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ALPHABETICAL List of ExGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th

May and 20th June 1820; extracted from the London Gazette.


Ackroyd, M. Leeds, earthenware manufacturer Huggett, T. Bermondsey-street, grocer
Ainley, R. Doncaster, haberdasher

Hughes, B. Bristol, victualler
Ainley, J. Blackmoor Foot, Yorkshire, clothier Izod, J. Holborn-bridge, hardwareman
Ainsworth, T. and R. Bolton, J. Thornley, War. Jackson, J. Liverpool, sail-maker

rington, and P. Cort, Turton, Lancashire, James, w.jun. Bromyard, Hereford, auetioneer whitsters

Jarman, T. Bristol, money scrivener Ansell, W. Cambridge, upholsterer

King, C. M. Upper East Smithfield, wine and Archer, T. Hertford, butcher

spirit merchant Austin, R. T. Rotherhithe, merchant

Lancelitt, W. Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, drug. Ashby, W. M. Albury, Surrey, paper manufac gist turer

Langhorne, H. and W. Brailsford, Bucklersbury, Askey, W. Oxford Street, tailor

merchants Bage, T. South Shields, joiner

Lindop, R. W. Badnall, Staffordshire, dealer Bailey, J. Watling Street, merchant

Littler, W. L. Eccleshall, schoolmaster Baker, E. Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill, broker Lowes, J. Commercial Buildings, Mincing-lane, Ball, E. R, Albury, Sussex, paper manufacturer wine-merchant Balters, J. Southampton, grocer

Macknair, J. jun. and J. Atkinson, Cornhill, merBarter, H. Bishops' Waltham, grocer

chants Bell, J. R. and W. Wilkinson, Old Broad Street, Marfleet, T. Broad-street, Ratcliff, oilman merchants

Marlton, J. Strand, engineer Bentley, R. Liverpool, grocer

Maitland, A. and J. Adderley, Brentford, ironBibby, R. Liverpool, merchant

mongers Bleasdale, T. Chorley, ironinonger

Mars, J. Snow's-fields, Bermondsey, leather-dres. Boullen, P. Norton Falgate, hosier Bradley, J. Manchester, cotton manufacturer Martin, J. Liverpool, merchant Bramall, J. Saduleworth, Yorkshire, worsted Mason, G. Chard, clothier spinner

Miles, W. Oxford-street, linen-draper Bragg, J. Whitehaven, thread-manufacturer Middlehurst, J. Blackburn, grocer Brunn, S. Charing-cross, sword-cutler

Morris, T. jun. Wing, Rutlandshire, baker Bulpin, R. Bridgewater, draper

Moses, L. Great Prescott-street, merchant Butis, T. C. Nag's Head Court, Gracechurch Nathan, M. and A. Abram, Old-street, tallowstreet, wholesale perfuiner

chandlers Butt, T. Southampton, shoemaker

Needham, C. jun. Liverpool, merchant Caig, P. Liverpool, tailor

Newton, M. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cooper Cadogan,

J. Water-street, St Clement's, carpenter Park, T. King's Stanley, Gloucestershire, woolChalker, R. North Walsham, Norfolk, scrivener stapler Chester, J. Doncaster, grocer

Pilling, J. Rochdale, woollen-manufacturer Chaplin, D. Haverhill, Suffolk, maltster

Prentice, A. and T. Shelly, Manchester, muslinClively, C. Lamly's Conduit-street, linen-draper manufacturers Cooper, J. Eagle-street, Red Lion-square, coal Pretty, T. Tipton, Staffordshire, iron-manufac. dealer

turer Cryer, T. Siston, Gloucestershire, dealer

Robertson, A. Grosvenor Place, builder Davis, T. jun. Little Baidow, Essex, pig-dealer Runcorn, R. Manchester, plumber Davison, T. Hinckley, mercer

Sadler, S. Birmingham, puu:p-maker Dickinson, J. Church-passage, Guildhall, ware Savory, F. Bristos, insurance-broker houseman

Scott, J. Huddersfield, woolstapler Dorrington, W. Town Malling, Kent, collar-mak Searle, J. Lower Grosvenor Street, shopkeeper

