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in all eleven persons. Miss Barton is so much injured that doubts are entertained of her recovery. Mrs. Barton's sister is also seriously injured. A Lieutenant of Coast Guard, with his wife and daughter, aud Lieutenant Blackmore and two seamen, are very much hurt. The Rev. Mr. Cooper, the chaplain, had his clothes literally torn off. Many of the seamen and officers were driven half the length of the ship, but fortunately not much injured. It was truly melancholy to see the fragments of hats, bonnets, and dresses, lying scattered on the decks; in fact, as may be supposed, the ship presented an awful appearance.

Trade To Hong-kong.—As a great proof of the importance of our trade to China, and the extensive nature of our exports to that quarter, we would direct the attention of our readers to the fact that, on the evening of Tuesday, the 4th instant, three fine ships, namely, the John O'Gaunt, the Emperor, and John Dalton, all fully laden with British manufactured goods, sailed from this port for Hong-Kong. The aggregate value of their cargoes must amount to several hundred thousand pounds. The sailing of the two first-named ships has caused considerable interest amongst our merchants and shipowners. The John O'Gaunt, under the command of Captain Robertson, has been long famous for her quick and regular voyages to China and the east, so much so that Captain Robertson has been lately requested to furnish his charts of the Chinese seas for the inspection of the Admiralty. On the other hand, the Emperor is a remarkably fine new ship, of larger tonnage than her consort, and also under an able master, Lieutenant Keane, of the royal navy. Both are known to be well provided with picked crews, aud to be perfect in all their equipments; and it is said that considerable bets are depending on which shall first arrive at Hong-Kong.—Liverpool Paper.

On 13th of July, a distressing and fatal occurrence caused the death of Captains Drew and Jenkin Jones, two of the Elder Brethren of the Trinity House. These gentlemen, with others of the brotherhood, whose lives were providentially saved, had been engaged in surveying the lighthouses in the Bristol Channel; and when off Trevose Head they attempted to land in a boat on the Quies Rocks, but owing to the heavy surf they were unable to do so. On returning, the boat came in contact with the steam-yacht, and all in the boat (nine in number) were thrown into the water, by which the two unfortunate gentlemen were drowned.

Concussion Shells.—Extract from the official report of Captain Sir Thomas Hastings, to the Lords of the Admiralty, dated 30th June last. "I consider a shell fitted with Captain Norton's concussion fuze, to be more sure, as well as more ruinous in its effects, than when fitted with the common fuze. Captain Hastings has recommended that Captain Norton be called on to instruct the operatives in the Laboratory at Woolwich, under the supervision of the Directors, in the manner of preparing his fuzes, and that, one hundred and fifty shells fitted with them be prepared at once, for further trial; which Captain N. has promptly signified his willingness to do.

Tablb LXXII.

For reducing Chinese Covids to English Feet, and English Feet to Chinese Covids.

[merged small][merged small][table]

Stations Of H.M. Ships, In Commission.

Acheron, st. v. 2, Lieut Com. B. Aplin, Mediterranean.

Acorn, 16, sloop, Com. J. Adams, Cape of Good Hope.

Adder, 1, st. v. Master-corn. J. Hammond (act). Pembroke.

Advice, 1, st. v. Lieut-corn. A. Darby, Pembroke.

AZtna, 1, receiving ship, Lieut.-com C. G. Butler, Plymouth.

African, 1, st v. Master-corn. A. C. Mackey, Sheemess.

Agincourt, 72, Captain H. W. Bruce, China.

Aigle, 24, corvette, Com. H. R. Henry, (act) Mediterranean.

Alban, 2, st. v. Lieut. J. Jeayes, part. serv. Ireland.

Albatross, 16, sloop, Com. R. Yorke, North America.

Albert, 3, st. v. Tender to Madagascar, Coast of Africa.

Altcto, 1, st. v. Lieut-corn. W. Hoseason, Mediterranean.

Alfred, 50, Commodore J. B. Purvis, South America.

Algerine, 10, brig, Com. L. Maitland, China.

Alligator, 26, Master-corn. R. Browne, China.

