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St. George, and its dependencies, is vested in the governor in council. It is therefore to be distinctly understood that no officer of whatever rank while serving under the presidency of Fort St. George, can, without incurring the penalties of disobedience to the legislature of his country, issue any order in violation, or to the derogation, of the authority of the government ; and that every officer, complying with an order of that description, under any pretence whatever, renders himself liable to the forfeiture of the service, and to such legal penalties as the nature of the case may demand. While the governor in council deems it to be proper to afford the foregoing explanation, he feels himself, at the same time, bound to acknowledge that the principles, to which he has adverted, had never been called in question until the publication of the above-mentioned order of the late commander-in-chief. On the contrary, these principles had been invariably acted upon by the government, and by the officers of the army of this presidency, who have been no less distinguished for their obedience and discipline, than for their achieve

ments in the field. The governor in

council also experiences the most sincere satisfaction in publishing his conviction that the majority of the army have resisted all participation in the improper and dangerous proceedings described in this order, and it is an act of justice to the troops of his majesty's service to declare his entire approbation of the order, discipline, and steady adherence to duty, which they have invariably manifested. The information before the government does not enable the governor in council to distinguish, by the expression of his approbation, all the troops of the company's service that have manifested the same dispositions ; but he deems it to be proper to notice, on this occasion, the satisfixtory and exemplary conduct of the part of the army composing the Hydrabad subsidiary force. The honourable the governor in council is also

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confident that such officers as have inadvertently yielded to the misrepresentations of individuals, who have been engaged in the prosecution of designs equally fatal to the honor and to the interests of the army, will in future manifest in the service of the government, the obedience, fidelity, and zeal, which constitute the first principles of their profession, which have hitherto distinguished the army, and which are indispensable to the prosperity of the British empire in India. By order of the honourable the governor in council. (Signed) A. FAlco NAR, Chief sec. to govt.

The honourable the governor in council bas been pleased to make the following appointments: Major T. H. S. Conway to be adjutant-general of the army, with the official rank of lieutenant - colonel, vice Cuppage. Captain P. V. Agnew to be deputy adjutant-general of the army, with the official rank of major, vice Conway. Lieutenant-colonel T. Clarke to be commandant of artillery with the staff allowance annexed to that station, and a seat at the military board, vice Bell. Major Sir John Sinclair, Bt. to be commissary of stores in charge of the arsenal of fort St. George, vice Clarke. Lieutenant A. E. Patullo to command the honourable the governo 's body guard, vice Grant. Captain J. Doveton of the 7th regiment Native cavalry, to be paymaster at Vizagapatam, vice Marshall. - The following officers, who have been suspended from the service of the honourable company, until the pleasure of the court of directors shall be known, are directed to hold themselves in readiness to proceed to England, by such opportunities as the honourable the governor in council may think proper to point out, viz.

Lieutenant-colonel the honourable Arthur Sentleger.— Major Thomas Boles.—Major John De Morgan.— Captain Josiah Marshall.– Captain James Grant.

Lieutenant-colonel Sentleger is further directed to repair to the presidency without delay.

The honourable the governor, having been pleased to appoint lieutenantcolonel Henry Conran, of his Majesty's royal regiment, to command the whole of the troops composing the garrison of Fort St. George, the governor in council directs that colonel Coran shall be considered to be entitled to the same allowances as other officers holding commands under the appointment of the governor in council.

By order of the honourable the governor in council.

(Signed) A. FALco NAR,
Chief. sec. to govt.

By order of major-general Gowdie,

commanding the army.

MAY, 12.-On Monday afternoon, the 12th instant, anchored in Madras roads, his majesty's ship, Fox, captain Hart, accompanied by the French ship, Caravan, her prize. This ship was formerly the Cartier, of Bengal, Captain Aikin, and was taken in October, 1807, by the French privateer, L'Adele. The Caravan, when captured, was bound from Batavia to to Surabavah, her cargo consists of stones for building forts, arrack, coffee, and several carriages and bandies.

To captain R. Dickie, commander

of the ship, Marchioness Hellesley.

DEAR SIR,-We cannot permit you to leave this port without expressing to you how highly we are sensible of your obliging conduct towards us, whilst we were your passengers from Bombay, and with how much solicitude you, on every occasion, studied our comfort and convenience.

We request your acceptance of a piece of plate, in the form of a cup, and of the value of one hundred star pagodas, as a small token of remembrance.

