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thy mercies do away mine offen. with the burnt offerings, and ces.

oblations: then thall they offer Wath me throughly from my young bullocks upon thine alcar. wickedness and cleanse me Glory be to the Father, Sc. from my fin.

As it was in the beginning, & For I acknowledge my faults : Lord have mercy upon us. and my fin is ever before me. Christ, have mercy upon us.

Against thee only have I lin- Lord, have inercy upon. fight : that thou mightest be

, Hallowed be thy juttified in thy saying, and clear Name ;. 'Thy kingdom come; when thou art judged.

Thy will be done in earth, as Behold, I was thapen in wick, it is in leaven: Give us this edness : and in fin liath my mo- day our daily bread; And forther conceived me.

give us our trespasses, as we forBut, lo, thou requirest truth give then that trefpass againft in the inward parts : ard thalt us; And lead us not into tempta. make me to understand wisdom tion, But deliver us from evil. secretly.

Amen. Thou thalt purge me with Minister, O Lord, save thy hyssop, and I thall be clean :

servants; thou thalt waih me, and I thall Anfw. That put their trust in be whiter than snow.

thee. Thou thalt make me hear of

Minister. Send unto them help joy and gladness : that the bones from above, which thou halt broken may re• Answ. And evermore mighjoice.

tily defend them. Turn thy face from my sins : Minister. Help us, O God our and put out all my misdeeds. Saviour;

Make me a clean heart, O Anjw. And for the glory of thy God : and renew a right fpirit Name deliver us; be merciful to within me.

us finners, for thy Name's fake. Catt me not away from thy Minister. O Lord, hear our presence : and Iake not thy holy prayer; Spirit from me.


And let our cry o give me comfort of thy come unto thee. help again : and itablish me

Minister. Let us pray. with thy free Spirit. nEberhen all checach thy ways o mercifully

we be leechance; unto the thall be converted unto thee.

and foare all those who con Deliver mc from bloodguilti- fess their fins unto thee; that ness, O God, thou that art the God they whose consciences by fin of my health : and my tongue are accused, by thy merciful Thall ling of thy righteousness.

pardon may be absolved through Lord : and my mouth ihail thew O citui Father, who hait.com

Thou thalt open my lips, o Christ our Lord. Amen. thy praise.

For thou defireft no sacrifice, pattion upon all men, and hateft else would I give it thee: but thou nothing that thou hast made : delighreft not in burnt offerings. wlio wouldeft not the death of a

The sacrifice of God is a linner, but that he thould rather troubled Spirit ; a broken and turn from his fin and be saved ; contrite heart, O God, thalt Mercifully forgive us our trefthou not defpife.

patlc3: receive and comtort us, o be favourable and gracious who are grieved and wearied unto Sion : build thou the walls with the burden of our fins. Thy of Jerufalem.

property is always to have mer. Then shalt thou be pleased with cy; to thee only

it appertainerh the sacrifice of righteousnels, to forgive fios. Spare us there.


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bre, good,Lord, spare thy people, praying. For thou art a mer • vhom thou haft redeemed; en- ciful God, full of companion, ter not into judgement with any longfuffering, and of great pity. fervants, who are vile earth, and Thou sparett, when we deserve miserable finners; but forurn punithment, and in thy wrath thine anger from us, who meek. thinkett upon mercy: Spare thy ly acknowledge our vileness. acd people, good Lord, spare them, fruly repeni us of our faults; and let nor thine heritage be nd' fo make hafte to help us brought to confufion. Hear us, In this world, that we may ever O Lord, for thy mercy is great, Eve with thee in the world to and after the multitude of thy come, through Jesus Chrift our mercies look upon us. Through Lord. Amen.

the merits and mediation of 1 Then shall the People say this hy blessed Son Jesus Christ our

that followeth, after the Mini- Lord. Amen. Per

Then the Minister alone shall say, TY

‘URN thou us, o good Lord, THE Lord bless us, and keep Be favourable, o Lord, bc fa- light of his countenance upon vourable to thy people, who turn us, and give us peace now and to thee in weeping, fafting, and for evermore. Amen.





Pointed as they are to be sung or said in


В B.

THE FIRST DAY. MORNING PRAYER with them: but they are like the PSAL. I. Beatus vir, qui non abiit. chaff which the wind scattereth

LESSED is the man that away from the face of the earth. hath not walked in the not be able to itand in the judge

6 'Therefore the ungodly thall counsel of the unge!ly, ment: neither the finners in the

nor flood in the way of finners: and hath not fat in the congregation of the righteous.

7 But the Lord knoweth the feat of the cornful:

2 But his delight is in the law way of the righteous : and the of the Lord: and in his law will way of the ungodly thall perish. he exercise himselfdayandnight.

