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pt. iv, n. 8


Three babies' heads; by Helen Kolb. Valse noble, from the Carniv [Drawing showing profile of baby at Schumann; by Leon Bakst. [ left, front view of one in center and three-quarter view drawing of m three-quarter view of one at right.] cutaway suit standing with sill © 1 c. Feb. 3, 1914; G 45848.

in left hand.] BARRÈRE (A.) Paris.


© 1 c. each Jan. 2, 1914; G 4

45492. Autos (Les) [Frieze in six sections showing people driving crude automobiles down country road.]

BERLINGER (J. M.) New York.

Architectural plan of Victor 1 Bateaux (Les) (Frieze in six sec

uel monument in Rome. Outline tions showing cottages, and sheep graz- ing of two pillars connected by ing, on bank of lake where several

© 1 c. Jan. 3, 1914; G 45516. sail-boats are passing.) Danses persanes. [Frieze in six sec

Victor Emanuel monument in tions showing girls attired in bloomers,

Architectural front view drawi jacket and scarf, dancing. ]

equestrian monument in front o

ace. © 1 c. Jan. 3, 1914; G 4551 Foret de Fontainebleau. [Frieze in six sections showing small forest of scattering trees in which man is cut

BERNARDINI STATUARY CO., New ting wood and two women with child carrying brush.)

Rita (Saint) of Cascia; by F. Marquises (Les) (Frieze in six sec.

[Statue of woman in nun's garb tions showing women in fancy hoop

ing before crucifix.) © 1 c. F skirt dresses, on lawn.]

1914; G 46001. © 1 c. each Jan. 27, 1914; G 4571145715.



Bright eyes. [Front bust pe Chicago.

[28, 29

of girl, in sailor suit, laughing Motor nervous system compared 1 c. Jan. 20, 1914; G 45616. with an electric lighting system. [Drawing of human body showing

Call of the Madonna. (Fron nervous system.) © 1 c. Jan. 10, 1914;

portrait of girl in low-neck G 45619.

with hair parted in middle and

ing over shoulders, looking uj Sympathetic nervous system com

1 c. Jan. 28, 1914; G 45716. pared with an office building. [Drawing of human trunk showing bones Eyes that speak. [Right and nerves.] © 1 c. Jan. 10, 1914; quarter view bust portrait of G45618.

low-neck dress inclining head

left shoulder.) © 1 c. Jan. 28 BERLIN PHOTOGRAPHIC Co., New York.

G 45717.

[30-35 Archer, from St. Sebastian; by Leon

Madonna Contemplation. Fro Bakst. (Drawing, back view, of man

portrait of young woman api in Roman garb standing with bow in

above bank of flowers, with wr right hand.)

thorns and cross in backgrou

1 c. Feb. 24, 1914; G 46017. Bayadere, from Drieu bleu; by Leon Bakst. (Front view of oriental man Realization of the Madonna. in stage costume dancing. ]

three-quarter view bust portrait Danse orientale. (Profile drawing

with wreath over head, attired of oriental woman dancing with long

neck dress. ] © 1 c. Jan. 28 scarf in hands.]

G45718. Fiance, for Dieu bleu; by Leon Woodland drire. [Smooth Bakst. (Front view, drawing, of ori- through woods of large tall tre ental man in ornate costume standing. | 1 c. Jan. 20, 1914; G 45617. looking over right slioulder.)

BOOTS PURE DRUG Sacrificial attendant, from Dieu

CO., LTD., bleu ; by Leon Bakst. [Front view

ham, England. drawing of man in oriental priestly Little Brurver. Little girl dress standing with long staff in left baby in her arms. C 1 c. hand. ]

1914; G 45525.

DO. 1, 1914


el Castowe CHarriet Beecher) : by Co

BOSSEL (LOCIS A.) New York. [46 CAPRONI (P. P.) & BRO., INC.-Conti.

Angelus (The), the school and the cross. (School scene showing children rus E. Dallin. Sculptured bust, on playing in front of school-house, with square moulded base, of woman with the angelus above and cross at right.] lace collar and drapery over shoulders. ©1 c. Jan. 6, 1914; G 45705.