Seward, A. Salisbury, grocer Downing, F. Huddersfield, grocer

Shaw, J. Wem, victualler Edleston, J. Blackburn, shopkeeper

Shaw, W. Brough, Westmoreland, cattle-dealer Edwards, C. Gough-square, furrier

Silbeck, J. Leeds, linen-draper Edwards, R. and J. Hales Owen, Worcestershire, Skrine, C. Bath, grocer ironmongers

Smith, G. Leicester Square, tailor Ellett, J. Crispin-street, Spitalfields, coach-spring- Smith, J. Coln, St Aldwyn's, Gloucestershire, talmaker

low-chandler Froggott, J. Leicester, brandy-merchant

Snowdon, B. Harrow, grocer Frost, G. Wigan, shopkeeper

Stock, G. Newfoundland Street, Bristol, cabinetGarlick, M. Halifax, bookseller

maker Garrad, A. Downham Market, Norfolk, tanner Sugden, ..., and W. Mitchell, Dorking, carriers Gibbins, J. jun. Fint, Gloucestershire, master Sugden, R. Halifax, bookseller mariner

Sylvester, W. New Woodstock, mereer Gill, T. Little Tower Street, hydrometer-maker Triphook, T. St James's Street, bookseller Grilson, T. Nottingham, laceman

Trudget, W. Bury St Edmund's, miller Gledston, G. South Blyth, Northumberland, ship. Tupling, B. Strand, silversmith

Vaughan, W. Pall Mall, tailor Green, E. Leeds, earthenware-manufacturer Wade, J. Keynsham, Somersetshire, and J. Wade, Hackett, R. Newport, Isle of Wight, spirit-mer Leeds, woolstaplers chant

Watson, R. Leyland, Lancashire, farmer Haigh, J. Ley Moor, Yorkshire, cloth-merchant Welsford, F. W. Size Lane, merchant Hanne, J. Bath, cabinet-maker

West, W. Bredenbury, Herefordshire, dealer I!ardwick, W. Poynings, Sussex, farmer

Whitehead, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, clothier llargreaves, S. Liverpool, woollen-draper

Wilby, D. Ossett, Yorkshire, merchant
Hatfield, W. sen. Huntingdon, ironmonger Wilby, B. Dewsbury, clothier
Ilays, P. Little Thaines-street, biscuit-baker Willey, T. Strand, bootmaker
Henderson, J. Rotherham, grocer

Wilkinson, W. Old Broad Street, ship-broker Henshaw, F. E. Derby, currier

Wills, G. Hatton Garden, broker
Henzelt, J. Newcastle upon Tyne, linen-draper Withers, W. Cheltenhamo, coal-merchant
Hitchon, J. H. Kidderminster, factor

Wood, G. Gloucester, marble mason
Holden, J. Blackburn, druggist

Worth, T. Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street, haHonyman, J. Church-street, Spitalfields, silk-ma

berdasher. nufacturer



ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCies and Dividends, announced

June 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.



Adie, Robert, and John Macqueen, Dallirie, near

Crieff, woollen-manufacturers
Carmichael, J. Little Tullylumb, near Perth,

road contractor and merchant
Duncan, Robert, Glasgow, shoemaker and spirit-

Ferguson, James and Co. Glasgow, drysalters and

Fleming, John, Cupar Fife, merchant
Hamilton, John and William, Lanark, wrights

and builders
Harper, George, Edinburgh, mercantile agent
Haswell, Robert, Glasgow, merchant
Keith. Malcolm and Donald, Greenrock, merchant

Jeffrey, James, and James Jeffrey and Co. Edin-

burgh, merchants Jeffrey, James, Edinburgh, draper Johnstone, William, and Co. Glasgow, merchants

and soda-manufacturers Nab, Francis, Sciennes, rear Edinburgh, mer.

M'Ruer, James, and Sons, Glasgow, wrights and

Page, Geddes and David, Edinburgh, merchants
Porteous, David, Crieff, brewer and distiller
Roger, James, Greenock, cloth-merchant
Roxburgh, Andrew and John, Kilmarnock, car-

Selanders, Andrew, Glasgow, baker and grain-

merchant Seott, Hugh, Greenock, haberdasher, &c. Toshach, John, Calton, Glasgow, wright and ca.