PSAL. 2. Quare fremuerunt ? planred by the water fide: that

Whouder the elementene africa

riously rage together : and will bring forth his fruit in due why do the people imagine a season.

vain thing? 4 His leaf also thall not wither: 2 The kings of the ear h stand and look, whatsoever he doeth, up, and the rulers take counsel it thall prosper.

together : againft the Lord, and 5 As for tlie ungodly, it is not so againit his Anointed,



3 Let

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3 Let us break their bonds PSAL. 4. Cum invocarem. arunder : and caft away their EAR me.when I call,

o God, cords from us.

of my righteousnets : thou 4 He that dwelleth in heaven haft set me at liberiy when I was thall laugh them to fcorn : the in trouble; have mercy upon me, Lord thall have them in derifion, and hearken unto my prayer.

5 Then thall he ipeak unto 2. O ye fons of men, how long thein in his wrath and vex will ye blafpheme mine honour: them in his fore displealure. and have such pleasure in vanity,

6 Yet have I set my king: and seek after leating? upon my holy hill of Sion.

3 Know this alto, that tl.e Lord 7 I will preach the law, where- hath chosen to himself rhe man of the Lord hath said unto me: that is godly: when I call upon Thou art my Son, this day have the Lord he will hear me. I begotten thee.

4 Stand in ane, and fin not: 8 Delire of me, and I thall give commune with your own hear, thee the heathen for thine in- and in your chamber, and be till. heritance : and the utmost parts s offer the sacrifice of righte. of the earth for chy poffeßion. ousness: and put your trust in

Thôu thalt bruise them with the Lord. a rod of iron : and break them 6 There be many tha: 'ay: in pieces like a potter's vefsel. Who will thew us any good!

jo Be wise now therefore, O 7 Lord, lift thou up: the light ye kings : be learned, ye that of thy countenance upon us. are judges of the earth.

8 l'hou haft put gladness in 11 Serve the Lord in fear : and my heart : since the time that rejoice unto himn with reverence. their corn and wine and oil

12 Kiss the son, left he be an increased. gry, and fo ye perith from the 2 I will lay me down in peace, right way: if his wrath be kind- and take my reft: for it is thou, bed (yea, but a little) blessed are all Lord, only that makes me they that put their trust in him. dwell in safety. PSAL. 3. Domine, quid. PSAL. 5. Verba mea auribus.

words, O Lord : they that rise againft me.

2 O hearken thou unto the 2 Many one there be that say voice of my calling, my king: of my soul : There is no help and my God: for unto thee will for him in his God,

I make my prayer. 3 But thou, O Lord, art my 3 My voice thalt thou hear bedeinder : thou art my worthip, times, o Lord : early in the and the lifter up of my head. morning will I direct my prayer!

4 i did call upon the Lord unto thee, and will look up. with my voice : and he heard 4For thou art the God that haft mc out of his holy hill.

no pleasure in wickedness : nei5 I laid me down and Nept, ther shall any evildwell with thee. and rose up again : for the Lord 5 Such as be foolith thall not fuftained mne.

stand in thy fight; for thou hat6 I will not be afraid for ten eit all them that work vanity; thousands of the people : that 6 Thou thalt destroy them that have set themselves against me speak leasing : the Lord will abround about.

Hor both the bloodthirsty and 7 Up, Lord, and help me, o deceitful man. my God : for thou fmiteit all 7 But as for me, I will come mine enemies upon the cheek into thine house, even upon the bone; thou haft broken the teeth multitude of thy mercy: and in of the ungodly.

thy tear will I worthip toward 8 Salvation belongeth unto the thy holy temple, Lord : and thy blessing is upon

8 Lead me, O Lord, in the thy people.

righteousnels, because of min


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eneries : make thy way plain PSAL. 7. Domine, Deus meus.

Scooter here is no faithfulness Ohave?, urymyotrunta c'ave

in his mouth : their inward parts me from all them that persecure I are very wickedness.

me, and deliver me; 10 Their throat is an open 2 Left he devour my soul like sepulchre : they flatter with their a lion, and tear it in pieces : tongue,

while there is none to help. ii Destroy thou them, o God; 30 Lordmy God, if I have done let them perith through their any such thing : or if there be own imaginations : cait them any wickedness in my hands; out in the multitude of their

If I have rewarded evil un. ungodliness; for they have re- to him that dealt friendly with belled againtt thee.

me : (yea, I have delivered him 12 And let all them that put that without any cause is mine their truft in thee rejoice : they enemy;)

ever be giving of thanks, Ś Then let mine enemy per. because thou defen(left them; secure my soul and take me : they that love thy Name, thall yea, let him tread my life down be joyful in thee.

upon the earth, and lay mine 13 For thou, Lord, wile give honour in the duft. thy bletting unto the righteous : 6 Stand up, O Lord, in thy and with thy favourable kind. wrath, and life up thyself, benefs wilt thou defend him as cause of the indignation of mine with a shield.

enemies : arise up for me in the

judgement that thou hast comEVENING PRA Y ER.


