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form of the boudoir was an oval, but help or calculation, even the highest within the pilasters of folded silk with order of woman's beauty. their cornices of gold, lay crypts con- Lady Ravelgold held a bracelet in taining copies, exquisitely done in mar- her hand as she came in. ble, of the most graceful statues of “ In my own house,” she said, antiquity, one of which seemed, by the holding the glittering jewel to Tremlet, curtain drawn quite aside and a small “ I have a fancy for the style antique. antique lamp burning near it, to be the Tasseline, my maid, has gone to bed, divinity of the place the Greek and you must do the devoir of a knight, Antinous, with his drooped head and or an abigail, and loop up this Tyrian full, smooth limbs, the most passion- sleeve. Stay-look first at the model ate and life-like representation of —that small statue of Cytheris, yonder! voluptuous beauty that intoxicates the Not the shoulder, for you are to swear slumberous air of Italy. Opposite mine is prettier-but the clasp. Fasten this, another niche contained a few it like that. So! Now take me for a books, whose retreating shelves swung Grecian nymph the restof the evening.” on a secret door, and as it stood half “ Lady Ravelgold !”' open, the nodding head of a snowy “ Hermione or Aglae, if you please! magnolia leaned through, as if pouring But let us ring for supper !” from the lips of its broad chalice the As the bell sounded, a superb South mingled odours of the unseen con- American trulian darted in from the servatory it betrayed. The first sketch conservatory, and, spreading his superb in crayons of a portrait of Lady Ravel. black and gold wings a moment over gold by young Lawrence, stood against the alabaster shoulder of Lady Ravelthe wall, with the frame half buried in gold, as if he took a pleasure in proa satin ottoman ; and, as Tremlet longing the first touch as he alighted, stood before it, admiring the clear, turned his large liquid eye fiercely on classic outline of the head and bust, Tremlet. and wondering in what chamber of his “ Thus it is," said Lady Ravelgold, brain the gifted artist had found the we forget our old favourites in our beautiful drapery in which he had See how jealous he is !” drawn her, the dim light glanced faint- Supper is served, miladi !” said a ly on the left, and the broad mirror servant entering. by which he had entered swung again “ A hand to each, then, for the preon its silver hinges, and admitted the sent,” she said, putting one into very presentment of what he gazed on. Tremlet's and holding up the trulian Lady Ravelgold had removed the jewels with the other. “He who behaves from her hair, and the robe of wrought best shall drink first with me.'' lace, which she had worn that night “ I beg your ladyship’s pardon," over a boddice of white satin laced said Tremlet, drawing back, and lookloosely below the bosom. In the place ing at the servant, who immediately of this, she had thrown upon her left the room. Let us understand shoulders a flowing wrapper of purple each other! Does Lady Imogen sup velvet, made open after the Persian with us to-night?” fashion, with a short and large sleeve, Lady Imogen has retired,” said and embroidered richly with gold upon her mother, in some surprise. the skirts. Her admirable figure, Then, madam, will you be seated gracefully defined by the satin pet- one moment and listen to me?" ticoat and boddice, showed against Lady Ravelgold sat down on the the gorgeous purple as it flowed back nearest ottoman, with the air of a in her advancing motion, with a relief person too high bred to be taken by which would have waked the very soul surprise, but the colour deepened to of Titian ; her complexion was dazzling crimson in the centre of her cheek, and faultless in the flattering light of and the bird on her hand betrayed by one her own rooms; and there are those of his gurgling notes that he was held who will read this who know how the more tightly than pleased him. With circumstances which surround a woman a calm and decisive tone, Tremlet went ---luxury, elegance, taste, or the oppo- through the explanation given in the site of these--enhance or dim, beyond previous parts of this narration. He



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declared his love for Lady Imogen, Tremlet !” said her mother as he his hopes (while he had doubts of his entered. birth) that Lady Ravelgold's increas- Without changing her position, she ing obligations and embarrassments gave him the hand she had been pressand his own wealth might weigh against ing on her heart. his disadvantages, and now, his hon- “ Mr. Tremlet !” said Lady Ravel. ourable descent being established, and gold, evidently entering into her his rank entitling him to propose for daughter's embarrassment, “ trouble her hand, he called upon Lady Ravel- yourself to come to the table and give gold to redeem her obligations to him, me a bit of this pheasant. Imogen, by an immediate explanation to her George waits to give you some chamdaughter of his conduct toward her- pagne.' self, and by lending her whole in- “ Can you forgive me?" said the fluence to the success of his suit. beautiful girl, before turning to betray