Anderson and Macdowall, Edinburgh, booksel

lers ; by the trustee there Blair, William, Edinburgh, printer and publish

er ; by J. Balfour, W.Ś. there Forrester, Anderson, and Jarvie, Glasgow, hard

ware-merchants ; by D. Cuthbertson, account

ant there Gorbals Spinning Company, Glasgow; by the

trustee there Graham, Alex. and Co. Glasgow, and Graham,

M‘Nicol, and Co. Newfoundland; by D.

Smith, merchant, Greenock
Hay, John, senior, Kinrose, flesher; by Alexan.

der Hogg, Sheriff-clerk of Kinross-shire, there Hunter, Burt, and Marshall, Cromwell Park, near

Perth, calico-printers; by H. Lindsay, mer.

chant in Perth Kay, Archibald, and Son, Glasgow, wrights and

cabinetmakers; by H. Grant, accountant there M'Allaster and Duncan, Glasgow, merchants ; by

W. Rose, merchant there
M'Donald and M‘Phail, Glasgow, merchants; by

H. Paul, accountant there
Newbigging, Archibald and Co. Glasgow, mer-

chants; by W. Brock, merchant there
Paul, Daniel, Greenock, merchant; by the trus-

tee there Ross, Thomas, Montrose, merchant; by J. Brand,

banker there Soutar and Walker, Dundee, wood-merchants,

&c. ; by J. Symers, banker there
Scott and Balmanno, Glasgow, merchants ; by J.

M'Gavin, accountant there
Steele, John, Edinburgh, carver and gilder; hy

D. M'Gibbon, wright therc.


THE LATE HUGH WARRENDER, ESQ. DIED at Edinburgh, on the 8th June, of access, plain and unaffected in his man HOGH WARRENDER, Esq. of Burntsfield, ner, the poor could approach him without his Majesty's Agent for Scotland, and De- embarrassment, while the overflowing good. puty Keeper of the Signet.

ness of his heart irresistibly led him to We do not take notice of the death of take an interest in their sufferings. Many Mr Warrender for the purpose of saying instances might be given of his high honour that his loss will be regretted by all who and unceasing benevolence; but it is knew him, although on this occasion these enough for the present to allude to them. would not be words of course. To his im- “ The good we do lives after us;" and we mediate friends and relatives, to whom we recollect of few names that have a stronger know he was affectionately attached, the claim to general esteem and regret than loss is irreparable, and we sincerely sympa. that of Hugh Warrender.-Scotsman. thize in their sorrow. But we thus parti As a mark of esteem and respect for the aularly advert to the melancholy occurrence memory of the deceased, the Society of for a different purpose, and with the warm Writers to the Signet, of which Mr Wardesire of bestowing a much higher praise, render was so long a distinguished member, of recording to his honour, that, while hold. attended his funeral, in full mourning, ing, as he did for a long period, the office with their gowns, and walked before the of Agent for the Crown, which in some hearse, four abreast, the junior members bands would have inflamed party spirit, he first. Sir George Warrender, one of the uniformly evinced, in the discharge of his Lords of the Admiralty, chief mourner, official duties, a superiority to every little supported by his brother, and other relaor party feeling. To the Crown he did his tions and friends of the family, among duty faithfully and honourably, while to whom were several of the Judges of the the subject he was uniformly accommodat- Court of Session, followed the hearse on ing, kind, and charitable. Where the law foot.

The procession was solemn and imFas rigorous, he took pleasure in softening pressive. its severity; where it prohibited intercourse, he was anxious to make the privations felt as little as possible ; and in his breast the Died at his seat at Aske, in Yorkshire, confidential family secrets of a state prisoner on the 14th June, aged 79, THOMAS LORD were as safe as in that of a father. Easy Dundas. His Lordship was Lord Lieu.




tenant and Vice-Admiral of Orkney and particularly noble and dignified, and will Shetland, and President of the Society of long be remembered by those who have had Antiquaries in Scotland. He was the only an opportunity of observing him engaged son of the late Sir Lawrence Dundas, by in the official duties of his station. These Margaret Bruce, sister of the Honourable qualifications, combined with a conscienRobert Bruce, Lord Kennet, one of the tious and unremitting attention to every Lords of Session and Justiciary. He mare department of the office with which he was ried Lady Charlotte Wentworth, only sister intrusted, an integrity which could not be of the present Earl Fitzwilliam, by whom shaken, and an attractive urbanity of man. he has left four sons and five daughters ners, rendered him a bright ornament of living, viz. Lawrence, now Lord Dundas, that Court of which he was so long a mem. lately elected Member for the

