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Just Published, in Foolscap 8vo., Part 1, Price 6d.; to be completed in Twelve

Monthly Parts.


POETICAL QUOTATIONS: Consisting of Choice Passages from the Sacred Poetry of All Ages and Countries. -- Illustrated by Striking Passages from Scripture, and forming altogether a complete Book of Devotional Poetry. Edited by H. G. ADAMS.


In Foolscap 8vo., Price 6s. 6d. cloth, or 78. 6d. elegantly gilt, with Vignette

Portraits of Chaucer, Shakspere, Dryden, Pope, Moore, and Byron.


QUOTATIONS: Consisting of Choice Passages from the Poets of Every Age and Country. Edited by H. G. ADAMS.

London: GROOMBRIDGE and Sons, 5, Paternoster Row.

London Literary Journal,


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UARTERLY EDUCATIONAL SUPPLENearly ready, price 15s. (in appropriate cloth boards),

MENT, on the 1st days of January, April, July, and October, to contain all the Educational Literature and Intelligence of the Quarter.

This Supplement is given without additional charge with the Critic of those


Upwards of 10,000 copies are circulated among Schools, Teachers, &c., and the best classes in the United Kingdom, rendering those numbers of the CRITIC peculiarly advantageous for ADVERTISEMENTS of all kinds, and especially for such as are connected with Education.

The Supplement is paged separately from the CRITIC, so as to bind into a distinct volume.

It is supplied regularly on the day of publication, for one year, to any person sending two shillings worth of postage or receipt stamps.

Three Supplements have already issued, and may still be had to complete sets, viz., for July and October, 1854, and January, 1855.

The EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT aims particularly at improving the status of the Schoolmaster.

Advertisements, Orders, and Books and School Apparatus for review to be sent as early in the quarter as possible to

The Critic Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand.


The Clerical Journal K Church and

a niversity Chronicle, CONTAINING an ample and impartial Record of

Ecclesiastical Literature and Progress, Home and Foreign, for the year 1854. Volume I. for 1853, may still be had, price 10s. 6d. cloth boards.

To the Theological and Historical Student these volumes will be invaluable as works of reference. By order of any Bookseller, or to be had from the Publisher,

JOHN CROCKFORD, 29, Essex Street, Strand, London.

Now Publishing, with The Clerical Sonrnal, and Chnrch and Muiorrsity Chronicle,

On the 8th and 22nd of each month,

The Clerical Directory,


Being a complete Statistical and Biographical Record

of the Clergy. THE whole of the information has been obtained

by a direct canvass of the Clergy, and is corrected to the day of publication.

Numerous valuable facts and dates contained in this work are not otherwise accessible. Among these are: Net Value of Livings.

of Publication, and Name of PubNames and Addresses of Private lisher. Patrons.

Place and Date of Graduation, and Amount of Tithe Rent-Charge.

Date of Taking Holy Orders. Acreage of Glebe.

University Honours and Prizes reClerical, Scholastic, and Public Ap- ceived by Clergymen.

pointments held by Clergymen. Correct Name and Address, and stateTitles of the Books of which Clergy- ment of Preferments held, or Duty

men are Authors; with Price, Date done, by each Clergyman.

Various other particulars are included, rendering THE CLERICAL DIRECTORY the most ample, complete, and informing record of the Clergy which has ever been published.

It will be continued in numbers on the 8th and 22nd of each month, and may be had by order of any bookseller or direct from the office; and it will be presented gratuitously to annual subscribers to the Clerical Journal and Church and University Chronicle.

The subscription to both Clerical Journal and Directory for the year is 128. nly. Full prospectuses will be forwarded, post free, to any one applying for them.

A specimen copy of Journal and Directory, tree by post, in return for nine postage-stamps.

London: JOHN CROCKFORD, 29, Essex Street, Strand.

Price 3d.

MAY 1, 1855.

for post, 4d.

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NOTICE.—This work is designed to form a collection of the choicest Poetry in the English Language. Nothing but what is really good will be admitted. No original poetry will find a place.



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The following will have a place:—"Gaston” (Edinburgh); “Rev. V. W.” (Dublin); “L. D.”; “Juvenis”; “Amelia”; “A Reader”; “F. R. S.”; “ Lex”; “ Senior”; “ Henry L."

The following do not suit us:-"An Aspirant” (Manchester); “Admirer”; “Q.”; “ D. C. L.”; “ Lector ” (Exeter); “N. B.” (York).

Poetical Intelligence.

It is said that ALEXANDER SMITH is busily engaged in the composition of a new poem. The subject is not known. The war has given occasion for an enormous quantity of bad rhymes and metrical nonsense. Our table is crowded with little poems celebrating the events in the Crimea in strains that fall miserably short of the spirit which such a theme might be expected to inspire. We have been unable to find in one of them a passage worthy of extract and permanent preservation here.

It has been said that MACAULAY contemplates some Ballads on the War, in the strain of his “ Lays of Ancient Rome." The news we fear is too good to be true. He only could do justice to the theme; but his pen is otherwise occupied.

The Poet Latreat has done his part in the spirited stanzas on the Cavalry Charge which we have already presented to our readers.

An application has been made to the government to bestow the next Literary Pension on EDWIN ATHERSTONE, the author of the “Fall of Nineveh," and other poems of great ability. We trust it will be successful.

There is no other news in the world of poetry.

THE NIGHTINGALE'S SONG. From a volume of poems by a Mr. BURBIDGE we select the following playful description, the accuracy of which will be recognised by all familiar with its object. The writer of this must have some fine powers of poetry, and is on the high road to renown.

HEAR the answering nightingale !
Far and near the throbbing song
Rises, sinks, or floats along !
Low or loud, serene, sedate,
Plaintive, peaceful, passionate;
Shyly threads the darkened alleys,
Walled and roofed with scented leaves ;
Echoed down the swarded vallies,
Climbs the feathered mountain-cleaves,
Till upon the waters falling,
In its sad and sweet decay,
Dies in silence more enthralling
The delicious roundelay.


FEED her with the leaves of Love!
(Love, the rose, that blossoms here)!
Music, gently 'round her move!
Bind her to the cypress near!
Weave her 'round and 'round,
With skeins of silken sound!
'Tis a little stricken deer,
Who doth from the hunter fly,
Wandering here to droop-to die,
Ignorant of her wound!
Soothe her with sad stories,
O Poet, till she sleep!
Dreams, come forth with all your glories !
Night, breathe soft and deep!
Music, 'round her creep!
If she steal away to weep,



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