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dis-gust diz-gúst en-cave ěn-kāve' con-temn kõn-těm dis-join diz-jdin' en-chain ăn-tshāne con-tent kỳn-tbnt dis-like diz-like en-close én-klose con-tend kön-těnd dis-limb dis-lim' en-dear én-dēēr' con-tort kön-tòrt dis-lodge dis-lodje' en-dict en-dite' con-trive kõn-trive' dis-mask dis-măsk' en-down-ddû' con-trol kõn-troll' dis-may dis-ma

en-due én-dū con-vene kõn-vēne' dis-miss dis-mis' en-feof ěn-feef con-vert kön-vērt' dis-own diz-one' en-force ěn-förse'

con-vey lòn-va dis-place dis-plāse' en-gage ěn-gāje' con-voke kõn-yöke dis-play dis-pla' cn-gross en-gros' con-vulse kön-vŭlse dis-pose dis-pöze on-hance ăn-hinse cra-vat kri-vat dis-robe dis-rõbe' en-joy én-joe cur-tail kūr-tale dis-sect dis-sēkt'


Push back the bowl.
1. Push back the bowl! its charms', to-day",

Will vanish o'er to-morrow';
Its potent fumes', will die away',

And leave you', wreck'd with sorrow'.
2. Although it lights the sparkling eyes',

With momentary pleasure',
Yet', when the cheating poison dies',

Wo follows at its leisure'.
3. Push back the howl! the ruddy wine,

Is but a treacherous snare';
Fell serpents round the goblet twine',

And leave their poison there'.
4. A blaze of rapturous joy may seem

To issue from the bowl';
You bask', a moment', in the gleam',

Then drink', and drown the soul".
5. Push back the bowl! Its Judas kişs',

Soon lays its victim low';
Why revel in a brutish bliss',

To find an age of wo?
6. Let reason's voice be heard, supreme;

Take temperance for your guide';
Lest', launch'd on dissipation's stream',

You sink beneath its tide',

Ans. 3 years.

DOUBLE PROPORTION.---LESSON 11. 7. If the tuition of 3 boys, for 6 months, be $40,20, what will that of 60 boys amount to for 4 years?

Ans. $7236. 8. B. lent $186 on interest, at the close of 8 inonths, he received $193.44; what was the rate per cent. per annum?

Ans. - $6. 9. D. lent $100, 12 months for $8; in what time will $750 gain $8401

10. A. went 240 miles in 12 days, when the days were 12 hours long; in what time will he go 720 miles, when the days are 16 hours long? :

Ans. 27 days. 11. 3 masters had each & apprentices, and in 5 weeks, of 6 days each, their united wages came to $360; how much will 5 masters, each 10 apprentices, earn unitedly, in 8 weeks, each 5 days?

Ans. $1076.55. 12. If 145 men make a wall 32 feet high and 40 feet long, in 8 days, in what time will 68 men build a wall 28 feet high and 40 feet long?

Ans. 15 days nearly. GRAMMAR.-LESSON 12.

Exercises in Parsing. Joseph has equal knowledge, but inferior judgment. He is his inferior in strength, but his superior in prudence. Every being loves its like. Make a like distribution of both, and behave yourself like a man of sound sense. Seek and esteem good company. The good like the good alike. or stay, just as we like, but we must choose one.

They try to walk, to sit, to stand, to run, and to lie, but in vain. You

go to and fro in the world, without end or aim. As fifteen is to thirty, so is five to ten. The proportion is as nine to three. He acts in proportion to his means. He will pay, for he knows the law. It is for his peace. Yesterday was a fine day, but to-day is still finer. To-morrow shall be as to day, and more abundant.

Oh! for better days.

SPELLING.–LESSON 13. en-sure ěn-shūre' ex-pire ēk-spīre' in-clude in-klude' en-tail ěn-tāle' ex-plain eks-pläne in-crease in-krēse' en-tice ěn-tise'

ex-plode ěks-plode' in-cur in-kūr' en-tomb en-tôôm' ex-ploit ēks-pidit in-debt in-dět' -en-trance ěn-trănse' ex-plore ēks-plore in-dict in-dīte' en-treat ěn-trēte'

ex-port ēks-port' in-dow in-dòû' .es-cape ěs-kāpe ex-pose eks-pose' in-dnce in-dūse

ex-press ēks-prēs' in-duct in-dükt'

We may go

es-say ès-sa'

ex-act ēgs-ăkť ex-tend ēks-těnd in-dulge in-dulje ex-alt égs-ált' ex-tol ēks-tól in-fect in-fékt ex-cel ěk-sěl ex-tort ēks-tort' in-firm in-ferm' ex-cept ēk-sépt' ex-tract ēks-trăkt' in-flect in-flěkť ex-cess ēk-sěs' ex-ude ēk-sūde' in-flict in-flikt' ex-cite ěk-site' ex-ult égs-últ in-fringe in-frinjer ex-clude ěks-klūde' ga-zette gă-zęt' in-fuse in-fūze' ex-cuse eks-kūze' gaz-on găz-ôôn' in-gulph in-gúlf ex-empt égs-ěmpt' hus-sar hūz-zar?

