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The Society in the Kingdom of WUERTEMBERG has also continued to distinguish itself by its active proceedings. It has distributed on its own account, during the past year, 5570 Bibles and 3009 Testaments, making a total of 102,432 copies since it commenced its labours. The desire, however, for the Scriptures is by no means abated, and more than 3000 Bibles and Testaments were called for previously to its Annual Meeting. Its own funds being inadequate to meet these demands, 2001. have been voted for its assistance. His Majesty the King of Wuertemberg has renewed his donation of 500 florins. The Society has had an increase in its own friends, and their contributions have proved larger than those of last year. Some prisoners, who had received copies of the New Testament, made a collection among themselves, and remitted it to the treasurer; and, though it had been feared that the disastrous floods which had occurred, would have prevented the regular payment of the smaller subscriptions, one of the correspondents of the Wuertemberg Society writes, “ I was agreeably mistaken, not a single member withdrew himself, and some whose houses were absolutely swept away by the inundation, continue their subscription with joy and thankfulness of heart.”

Another edition of the entire Bible is in contemplation by this Society, and your Committee have granted a set of stereotype plates for the New Testament. Through the means of this Institution, your Committee enjoy many advantages for effecting a circulation of the Scriptures on their own account, and have sent, in different directions, more than 9,000 Bibles and Testaments.

The Rev. Mr. Gebel, Secretary of the BADEN Bible Society, writes: “The invaluable gift of the word of God is still sought after among us, and notwithstanding the calamities by which our unhappy country has been lately visited, we have not been reduced to the necessity of discontinuing our dis

tributions.” A similar statement has been received from one of the most active directors of the Heidelberg Bible Society.

Every letter that has been received from Dr. LEANDER VAN Ess has borne testimony to the prevailing desire for the Holy Scriptures, notwithstanding the difficulties which have arisen in the way of their circulation. These very difficulties have in many instances been overruled for good. He has been supplied with the following grants, 10,000 German Testaments of his own edition and 2000 of Gossner's, 1000 Lutheran Bibles, besides some smaller quantities in the Hebrew, Greek, and other languages. An opportunity of supplying the Roman Catholic schools in the kingdom of Wuertemberg having occurred, the Professor has applied for 10,000 Testaments for this important purpose, which your Committee readily granted. The zeal of this individual has stirred up others; and your Committee have heard with pleasure, that another professor in the Roman Catholic communion has prepared a version of the New Testament, which has been approved

by some ecclesiastical authorities in that church. The author, in a concise preface, remarks that it is intended for christian schools and for edification in private families. Dr. Van Ess, in speaking of this work, observes that the translation is good. “It would seem,” he adds, “ that several of the episcopal vicars favour it, a circumstance which will give me real pleasure, for it is certainly all one whether Christ be preached through the medium of a version by Kistemaker, Van Ess, or any other, provided only that his gospel be faithfully published.” In these sentiments your Committee most heartily concur.

The Minister of Finance in the Grand Duchy of Darmstadt, has waved the duties in favour of the Bible Society, as well as of the Professor himself, and other individual distributors; and duties previously paid have been returned.

The same accuracy and care continue to distinguish bis accounts; the minutest as well as the largest distributions are marked in his statements; there are items such as “sundry poor travelling journeymen 43 Testaments and 7 Bibles, and such as, “a clergyman in the Black Forest, 3228 New Testaments.” The extracts of his correspondence with different individuals, in parts remote from Darmstadt, give solid proof that the blessing of God accompanies his extensive distributions of the Scriptures. They have amounted now in the whole to above 550,000 copies.

In one of the latest communications from BERLIN, Mr. Elsner, the secretary of the PRUSSIAN Central Bible Society, writes, " During the last year, ending October 1, 1824, we have put into circulation 3874 Bibles and 976 Testaments, and during the last ten years 78,247. Within the same period, a far larger number of copies of the Scriptures have been circulated by the Branch Societies in Prussia, so that at present there is not a poor man in the whole country, who may not, if he please, obtain the Bible or Testament at a very reduced price or even gratis.

This Society has kindly superintended an edition of 10,000 Bohemian New Testaments. In the last Report the number of copies intended to be printed, was stated at only 5000 ; circumstances, however, have induced your Committee to enlarge the edition, and measures are taken for its circulation: 2500 have already been sent from Berlin to the Herrnhut Bible Society.

The Dantzig Report, after mentioning a grant of 500 Bibles from your society, and 400 Testaments from Leander Van Ess, adds, “ Notwithstanding the assistance here alluded to, and the purchase of Bibles and Testaments out of our own funds, such is the want of the Scriptures throughout our province, that representations have been made to his Majesty's go

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vernment for West Prussia, which have been favourably received.” And in a recent letter from that place, it is written, « Our former distributions have only awakened a more lively desire for the sacred volume.”

The POMERANIAN Bible Society at Stralsund, with its Auxiliaries at Greifswalde and Barth, has, in the last three years, distributed 3093 Bibles and 1440 New Testaments. “ Still,” it is said, “it must be owned, the desire which has been awakened for the Holy Scriptures is far from being fully satisfied.” A Bible Society in connexion with it has also been established in the island of Ruegen.

In the Report of the SILESIAN Bible Society the following interesting statement occurs : “The numerous difficulties and attendant anxieties with which many of our fellow Christians have had to struggle, in consequence of the pressure of the times, have driven many a one to seek for consolation, where alone it can be truly found, in the Book of Life. In many families the long neglected Bible has at length been brought forward again. Where in reality it was most wanted, no Bible was to be found. In this situation the parties would have been left, had not Bible Societies in different places stepped forward, and supplied them with the word of God. It is with thankfulness we add, that we have been able to satisfy every demand made upon us for copies of the Holy Scriptures.

The Ninth Report of the BunzLAU Bible Society records the following pleasing fact: “We have never been obliged, from want of the means, to send any one who applied to us for a Bible empty away. In this benevolent work the clergy and schoolmasters here have not a little assisted us during the

last year.”

The LIEGNITZ reorganized Society has succeeded beyond its expectations, and your Committee have encouraged it by a further grant of 500 Testaments.

With the BÚCHWALD Bible Society, 67 congregations are connected, and the sphere of its exertions extends itself more and more. Its amiable President, the Countess of Reden, writes, “Children are permitted to make known their wishes, but it is reserved for the prudent and affectionate mother to do what she deems for the best.

Cannot we then venture to express a wish for new favours ?Your Committee desirous of regarding all its friends with parental affection, readily complied with this expressed wish, by a grant of 200 German Bibles, and 300 German Testaments. Of the distribution of a former grant a most satisfactory account has been received.

The Committee of the Bible Society at COLOGNE, of whose zeal Dr. Steinkopff had such pleasing demonstrations, have continued their labours, though they have had to contend with several discouraging circumstances. Their brief Report gives satisfactory evidence of a prevailing desire for the Holy Scriptures, while it sets forth the pecuniary difficulties of the Institution. Your Committee having been in. formed by them that, under the good providence of God, one door is opened after another, for the introduction of his Holy Word, and that by the influence of his grace it produces fruit, in some cases thirty, in others sixty, and in others even a hundred fold, have thought it right to charge themselves with the payment of Testaments for which this Society is indebted, and further to aid it by placing at its disposal 50 German Bibles and 1000 German Testaments.

The demands for Bibles among the different Branch Societies, in connexion with that at NEUWIED, being more numerous than can be satisfied, particularly in the much impoverished district of Witgenstein, an application has been made for assistance from your Committee, who have in consequence voted 200 Bibles and 300 Testaments.

In the last Report of the NEUWIED Bible Society the following anecdote fsccurs :


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