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inimprironments, in tumults, in The second Sunday in Lent. labours, in warchings, in faftings;

The Collect. by pureness, by knowledge, by longiuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeign: ourselves to help ourselves: Keep

that we have no power of ed, by the word of truth, by he power o* God, by the armour of us both outwardly in our boa rigiteousness on the right hand dies, and inwardly in our fouls. and on the left, by honour and

that we may be defended from di!honour, by evil report and all adverfi'ies which may hapgood report: as deceivers, and yet pen to the tody, and from all truc; as unknown, and yet well and hurt the soul, through Jesus

evil thoughts which may assault known; asdyinz, and, behold. we Chrift our lord. Amen. live; as chattened, and not killed;

The Epistle. i Thef 4. I. ing; "as poor, yet making many Wandeeshore you by the rich; as having nothing, and yet Lord Jesus, that as ye have repoffulling all things. The Gospel. s. Matth. 4. 1.

ceived of us how ye ought to T CHEN was Jefus led up of the walk and to please God, ro ye

Spirit into the wilderness would abound more and more. to be tempted of the devil. Asid For ye know what commandwl:en he had fafted forty days ments we gave you by the Lord and forty cihts, he was after. Jesus. For this is the will of ward an hungred. And when God, even your far&ification, the tempter came to him, he that ye thould abitain from fornifaid, If thou be the Son of God, cation; that every one of you cormand that these stones be should know how to pofíefs'his made bread. But he answered veflel in fan&tification and hoand said, It is written, Man fhall nour: not in the Juft of concu. not live by bread alone, but by

piscence, even as the Gentiles, every word that proceedeth out which know not God; that no of the mouth of God. Then the man go beyond, and defraud devil taketh him up into the his brother in any matter; beholy city, and fetteth him on a

cause that the Lord is the avenpinnacle of the temple, and faith ger of all such, as we also have unto him, If thou be the son of forewarned you, and teftified. God, caft thyself down; for it is For God hath not called us unto written, He shall give his angels uncleanness, but unto holiness. charge concerning thee, and He therefore that despiseth, dein their hands they shall bear spiserh not man, but God, who thee up, left at any time thou liath allo given unto us his Holy dan rhy foot against a fone. Spirit. Jesus said unto him, It is written The Gospel. $. Matth. 15. il. acain, Thou thalt not tempt the ES US wint thence, and de. taketh him up into an exceed. and Sidon. And, behold, a woman ing high mountain, and thew- of Canaan came out of the fame erh him all the kingdoms of the coasts, and cried unto him, layworld, and the glory of them; ing, Have mercy on me, O Lord, ard faith unto him, All these thou fon of David; my daughter things will I give thee, if thou is grievousy vexed with a devil. wilt fall down and worship me.

But he answered her not a word. Then faith Jesus unto him, Get And his difciples came and be. thee hence, Satan; for it is fought hir. Taying, Send her written, Thou fhalt, worship the away; for the crieth after us. Lord thy God, and him only But he answered and laid, I am thalt thou ferve. Then the devil not fent, but unto the lost theep leaveth him, and, behold, angels of the house of Ifrael. Turn came and ministered unto him. came the and worshipped him,


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faying, Lord, help me. But he them: for it is a shame, event answered and said, It is not meet to speak of those things which to take the children's bread, and are done of them in fecret, But to caft it to digs.

And the all things that are reproved are said, Truth, Lon; yet the dogs made manifeft by the light; eat of the crumbs which fall from for whatsoever doth make mani. their master's table. Then Jesus feft is light. Wherefore he faith, answered and said unto her, o Awake thou that Deepet, and woman, great is thy faith ; be arise from the dead, and Christ it unto thee even as thou wilt. thall give thee light. And her daughter was made The Gospel. s. Luke 1}. 14. whole from that very hour. ESU $ was cafting out a devil,

and it was duinb. And it The third Sunday in Lent.

came to pass, when the devil was

gone out, the dumb fpake; and The Collea.

the people wondered. But fome W , ,

God, look upon the hearty devils through Beelzebub, the defires of thy humble servants, chief of the devils. And others, and stretch forth the right hand tempting him, sought of him a of thy Majefty to be our design from heaven. But he knowfence against all our enemies, ing their thoughts, said unto through Jesus Christ our Lord. them, Every kingdom divided Amen.

againft itself is brought to de

folation ; and a house divided The Epislle. Ephef. 5. 1. ; against a house falleth. If Sa'an Eye therefore followers of allo be divided againft himselt,