Five minutes are brief time to her blushing cheek and suffused eyes change a lover into a son-in-law; and to her mother. Lady Ravelgold, as we have seen in Tremlet stooped as if to pluck a leaf the course of this story, was no philo- from the verbena at her feet, and passsopher. She buried her face in her ed his lips over the slight fingers he hands, and sat silent for awhile after held. Tremlet had concluded ; but the case Pretty trulian !” murmured Lady was a very clear one. Ruin and mor- Ravelgold to her bird, as he stood on tification were in one scale, mortifica- the edge of her champagne glass, and tion and prosperity in the other. She curving his superb neck nearly double, rose, pale but decided, and requesting contrived to drink from the sparkling Monsieur le Comte Manteuffel to await brim, “pretty trulian! you will be her a few minutes, ascended to her merry after this! What ancient Sydaughter's chamber.

barite, think you, Mr. Tremlet, in* If you please, sir,” said a servant, habits the body of this bright bird ? entering in about half an hour, “miladi Look up, mignon, and tell us if you and Lady Imogen beg that you will were Hylas or Alcibiades! Is the join them in the supper-room.” pheasant good, Mr. Tremlet?"

The spirit of beauty, if it haunt in “ Too good to come from Hades, such artificial atmospheres as Belgrave miladi. Is it true that you have your square, might have been pleased to sit table supplied from Crockford's?" invisibly on the vacant side of Lady ". Tout bonnement ! I make it a Ravelgold's table. Tremlet had been principle to avoid all great anxieties, shown in by the servant to a small and I can trust nobody but Ude. He apartment, built like a belvidere over sends my dinners quite hot, and if the garden, balfboudoir in its character, there is a particular dish of game, he yet intended as a supper-room, and at drives round at the hour, and gives it the long window (opening forth upon the last turn in my own kitchen. I descending terraces laden with flowers, should die to be responsible for my and just now flooded with the light of dinners. I don't know how people a glorious moon) stood Lady Imogen, get on that have no grand artiste. with her glossy head laid against the Pray, Mr. Tremlet, (I beg pardoncasement, and the palm of her left hand Monsieur le Comte, perhaps I should pressed close upon her heart. If those say ?)" two lights—the moon faintly shed off “ No, no, I implore you ! Tremlet from the divine curve of her temple, has been spoken too musically to be and the stained rose-lamp pouring its so soon forgotten. Tremletor Charles, mellow tint full on the heavenly shape which you will !" Lady Ravelgold put and whiteness of her shoulder and her hand in his, and looked from his neck-if those two lights, I say,

could face to her daughter's with a smile, have been skilfully managed, Mr. which assured him that she had obtained Lawrence! what a picture you might a victory over erself. Shrinking have made of Lady Imogen Ravel- immediately, however, from anything gold !

like sentiment, (with the nervous dread “ Imogen, my daughter ! Mr. of pathos so peculiar to the English,)

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she threw off her trulian, who made a glanced his fiery eyes from his mistress's circle and alighted on the emerald face to Tremlet's, and as the strange bracelet of Lady Imogen, and rang the hand was put out to take him from his bell for coffee.

emerald perch, he flew with the quick“ I flatter myself, Mr. Tremlet,” ness of lightning into the face of her she said, “ that I have made a new lover, and buried the sharp beak in his application of the homeopathic philo- lip. The blood followed copiously, sophy. Hahnemann, they say, cures and Lady Imogen, startled from her fevers by aggravating the disease ; timidity, sprang from her chair and and when I cannot sleep, I drink pressed her hands one after the other coffee, J'en suis passablement fière ! upon the wound, in passionate and You did not know I was a philo- girlish abandonment. Lady Ravelsopher ?"

gold hurried to her dressing-room for “ No, indeed!"

something to stanch the wound, and, Well, take some of this spiced left alone with the divine creature, mocha. I got it of the Turkish am- who hung over him, Tremlet drew her bassador, to whom I made beaux yeux to his bosom and pressed his cheek on purpose. Stop! you shall have it long and closely to hers, while to his in the little tinsel cups he sent me. lips, as if to keep in life, clung her George, bring those fillagree things ! own crimsoned and trembling fingers. Now, Mr. Tremlet, imagine yourself “ Imogen !” said Lady Ravelgold, in the serail du Bosphore - Imogen entering, “ take him to the fountain in and I two lovely Circassians, par ex- the garden and wash the wound; then emple! Is it not delicious ? Talking put on this bit of gold-beater's skin. of the Bosphorus, nobody was classical I will come to you when I have locked enough to understand the device in my up the trulian. Is it painful, Mr. coiffure to night.”