© 1 c. Feb. 13, 1914; G 43927. BBACKEX (CLIO) Brighton, Mass. [47 Tennyson (Alfred); by Raffaello Dancers (The). Statuette of man

Gironi. Sculptured bust of Tennyson and woman dancing the turkey-trot.

ba reheaded and wearing buttoned coat. © 1 c. Jan. 8, 1914; G 45513.

© 1 c. Jan. 19, 1914; G 45572. BRACONY (LEOPOLD), New York.

Washington at Trenton; by Raffaello [48

Gironi. Bas-relief plaque showing Uncle Sam after the completion of Washington


horseback holding the Panama Canal. [Statue of Uncle sword in right hand and chapeau on Sam seated on one bank of canal with left arm.

© 1 c. Jan. 19, 1914; G right hand resting on the other while 45569. ships pass under his arm. ©1 c. Jan. 16, 1914; G 45543.

CARLI (L.) & co., Philadelphia. (60 BUETON, SAMUEL CHATWOOD, Urbana,

Moose. Plaster model of bull moose Ill.


standing. © 1 c. Feb. 14, 1914; G

45934. Whither. Relief panel showing four winged horses drawing chariot in

CHILD (EDWIN B.), New York. (61 #bich are a man seated driving and Three panel decoration with archiwoman at his side embracing him. © tectural setting. [In left panel, entitlei 1 c. Jan. 9. 1914; G 45521.

Spring, are two girls and child gatherBrsson (GUILLAUME), Paris. [50, 51

ing flowers; in central panel, entitled

Goddess Hera fostering the fine arts, Hallali de chevreuil; de Georges

is draped woman in grove holding canBusson. (Huntsmen in forest sur

vas and looking down at three musirounding pack of dogs which have

cians, and right panel, Autumn, shows caught a buck.) © 1 c. Feb. 17, 1914;

woman with basket of grapes on head G 45933.

standing by man and child squatted Hallali de sanglier; de Georges near urn.] © 1 c. Jan. 31. 1914; Busson. (Group of huntsmen in for- G 45731. est watching pack of dogs fighting wild boar in pool.) © 1 c. Feb. 17,




Caduceus. Two serpents twined CAPRONI (P. P.) & BRO., INC., Boston.

about torch with two outstretched (52-59

wings at top. © 1 c. Jan. 2. 1914: Cayuse at spring: by Cyrus E. Dal. G 45702. lin. Statuette of Ute chief, with papoose, on back of horse which is drink

CHURCH (FREDERICK STUART). New ing from spring. 1 c. Jan. 19, 1914;


[63-68 G 45570.

Dance (The) Young girl seated on Dickens (Charles); by Raffaello bank clapping her hands to time of Gironi. Sculptured bust of Dickens, bear dancing. © 1 c. Feb. 25. 1914; with bare head, wearing open coat.

G 46021. © 1c. Jan. 19, 1914; G 45573.

Girl with pink vine and flamingoes. Edward VII, king; by W. Pierce

Four flamingoes in lily pond watching Roberts. Sculptured bust of king in

girl standing on bank, holding vine of uniform showing medals. © 1 c. Jan.

flowers. © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45628. 19, 1914; G 45567.

Head in charcoal. Life size head Lincoln (Abraham); by Cyrus E.

of girl in charcoal, with pastel touches. Dallin. Statuette of 'Lincoln stand: | © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46022. ing bareheaded, in meditative position, Just a sketch. Left profile charcoal with chin resting on left hand and drawing of girl's head with flowing right holding scroll. © 1 c. Jan. 19, hair. © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 13629. 1914; G 45571.

Peggy. Left three-quarter view bust Lion of Lucerne; by Raffaello portrait of girl, with high bonnet Gironi. Bas-relief plaque of lion lying trimmed in roses and curly locks hangprone on rock with paw on helmet. © ing on each side of face. smiling. 1 c. Jan. 19, 1914; G 45569.

© 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45630.


pt. iv, n. S., v. 9

CHURCH (FREDERICK STUART) - Contd. Davis (LEONARD M.)-Continued.