in-lay in-la ex-ert égs-ěrt' il-lapse il-lăps' in-quire in-kwire' ex-hale ěgs-häle' im-brue im-bro' in-spect in-spěkt' ex-hort égs-bòrt im-bue im-bū' in-stead, in-stěd ex-ile ēg-zile im-pair im-páre in-still in-stil ex-ist ég-zist im-pearl im-pěr in-struct in-strúkt' ex-pand ěk-spă nd' im-ply im-pli in-tomb in-tôôm ex-pect ěk-spěkt' im-pose im-poze' in-tronch in-trēnsh ex-pel ěk-spěl im-press im-prés' in-trude in-trood' ex-pend ēks-pěnd' im-prove im-prov' in-volve in-võlv? ex-pert éks-pěrt' in-case in-kāse'.

in-wrap in-răp'

1. O what is life, but some dark dream',

From which man wakes to sigh'!
Some false, deceitful, meteor beam',

That'sheds a wandering', cheerless glean',

And brightens' but to die!!
2. O what are man's fleet joys below',

But cares bedeck'd with smiles!
The pageants of an empty show',

That fain would hide the latent wo',

From him, it oft beguiles!!
3. And what the secret, pensive tear',

But kindly dews of even'!
Each drop', pellucid', sparkling clear",

To sympathy',--to virtue dear',
Is soon exhal'd to heaven'.

PROPORTION.--LESSON 15. There is another method of stating questions in this rulez, - which is sometimes preferred.

Rule 2. 1. Put that term of the supposition which implies the principal cause of action, gain or loss, in the 1st place:

2. That term which relates to time, place, distance, &c, the 2d place.




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8. And the other suppositive term in the 3d place.

4. Put the two remaining terms of demand immediately undder those of the same name and kind.

5. If the blank place for the term sought, falls under the Bd term, then multiply the 1st and 2d terms for a divisor, and the other three for a dividend, the quotient will be the sixth term.

6. But if the blank fall under the first or second term, then inultiply the 3d and 4th terms for a divisor, and the other three for a dividend; and the quotient will be the answer.

7. If two men can do 12 'rods of ditching in 6 days, what will 8 men do in 24 days?

2 6

12 : :

Then, 2X6=12 Divisor.
8 24

12X8=96 X 24=2304 Dividend.

and 2304-12=192, Answer. EXERCISES IN PARSING. LESSON 16. IIis character stands fair. Damp air lies low. Guilt damps his spirits. Soft bodies damp the sound. They are still young; let them not judge yet a while. The few and the many have their faults. Few months pass without rain. We hail

Hail you the morning star. The hail pelts the glass. Much money is wanted. Think much and speak little. He took much care. His years are more than hers, but he is not more wise, or learned. The more he got money, the more he seemed to want it. The desire of getting more is not satisfied.

SPELLING.-LESSON 17. ma-chine mă-shēēn' oc-cur ök-kúr sur-prise súr-prize main-tain mēn-tāne' op-pose op-põze' sur-tout săr-toột ma-rine mă-rēēn' op-press op-prěs' sur-vey sür-vā' mis-call mis-kâwľ pěr-ceive pěr-sēve' sus-pect sús-pěkt' mis-cast mis-kăst' per-plex pěr-plěks' sus-tain sūs-tāne mis-do mis-dôô' pol-tron pol-trôên tra-duce tră-düce mis-doubt mis-ddüt' pos-sess põz-zěs' trans-act trăns-ăkt mis-give mis-giv' pur-vey păr-vā' trans-fix trăns-fiks' mis-lead mis-lēde' qua-drille kū-dril un-blown ún-blöne' mis-pend mis-spěnd' rac-koon răk-kôôn' uu-bought un-băwi' mis-rule mis-rőôl' ra-gout ră-gôô' un-case ún-kāsē' mis-use mis-ūze sub-ject sub-jékť un-caught un-kòwt ob-lique ob-like' sub-serve şüb-sěry' un-chain ún-tshăne ob-scene ob-sēēne' sub-tract sŭb-trăkt' un-clasp ün-klăsp' ob-serve ob-zērv' suc-ceed súk-sēēd' un-clean ủn-klene

you friends.

qb-struct ob-strūkt suc-cess sūk-sěs un-chew ūn-klü ob-tain ob-tane' suf-fice sūf-fize' an-clog un-blog ab-trude ob-trôôd sur-mise sūr-mize' un-ctose ūn-kloze' OC-cult ök-kult'

sur-pass sūr-păs READING.LESSON 18.

Old Time.
1. I stood upon a misty hill

In youth's primeval bloom',
Far in the north hung winter chill',

In everlasting gloom!
2. Hard by me stood an old gray man,

And hollow was his eye';
And with his long and skinny hands",

He prun'd his wings to fly!
3. The old man said, “my name is Tinie";

I am',--and aye shall be';
I live alike in every clime',

On land, and on the sea'.
4. I am at war with all the ea:th';

Nature' and man'”, said he';
"And what to them shall owe its birtli',

Shall owe its death to me.
5. He pointed to a mansion gay',

And said, come, mark its fall';
He bade his storms upon it play',
And on his


did call'.
6. The mansion soon in ruin lay',

With thistles over grown';
He bade the winds around it stray',
Till every trace was gone!

Promiscuous Exercises in Single and Double Proportion.

16. Suppose a rocket was seen at the moment of discharge, 12 seconds after, the report was heard, at what distance was the gun?

Ans. 27 miles nearly. 17. When a stick 8 feet long, casts a shadow on fevel ground 12 feet, how wide is the river across which a tower, 180 feet high, throws its shadow at the same time?

Ans. 270 feet.

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