Apollo, 8, troop-ship, Com. C. Frederick, China.

Ardent, 3, st. v. Com. John Russel, (b.) South America.

Ariel, 1, st .v. Master-corn. L. Smithitt (act), Dover.

Arrow, 6, ketch, Lieut.-com. W. Robinson, Cape of Good Hope.

Asp, 1, st. v. Lieut-corn. W. W. Oke, Portpatrick.

Astreea, 6, Capt. Alexander Ellice, Falmouth.

Avon, 2, st, v. Lieut-corn. S. Morris, West Indies.

Basilisk, 6, ketch, Lieut H. S. Hunt, (act) South America.

Beacon, 6, sur. v. Com. T. Graves, Mediterranean.

Beagle, 4, sur. v. Com. J. L. Stokes, (act) Australia.

Beaver, 1, st. v. Lieut.-com. R. Mudge, Dover.

Betteisle, 20, troop ship, Capt J. Kingcome, China.

Belvidera, 38, Capt Hon. George Grey, Mediterranean.

Bittern, 16, sloop, Com. the Hon. B. C. F. P. Car)', Cape of Good Hope.

Black Eagle, 2, stv. Master-corn. S. B. Cook, (act) Woolwich.

Blazer, stv. Capt J. Washington, surveying, North Sea.

Bonetta, 3, brig Lieut-com. E. E. Gray, Coast of Africa.

Bramble, 10, Lieut-com. C. B. Yule, East Indies.

Caledonia, 120, flag-ship, Admiral Sir D. Milne, c.c.n., O.c.m.o., Capt. A.

Milne, Plymouth.
Cambrian, 36, Captain H. D. Chads, C. B., China.
Camclion, 10, brig Lieut-com. G. M. Hunter, East Indies.
Camperdoum, 104, flag-ship, Vice Admiral Sir. E. Brace, K.c.b,; Capt F.

Brace, Sheerness.
Castor, 26, Captain C. Graham, Chatham.
Carron, 2, st. v., ordered home from Bermuda.

Carysfort, 26, Captain the Right Hon. Lord G. Paulct, South America.
Ceylon, 2, receiving-ship, Lieut. W. R. Mends, flag-lieutenant, Malta.
Champion, 18, sloop, Com. R. Byron, South America.
Charon, 1, st. v. Second-master, E. C. Rutter, Dover.
Childers, 16, sloop, Com. E. P. Halsted, China.
Cleopatra, 26, Capt. C. Wyvill, Cape of Good Hope.
Clio, 16, brig, Com. J. Fitzjames (act), East Indies.
Cockatrice, 6, sch. Lieut.-com, J. Oxcnham, South America.
Columbia, st v., Lieut.-com. J. Harding, Bay of Funday.
Columbine, 16, Capt. W. H. A. Morshead, Kcd., Chatham.
Comet, 2, st. v. Com. G. A. Fraser, part serv., Ireland.
Confianct, 2, st. v., Second-master J. Jagoe, (act), Plymouth.
Conway, 26, Capt. R. N. Fair, Cape of Good Hope.
Cormorant, st. v. Com. G. T. Gordon, Sheerness.

Cornwallis, 72, Vice Admiral Sir VV. Parker, Kcb., Capt. P. Richards, Cb., China

Crane, 6, brig, Lieut.-com. T. A. Lewis, (a), Falmouth.

Crescent, rec. ship, Lieut.-com. M. Donellan, Rio de Janeiro.

Crocodile, troop ship, Com. T. Klson, North America.

Cuckoo, 1, st. v. Lieut-corn. A. Purks, Weymouth.

Curacoa, 24, Capt. Sir T. S. Pasley, Bart. Chatham.

Curlew, 10, brig, Lieut.-com. J. Foote, South America.

Cyclops, 6, st. frigate, Capt. H. T. Austin, Cb., part. serv.

Cygnet, 6, brig, Lieut.-com. E. Wilson, coast of Africa.

Daphne, 18, Capt. J. J. Onslow, South America.

Dasher, 1, st. v. Master-corn. R. White, (act), Weymouth.