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walk in love, as Chrift al'o hath because ye say that I call out. loved us, and hath given himself devils through Beelzebub. And for us, an offering and a facrifice if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, to God for a fwcetsmelling by whom do your fons Cait favour. But fornication, and all them out! therefore shall they uncleanness, or coyetousness, let be your judges. Buc if I wití it not be once named among the finger of God cast out devilt, you as becometh saints: neither no doubt the kingdom of God filthiners, nor foolish talking, is come upon you. When a nor jefting, which are not con- Arong man arınéd keeperh his venient; but rather giving of palace, his goods are in peace; thanks. For this ye know, that but when a furonger than he no whoremonger, nor unclean shall come upon hira, and overperson, nor covetous man, who come him, he taketh from him is an idolater, hath any inherit all his armour wherein he trutance in the kingdom of Christ, ed, and divideth his spoils. He and of God. Let no man de- that is not with me is again't ceive you with vain words : for me: and he that gathereth nos, because of these things cometh with ine scattereth. Whenti the wrath of God upon the unclean spirit is gone out of children of disobedience. Be not man, he walketh through di ye

therefore partakers with pinces, seeking rett, and findi them; for ye were sometimes none, he saitli, I will return unto darkness, but now are ye light my house whence I came out. in the Lord : walk as children And when he cometh he finde of light : (for the fruit of the it swept and garnished. Then goSpirit is in all goodness, and eth he and takeih to lin feven righteousnels, and truth ;) prov. other fpirits more wicked than ing what is acceptable unto the himself: and they enter in, and Lord. And have no fellowship dwell there; and the last state of with the unfruitful works of that man is wore than the otit. darkr:f, but rather reprove Aud it came to pass as he djakt




these things, a ceriain woman of The Gospel. S. Jolin 6. I. the corrpany lift up hered Police J Galilee, which is the fea of womb that bare thee, and he Tiberias. And a great multipaps which thou haft fucked. tude followed liin because they But he said, Yea, rather blessed saw his miracles which he did are they that hear the word of on them that were diseased. God, and keep it.

And Jelus went up into a moun.

tain, and there he sat with his The fourth Sunday in Lent. disciples. And the passover, a

feast of the Jews, was nigh. The Collect.

when Jesus then lift up his G thee, eyes, and saw a great company

Almighiy God, that who for our evil deeds do worPhilip, whence hall we buy

come unto him, he faith untó thily def rve to be punithed, by bread, that these may eat? (And the cor fort of thị grace may this he said to prove him; for he mercifully be relieved, through himselfknew

what he would do. Lord and Saviour Jelus Pliilip answered him, Two hun: Chril. Amen.

dred pennyworth of bread is not The Epistle. Gal. 4. 21. sufficient for them, that every

ELL me, ye thai defire to one of them may take a lit. T hear the law? For it is written, drew, Simon Peter's brother, tyar Abraham had two cons, the faith unto him, There is a las one by a bondinaid, the other here which hath five barley by a freewoman. But he who loaves, and two small fithes : was of the bondwoman, was but what are they among so born after the Aeth : but he of many? And Jesus said, Make the free woman was by promise. the men fit down. Now there Which things are an allegory: was much grace in the place. So for these are the two covenants; the men fat down in nuinber the one from the mount Sinai, about five thousand. And Jesus which gendereth to bondage, took the loaves, and when he which is Agar. For this Agar is had given thanks, he distributed mount Sinai in Arabia, and an- to the disciţies, and the disciples we retli to Jerusalem which now to them that were set down; is, and is in bondage with her and likewise of the fithes as children. But Jerusalem which much as they would. When is above is free, which is the they were filled, he said unto inother of us all. For it is writ. his disciples, Gather up the fragten, Rejoice, thou barren that ments that remain, that cothing bear it not; break forth and be loft. Therefore they gathered cry, thou that travaileft not: them together, and filled twelve for the defolate hath many more baskets with the fragments of children than the which hath an the five barley loaves which rehuiband. Now we, brethren, as mained over and above unto Ifaac was, are the children of them that had eaten. Then those promise But as then, he that men, when they had fe en the was born af er the flesh perle miracle that Jesus did, said, cuted him that was horn after This is of a truth that Prophet the Spirit ; even so it is now that should come into the world. Nevertheless, what faith the Scrip'ure! Caft out the bondwoman and her ton; for the lon

The fifth Sunday in Lent. of the bondwoman thall not be

The Colle&. Primavith Shehena brettinen tree W obe frech this looiestiny ale not children of the boud- on thy people, that liy thy great wman, but of the free. goodueis they may be governed u


and preferred evermore both in dead; and the prophets are body and soul, through Jesús dead, whom makett thou thy. Chrift our Lord. Amen.

self? Jesus answered, If I ho. The Epifle. Heb. 9. 11.

nour myself, my honour is C HRIST being come an high nothing; it is my Father that.

