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M'Muster were on Tuesday found guilty riot prevailed wherever individuals refused of violently assaulting and deforcing Du- to comply with the cry of the multitude gald Cameron, an Excise officer, at Strath- for “ lights." In the Strand, the offices of blane, in February last, and sentenced to the ministerial papers felt the effects of the seven years' transportation.

indignation of the populace. The Riot 27. -Seditious Placards.-Mr Fletcher, Act was read in front of the Courier or Franklin, accused of fabricating and cir. Office by Mr Minshull, one of the Magis. culating infiammatory placards, (as stated trates of Bow-street, and parties of the at page 372 of this Volume,) has escaped, Life Guards continued parading along the notwithstanding the vigilant pursuit of Mr Strand till an early hour in the morning. Pearson the solicitor, along with one of the The people, however, manifested the greatBow-street officers. A reward of L. 100 est cordiality towards the military, who, on was offered by the Queen's Plate Commit- their part, conducted themselves with the tee, and another of L. 200 by Government, utmost propriety. On Saturday the Lord for his apprehension, but without effect. A Mayor gave public notice that the Mansionletter has been received from Franklin, by house would be illuminated on that evenone of the Bow-street magistrates, dated ing and Monday. On these occasions, the Dunkirk, 19th instant, avowing his guilt, illuminations were general and splendid. but ridiculing all attempts to apprehend The villages and towns round London dishim. On the 17th a warrant was granted played the same enthusiastic joy; and all at Bow.street against Mr Dennis O'Bryen, the coaches arriving or departing from the charged, on the oath of a bill-sticker, with metropolis were decorated with laurel being concerned with Franklin in the ma. boughs, and the horses with white favours. nufacture of those atrocious placards. Mr The intelligence was received in Edinburgh O'Bryen attended voluntarily at the police on Monday, and excited a great sensation office, but on a subsequent day the warrant among all ranks, although the feeling was was discharged, the bill-sticker having de. not displayed in the same public manner clared that he was mistaken in the person. as in London. A few individuals, how. XOVEMBER

ever, lighted up their windows on Tues. 16.-THE QUEEN.-The fate of the day and last night, and at Leith the ves. Bill of Pains and Penalties against the sels in the harbour hoisted their colours, Queen, noticed in our Parliamentary Re- which continued floating in the wind durgister, called forth a burst of public feeling, ing the whole of Monday. In Glasgow such as has rarely, if ever, before been partial illuminations also took place, and witnessed in the metropolis. On Friday, the feelings of the populace were displaySaturday, and Monday last, illuminations ed by the burning of tar barrels on the took place. On Friday a disposition to streets in the evening.


Acts passed in the First Year of the Reign of George IV., or in the First Session of

the Seventh Parliament of the United Kingdom. Cap. LV). For the summary Punish Cap. LX. To amend and continue two ment, in certain Cases, of Persons wilful. Acts passed in the fifty.seventh year of his ly or maliciously damaging or committing late Majesty King George the Third, for Trespasses on public or private Property.- authorizing the issue of Exchequer Bills July 15, 1820.

and the advance of money for carrying on Cap. LVII. To repcal an Act passed of Public Works and Fisheries, and Emin the fifty-seventh year of the reign of his ployment of the Poor; and to extend the late Majesty King George the Third, in. powers of the Commissioners fur executing tituled, An Act to abolish the Punishment the said Acts in Great Britain.—July 15. of Public Whipping on Female Offenders, Cap. LXI. To charge additional duties and to make further provisions in lieu on the importation of certain articles into thereof.—July 15.

the Isle of Man, and to regulate the trade Cap. LVIII. For the better securing of the said Island. July 15. the Excise Duties on Paper and Paste. Cap. LXII. To continue, until the board.-- July 15.

first day of January, One thousand eight Cap. LIŚ. To amend, revive, and hundred and twenty-two, an Act of the continue, until the twenty-fifth day of fifty-ninth year of his late Majesty, for March, One thousand eight hundred and staying proceedings against any Governor twenty-five, an act of the fifty-second year or other persons concerned in imposing and of his late Majesty, for regulating the se- levying duties in New South Wales ; for paration of damaged from sound Coffee, continuing certain duties; and for empowand for permitting dealers to send out any ering the said Governor to levy a duty on quantity of Coffee, not exceeding eigbt spirits made in the said Colony.- July pounds weight, without permit.-July 15, 15.