Tremlet?” " What was it?" asked Tremlet, Tremlet could not trust his voice to absently gazing while he spoke, with answer, but with his arm still around eyes of envy, at the trulian, who was Lady Imogen, he descended by the whetting his bill backward and for- terrace of flowers to the fountain. ward on the clear bright lips of Lady They sat upon the edge of the marImogen.

ble basin, and the moonlight striking “Do you think my profile Grecian?" through the jet of the fountain, deasked Lady Ravelgold.

scended upon them like a rain of silver. “ Perfectly!”

Lady Imogen had recovered from her And my hair is coiffed à la Grec?'' fright, and buried her face in her hands, “ Most becomingly.

remembering into what her feelings “ But still you won't see my golden had betrayed her; and Tremlet, somegrasshopper! Do you happen to know, times listening to the clear, bell-like sir, that to wear the golden grasshopper music of the descending water, somewas the birthright of an Athenian? 1 times uttering the broken sentences saw it in a book. Well; I had to ex- which are most eloquent in love, sat plain it to everybody. By the way, out the hours till the stars began to what did that gambler, George Heriot pale, undisturbed by Lady Ravelgold, mean by telling me that its legs should who, on the upper stair of the terrace, be black ? • All Greeks have black read by a small lamp, which, in the legs,' said he, yawning in his stupid calm of that heavenly summer night, way. What did he mean, Mr. Trem. burned unflickeringly in the open air. let?'

"6• Greeks' and blacklegs are con- It was broad daylight when Tremvertible terms. He thought you were let, on foot, sauntered slowly past more au fait of the slang dictionary. Hyde Park corner on his way to the Will you permit me to coax my beau- Albany. The lamps were still strugtiful rival from your hand, Lady gling with the brightening approach of Imogen ?

sunrise, the cab-men and their horses She smiled, and put forward her slept on the stand by the Green Park, wrist, with a bend of its slender and with cheerful faces the labourers alabaster lines,which would have drawn went to their work, and with haggard a sigh from Praxiteles. The trulian faces the night-birds of dissipation

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crept wearily home. The well-ground cumstance before him. A quarrel dust lay in confused heel-marks on the which, the day before, he would have side-walk, a little dampened by the looked upon merely as an inconvenience, night-dew ; the atmosphere in the or which, under the insult of a blow, street was clear, as it never is after he would have eagerly sought, became the stir of day commences ; a dandy, now an almost insupportable evil. stealing out from Crockford's, crossed When he reflected on the subject of Piccadilly, lifting up his head to draw the dispute--a contention about a in long breaths of the cool air, after woman of doubtful reputation taking the closeness of over-lighted rooms and place in the same hour with a first excitement; and Tremlet, marking avowal from the delicate and pure Lady none of these things, was making Imogen—when he remembered the his way through a line of carriages change in his fortunes, which he had slowly drawing up to take off their as yet scarcely found time to realisewearied masters from a prolonged fête on the consequences to her who was at Devonshire-house, when a rude so newly dear to him, and on all he hand clapped him on the shoulder. might lose, now that life had become “ Monsieur Tremlet ?"

invaluable, his thoughts were almost “Ah, Baron! bien bon jour!" too painful to bear. How seldom do

Bien rencontré Monsieur ! You men play with an equal stake in the have insulted a lady to-night, who has game of taking life, and how strange it confided her cause to my hands. is that equality of weapons is the only Madame St. Leger, sir, is without a comparison made necessary by the natural protector, and you have taken laws of honour ! advantage of her

position to insult her Tremlet was not a man to be long -grossly, Mr. Tremlet! grossly !" undecided. He rose after an hour's

Tremlet looked at the Russian dur- reflection and wrote as follows : ing this extraordinary address, and BARON,—Before taking the usual saw that he was evidently highly excited notice of the occurrence of this mornwith wine. He drew him aside into ing, I wish to rectify one or two points Berkeley street, and in the calmest in which our position is false. I find manner attempted to explain what myself, since last night, the accepted was not very clear to himself. He had lover of Lady Imogen Ravengold, and totally forgotten Mrs. St. Leger. The the master of estates and title as a diplomate, through quite beyond him- count of the Russian empire. Under self with his excitement, had sufficient the étourdissement of such sudden perception left to see the weak point changes in feelings and fortune, perhaps of his statement, and infuriated with my forgetfulness of the lady in whose theplacid mannerin which he attempted cause you are so interested, admits of to excuse himself, suddenly struck his indulgence. At any rate, I am so newly glove into his face, and turned upon in love with life, that I am willing to his heel. They had been observed suppose for an hour that had you known by a policeman, and at the moment these circumstances, you would have that Tremlet, recovering from his taken a different view of the offence in astonishment, sprang forward to re- question. I shall remain at home till sent the blow, the grey-coated guardian two, and it is in your power till then of the place laid his hand upon his to make me the reparation necessary collar and detained him till the baron to my honour. Yours, &c. had disappeared.