city of York; ber, and secured him at once the respect George, a Captain in the Royal Navy ; and esteem of every individual with whom Thomas, in holy orders ; and Sir Robert, he was associated in discharging its ima Colonel in the army; Margaret, married portant functions. His cordial and geneto Archibald Spiers, Esq. ; Charlotte, 10 rous hospitality will be universally acknow. Viscount Milton : Frances, to Robert ledged ; and the chamıs of his easy and Chaloner, Esq. ; Mary, to the Rev. Wil refined conversation will ever dwell in the liam Wharton ; and Isabella, to T. C. memory of a wide circle of friends and acRamsden, Esq. His Lordship was created quaintances. To the sportsman he may a Peer in 1794. He was well known in be represented as a perfect model ; 1.cop. this city, where he often resided in the stitution by nature firm and vigorous, was early part of his life, and represented Stir. in him established by habits of unwonted lingshire in several Parliaments. Edin activity and exertion and to the last year burgh.

of his life he retained that juvenile ardour and energetic elasticity of mind which en

deared him even to the youthful enthusiast Died at his house, Abbey Hill, Edin. in the sports of the field. To the poor, and burgh, on the 19th June, the Honourable those who have none to help, his loss will FLETCHER NORTON, senior Baron of the be irreparable. By them his approach to Court of Exchequer in Scotland, one of the the various districts in which he was accusoldest Judges in the three kingdoms. On the tomed to reside, was ever hailed with the death of Baron Wynne, in 1776, he was ap- liveliest joy and acclamation, and his de pointed English Baron of the Exchequer in parture deplored with the mingled homage Scotland, having officiated as such, at the of blessings and tears. time of his death, forty-four years. The In domestic life, the effects of his amiable Honourable Baron was second son of qualities were most interesting. As a husFletcher, first Lord Grantley, and was band, a father, a friend, and a master, he born in 1744. He married Miss Balmain, was equally revered. His fund of infor. daughter of James Balmain, Esq. Commis- mation-of anecdotes, admirably well told sioner of Excise, by whom he has left four - his social disposition, and the gentleman. sons and four daughters. The eldest son ly pleasantness of his manners, made his is presumptive heir and successor to the society universally coveted. titles and estates of his uncle, the present Resentment had no place in his bosom. Lord Grantley.

He seemed almost insensible to injury, so There has seldom appeared a stronger immediately did he pardon it. Amongst instance of the influence of manners and his various pensioners were several who had conduct, that is, the manners and conduct shown marked ingratitude; but distress which spontaneously arise from the best with him covered every offence against himfeelings of our nature, when combined with self. the soundest judgment, in acquiring the His attention to religious and moral esteem and affection of all ranks of persons duties was uniform and constant. Not a in society. Baron Norton took up his re- Sunday passed, either in town or country, sidence in Scotland at a time when the when he was prevented from going to prejudices between that country and Eng. church, that the service of the Church of land, which had been gradually subsiding England, and a sermon selected from the after the rebellion in 1745, were revived by works of the best English and Scots divines, the periodical publication of the North Briwere not read to his family; and so inviolaton. But these prejudices were converted ble was his regard to truth, that no arguinto sentiments of regard for him as soon as ment could ever prevail upon him to devihe was known.

ate from the performance of a promise, In a judicial capacity he was eminently though obtained contrary to his interest, distinguished for a precision and soundness and, by artful representations, imperfectly of opinion, a calm unruffled temperance of founded. manner, and an accuracy of judgment which have seldom, if ever been surpassed. THE LATE BARON COCKBURN. His personal appearance on the Bench was Died on the 20th June, at Caroline Park,

near Edinburgh, ARCHIBALD Cock successful in the performance of his exBURN, Esq. late of Cockpen. Mr Cock. periments, which were selected with great burn entered into the Faculty of Advocates judgment, luis manner had a natural ease in 1762, and was long Sheriff Depute of and animation, which showed evidently the county of Edinburgh, which office he that his mind went along with every thing filled greatly to the satisfaction of the pub. he uttered, and gave his lectures great freelic. He was afterwards made Judge Ad. dom and spirit. But his peculiar excelmiral, and in 1790 was appointed a Baron lence as a teacher was a most uncommon of the Court of Exchequer, in room of faculty, arising from the great perspicuity Baron Stewart Moncrieffe, which he resign- and distinctness of his conceptions, of leaded in 1809, and was succeeded by Baron ing his hearers step by step through the Clerk Rattray.