Chief Magistrates of Scottish Burghs. Aberdeen-Gavin Hadden

Old-George M'Innes
Arbroath-Jaynes Marnie
Auehtermuchty-David Scott
Ayr-David Límond
Brechin-Colin Gillies
Burntisland-Robert Ferguson
Culross James Gibson
Cupar, Fife Andrew Christie
Dingwall-Colin Mackenzie
Doruoch-Marquis of Stafford
Dumbarton-John Dixon
Dumfries- - William Thomson
Dumbar-William Hume
Dundee-David Brown
Dunfermline--Major D. Wilson
Edinburgh-John Manderstou
Elgin-Alexander Innes
Falkland-William Gulland
Forfar-Charles Webster
Fortrose-Roderick Macfarquhar
Gatehouse-James Kirkpatrick
Glasgow-John T. Alston
Haddington-Peter Dobs
Hamilton-William Hamilton
Helensburgh-Jacob Dixon
Inverary-John Campbell
Inverkeithing-Hon. F. W. Primerose
Irvine-Archibald Montgomerie
Jedburgh-George Hilston
Kilmarnock-John Fulton
Kirkaldy-Williain Swan
Kirkcudbright-John Sanders Shand
KirkwallThomas Pollexfen
Lanark_Robert Hutchison
Lauder-Alexander Dawson
Linlithgow-John Boyd
Maxwelltown-Philip Forsyth
Montrose-William Gibaon
Musselburgh-Charles Stewart
Nairn-Sir W. G. Cumming, Bart.
Paisley-William Carlile
Perth-Robert Ross
Pollockshaws-John Monteith
Port-Glasgow-Robert Maclachlan
Queensferry-Campbell Innes
Renfrew-Robert King
Rutherglen-Robert Maxwell
Selkirk--Andrew Lang
Stirling-John Buchan
Wick George Macpherson Grant
Wigton-Earl of Galloway

Member returned to scrve in Parliament. County of Aberdeen-Hon. William Gordon.


21st Sept.

R. H. Gds. T. P. Cosby, Cornet by purch. Vice
Dashwood, prom.

28th Sept. 1820. 3 Dr. Gent. Cadet T. B. May, from R. Mil.

Coll. Cornet by purch. vice J. May, ret.

5th Oct. 11

Bt. Lt. Col. Childers, Lt. Col. by purch. vice Diggens, ret.

21st Sept. Cornet Crole, Lieut. vice Jordan, dead

20th do. Bt. Lt. Col. Percy, Major by purch.

vice Brotherton, 22 Dr. 12th Oct. Lieut. Charlton, Capt. do. do.

Cornet Gooch, Lieut. do. do. 29

Bt. Lt. Col. Brotherton, Lt. Col. by

purch. vice Travers, ret. do. do. Lt. Taylor, Capt. by purch. vice Vernon, ret,

20 Jan. Cornet Kierulf, Lt. do.

do. Lord Francis Conyngham, Cornet by

purch. vice Harrison, prom. 21st Sept. 9 F. G. Eus. and Lt. Shawe, Lt, and Capt. by purch. vice Baynes, ret. 5th Oct.

Cornwall, fm. h. p. Ens. and Lt. by purch.

do. 2 F. Ensign Waring, Lt. vice Glasson, dead

do. 0. Robinson, Ensign

do. 10 Ensign Shinkwin, Adj. and Lt. vico Allen, prom.

9th Feb. 17 Hosp: Assist. Trigance, As. Surg: vice Ardley, 71 F.

12th Oct. Lt. St George, Capt. by purch. vice Maxwell, ret.

28th Sept. Ensign Campbell, Lieut. by purch. do.

R. La Touche, Ensign, do. 26

Lt. Brooksbank, fm. 24 F. Capt. by purch. vice Tripp

12th Oct. Ens. North, Lieut. vice Russell, 10 R.