With every wish for your welfare and prosperity, We remain, dear Sir, Your obedieht, humble servants, James Russel, major, E. L. Smythe, captain,-H. Raynsford, captain,_ A. Scott, lieutenant, R. Parker, lieutenant, E. Flint, lieut.-E. J. Bannerman, cornet, — Thomas Adair, cornet,- Thomas Trotter, surgeon. To major James Hussel, captain Ed. ward Smythe, captain H. RaynsJord, Thomas Trotter, Esq., lieutenant A. Scott, lieutenant Robert Parker, lieutenant George Flint. cornet E. J. Bannerman, tornet Thomas Adair. GFNTLEMEN,-I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of this date, expressing your satisfaction at my conduct towards you during the passage from Bombay on board the Marchioness of Wellesley, and requesting my acceptance of a piece of plate, as a token of your remembrance. I beg to assure you, gentlemen, that I feel highly gratified by the obliging manner in which you have been pleased to express your approbation of my conduct ; and accept, with much pleasure and thanks, the piece of plate you have presented to me, which I shall not sail to preserve as a valuable testimony of your approbation. - I beg you to accept my sincere and best wishes for your health and prosperity, and remain, with great respect, GENTLEMEN, Your very obliged, and obedient, humble servant, R. Dickis. Madras, May 24, 1809.


MAD RAS Occurrences for June.

By l/illiam O Bryen Drury, esq. rear admiral of the red, and commander-in-chief for the time being, of his majesty's ships and vessels employed in the East Indies. Whereas the right honourable the lords commissioners for executing the office of lord high admiral of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, &c. have, in consequence of his majesty's pleasure previously signified, directed me to establish the most rigorous blockade upon the island of Java and the Moluccas, and particularly for preventing any Arab vessels proceeding from those places to the French islands, or to the Red sea. I do, therefore, hereby declare the said island of Java, and the Moluccas, to be in a state of close and strict blockade accordingly. And that all vessels, particularly those sailing under the Arab flag, which may attempt to proceed from those-places, as well as the vessels of every nation which may approach the same for the purpose of communication, after having received due notice thereof, will be detained and sent into the nearest British port, there to be dealt with according to the principles and stipulations of such treaties as are applicable to the cases of islands, ports, and places, in a state of strict blockade. Given under my hand on board his majesty's ship, Fox, in Madras roads, the 10th June, 1800. (Signed) W. O'B. DRURY. By command of the commanderin-chief, (Signed) The honourable the governor in council has much satisfaction in publishing to the army of this presidency, the following letter from brigadiergeneral Malcolm, late envoy to the court of Persia, containing an honourable testimony of the conduct of the officers and men belonging to this establishment, composing part of the force ately assembled at Bombay under the rigadier's command. To the honourable Sir George Barlow, bart. governor in council, Fort St. George. SIR,--I consider it an act of justice towards the different details of this

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presidency, which composed part of the force assembled under my orders at Bombay, to report their meritorious, and exemplary conduct, during their stay on that island. These details atmounted to near a thousand men, and the officers with them were about fifty, and it will, I trust, be considered as highly honourable to the character of the coast army, that during five months that this party of troops were encamped near the popuious town of Bombay, I had not one complaint against them from any officer of police, or from any of the authorities under government, nor had I occasion to pass a censure on the conduct of any one officer, or to notice the occurrence of the slightest difference, or contention, between any individuals of the detachment, during the whole of that period. I trust I shali be paidoned stating the obligation I feel towards major Russell, captain Showers, capt. Poignand, and captain Fitzpatrick, who commanded the different details of

cavalry, artillery, horse artillery, and

pioneers, under my orders, as also to lieutenant Balmain, lieutenant Patullo, and lieutenant Little, who acted on my staff, and indeed to all the officers of the details, for they were, without an exception, actuated by one spirit of harmony and zeal, and their conduct was such as gave ample assurance of that degree of confidence which might have been placed in their efforts had they been called upon to act against the enemies of their country. I had the highest reason to be satisfied with the great industry and science of the officers of the military institutiqu of this presidency, that were attached to my expedition, who, under the superintendance of captain Goodfellow, of the engineers, completed, during my stay at Bombay, a very large and valuable map, of the western frontiers of India, Persia, part of Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey. I have the honour to be, Sir, Your most obedient, humble servant, (Signed) J. Malcolm, B. G. Madras, May 19, 1809.

In consideration of the expenses, to hich the troops above alluded to wereexposed, while under orders for fo reign service at Bombay, the governor in council has been pleased to resolve, that the officers and men of all the details, European and Native, and also the public followers, shall be allowed one month's full batta, after their arrival at their respective destinations, independently of that which they may be entitled to for marching thither.

The governor in council, adverting to the alacrity with which the several details composing the force proceeding on the service in question, has been pleased to confer upon the Native officers and soldiers honorary badges to be worn as a mark of distinction, and as a proof of the sense entertained by the governor in council of their attachment to the service, and of their meritorious conduct while their own establishment.

To Major P. V. Agnew, deputy adjutant-general.