Sea-gulls. Front bust portrait of Taku glacier. River of ice flanked girl in low-neck dress with flowing by mountains on each side, with small hair on background of flying sea- icebergs floating in water in foregulls. © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45631. ground. © 1 c. Jan. 23, 1914; G 45695. CLARK (JAMES L.), New York. [69, 70

DE MARCO & ROMOLI, New York. (81 African black rhino. [Statue of

Time is money. [Sculpture figure of large rhinoceros standing.) © 1 c.

draped woman standing by large Jan. 2, 1914; G 45483.

clock.] © 1 c. Jan. 26, 1914; G 45700. Rhinoceros. Statuette of rhinoceros

DI LEVA (M.) ART EMBROIDERY CO., New standing with head lowered and fore- York.

[82 feet together. © 1 c. Jan. 13, 1914;

Lion. Lion in bas-relief standing on G 45528.

platform protecting united relief bars

labeled, O. F. D. I. © 1 c. Feb. 3, COCKETT (MARGUERITE S.), Boston. [71

1914; G 46090. Madonna and child. [Statue of Mary standing with child Jesus on DILLON, MCLELLAN & BEADEL, New right arm.] © 1 c. Jan. 17, 1914;


(83 G45706.

Proposed hall of historic records.

[Drawing of large square building in DA PRATO (A.) co., Charlestown, Mass. Roman style with five arches at en

[72-76 trance.) © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45632. Angel for candelabra, 1. [Statue of

DRAYTON (GRACE G.) New York. angel holding long neck oriental lamp

(84-86 orer left shoulder.) © 1 c. Jan, 23, 1914; G 45689.

Kubist kiddie. [Angular drawing of

little boy.] © 1 c. Dec. 10, 1913; G - 2. [Statue of angel holding long

45623. neck oriental lamp over right shoulder.] © 1 c, Jan, 23, 1914; G 45690.

Kubist kitty. (Angular drawing of

cat.] © 1 c. Dec. 10, 1913; G 45621. Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary. [Statue of Virgin Mary in drapery

Kubist kur. [Angular drawing of standing on serpent with two cherubs

small dog with one ear lapped.] © at her feet.] © 1 c. Jan. 17, 1914; G

1 c. Dec. 10, 1913; G 45622. 45549.

DURAND (J. M.) Paris.

[87 Head of Christ after Pochini; by

Communion de la Sainte Vierge. Antonio Da Prato. [Sculptured bust of Christ dead on cross.]

[Man in priestly robes administering © 1 c.

the Lord's Supper to woman kneeling Jan. 17, 1914; G 45550.

before altar.) © 1 c. Feb. 3, 1914; G Preta. [Sculptured group of Mary 45752. seated on rock holding body of Jesus across her lap.] © 1 c. Jan. 23, 1914;



[88, 89

Omar Khayyam book end, 1. Figure DAVIS (LEONARD J.) New York. of man seated on ground holding scroll

[77-80 on knees. © 1 c. Feb. 14, 1914; G Lake Atlin. Sharp mountain peak

45931. rising behind foothills which project

-2. Woman seated on ground into lake at left, with mountains in holding bird on one hand and bowl in background. © 1 c. Jan. 23, 1914; G the other. © 1 c. Feb. 14, 1914; G 45696.

45932. Palisades of the Yukon. [View of

ELWELL (R. FARRINGTON), Needham, large river with long continuous line


[90 of steep bluffs on left bank which are reflected in the water.] © 1 c. Jan, 23,

Indian head. Right profile relief of

Indian head with war bonnet. © 1 c. 1914; G 45697.

Dec. 20, 1913; G45625. Serpentine aurora borealis. From bottom of canvas, in distance, starts

ETTL (JOHN) New York.

[91 fine serpent-like line of light which in- Lincoln (Abraham). Sculptured creases in size as it nears top, making bust on pedestal with name, Lincoln, seven zig-zag folds. © 1 c. Jan, 23, in panel © 1 c. Jan. 24, 1914; G 1914: G 4569S.