7 And so thall the congrega. PSA L. 0. Domine, ne. tion of the people come about

thinc indignation : neither lift up thyself again. chaften me in thy difpleasure. 8 The Lord thall judge the

· Have mercy upon me, 0 people; give sentence with me, Lord, for I am weak : 0 Lord, O Lord : according to my righteo heal me, for my bones are vexed. ournels, and according to the

3. My fou! also is fore trou. innocency that is in me. bled: but, Lord, how long wilt 9 O let the wickedness of the thou punih me!

ungodly come to an end : but 4 Turn thee, O Lord, and de. guide thou the just. liver my foul : 0 fave me fus 10 For the righteous God : thy mercies' fake.

trieth the very hearts and reins. Ś For in death no man re. 11 My help cometh of God : membereth thee : and who will who preferveth them that are give thee thanks in the pit? true of heart.

6 I am weary of my groaning; 12 God is a righteous judge, every night walh I my bed : and Atrong and paticnt : and God is water my couch with my tears. provoked every day,

7 My beauty is gone for very 13 If a man will not turn, he trouble: and worn away because will whet his sword : he hath of all mine enemies.

bent his bow, and made it ready. .8 Away from me, all ye that 14 He liath prepared for him work vanity : for the Lord hath the instruments of death he heard the voice of my weeping. ordaineth his arrows against the

2 The Lord hath' heard my persecutors. petition : the Lord will receive 15 Behold, he travaileth with my prayer.

mifchitf : he hath conceived 10 Al mine enemies shall be forrow, and brought forth unconfounded, and fore vexed : goliness, they ihall be turned back, and 16 He hath graven and dig. puc to Ibame fuddenly.

ged up a pit ; and is fallen him



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felf into the deftruction that he 4 For thou haft maintained my made for other.

right and my cause : tbou art 17 For his travail shall come set in the throne that judgest upon his own head : and his right. wickedness thall fall on his own 5 Thou haft rebuked the hea. pate.

then, and deitroyed the ungod18 I will give thanks unto the ly: thou haft puc out their name Lord, according to his righte- for ever and ever. ousness : and I will praise the 6 0 thou enemy, deftrucions Name of the Lord most High. are come to a perpetual end : PSAL. 8. Domine, 'Dominus nofter. even as the cities which thou O

LORD our Governor, how hait deftroyed; their memorial

excellent is thy Name in is perithed with them. all the world : thou that hast fer * But the Lord ihall endure thy glory above the heavens ! for ever : he ha h also prepared

2 Out of the mouth of very his seat for judgement. babes and sucklings haft thou 8 For he thall judge the world ordained ftrength, because of in righteousness : and minister thine enemies : that thou true judgement unto the people. mightet still the enemy and 9 The Lord also will be a dethe avenger

fence for the oppressed : even a 3 For I will confider thy hea. refuge in due time of trouble. vens, even the works of thy fin- 10 And they that know thy gers : the moon and the stars Na'ne, will put their trust in which thou haft ordained. thee : for thou, Lord, bait never

4 What is man, that thou art failed them that seek thee. mindful of him: and the Son of IL O praise the Lord, which man, that thou viliteit him? dwelletb in Sion : thew the peo

5 Thou madeft him lower than ple of his doings. the angels : to crown him with 12 For when he maketh inglory and worthip.

quisition for blood, he remem6 'Thou nakeft him to have bereth them: and forgetteth not doininion of the works of thy the complaint of the poor. hands : and thou haft put all 13 Have mercy upon me, o things in subjection under his Lord, confider the rrouble which feet;

I suffer of them that hate me : 7 All theep and oxen : yea, thou that litteft me up from the and the bearts of the field; gates of death;

8 The fowls of the air, and 14 That I may few all thy the Ashes of the sea : and what- praises within the porrs of the soever walketh through the daughter of Sion : I will rejoice paths of the seas.

in thy salvation. 90 Lord our Governor : how

The heathen are funk excellent is thy Name in all the down in the pit that they made : world!

in the same net which they hid privily, is their foot taken.

16 The Lord is known to exc. MORNING PRAYER.

cute judgement : the ungodly PSAL. 2. Confitebor tibi.

is trapped in the work of his IS

WILL give thanks unto thee, own lands.

O Lord, with my whole heart: 17 Tie wicked shall be turned I will speak of all thy warvellous into hell : and all the people works.

that forget God. 2 I will be glad and rejoice 18 For the poor shall not alin thee : yea, my fongs will ! way be forgotten : the patient make of rhy Name, o thou most abiding of the meek thall not Highest.

perith for ever. 3 While mine enemies are 19 Up, Lord, and let pot man driven back: they thall fall and have the upper hand : let the perish at thy presence.

heathen be judged in thy fight.

-20 Put

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