whole process of the most complex investi

gation, with such admirable clearness, that THE LATE DR MURRAY.

they were induced to think that he was Died at his house in Nicolson Street, following out a natural order which could Edinburgh, on the 22d June, Dr John not be avoided, at the very time when he MURRAY, Lecturer on Chemistry in Edin. was exhibiting a specimen of the most reburgh.

fined and subtle analysis. With him the The death of this distinguished philoso- student did not merely accumulate facts, pher, snatched from us in the prime of life, note down dry results, or stare at amusing and full vigour of his faculties, will long be experiments : he was led irresistibly to felt as a national loss. His works, now of exercise his own mind, and trained to the standard celebrity at home and abroad, habits of accurate induction. To those sohave, from the spirit of profound and accu, lid attainments which entitled Dr Murray rate analysis, which they everywhere dis- to stand in the first rank as a man of play, and from the force, clearness, and science, was united a refined tasto, and a precision of their statements, most essen. liberal acquaintance with every subject of tially contributed to advance chemistry to general interest in literature. His manthe high rank which it now holds among ners were easy, polite, and unpretending, the liberal sciences. His very acute, vi- regulated by a delicate sense of propriety, gorous, and comprehensive mind has been with much of that simplicity which so often most successfully exerted in arranging its accompanies strength of character and orinumerous and daily multiplying details, de- ginality of mind. He rose to eminence by fining its laws, and, above all, in attaching the intrinsic force of his talents ; he was to it a spirit of philosophical investigation, above all the second-hand arts by which so which, while it lays the best foundation many labour to attract attention ; and a for extending its practical application, tends native dignity of sentiment, and manly at the same time to exalt its character, and spirit of independence, kept him aloof dignify its pursuit. As a lecturer on che- from all those petty intrigues which are so mistry, it is impossible to praise too highly often employed with success to bolster up the superior talents of Dr Murray; always inferior pretensions. perfectly master of his subject, and very



3. At Dumblane, Mrs Malloch, a son. January 17. At Calcutta, the lady of 4. Mrs Blackwell, York Place, EdinHugh Hope, Esq. of the Hon. East India burgh, a daughter. Company's civil service, a son.

5. At Portland Place, London, the lady May 23. At Hatton Castle, Mrs Duff of Alex. Macgregor, Esq. of Balhaldies, of Hatton, a son.

a daughter. 27. At Redcastle, the lady of Patrick At Hollybent Cottage, the lady of Grant, Esq. a son.

Andrew Hunter, Esq. younger of Bonny31. At Melville Street, Edinburgh, the toun, a son. lady of B. B. S. Stafford, Esq. a daughter. 7. At Bishop's Court, Isle of Man, Lady

- In Upper Harley Street, London, the S. Murray, a son. lady of Mr Stuart, a son.

9. Mrs Young, Palmer's Buildings, 17, June 1. At Edinburgh, the lady of West Nicolson's Street, a son. John Street, Esq. of the Royal Regiment 10. At Canaan, near Edinburgh, Mrs of Artillery, a daughter.

James Ballantyne, twin daughters. 2. At Rochdale, the lady of Lieutenant. 11. At Marshall Place, Perth, Mrs Colonel Macgregor, 88th regiment, a son. Gloag, a son.

The lady of Godfrey Meynell, Esq. 13. Her Royal Highness the Princess of of Meynell Langley, Derbyshire, a son. Orange, a boy. This is her tliird son.

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13. In Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Lady John Hunter, his Majesty's Consul GeneDouglas, a son.

ral in Spain. - At Stirling, Mrs Fraser of Farraline, 7. At London, George Finch, Esq. M.P. a daughter.

son of the Earl of Winchelsea, to Jane, 16. At Barjarg, the lady of William daughter of Admiral and Lady Elizabeth Francis Hunter, Esq. a son.

Halliday. 22. At Cavers Manse, Mrs Strachan, a 8. At London, the Right Hon. Robert

Peel, M. P. eldest son of Sir Robert Peel, The Duchess of Rutland, a son. Bart. to Miss Julia Floyd, youngest daugh24. At Perth, Mrs Caw, wife of Thoinas ter of the late General Sir John Floyd, Caw, Esq. Collector of the Customs, a son. Bart.