Dee, 2, st. v. Master-corn. T. Driver, North America.

Devastation, 6, st. frigate, Com. Robinson, Mediterranean.

Dido, 18, Capt. Hon. H. Keppel, China.

Doterel, 1, st. v. Master-coin. J. Grey, (act), Holyhead.

Dover, iron st. v. Master-com. E. Lyne, (act), Dover.

Driver, 6, St. v. Com. S. Harmer, East Indies.

Druid, 44, Capt. H. Smith, Cb., China.

Dublin, 50, flag ship of Rear Admiral R. Thomas, Capt. J. J. Tucker, South

Electra, 18, sloop, Com. A. Darley, West Indies.

Emerald, tender to the Royal George, Second-master G. Allen, Portsmouth.
Endymion, 44, Capt. the Hon. F. W. Grey, Cb., East Indies.
Erebus, discovery vessel, Capt. J. C. Ross, part. serv.
Espoir, 10, Com. A. Morrell, Portsmouth.

Excellent, gunnery ship, Capt. Sir T. Hastings, Knt., Portsmouth.
Express, 6, brig, Lieut.-com. E. Herrick, Brazils.

Fair Rosamond, 2, Lieut.-com. A. G. Bulman, North America and West Indies.
Fantome, 16, brig, Com. H. G. Haymes, South America.
Favorite, 18, sloop, Com. T. R. Sullivan, Portsmouth, to be paid off.
Fawn, 3, brigantine, Lieut.-com. J. Nourse, (act) Cape of Good Hope.
Fearless, st. v. Coin. W. L. Sheringham, Portsmouth surveying.
Ferret, 6, brig, Com. J. Oake, coast of Africa.
Fisgard, 42, Capt. J. A. Duntze, Plymouth.
Fly, 18, Capt. F. P. Blackwood, Torres Straits surveying
Formidable, 84, Capt. Sir C. Sullivan, Bart. Mediterranean.
Frolic, Lieut.-com. W. A. Willis, Brazils.
Geyser, st. v. Com. E. J. Carpenter, Mediterranean.
Gleaner, 2, st. v. tender to the Illustrious, West Indies.
Gorgon. 6, st. v. Capt. Hotham, South America.
Grecian, 16, brig, Com. W. Smyth, Brazil?, and Cape of Good Hope.
Griffon, 3, brigantine, Lieut.-com. C. Jenkins, Bermuda;
Growler, 6, st. v. Com. F. H. Buckle, South America.
Harlequin, 16, sloop, Com. the Hon. G. F. Hastings, China.
Hazard. 18, sloop, Com. C. Bell, East Indies.
Hecate, steam-frigate, Com. J. H. Ward, Mediterranean.
Hccla, st. v. Com. P, Duffil, Mediterranean.

Heroine, 6, brig, Com. Africa.

Hornet, 6, brigantine, Lteut.-com. R. B. Miller, North America and West

Howe, 120, Capt. T. Forrest, Ob., Kii., Portsmouth.
Illustrious, 72, flag-ship, Vice Admiral Sir C. Adamr, Kcb., Capt. J. E. Erskine,

North America.
Jmaum, 72, rec. ship, Com. the Hon. H. D. Byng, Jamaica.
Inconsant, 36, Capt. Frcemantle, Portsmouth.
Indus, 78, Capt. Sir J. Stirling, Knt., Mediterranean.
Iris, 26, Capt. G. R. Mundy, Coast of Africa.
Isis, 44, Capt. Sir J. Marshall, Kt. C.b.,k.c.ii., Cape of Good Hope.

Jatper, 1, st. v. Master-corn. E. Rose, Holyhead.

Jupiter, troop-ship, Master-com. G. B. Hoffmeister, East Indies.

