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25, 26,

Here is to be noted, That the office ensuing is 1101 to be uled for

any thirt die unbaptized, or excommunicate, or have laid vio

lent hands upon themselves. The Priest and Clerks meeting the Corpse at the entrance of the

Church-pard, ond going before it, either into the Church, or towards the Grave, jhall say, or fing, I ,

AM the resurrection and the mine age is even as nothing in believeth in me, though he were man living is altogether vanity. dead, yet thall he live: and who- For man walketh in a vain soever liveti, and believeth in Madow, and disquieteth himself me, thall never die. John xi. iv vain.: he heapeth up riches,

and cannot tell who shall gather I

KNOW that my Redeemer them.

liveth, and that he shall fiand And now, Lord, wliat is my at the latter day upon the earth. hope : truly my hope is even in And though after my ikin, worms

thee. destroy this body; yet in my

Deliver me from all mine of fieth thail I fee God: whom

fences : and make me not a reThall fee for myself, and mine buke unto the foolith. eves thall behold, and not an- I became dumb, and opened other. Job xix. 25, 26, 27. not my mouth : for it was thy

YE brought nothing into
this world, and it is cer-

Take thy plague away from tain we can carry nothing out.

me: I am even consumed by The Lord gave, and the Lord means of thy lieavy hand. hath taken away ;-bletsed be the chatten man for fin, thou makett

When thou with rebukes dost Name of the Lord. 1 Tim. vi. 7. his beauty to confume : way, like Fobi.21.

as it were a moth tretting a garAfter they are come into the ment: every man therefore is Church, shall be read one or

but vanity. both of the Psalms following. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and

with thine ears contider my callPsalm xxxix. Dixi, cuftodiam. ing: hold not thy peace at my

tears. IS SAID, I will take heed to my

ways : that I offend not in For I am a stranger with thee, my tongue ;

and a sojourner: as all my fathers I will keep my mouth as it were. were with a bridle: while the O spare me a little, that I ungodly is in my fight.

may recover my strength : be. I held my tongue, and spake fore I go hence, and be no more nothing: I kept llence, yea, seen. even from good words; but it Glory be to the Father, &c. was pain and grief to me.

As it was in the beginning, &c. My heart was not within me; and while I was thus muling,

Psalm xc. Domine, refugium. the fire kindled: and at the last I fpake with my tongue ;

fuge : from one generation Lord, let me know my end, to another. and the number of my days; Before the mountains were that I may be certified how long brought forth, or ever the earth I have to live.

and the world were made : thou Behold, thou hast made my art God from everlasting, and days as it were a span long: and world without end.


Thou turnest man to deftruc- Tken Mall follow the Leflum, tion : again thou fayett, Come tuken out of the fifteenth Chap again, ye children of men. ter of the former Epistle of

For a thousand years in thy Saint Paul to the Corinthiaus. fight are but as yeiierday : fee

1 Cor. xv. 20. ing that is pati as a watch in the N

OW is Chrift risen from the night.

dead, and become the first. As soon as thou scatterest fruits of them that nept. For them, they are even as a feep: fince by man came death, by and fade away suddenly like the man came alto the resurrection grafs.

of the dead. For as in Adam all In the morning it is green, and die, even fo in Christ shall all be groweth up: but in the evening made alive. But every man in it is cut down, dried up, and his own order: Christ the firstwithered.

fruits; afterward they that are For we consume away in thy Christ's at his coming Then displeasure: and are afraid arthy cometh the end, whéli he thail wruthful indignation.

have delivered up the kingdom Thou hali let our inisdeeds be- to God, even the Father; when fore thee: and our fecret lins in he thall have put down all rule the light of thy countenance. and all authority and power.

For when thou art angry, all For he must reign, 14 he hath · our days are gone: we bring our put all

under his years to an end, as it were a tale feet. The last enemy that ihall that is told.

be defiroved is death. For hc The days of our age are three- hath put all things under his feet. score rears and ten; and though But when he saith, All things meu be to firong, that they come are put under him, it is manito fourscore years : yet is their feti inat he is excepted, which sirength then but labour and for- did put all things under him. row; to foon palleth it away, and And when all things thall be subwe are gone.

dued unto him, then thail the Son But who regardeth the power allo himselt be subject unto him of thy wrath' : for even there. that put all things under him, after as a man feareth, fo is thy that God may be all in all. Elle dilpleasure.

what thall they do which are So teach us to number our baptized for the dead, if the dead days : that we may apply our pise not at a:i? Why are they then heiris unto wisdom.

baptizeri for the dead! and why Turn thee again, o Lord; at stand we in jeopardy every hour! the last : and be gracious unto I proter by our rejoining, which thy servants.