Priest of good things to honoureth me, of whom ye lay corne, by a greater and more have not known him; 'but' i

that he is your God: yet ye pertect tabernacle, not made with hands. that is to say, not know him: and if I should

tay, of this building; neither

by the I know him not, 1 thail be bloud of goats and calves, but liar like unto your bu? I know by his own blood, he entered him, and keep his saying. Your in once into the holy place,

father Abraham rejoiced to see having obtained eternal redemp my, day, and he saw it, and was bulls and of goats, and the athes him, Thou art not yet fifty of an heifer sprinkling the uno Abraham Jerus faid unto them,

years old, and haft thou seen clean, fan&ifieth to the purify: Verily, verily, I say unto you, ing of the flesh; how much more thall the blood of Christ, who Before Abraham was, I am. through the eternal Spirit of. Then took they up stones to Calt fered himself without spot to

at him ; but jerus hid himself,

and went out of the tempic. God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God? and for this caufe

The next Sunitay before Eafter. he is the Mediator of the new

The Colleå. , death, for «he redemption of the ALMIGHTY, and everlafing

God, who of thy render tranfgreflions that were under love towards mankind, haft lent the firit testament, they which thy Son our Saviour Jesus Chrift, are called might receive the pro- to take upon him our Aeth, and mife of eternal inheritance. to fuffcr death upon the cross, The Gospel. S. John 8. 46.

that all mankind fhould follow TESUS said, which of you the example of his great humi:

convinceth me of fin and lity; Mercifully grant that we if I say the truth, why do ye not may both follow the example believe me? He that is of God, of his patience, and also be heareth God's words; ye there made partakers of his resurrecfore hear them not, because ye tion, through the fame Jesus are not of God. Then answer. Chriit our Lord. Amen. ed the Jews, and said unto him, The Epille. Phit. 2. $. Say we not well, that thou art

ET this be in you

L which was alco bin incheit Jesus answered, I have not a Jesus; who. being in the form of devil; but I honour my Fa. God, though it not robbery ther, and ye do dishonour me. to be equal with God; but And I feek not mine own made himlelt of no reputation, glory: there is one that seeketh and took upon hin the form of and judgeth. Verily, verily, I a servant, and was inade in the say unto you, If a man keep likeness of men; and being my saying, he thall never see found in fathi :n as a man, he death 'Then said the Jews unto humbled himself, and became Jim, Now we know that thou obedient unto death, even the hait devil: Abrahan is death of the cro's. Wherefore dead, and the prophets; and God al'o hath highly exalted thou sayeit, If a man keep my him, and given him a Name fayin", "he shall never talte of which is above every name; death. Art thou grea'er than that at the Name of Jesus every our father Abraham, which is knee should bow, of things in




heaven, and things in earth, release unto the people a pri. and things under the earth; foner, whom they would. And and that every tongue thould they had then a notable priconfess that Jesus Christ is foner, called Barabhas. There. Lord, to the glory of God the fore when they were gathered Father.

together, Pilate said unto them,

whom will ye that I release unto The Gospel. S. Matth. 27. 1.

you! Barabbas, or Jesus, which

is ca led Chrift! for he knew W nome, the morning was

come, all the chief priests that for envy they had delivered and elders of the people took him. When he was set down on counsel against Jesus to put him tbe judgement feat, his wife fent to death. And when they had unto him, saying, Have thou no. bound him, they led him away, thing to do with that juft man: and delivered him to Pontius for I have suffered many things Pilate the governor. Then Judas, this day in a dream because of which had betrayed him, when him. But the chief pricfts and he faw that he was condemned, elders persuaded the multitude repénted himselfs and brought that they thould atk Barabbas, again the thirty pieces of silver and deftroy. Jesus. The gover. to the chief priests and elders, nor answered and said saying, I have finned, in that them, Whether of the twain i have betrayed the innocent will ye that I release unto you? blood. And they said, What is They said, Barabbas. Pilate faith that to us? see thou to that! And unto them, What shall I do he cast down the pieces of filver then with Jesus, which is called in the temple, and departed, and Chrift? They also say unto him, went and hanged himself. And Let him be crucified. And the the chief prieits took the filver governor said, Why, what evil, pieces, and said, It is not lawful hath he done. But they cried out for to put them into the ireasury, the more, saying, Let him be. because it is the price of blood. crucified. When Pilate saw that And they took counsel, and he could prevail nothing, but bought with them che potter's that rather a tumult was made, field, to bury strangers in. he took water, and washed its Wherefore that field was called, bands before the multitude, The field of blood, unto this day. saying, I am innocent of the (Then was fulfilled that which blond of this juft person : fee ye was spoken by Jeremy the pro- to it. Then answered all the phet, saying. And they took people, and said, His blood be on the thirty pieces of filver, the us, and on our children. Then price of him that was valued, released he Barabbas unto them: whom they of the children of and when he had courged Ifrael did value, and gave them Jesus, he delivered him to be, for the potter's field, as the Lord crucified. Then the soldiers of appointed me.) And Jefus ftood the governor took Jesus into the before the governor

and the cominon hall, and gathered ungovernor asked him, saying to him the whole band of fol. Art thou the King of the Jewe? diers. And they stripped him, And Jefus faid unto him, Thou and put on him a fcarlet robe. sayeft. And wher he was accur. And when they had platted a ed of the chief priests and elders, crown of thorns, they put it uphe answered no: hing. Then on his head, and a reed in his faid Pilate unto himn. Heareft right hand; and they bowed the thou not how many this as they knce before him, and mocked witness againft thee? And he him, saying, Hail, King of the answered him to never a word, Jews! And they (pit upon him, infomuch that the governor and took the reed, and fmote marveiled greatly. Now at that him on the head. And after that deaft the governor was wont to they had mocked him, they


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