Do. 1, 1914


FAIRBANKS (AVARD) Salt Lake City. Franz (CHARLES) Jamaica, N. Y. [92, 93

(106, 107 Alaska brown bear. Statue of large Ochangeo ornaments and novelties, 5. bear sitting on haunches looking in [Drawing of baseball players, actors, distance. © 1 c. Jan 20, 1914; G soldiers, musical instruments, etc. on 45376,

large sheet.) © 1 c. Jan, 21, 1914; G Playing lion cubs. Sculptured group

45627. of two cubs, one of which has thrown

Ochangeo ornaments and novelties, 6. the other down. © 1 c. Jan. 20, 1914; [Drawing of letters of alphabet, cornuG 15575.

copia, bottle, etc. on large sheet.) ©

1 c. Feb. 18, 1914; G 46003. FABINI (M.) New York. (94-101 Afternoon rererie. (Front view of


(103 young woman seated in sedan with open fan against her cheek.)

Twain (Mark) Right profile bust Elnor. [Front bust portrait of girl

in bas-relief on plaque. © 1 c. Feb. 21, in boudoir cap and low-cut dress.)

1914; G 46008. Florence. [Right three-quarter view FREY (CHARLES DANIEL) Chicago. bust portrait of girl wearing low-neck

[109 dress with bunch of flowers at bosom.) Michigan boulevard building; by Louise. [Left profile and back view

Herbert Leo Grout. [Drawing of high of girl wearing wrap and lace cap. ]

office building facing wide boulevard

filled with carriages and automobiles.) Meditation. (Young woman seated © 1 c. Feb. 16, 1914; G 46092. by small table embroidering handkerchief on round frame.]


(110 Morning. [Young woman seated on

Spirit of mischief; by Clyde .. side of bed arranging her hair.]

Gardner. [Grotesque statuette of

child with tail, and four little born: Vight. [Young woman seated in on head.) © 1 c. Jan. 14, 1914; G bed, under canopy, with open book in 45532. lap resting cheek on right hand.)

GARGURWICH (ANTON VICTOR) Berke. Sweet repose. (Little girl lying in

ley, Cal.

[111, 112 bed asleep.]

Double seal that is never broke. © 1 c. each Jan, 20, 1914; G 45596– [Coin between two poppies above cir45603.

cular scene showing pioneer on

side of big bear and angel on the other, FELTON (EZRA W.) Marengo, Ia. [102 with rocky island in background.) © Long Lake Indiana, looking north.

1 c. Jan. 19, 1914; G 45763. [View over lake with trees and dense I'm the man that put seal on Seal shrubbery along its banks.) © 1 c. Rock, for the exposition of 1915 San Feb. 14, 1914; G 45930.

Francisco. [Ribbon across circular

disk with scene of man on snow shoes FERGUSOX (George W.), Stevens Point,

passing seals on rock.] © 1 c. Jan. 19, Wis.


1914; G 45762. Old straw bat with eggs. Eggs on GOODRICH (BLANCHE ISABELL) Somerstraw and feathers in old straw hat ville, Mass.

(119 lying on ground. © 1 c. Jan. 17, 1914;

Kutie Kue. [Right three-quarter G 15548.

view of small boy in shirt-jacket and

knee-pants standing, with new moon at Fonseca (JOSÉ DE) New York. [104 right.] © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46023.

Lord's card. (Cross enveloped in clouds dotted with nine eyes, with in

GUNN (ARCHIE) New York. [111-117 scription, Come my people, above.) ©

Adelaide. [Left three-quarter view 1 c. Jan. 24, 1914; G 45744.

bust portrait of girl wearing large hat

turned up at side and tied under chin. ) FRANKLIN (DWIGHT) New York. (105

© 1 c. Jan. 20, 1914; G 45592. Campers (The) Sculptured pair of Elsie. [Right profile bust portrait bookends showing one man cooking of girl in low-cut dress with flowers 112 and another watching fire. © 1 c. Feb. hair and on bosom.) © 1 c. Jan. 20, 26, 1914; G 16093.

1914; G 45595.



pt. IV, D. 8., v. 9

GUNN (ARCHIE)-Continued.