I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, o satisfy us with thy mercy, I die daily. It after ihe manner and that foun: so thall we rejoice of men ! have fought with beaits and be glad all the days of our at Ephesus, what advantagein it lite.

me, if the dead rise not. Let us Comfort us again, now after eat and drink; for to-morrow the time that thou hati plagued we die. Be noi deceived: evil us: aud for the years wherein communications corrupt good we have suffered adverhiy. manners. Awake to righteous

Shew thy fervants thy work : ness, and fin not; for some have and their children ihy glory: not the knowledge of God: I

And the glorious Majefiy of speak this to your Thame. But the Lord our God be upon us: fome man will say, How are the prosper thou the work of our dead railed up? and with what Hands upon us, o proiper thou body do they come? Thou fool, our handy-work.

that which thou foweit is not Glory be to the Father, &c.

quickened, except it die: and As it was in the beginning, &c. foweit not that body that thall

that which thou fuweil, thou

be, but bare grain, it may chance tality, then shall be brought to of wheat, or of fome other grain: pass the saying that is written, but God giveth it a body as it Death is swallowed upin victory. hath pleased him, and to every Odeathi, where is thy fling? O feed his own body. All fleth is grave, where is thy victory The not the same fleth: but there is lung of death is sin, and the one kind of fieíh of men, an- trength of tin is the law. But other fleth of beasis, another of thanks be to God, which giveth fithes, and another of birds. us the victory through our Lordi There are also celestial bodies, Jesus Chrilt.' Therefore, my beand bodies terrelirial; but the loved brethren, be ye fiecraft, glory of the celestial is one, and unmoveable, always abounding the glory of the terrestrialis an- in the work of the Lord, foralother. There is one glory of the much as ye know that you lasun, and another glory of the bour is not in vain in the Lord. moon, and another glory of the When they come to the Grave, fiars: for one fiar differeth from while the Corpse is made ready another star in glory. So also is to be laid into the earth, the the resurrection of the dead. It Prieji thall say, or the priest is sown in corruption, it is raised and Clerks thall ling: in incorruption : it is foworin M baih Put a Thort time to

ANthatis of a dishonour; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; it is live, and is full of misery. He raised in power: it is town a na- cometh up, and is cut down like tural body; it is raised a spiritual a flower; be fleeth as it were a body. There is a natural body, thadow, and never continueth in and there is a spiritual body. one fiay. And so it is written, The first

In the midst of life we are in man Adam was made a living death: of whom may we seek foul, the last Adam was made a for succour, but of thee, O Lord, quickening fpirit. Ilowbeit, that who for our fins art jufily ditwas not first which is fpiritual, pleased? but that which is natural; and Yet, O Lord God most holy, afterward that which is 1piritual. O Lord moti mighey, O holy and The firtt man is of the earth, moft merciful Saviour, deliver earthy; the second man is the us not into the bitter pains of Lord from heaven. As is the eternal dea:h. earthy, such are they that are Thou knoweft, Lord, the fecrets earthy: and as is the heavenly, of our hearts; Thut not thy inersuch are they also that are nea- ciful ears to our prayers; but veply. And as we have borne spare us, Lord most holy, o God the image of the earthy, we shall moti mighty, O holy and mercia also bear the image of the hea. ful Saviour, thou moft worthy venly. Now this I say, brethren, Judge eternal, fuffer us not at our that flesh and blood cannot in- last hour for any pains of death herit the kingdom of God; to fall from thee. neither doth corruption inherit Then while the earth shall be incorruption. Behold, I thew Caft upon the Budy by some you a myilery: We Thall not all stunding by, the Priest jhall say, heep, but we thall all be changed: Fed Almiglity God of his great

hath in a moment, in the twinkli an eye, at the last trump: for mercy to take unto himself the the trumpet thall sound, and the soul of our dear brother bere dedead thallberailed incorruptible, parted, we therefore commit his and we thall be changed. For body to the ground; earth to this corruprible mufi put on earth, athes to athes, duftto duli; incorruption, and this mortal in sure andcertain hope of the rea muft piit on immortality. So furrection to eternal lite, through when this corruptible thall bave our Lord Jesus Christ; who thall put on incorruption, and this change our vile body, that it may mortal Mall have pui on inmor. be like unto his glorious body,

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according to the mighty working, Name, may have our perfect conwhereby he is able to subdue all summation and bliss, both in things to himself.

body and soul, in thy eternal and Then shall be said, or sung, everlasting glory, through Seius I

HEARD a voice from heaven, Christ our Lord. Amen. saying unto me, Write, From

The Collect. henceforth blessed are the dead


MERCIFUL God, the Fawhich die in the Lord: even fo ther of our Lord Jesus Chrift, faith the Spirit; for they rest from who is the resurrection and the their labours. Rev. xiv. 13. life; in whom whosoever believ.