The lady of Michael Stewart Nicol. - At Camberwell Church, near London, son, Esq. of Carnock, a son and heir. George Warden, Esq. of Glasgow, to Sally,

25. Mrs Patison, Abercrombie Place, eldest daughter of Vincent Wanostrocht, Edinburgh, a daughter.

Esq. of Alfred House, Camberwell. 27. At Hill Street, Edinburgh, Mrs At Lybster, in Caithness, David Graham, a son.

Laing, Eşq. surgeon, to Susan, only 28. At Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, daughter of the late Lieutenant-General the lady of Sir James Montgomery, Bart. Sinclair of Lybster. M. P. a daughter.

At Glasgow, A. F. Gray, Esq. CompLately, At her Grace's House, in Upper troller of his Majesty's Customs, Irvine, Grosvenor Street, London, the Duchess of to Margaret, second daughter of the late Richmond, a son.

Benjamin Barton, Esq. Commissary Clerk of Glasgow.

10. At St Martin's Church, London, June 1. At St Mary-la-bonne Church, James Imlach, Esq. of Banff, to Isabella London, Admiral James Douglas, second Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. William son of the late Admiral Sir James Douglas, Leslie, of Balnegeith, county of Moray. Bart. to Miss Blathwayt, of Braynston At Cousland, John Bonar, Esq. of Square.

the Grove, to Jessie, youngest daughter of At Aberdeen, John Fraser, Esq. of Mr George Dickson, Cousland. London, to Jane, eldest daughter of George 12. Michael Ramsay, Esq. of the Hon. Still, Esq. of Millden.

East India Company's service, to Helen, 2. At Arbroath, David Scott, jun. Esq. fourth daughter of the deceased Wm. of Newton, to Margaret, daughter of the Richardson, Esq. late of Keithock. Rev. George Gleig.

At Edinburgh, Walter Cook, Esq. 5. At Edinburgh, Warren Hastings writer to the signet, to Mary, second Sands, Esq. W. S. to Miss Harriet Linde- daughter of the late Alex. Chrystie of Bal. say, youngest daughter of the late Henry chrystie, Esq. Bethune, Esq. of Kilconquhar.

At Edinburgh, James Anderson, Mr Donald Campbell

, merchant, Esq. younger of Stroquhan, to Mary, Glasgow, to Miss Margaret Campbell, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr Anderson, youngest daughter of the late Mr Alexander George's Square. M'Pherson of Achriach, Argyleshire.

At Falkirk, James Thomson, Esq. At Eastwood Manse, William Moffat, of Reddoch, to Agnes, youngest daughter Esq. surgeon, Glasgow, to Jean, second of the late Alex. Boyd, Esq. daugbter of the Rev. G. Logan, Minister 13. Josiah Howard, Esq. Stockport, of Eastwood.

Cheshire, to Janet Buchanan, youngest At Tillywhandland, James Walker, daughter of James Provand, Esq. merchant, Esq. writer, Forfar, to Catherine, daughter Glasgow. of Mr Wm. Michie of Carseburn.

16. At St James's Church, London, At Bellfield, George Fulton, Esq. Peter Rose, Esq. of Demerara, to Huntly, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James third daughter of Wm. Gordon, Esq. of Stalker, Esq.

Aberdeen. 6. At Edinburgh, Mr J. Brewster, Ge At Bathgate, Mr James Thomson, neral Post Office, to Magdalene Strachan, merchant, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, third daughter of the deceased Mr Daniel Lizars, daughter of the deceased Henry Torrence, engraver.

Esq. late of Kirktonhill. At Edinburgh, Mr John Maclachlan, 19. At Montrose, Captain George Bell, bookseller, to Elizabeth, third daughter of to Margaret Addison, second daughter of Mr John Steele, merchant.

Thomas Dougal, Esq. banker in MonAt Chapelton of New Kilpatrick, trose. the Rev. Peter Currie, Cumbernauld, to 20. At Kinfauns Castle, the seat of the Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Aitken Right Honourable Lord Gray, John Grant, of Chapelton.

Esq. of Kilgraston, to the Honourable 7. At Edinburgh, Charles Guthrie, Esq. Margaret Gray, his Lordship's second to Jane Campbell, daughter of the late Sir daughter.

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