ; and will concur in such laws and methods, as shall relieve us of the heavy taxes and debts now lying upon us, and at the same time will support the public credit in all its parts. And we hereby faithfully promise and engage, that every officer who joins with us in our king and country's cause, shall not only enjoy the same post he now does, but shall be advanced and preferred according to his rank and station, and the number of men he brings off with him to us : and each foot-soldier so joining us shall have twenty shillings sterling, and each trooper or dragoon who brings his horse and accoutrements along with him, twelve pounds sterling gratuity money, besides their pay. And, in general, we shall concur with all our fellow-subjects in such measures as shall make us flourish at home and be formidable abroad under our rightful sovereign, and the peaceable harmony of our ancient fundamental constitution, undisturbed by a pretender's interests and councils from abroad, or a restless faction at home. In so honourable, so good, and just a cause, we do not doubt of the assistance, direction, and blessing of Almighty God, who has so often succoured the royal family of Stuarts, and our country from sinking under oppression."

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