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p 4 A deeper shade will soon impend,-— A deeper sleep mine eyes oppress;

< Yet then thy strength shall still defend,-— mf Thy goodness still delight to bless.

< 5 That deeper shade shall break away,

— That deeper sleep shall leave mine eyes;

< Thy light shall give eternal day;

/ Thy love—the rapture of the skies.

P~qa HYMH 584, L. M.

t/O4s Praise to the God of the Morning.

mf 1 H OB of the morning! at thy voice

vJ The cheerful sun makes haste to rise, / And like a giant doth rejoice,

To run his journey through the skies ;—

mf 2 From the fair chambers of the east, The,circuit of his race begins, And without weariness or rest, / Bound the whole earth, he flies and shines.

, — 3 Oh! like the sun may I fulfill

Th' appointed duties of the day; "With ready mind, and active will, mf March on, and keep my heavenly way.

— 4 Lord! thy commands are clean and pure,

Enlightening our beclouded eyes;

< Thy threatenings just, thy promise sure,

— Thy gospel makes the simple wise.

5 Give me thy counsel for my guide,
And then receive me tc thy bliss:
All my desires and hopes beside
Are faint, and cold, compared with this.


HYMN 585, L. M.

An Evening Sacrifice.


m in RE AT God! to thee my evening song

*3f With humble gratitude I raise; < Oh! let thy mercy tune my tongue,

mf And fill my heart with lively praise.

— 2 My day** unclouded, as they pass, And every gently rolling hour,

Are monuments of wondrous grace,
< A id witness to thy love and power.

mp 3 Seal my forgiveness in the blood
vOf Jesus;—his dear name alone
I plead for pardon, gracious God!
And kind acceptance, at thy throne.

> 4 Let this blest hope mine eyelids close;

mp With sleep refresh my feeble frame;

— Safe in thy care may I repose,
mf And wake with praises to thy name.

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HYMN 586, 7s.
Evening Contemplation.

p 1 0 OFTLY, now, the light of day
0 Fades upon my sight away;
Eree from care, from labor free,
Lord! I would commune with thee.

— 2 Soon, for me, the light of day

> Shall for ever pass away;
Then, from sin and sorrow free,

— Take me, Lord! to dwell with thee.

pzQrf HYOT 587, C. M.

*jcj i Evening Prayer and Praise.

m 1 INDULGENT Father! by whose care,
1- I Ve passed another day,—
Let me, this night, thy mercy share ;—
Oh! teach me how to pray.

mp 2 Show me my sins, and how to mourn
My guilt before thy face;

— Direct me, Lord! to Christ alone,

And save me by thy grace.

3 Let each returning night declare
The tokens of thy love;

< And, every hour, thy grace prepare
mf My soul for joys above.

> & And when, on earth, I close mine eyes, p To sleep in death's embrace,

< Let me, to heaven and glory, rise, mf . To see thy smiling face.

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/rnn HYMN 588, 8s and 7s. Peculiar. j

*700 An Evening Offering. i

m 1 THROUGH the day thy love has spaced us; J

J- Now we lay us down to rest; *

rwp Through the silent watches guard us, J

Let no foe our peace molest; j

— Jesus! thou our guardian be, J Sweet it is to trust in thee. j

2 Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers, j

Dwelling in the midst of foes,— J

Us and ours preserve from dangers \

> In thine arms, let us repose, J

— And, when life's short day is past, * Rest with thee, in heaven, at last. J

HYMN 589, 7s.

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Repose and Devotion,

[OW, from labor and from care, \

Evening shades have set me free; i

In the work of praise and prayer, *

Lord 1 I would converse with thee: j

Oh! behold me from above, j

Fill me with a Saviour's love. J

p 2 Sin and sorrow, guilt and woe, I

Wither all my earthly joys; j

mp Naught can charm me here below, j

But my Saviour's melting voice: j

< Lord! forgive—thy grace restore, j

— Make me thine for evermore. J 3 For the blessings of this day, j

For the mercies of this hour, i

< For the gospel's cheering ray, I mf For the Spirit's quickening power,— *

Grateful notes to thee I raise; t

Oh! accept my song of praise. i

KQf\ HYMN 590, CM. t

K)*j\j An Evening Song. |

m 1 THREAD Sovereign, let my evening song, -V Like holy incense, rise;

< Assist the offerings of my tongue? mf To reach the lofty skies.

— 2 Through all the dangers of the day,

Thy hand was still my guard;



| And still, to drive my wants away, $

j Thy mercy stood prepared. J

I 3 "°erpetual blessings from above *

* Encompass me around; J

« aff But, Oh! how few returns of love j

j Hath my Creator found! $

4 "What have I done for him, who died \

To save my wretched soul? *

How are my follies multiplied, I

Fast as the minutes roll! j

8 Lord! with this guilty heart oi' mine, I

| To thy dear cross I flee; J

And to thy grace my soul resign, *

To be renewed by thee. i

I 6 Sprinkled afresh with pard'ning blood, £

\ I lay me down to rest,— f

I As in th' embraces of my God, \

| Or on my Saviour's breast. f

I /tqi HYMN 591, CM. |

* ty U A Evening Prayer and Praise. J

j m 1 INDULGENT God! whose bounteous care |

I J- O'er all thy works is shown,— \

j < Oh! let my grateful praise and prayer i

I mf Arise before thy throne. I

2 What mercies has this day bestowed! <

How largely hast thou blest! J

My cup with plenty overflowed, \

With cheerfulness—my breast. J

mp 3 Now may soft slumber close my eyes, j

— From pain and sickness free; $ < And let my waking thoughts arise I

— To meditate on thee. I

4 Thus bless each future day and night, \

> Till life's vain scene is o'er; J

^ And then, to realms of endless light, t

f Oh I let my spirit soar. f

\ RQO HYMN 596, CM. \

i <L/t//W Secret Prayer at Twilight. \

\ m IT LOYE to steal awhile away, \

| -*- From every cumbering care, I

And spend the hours of setting day,
In humble, grateful prajer.

p 2 I love, in solitude, to shed

> The penitential tear;

— And all his promises to plead,

When none but God is near.

3 I love to think on mercies past,
And future good implore;

< My cares and sorrows all to cast,
mf On him whom I adore.

< 4 I love, by faith, to take a view

— Of brighter scenes in heaven;

< The prospect doth my strength renew,

> "While here by tempests driven.

mp 5 And, when life's toilsome day is o'er,

> .' May its departing ray

p Be calm, as this impressive hour,

< And lead to endless day.

p- Q Q HYMN 593, C. M.

tJ t7 «l> Evening Worship in the Family,

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LOED! another day is flown, j

And we, a lonely band, J

< Are met once more before thy throne, j

— To bless thy fostering hand. J

mp 2 And wilt thou bend a listening ear \

To praises low as ours? ♦

< Thou wilt!—for thou dost love to hear | > The song which meekness pours. J

— 3 And, Jesus! thou thy smiles wilt deign, As we before thee pray;

For thou didst bless the infant train, mp And we are less than they.

— 4 Thy heavenly grace to each impart; All evil far remove;

< And shed abroad in every heart mf Thine everlasting lovo. |

— 5 Thus cleansed from sin, and wholly thine, $ I A flock by Jesus led, * I < The Sun of righteousness shall shine i t f In glory on our head. I

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