SIR,-We the undersigned officers, forming a committee selected by the corps at Serroor and Poonah to represent them, in carrying into effect their wishes of presenting you with some lasting memorial of the sense they entertain of the highly correct, yet gratifying manner, in which, for so long a period, you have carried on the duties attached to the important situation of deputy adjutant-general of the Poonah force, feel great pleasure in communicating to you that the committee have come to the resolution of begging your acceptance of a silver vase, valued at 100 guineas, which has been commissioned from England for the purpose.—Added to the gratification we derive collectively in apprising you of this act of our public duty, is the happiness we experience, individually and privately, in offering you a tribute, which we trust will not fail to be acceptable.

We remain, Sir,
Your's with best regards,

Major Wm. Lewis; major George

Powell ; captain Dyson; captain

absent from

Hull; lieutenant J. Hickes; lieut.
W. Speller; lieutenant T. Skirrow.

Serroor Cantonments, June 13.
[Here follows the names of the
- -

MA DRAs Occurrences for July.

To James Tweedale, esq. com. H. C. ship, Perseverance, Madras Roads. Poonamallee, July 16, 1899. DEAR SIR,--Impressed with a deep sense of your kindness and attention to us during our passage from England, we, with unfeigned satisfaction, avail ourselves of this opportunity of publicly testifying our acknowledgments. With many wishes for your health and happiness, and sincelely hoping you may make a prosperous voyage to China and Europe, we subscribe ourselves, Dear Sir, - Your most sincere friends, I. Gillam, cornet H. M. 22d light dragoons,—Henry Nott, ensign 80th regiment,-F. S. C. Brown, ensign 80th regiment, — Joseph Budden, lieutenant H. M. 17th light dragoons,—John Bowler, lieutenant 80th regiment,-John Blackenbury, lieutenant his majesty's light dragoons,—C. P. W. Harness, lieutenant 80th regiment,--George Woods. lieutenant 69th regiment, M. R. Freeman, lieutenant 80th regiment,-- William Wildey, captain H. M. 19th regiment, commanding detachment on board H. C. ship, Perseverance. MADRAs, July 18.-GENTLEMEN,I have the honour io acknowledge the receipt of your letter, which, believe me, was highly gratifying to my feelings, being conscious of the sincerity of 1tS Conte. Its. If any kindness and attention has been shewn you, it was not only merited by your general uniform good conduct, but a duty incumbent on me to discharge at all times. Believe me, gentlemen, you have my most earnest wishes for your health,

happiness, and success, and your last testimony of gratitude towards me will never be erased from my memory. I am, Gentlemen, With the highest esteem, Your most sincere friend, JAMEs Twe EDAL E. To captain IWildey, 19th regiment foot, and the officers of his majesty's troups, late on board the honourable company's ship, Perseverance.

MADRAs Occurrences for August.

G. O. By the honourable the governor in council. Aug. 3.

PARA. l. The honourable the governor in council judges it proper to announce to the Native troops, that the very improper conduct of some of the European officers of the company's service, and the refusal of others to acknowledge their allegiance to the government, have rendered it indispensably necessary to remove, for a time,

a considerable number of European

officers from the exercise of authority. 2. This measure will not, however, affect in any respect the situation of the Native troops, who must know that their first duty is to the government which they serve, and from which all authority is derived. 3. The governor in council entertains the same solicitude for the welfare and comfort of the Native troops, that has invariably been manifested by the British government. 4. He has no intention whatever of making any changes in their situation, and he expects that the Native troops will display on every emergency the unshaken fidelity to government, which constitutes the first duty of a soldier, that they will obey with zeal the orders of the officers, whom the government shall place in authority over them, that they will refuse a belief to all reports calculated to agitate their minds and diminish their confidence in the government, and that they will not allow themselves to be involved in

measures, in any respect adverse to their duty and allegiance. 5. The governor in council is pleased to express his approbation of the good conduct, which has been recently manifested by the Native troops at the presidency, in the camp at the mount, at Trichinopoly, and at Vellore, and he is confident that their behaviour will be equally correct and loyal at all other stations of the army. A U.G.5.--The honourable the governor in council has been pleased to resolve, that all the European officers of the company's service, who may be removed from the exercise of their military functions in consequence of their refusing or omitting to sign the declaration required in the orders of the 26th of July last, shall be permitted to choose a place for their residence, until further orders, between Sadras and Negapatam, both places included; from which they are not afterwards

to proceed beyond the distance of five

miles, without the permission of the governor in council. The governor in council is further pleased to direct that the commanding officers of divisions, stations, or corps, shall take the most effectual measures for obliging the officers, who may be suspended from the exercise of their military functions for the reasons above stated, to quit the stations of their corps without any delay whatever, and to proceed with all practicable dispatch to the places, which they may choose for their residence. Commanding officers of divisions, &c. are directed to report to the office of the adjutant general of the army, the names of the places which may be selected by the officers for their residence under this order.

G. O. By the honourable the governor in council. On the march of H. M. 2d battalion of the royals, from the garrison of Fort St. George, lieutenant-colonel Contan will assume the command of the force under orders of march to the ceded districts, without interfering with the command of the troops in the centre division of the army.

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