Then thall the Priest say, eth ihaillive, though he die; and Lord, have mercy upon us. whosoever liveth and believeth Chrif, have mercy upon us. in him, thall not die eternally; Lord, have mercy upon us. who also haih taught us, by luis

UR Father, whichart in hea- holy A pofile Saint Paul, not to Thy kingdom come; Thy will be for them that sleep in him; We done in earth, as it is in heaven: meekly beseech thee, O Father, Give us this day our daily bread; to raise us from the death of fin And forgive us our trespartes, as unto the life of righteousness; we forgive ihem that trespass thíat when we ihall depart this against us; And lead us not into life, we may rest in thee, as our temptation, But deliver us from hope is this our brother doth; evil. Amen.

and that at the general refurPriell.

rection in the last day, we may LMIGHTY God, with whom be found acceptable in thy fight,

which that depart hence in the Lord, tly well-beloved Son Thall then and with whom the souls of the pronounce to all that love and faithful, after they are delivered fear thee, saying, Come, ye from the burden of the fleth, are blessed children of my Father, in joy and felicity; We give thee receive the kingdom prepared hearty thanks, for that it hath for you from the beginning of pleased thee to deliver this our the world : Grant this, we bebrother out of the miseries of this feech thee, o merciful Father, finful world; beseeching thee, that through Jesus Christ our Mediait may please thee of thy gracious tor and Redeemer. Amen. goodners, shortly to accommend to T Chris, and the love of God,

grace of ihe of elect, haften thy kingdom; that we, and the fellowship of the Holy with all those that are departed Ghost, be with us all evermore, in the true faith of thy holy Amen.


The Woman, at the usual time after her Delivery. Mall come into

the Church decently apparelled, and there jhall kneel down in Some convenient places us huth been accustomed, or as the Ordinary Thall diričl: and then the Pritjt shall say unto her, TORASMUCH as it hath in the great danger of Child.

picated Almighty God of his birth; you thall therefore give godneis to give you safe deli. hearty thanks unto Gud, and verance, and


Let us pray.


Then mall the Priet say, Like as the arrows in the hand Psalm cxvi. Dilexi, quoniam. of the giant : even fo are the I

AM well pleased : that the young children.

Lord hath heard the voice of Happy is the man, that hath his my prayer;:

quiver full of them : they shall That he hath inclined his ear not be ashamed, when they speak unto me : therefore will I call with their enemies in the gate. upon him as long as I live.

Glory be to the Father, &c. The snares of death compassed As it was in the beginning, &c. me round about: and the pains

Then the Priest snall say, of hell gat hold upon me.

I found trouble and heaviness; and I called upon the Name of

Lord, have mercy upon us. the Lord : O Lord, I beseech thee,

Chrill, have mercy upon us.

Lord, have mercy upon us. Gracious is the Lord, and right heaven, itallowed be thy

UR Father, which eous: yea, our God is merciful.

The Lord preserveth the fim- Name; Thy kingdom ple : I was in milery, and he Thy will be done in earth, as helped me.

it is in heaven : Give us this Turn Tgain then unto thy day our daily bread; And forgive rett, O my soul : for the Lord us our tretpaffes, as we forhath rewarded thee.

give them that trespass against And why? thou hast delivered usį And lead us not into iempmy soul from death : mine eyes tation, But deliver us from evil: from tears, and my feet from Forthine is the kingdom, and falling:

the power, and the glory, For
I will walk before the Lord : ever and ever. Amen.
in the land of the living.

Minister. O Lord, fave this
I believed, and therefore will woman thy servant;
I fpeak; but I was sore troubled : Anfier. Who putteth her
I laid in my hafie, All men are trust in thee.

Minister. Be thou' to her a
What reward Thall l give unto firong tower;
the Lord : for all the benefits that Answer. From the face of her
he bath done unto me?

enemy. I will receive the cup of falva

Min. Lord, hear our praġer; tion : and call upon the Name Answer. And let our cry come of the Lord.

unto thee. I will pay my vows now in the

Minister. Let us pray. presence of all his people : in the

ALMIGHTY God, we give courts of the Lord's house, even thee humble thanks, for in the midit of thee, o Jerufalem. that thou hast vouchsafed to deli. Praise the Lord.

.ver this woman thy servant from Glory be to the Father, &c. the great pain and peril of ChildAs it was in the beginning, &c. birtli

. Giant, we beseech thee, Or, Psalm cxxvii. Nifi Dominns. moit merciful Father, that he,

XCEPT the Lord build the through thy help, may both

houie : their labour is but faithfully live, and walk accordlot that build it.

ing to thy will in this life pre. Exeept the Lord keep the city: lent, and also may be partaker of the watchminwaketh butin vain. everlasting glory in the lite to

It is but loti labour that ye come, through Jesus Christ our halie to rise up early, and to lale Lord. Amen. take reit, and eat ihe bread of The Wiman that cometh to give carefulness : for fo he giveth his

her thanks, mutt offer accuf. beloved sleep.

towed offering; ind if there Lo, children and the fruit of

be a Coinmunion, it is conui. the womb : are an heritage and

nient that the receive the Holy gift, that cometh of the Lord.

Communion, 137

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