HARVEY (FRED)—Continued. Margaret. [Left three-quarter view Ladies retiring room, Union termibust portrait of girl, in low-cut dress, nal station, Wichita, Kan.; by Herbert with flowers in hair and on bosom.] L. Grout. (Interior of long room with © 1 c. Jan. 20, 1914; G 45593.

benches along sides where several Marietta. [Front bust portrait of

women are seated.] © 1 c. Jan. 23 girl in low-cut dress with large bunch

1914; G 45694. of flower at bosom.] © 1 c. Jan. 20, Mirage (The) ; by Herbert L. Grout. 1914; G 45594.

[Two men mounted on horses and one

on foot at foot of rocky hill pointing HACKNER (E.) Co., La Crosse, Wis. to small lake in distance surrounded

(118-188 | by shrubbery.] © 1 c. Jan. 19, 1914; Main altar designed for Adoration

G 45704. chapel, St. Joseph's convent, Milwau- Soda fountain and entrance to Union kee, Wis.: by Egid Hackner. Marble terininal station, Wichita, Kan.; by and mosaic altar with figure of angel Herbert L. Grout. (Soda fountain, in on each side of tabernacle, surmounted large room, at right of doorway leadby three angels. ©1 c. Feb. 16, 1914; ing to trains.] © 1 c. Jan. 23, 1914; G 45936.

G 45693. Main altar designed for St. Joseph's HARWOOD (JOHN) & STANHOPE (FREDchurch, Miesville, Minn.; by Egid

ERICK), New York.

(129 Hackner. Altar with crucifixion group

Grumpy. above tabernacle, surmounted by dome

[Grotesque statuette of and cross. © 1 c. Feb. 6, 1914; G

Cyril Maude in stage character of 45836.

Grumpy standing with hands closed

and right foot on bundle of papers.) Marble main altar designed for All © 1 c. Feb. 2, 1914; G 45734. Saints church, Stuart, Iowa ; by Egid Hackner. Altar of stone with canopy

HERING (HENBY) New York. (130–133 top made in wood. © 1 c. Feb. 6, Courage. [Statue of man standing 1914; G 45835.

with shield and sword in right hand,

helmet on head and cloak over left Side altar, designed for St. Alphonsus church; by Egid Hackner.

shoulder.) © 1 c. Feb. 10, 1914; G

45845. Side altar with elaborate hand carvings, reliefs on sides and angels in

Devotion. [Statue of young man central wood carvings. © 1 c. Jan. 8,

standing with cloak over shoulders 1914; G 45514.

and flag in right hand.) © 1 c. Feb.

10, 1914; G 45847. Side altar designed for St. Joseph's

Memory. [Statue of draped woman convent, Milwaukee, Wis.; by Egid

standing with left hand behind head Hackner. [Marble and mosaic altar

and right holding hourglass.) © 1 c. with statue of Virgin Mary in niche

Feb. 10, 1914; G15846. above altar table.) © 1 c. Feb. 16, 1914; G 45937.

Peace. (Statue of draped woman

standing with baby on right arm and HARPER (R. FORD) Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.

laurel branch in left hand.] © 1 c.

[123, 124 Feb. 10, 1914; G 45844. Gwendolin. [Left three-quarter HERTZ (VIOLET) New York. [134 view bust portrait of girl wearing

Champagne girl. [Drawing of nude wide-brimmed hat and low-cut dress

girl, decorated in ornaments, standing with chiffon about neck.] © 1 c. Jan.

in champagne glass.) © 1 c. Nov. 26, 28, 1914; G 45742.

1913; G 45859. Lydia. (Right three-quarter view bust portrait of girl in low-neck dress HOARD (MARGARET) New York. [135 and wide-brimmed hat.) © 1 c. Jan.

Nursery bowl. (Large bowl sup28, 1914; G 45743.

ported by three rabbits.] © 1 c. Feb. HARVEY (FRED), Kansas City, Mo.

9, 1914; G 45513.

(125-128 HODGSON (Caspar W.) Yonkers, N. Y. El Ortiz, Lamy, New Mexico; by

[136 Herbert L. Grout. [Old Spanish mis- Kaspar, Daphne and Forest Hodgsion with truncated tower in center son; by Cartaino Scarpitta. [Sculpfanked by porch on each side.] © 1 c. tured group of busts of three children Jan. 19, 1914; G 45703.

showing front view of child in center

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