TREMLET. More than once on his way to the There was a bridal on the following Albany, Tremlet surprised himself for- Monday at St. George's Church, and getting both the baron and his insult, the Russian secretary stood behind and feeding his heart in delicious the bridegroom. Lady Ravelgold had abandonment with the dreams of his never been seen so pale, but her face new happiness. He reached his rooms was clear of all painful feeling ; and and threw himself on the bed, forcing it was observed by one who knew her from his mind, with a strong effort, the well, that her beauty had acquired, presence of Lady Imogen, and trying during the brief engagement of her to look calmly on the unpleasant cir- daughter, a singular and undefinable

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elevation. As the carriages with their place me, sir, under singular obligawhite favours turned into Bond street, tions, by allowing this good fellow to on their way back to Belgrave square, attend to my lame beast instantly." the cortege was checked by the press The confident, and not ungraceful of vehicles, and the Russian, who manner, in which the stranger threw accompanied Lady Ravelgold in her himself upon my courtesy, sufficiently chariot, found himself opposite the marked him as a man of breeding, and open britschka of a lady, who fixed her I, of course, complied at once with glass full upon him without recognising his request, by giving the necessary a feature of his face.

order to the blacksmith. His horse “I am afraid you have affronted was soon put in travelling trim, and Mrs. St. Leger, baron!” said Lady leaping actively into the saddle, he Ravelgold.

regained the highway at a bound ; “Or I should not have been here !” checking his course then a moment, he said the Russian ; and as they drove turned in his stirrups to thank me for up Piccadilly, he had just time between the slight service I had rendered him, Bond street and Milton Crescent to and giving an address, which I have tell her ladyship the foregone chapter now forgotten, he added that if ever I of this story.

should enter -'s valley, I might The trulian, on that day, was fed be sure of a cordial welcome from the with wedding-cake, and the wound on proprietor. Mr. Tremlet's lip was not cured by An hour afterward, I was pursuing letting alone.

the same road, rapidly approaching the end of my day's journey. The immediate district through which I

was travelling, had been settled by THE HAUNTED INN. Germans, in the early days of Penn

sylvania—a scattered community that had been thrown somewhat in advance

of the more slowly-extended settleMy borse had cast a shoe, and ments. In populousness and fertility stopping about sunset at a black. it did not compare with the regions smith's cabin, in one of the most on the eastern side of the mountains ; savage passes of the Alleghanies, a but the immense stone barns, which, smutty-faced, leathern-aproned fellow though few and far between, occawas soon engaged in putting his feet sionally met the eye, not less than the in order, to encounter the flinty roads language spoken around me, indicated of the mountains, when the operation that the inhabitants were of the same was interrupted in the manner here origin with the ignorant but industri. related :

ous denizens of the lower country. “ Pardon me, sir,'' cried a middle- One of these stone buildings, an aged traveller, riding up to the smithy enormous and ungainly edifice, stood and throwing himself from his horse, upon a hill immediately back of the just as the shaggy-headed vulcan, hav. Wolfswald hotel-a miserable wooden ing taken the heels of my nag in his hovel where I was to pass the night, lap, was proceeding to pare off the and while descending the hill in the hoof, preparatory to fitting the shoe, rear of the village, I had leisure to which he had hammered into shape observe that it presented a somewhat and thrown upon the black soil beside different appearance from the other him : “ Pardon me”-repeated the agricultural establishments of the kind stranger, raising his broad-brimmed which I had met with during the day. beaver from a head remarkable for The massive walls were pierced here what the phrenologists would call the and there with narrow windows, which uncommon development of“ ideality, looked like loopholes, and a clumsy revealed by the short locks which chimney had been fitted up by some parted over a pair of melancholy grey unskilful mechanic, against one of the eyes—“ matters of moment make it gables, with a prodigality of materials important for me to be a dozen miles which made its jagged top show like hence before nightfall, and you will some old turret, in the growing twi

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