Kite, st. v. Lieut.-com. W. M. J. Pascoe, Coast of Africa

Lark, surveying schooner, Lieut.-com. G. B. Lawrence, North America and

West Indies.
Lightning, 2, st. v. Lieut.-com. W. Winniett, part. serv. Woolwich.
Lily, 16, sloop, Coin. George Baker, Cape of Good Hope and Coast of Africa.
Linnet, 6, brig, Lieut-com. F. R. Coghlan, Brazils.
Lizard, 3, st. v. Lieut.-com. C. J. Postle, Mediterranean.
Locust, 3, st v. Lieut.-com. John Lunn, Mediterranean.
Lucifer, 2, st. v. Capt. W. F. Beechey, surveying coast of Ireland.
Lynx, 3, brigantine, Lieut.-com. Godolphin J. Burslem, part. serv. Ireland.
Madagascar, 44, Capt. J. Foote, Coast of Africa.
Magicienne, 24, Capt. R. L. Warren, Mediterranean.
Magpie, 2. surveying vessel, Com. T. S. Brock, Mediterranean.
Malabar, 72, Capt. Sir G. R. Sartorius, Kt., part, serv., Ireland.
Mastiff, 6, surveying vessel Master-com.G. Thomas, Orkney Islands.
Medea, 4, steam frigate, Com. Frederick Warden, Mediterranean.
Medina, 2, st. v. Master-com. W. Smithitt, (act), Liverpool.
Medusa, 2, st. v. Lieut.-com. J. P. Philipps, Liverpool.
Melampus, 42, Capt. C. H. Freemantle, Plymouth.
Merlin, 2, st. v. Lieut-corn. E. Keane, Liverpool.
Meteor, st v. Lieut-com. G. Butler, part. serv. Ireland.
Minden, 72, Capt. M. Quin, China.
Modeste, 18, Com. J. Baillie, Sheernees,
Monarch, 84, Capt. S. Chambers. Mediterranean.
Monhey, 1, st. v. second master W. Bryant, Woolwich.
Myrtle, crew of the Black Eagle, part. serv. Ireland.
Niagara, 20, Capt. Williams Sandom, Lakes of Canada.
Nimrod, 20, sloop, Com. Frederick H. H. Glasse,.China.
North Star, 26, Capt Sir J. E. Home, Bart, Cb., China.
Ocean, 80, Capt. P. Fisher, guard-ship, Sheerness.
Orestes, 18, Com. the Hon. T. S. Carnegie, part. serv. Ireland.
Otter, 1, st. v. Lieut.-com. H. P. Jones, Holyhead.
Pantaloon, 10, brig, Lieut.-com. C. H. Lapidge, Coast of Africa.
Partridge, 10, brig, Lieut.-com. J. T. Nott, South America,
Pearl, 20, sloop, Com. R. H. Stopford, South America.
Pelican, 16, sloop, Com. P. Justice, China.
Penelope, 24, st. frigate, Capt Jones, Chatham.
Penguin, 6, packet, Lieut.-com. W. Leslie, West Indies.
Perseus, receiving ship, Lieut-Com. Greet, Tower.
Persian, 16, brig, Com. T. R. Eden, Const of Africa.
Peterel, packet, Lieut.-com. W. Crooke, Falmouth.
Philomel, 6, brig, Com. B: J. Sulivan, Falkland Islands.
Pickle, 5, sch. Lieut.-com. F. B. Montresor, North America and West Indies.
Pigmy, 1, st. v. Lieut-com. C. Autridge, Pembroke.
Pike, 1, Lieut-com. A. Boyter, Portpatrick.
Pilot, Portsmouth.

Pique, 36, Capt. the Hon. M. Stopford, West Indies.
Plover, sur. v. Capt. R. Collinson, Cb., East Indies.
Poicfiers, 72, Capt. Sup. W. H. Shirreff, Chatham.
Polyphemus, st v. Lieut. J. Evans, (b) Mediterranean.
Prometheus, 1, st. v. Lieut-com. T. Spark, Mediterranean.
Prompt, sch. W. McDermott, (act), Coast of Africa.
Prospero, 1, st v. Lieut-com. , Pembroke.

Pylades, 18, sloop, Com. L. S. Tindal, China.
Queen, 110, flag ship, Vice Admiral Sir E. W. C. R. Cwen, Icb., wen.; Capt.

Rich, Mediterranean.

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