Vet. Bn.
B. Browne, Ensign

do, 18

Ensign Sutherland, fm. 87 F. Ensign, vice Carroll, cancelled

5th Oct. Lt. Purcell, Adj. vice Madigan, res. Adj. only

1st Feb. 17 Bt. Maj. Hutchison, Maj. vice Moles.

worth, killed in action 5th Dec. 1819. Lt. French, Capt.

do. J. D. Brown, Ensign

do, Ensign M'Carthy, Adj. vice French, prom.

do. 53 Bt. Maj. Giles, Maj. vice Fehrzen, dead

20th Jan, Ensign Taggart, Lt, vice Fitz Gerald, dead

11th Feb. W. Krefting, Ensign

do. 54 Lieut.-Col. Macbean, fm. h. p. 99 F. Lieut.-Col. vice Calvert, cancelled

5th Oct. 57 Lieut. Oulton, Capt. vice Dix, dead

do. Ensign Brown, Lieut.

do. 61

R. I. Coghlan, Ensign, vice A. Grieve,

dead Bt, Lieut.-Col. Roberts, Major, vice Goodridge, dead

5th Oct. Lieut, Eaton, Captain

do. Ensign Mansell, Liçut,

G Damerum, Ensign 65

Ensign Donnithorne, Lieut. vice Place,

C. Estridge, Ens. vice Coleman, ret.

4th do. Gent. Cadet J. A. Walker, fm. R. Mil.

Coll. Ens. vice Donnithorne 5th do. T. Colernan, Qua. Master, vice Johnstorie, dead

1th do. Surg, Stewart, fm. 71 F. Surg. vice Burrell, dead

12th do. 67 As. Surg. J. French, fm. Med. Staff,

As. Surg. vice Greig, cancelled 71

As. Surg. Ardley, fm. 17 F. Surg. vice
Stewart, 65 F.

11th Oct, 87 J. M, Ogilvie, Ensign, vice Sutherland, 46 F.

5th do, As. Surg. Mouat, fm. 21 Dr. As. Surg.

vice Robson, h. p. 21 Dr. 21st Mar.

28th Sept.

do. do.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. Sept. 28. Principal Haldane, admitted minister of St Andrews.

Oct. 14. Rev. Abraham Hume, to be minister of Greenlaw.

16. William Carey, D. D. to be Bishop of Exeter.

David Young received a call to be minister of the Associate Congregation of Carnoustie. Mr Young has also received a call from Arbroath.

28. Mr John Thompson, to be minister of the Chapel of Ease, Canongate, Edinburgh.

30. Rev. John Geddes, to be assistant and suecessor to Rev. Dr Findlay, minister of High Church, Paisley.


28th Sept.

Capt. Blake, h. p. 6 Garr. Bn. to be

Major in the Army 4th June 1811. -T. H. Harrison, R. Art. do.

12th Aug. 1819. S. Kirby,

do, do. C. de Havilland, 8 F. do. do.

son, dead


88 Ensign Clarke, Lieut. vice Hilliard, 4 Lieut. Glasson, 2 F. Demarara 220 July 1820. R. Vet. Bn. 12th Oct. 1820.

Moulson, 89 F. W. H. Hartopp, Ensign by purch. do. Bird, Roy. Invalids, Alston, Lincolnshire 89 Ensign W. J. King, Lieut. vice Moul

26th Aug. 29th Jan. Ross, late 5 R. Vet. Bn.

3 Mar. 90 Ensign Stuart, Lieut.

28th Sept.

Trotter, h. p. 31 F. 1th Sept. 1819.
F. White, Ensign, vice Newton, 8 R. Ensign Adolphus Grieve, 61 F. Spanish Town,
Vet, Bn.

21st do.

31st July 1820.
G. C. M, L. W. S. Johnston, Ensign, Carter, h. p. 15 F. Liverpool
vice Stuart
28th do.

21st Feb. 1818. Lieut. Munro, Adj. vice Crawford, 8 R. Moore, h. p. 60 F. Portobello. Vet. Bn.

11th May Paymast. Tomlinson, 28 F. Corfu 16th Aug. 1820. 2 W. I. R. As. Surg. Haskins, fm. Med. Statt, Sur

Colwell, h. p. 4 F.

Ist Oct. geon, vice Murray, h. P: 28th Sept. Surg. Burrell, 65 F. Hosp. As. Maclauchlan, As. Surg. viec

O'Beirne, appointed to Staff 12th Oct.
Medical Department.

Alterations and Additions.
Dr Nicoll, Surg. to the Forces, Dep.

