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Edward Bootle Wilbraham, Esq., by the name, style, and title of Baron Skelmers. dale, of Skelmersdale, in the county palatine of Lancaster',

January 22.-Whitehall, January 7.-The King has been pleased to give and grant unto Henry Courtney (a minor), second, but now eldest, surviving son of Thomas Courtney, of Colchester, in the county of Essex, Esq. His royal licence and authority, that he may (in compliance with an injunction contained in the last will and testament of Elizabeth Shillito, formerly Elizabeth Mayhew, late of Colchester aforesaid, widow, deceased), henceforth take, assume, and bear the surname of Mayhew only : also to command, &c.

January 25.- The King has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal, granting the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, unto the Right Honourable Thomas Wallace, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, by the name, style, and title of Baron Wallace of Knaresdale, in the county of Northumberland.

to select his title from that city. That he might have intended to take the title of “Darcy” is possible, since he is the represer tative of a younger branch of that ancient family ; but it would be folly to suppose that the circumstance of the Duke of Leeds being the coheir of the barony of Darcy, which was created by writ in the 28 Edw. I. 1299, could have prevented his being created Lord Darcy of Lambton Castle, or of any other place, since there are at least fifty precedents of two, three, or even four titles of the same name being in existence at the same moment ; for example, at the present time “ Delamere of Dunham Massy," and “Delamere of Vale Royal," “ Herbert of Chepstoro, Ragland, and Gower,” “ Herbert of Cherbury," " Herbert of Caerdiff," and “ Herbert of Shurland;" " Howard of Effingham," " Howard of Walden,“Howard of Morpeth," and " Howard of Charleton," &c.

His Lordship is, we believe, Lord of the Manor of Skelmersdale, in Lancashire.



Ready for Publication, " Tu E SIEGE OF CARLAVEROCK," an Heraldic Poem of the fourteenth century, with a Translation, and Memoirs of all the Knights present on the occasion. By Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Esq. Illustrated by Engravings of their respective Banners. 4to.

*AxTIQUARIAN TRACTS RELATIVE TO BRISTOL. Part I. Notices of Old Inns and Hostelries in Bristol ; and of other incidental Subjects. Including Remarks on the Origin of the Name of the Grene Lates,' in High-street, in 1449 ; a Statement of daily Expences during a Journey to London, by two Inhabitants of Bristol, in 1546; and some Particulars respecting early Coffee-houses, and Newspapers, in Bristol, By William Tyson.

" THE CRYPT.” The Eleventh Number of an Antiquarian, Literary, and Miscellaneous Journal, will contain, among other Articles, the Ceremony of the Prize Besom at Shaftesbury-Unpublished Poetry of William Collins-Architectural Antiquities of Christ Church, Hants-Caumont's Gothic Architecture, &c. &c. This little Journal, which is conducted with considerable talent, merits more attention than it has received, as it contains several papers of interest to the Antiquary and Bibliographer.

The Royal Cambrian Institution have in the press a third volume of their Trans. actions, containing many curious and interesting papers on subjects connected with the History and Antiquities of the Principality.

Picturesque Views of all the English Cities, consisting of thirty-two engravings.

Architectural Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London, with historical and descriptive Accounts. Edited by J. Britton, F.S.A., containing one hundred and fortyfour engravings, &c. mostly in outline, by Lekeux, Roffe, Gladwin, &c.




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, Original, 118, 280, 501.
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Peveril of the Peak, anachronisms in, ex-

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the Poems of Charles, Duke of Orleans, building of churches, 168.
printed by, 148.

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Theodorus, the patriarch, 403.

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Tragedy, German and French compared, mish Church, 79.
44, 50, 51.

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Travelling expenses of Philip de Castro in Lord Fitz-Hugh, 125 ; account of, 126.
the thirteenth century, 269, 465. Wills, calendars to, advice to print, 345.

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Unton, Sir H., 429.

beth, letter to the Earl of Leicester, 129.

Wolsey, Card., letter of Katherine of Ar.
Vita Magdalenæ Montis-Acuti vicecomi. ragon to, 502 ; of Henry VIII., ib.
tissæ, 407.

Writs of Parliament, 58.
Vulgate, the, erroneous, 81.

Wren's, Sir Christ., want of taste, 319.
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ing, 415; literary character, 416. I letter of Edward III, to, 118.


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