1 Life Gds. Lt. J. Hall, fin. h. p. 6 Dr. Lt. vicc Insp. of Hosp. in Africa only

Manners, exch. 13th Oct. 1820. 13th Oct. 1820.

3 Dr. Gds. Lt. Mercer, fm. 70 F. Lt. viæ Hughes, Surg. J. Elliot, fm. h. p. Surg. to the


19th do. Forces, vice Dunkin, ret. h. p.

5 28th Sept.

Lt. Griffiths, fm. h. p. 79 F. Qua. Mast. vice Cochrane, ret. h.p.

do. Broadfoot, fm. h. p. Sicilian R. do.

16 Dr. Lt. Baker, Capt. by purch. sice Weydo. land, ret.

do. Assist. Surg. O'Beirne, fm. 2 W. I. R.

Cornet Tuite, Lt. buy purch. do. As. Surg, to the Forces, vice Haskins,

Sir T, W. White, Bt. Cornet by purch. 2 W. I. R. 12th Oct.

do W. Doherty, Hosp. Asist.

IF. Lt. Billing, Capt. vice Galbraith, 4 Vet. do. vice Maclauchlan, 2 W. I. R. do.


Ensign Bruce, Lt.
W. H. Church, Ensign

do. Capt. Chitty, fm. 35 F. rer. diff. with Capt. Teu

Lt. Hair, Capt. více Williamson, & Vet. lon, h. p. 30 F.


do. Lieut. Gale, fm. 11 Dr. with Lieut. Barwell, h. p.

Ensign Proctor, Lieut. 1 Dr.

J. B. Dalway, Ensign

do. Hollingworth, fm. 11 Dr. rec. diff. with 22 Capt. French, from 82 F. Capt. vice Lieut. Davis, h. p. 22 Dr.

Hervey, exch.

do. Clarke, fm. 11 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.


Lt. Wall, fm. h. p. 40°F. Lt. vice Gray, Maxwell, h. p. 24 Dr.


do. Brice, fm. 23 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Doug

Ensign Cornwall, from 38 F. Lt. by las, h. p. 66 F.

purch. vice Brooksbank, 26 F. do. Armstrong, fin. 55 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

28 Capt. Magennis, fm. 37 F. Capt. vice Troward, h. p. 51 F.

Moriarty, h. p. 71 F.

do. M*Anally, fm. 90 F. rec. diff, with Lieut.


Rist, fm. h. p. 37 F. Capt. vice Ottley, h. p. 81 F.

Burton, exch.

do. Anderson, fm. 1 W, I. R. with Lieut. Half


East, fm. h. p. 30 F. Capt. vice hide, h. p. 3'W.I.R.

Cox, exch.

18th do. Cornet and Sub-Lieut. J. Hall, fm. 1 Life Gds.

Barrallier, fm. h. p. 71 F. Capt. with Corpet C. Hall, h. p. 6 Dr.

vice Magennis, 28 F.

19th do. Ensign Robertson, fın. 33 F. with 2d Lieut. Daly,

38 H. Grimes, Ensign, vice Cornwall, 94

Stretch, fm. 38 F. with Ensign Conolly,

50 Lt. Patterson, Capt. vice Mitchell, 7 h. p. 11 F.

Vet. Bn.

do. Mathewson, fm. 54 F. with Ensign Pat

Ensign Tudor, Lieut.

do. toun, h. p. R. Afri, Corps

J. B. Ross, Ensign

do. 63 Badcock, fm. 81 F. with Ensign Douglass,

Lt. Douglas, fm. h. p. 68 F. Lt. vice h. p. 57 F.

Perceval, exch. rec. dift.


70 Qua. Mast. Johnston, fm. 60 F. with Qua. Mast.

- Hughes, fm. 3 Dr. G. Lt. vice MerKiens, h. p.

cer, exch.

71 Ensign Impett, Lt. by purch. vice HorResignations and Retirements.

ton, 81 F.

5th do. G. Strangways, Ens. do.

do Lieut.-Col. Diggens, 11 Dr.

74 C. A, Vallancey, do. do. rice ArbuthTravers, 22 Dr.

not, 4 F.

19th do. Capt. Vernon, 22 Dr.

75 Lt. Baldwin, fm. h. p. 14 F. Lt. riæ Baynes, 2 F.G.

Payne, exch.

do. Maxwell, 18 F.

81 - Horton, fm. 71 F. Capt. by purch. Tripp, 26 F.

vice Bowles, ret.

5th do. Cornet J. May, 3 Dr.

Ensign Oakley, Lt. vice Armstrong, 10 Ensign Coleman, 65 F.

Vet. Bn.

19th do. E. Harrison, Ensign

82 Appointments Cancelled.

Capt. Hervey, fm. 22 F. Capt. vice

French, exch. Thc Exchange between Lt.-Col. Daniel, 54 F. 87 Lt. Carroll, Capt. vice Turner, 10 Veto and Lt. Col. Calvert, h. p. 72 F.


do Ensign Carroll, 46 F.

Ensign Reade, Lieut.
R. R. Harris, Ensign

do. Superseded.

Capt. Paget, fm. h. p. 51 F. Capt. viæ

do. Paymaster O'Connor, 11 F. he having deserted

Wilby, exch. from his Regiment.

1 R. V. Bn. Capt. Galbraith, fm. 1 F. Capt. rice. Mackay, canc.

de. Deatlis.


Mitchell, fm. 50 F. Capt. vice Odlum, canc.

da Major Gen. Kersteman, Roy. Eng:

8 Bt. Maj. Williamson, fm, 2 F. Cape 24th Sept. 1820. vice Fairtlough, canc.

do. Lieut. Col. Goodridge, 62 F. Halifax, Nova Sco 10 Capt. Turner, fm. 87 F. Capt. vice tia

25th Aug.

Browne, canc. Capt. Dix, 57 F. Dublin

14th Sept.

Lieut. Jones, fm. h. p. 60 F. Lieut, vice Crow, h. p. 56 F. at Mary Vale, Newry

Eagar, canc.

30th June Medical Department. Sir Æncas M'Intosh, Bt. h. p. 71 F.

As. Surg. Ramsay, fm. h. p. As. Surs. 21st Jan.

to the Forces, vice French, 87 F. do.

Rifle Brig.



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20 M. 33


Kept al Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Callonhill.

Ther, Baro.


Wind. Weather. 1820.


Ther. Baro.



1820. M. 11 29.677 M. 51W. Fair foren.

IM. 36 28.369 M. 46

E. 47

.790 E. 51.nod rain aftern.

E. 45 ,101 E. 15 high
M. 40
.940 M. 51w.
Fair foren.

M. 372 .650 M. 45 N. Rain foren. 19 50.193 E. 5-Sinod ran aftern.


E. 45 .993 E. 45 mod tair aftern. M. 401 .320 M. 51 W.

Duil, but

M. 31 .894M. 13Cble. Frost morn.
E. 50 .382 E. 51 j mod fair.

E. 39 .616 E. 13 mod fair day.
M. 46 .31211. 53 W.
E. 52

.383 M. 12Cble. Rain foren.
.395 E. 5.5) mod

E. 10 .865 E. 41 mod fair aftern. M. 37 .303M. 51 JW. Fair

M. 353 21

,985 M 42w. E. 1.5 .255 E. 52/mod


E. 33 .974E. 43 mod 6 M. 40 .218M. 51E.

Rain morn.


M. 33 .389 M. 11 E.
,128 E. 55 ) mod fair day.
E. 48

Rain all day.
UE. 40

.501E. 52 s mod M.

Fair. 7{E: 49 29:993 . 31} nod

.680M. 451 W. Dull, but

UE. 15 .615 E. 15 ) mod fair.
M. 42 .999 M. 50 E.

M. 313 . 130 M. 43W. Rain morn.

Fair. 8 E. 19 50.196E. 49}\mod

E. 41 ,458 E. 13) inod fair day. M. 109 102 M. 48 E.

Frost morn. 9

M. 33 .660 M. 41 W.
E. 46
.132 E. 49 mod
Hull day.

E. 30

.866 E. 45 S mod
M. 33 29.960 M. 17 W. Frost morn.

M. 32

.8.31 M. 13Cble. Dull, but E. 41 .882 E. 19 mod air day.

E. 39 .576 E 15 mod fair.
M. 35 .812 M. 47 Cole.

M. 31

.701 M. 45 IN.
.813E. 18 mod


E. 45 .101 E 45 mod
M. 302
.753 M. 46N, W. Frost morn.

M. 35 .277M. 43W. Dull, but
760 E
49 mod liair day.

E. 11

.3.52E. 15 mod fair. M. 35 .781 M. 45 |Cble. Dull, but

IM. 304 .101 M. 41 S. E. Fair forci. E. 40

,577 E. 45 | mod liair.

E. 37 .89 E. 41 mod rain aftern.
M. 35 301 M. 45 US,
Dull, but

.999 M. 19S.

IM. 30
E. 46 205 E. 45 ) mod tair.



E. 42 .117 E. 4 mod
M. 37 28.550 M. 47 S. Fair foren.

215 M. 51 S.
UE. 48 .450 E. 39 ) high rain aftern

E. 39

.239|E. 11 ) mod
M. 36

.526 M. 17 S. Dull and 16 E. 13 ,443E. 45 Shigh lcoll.

Quantity of rain, 2.636.

23 M. 38






12 E: 38


13{ 14{


31 M, 32


Tue dry weather which prevailed throughout the harvest months was succeeded on the 16th October by heavy rains; on the 22d, the rain that fell amounted to near an inch in depth, and the whole rain that has fallen since our last amounts to nearly three inches, yet, from the previous very dry state of the ground, it is still (in general) in excellent condition for being turned over by the plough ; indeed, breaking up stubble lands is now nearly over, and on light soft soils, we observe some that has already received the seed furrow. On strong black lands farmers are ploughing in the dung with the first furrow, for potatoes; and on high grounds, some clover ley has received the oat seed fur. row. On tenacious soils this operation cannot properly be entered upon till the season is much farther advanced ; and farmers are now quite at leisure, and can attend to the thrashing out, and disposing of their grain, with due deliberation.

The thermometer has ranged between 30° and 509 Fahrenheit for these four weeks past ; though it stood several times below the freezing point, yet hoar frosts have not been so frequent, or severe, as is usual at this season. In low lying swamps, vegetation has certainly received a slight check, but in high airy situations, the tenderest plants have hitherto suffered no injury. Turnips have improved much in size since the date of our last, and being for the most part later than usual, they still continue in a growing state. Cattle continue to receive a considerable part of their food on pastures, a circumstance something favourable for hill farmers, whose stock of fodder has been rather deficient, both in barley and oat straw. About the beginning of the present month, grain experienced a slight rise in price, but last week markets have become rather duli. Cattie bave lately met with a brisker sale at some of the northern markets than was expected, and dealers have bought up largely for flallow Fair. Sheep have also improved in price. Potatoes sell at low prices, occasioned, perhaps, by an expected demand for the London market, which induced many to plant more than the usual breadth, but the demand from the south has not, this season, been nearly to the expected amount.

The appearance of young wheat is everywhere most flattering, and seems to be about the same stage of forwardness as at this period last season.

14th November 1820.

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S. d.

Wheat, 2-10 lbs.

Oats, 264 lbs. 1820.

Barley, 320 lbs ||Bns.&Pse. Oatineal Flour. Dantzic.|For.red. British. Irish. British. English. Scots.

Stir. Mea. 140 lbs.] 280lbs s. s. a s. 6. S. s. d.ls. d. s. d. S.

8. d.
S. S. s. d. s. S.

s. d. s. d. Oct. 18 37 38 050 36126 38 00160 20 0 21 22 6

124 0 27122 24 0 17 020 0155 57 25 37 38 030 5626 38 0 16 0 20 0 21 22 6 27 30 23 0 26122 24 0 17 0 20 54 56 Nov. 1 37 38 050 3626 57 616 0 20 0 21 026

30 23 0 2011-22 24 0 17 0900151 561 8 37 38 0150 36126 37 016 0 19 01 21 22 6 3626

28 (23 0 21122 24 0 16 0 18 6 55 55

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Average Prices of Corn in Scotland for the Four Weeks preceding October 15. Wheat, 50s. 6d. -Rye, 403. 74.-Barley, 29s. 6d.-Oats, 23s. 1d.--Beans, 38s. 6d. --Praße, 385. Al.

Oatmeal, per boll, 193. 34.-Bear or Big, 26s. lld.

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