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INTERNAL REVENUE DECISIONS. Special Agent M. H. Davis furnishes an interesting

(T. D. 1433.) report from Stockholm on the flour and grain trade of

Bottling of Spirits in Bond. Sweden. The special agent intimates that trade with

Vo foreign materials to be added.

Treasury Department, the United States would be promoted if the mills

OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, would deal directly with Swedish millers and importers instead of continuing relations that existed prior to

Washington, D. C., November 13, 1908. the establishment of Sweden as an independent king

Sir-Yours of with instant is received stating that dom. The report follows:

you are about to commence to bottle a lot of whisky The population of Sweden is not far from 5,500,000.

for your trade, and that several of your customers Stockholm, the capital and largest city, with a popula- desire an addition of a little caramel for coloring and

a small portion of rock-candy sirup before it is bottled tion of 340,000, is the largest importing point, while Gottenborg, on the southwestern coast, with 190,000

in bond. These parties state that without the caramel inhabitants, is the greatest in volume of exports.

and sirup the proof of 100 per cent is too fiery for

their trade. You ask if this can be done. The consumption of wheat fiour in Sweden is a mat

In reply you are advised that the addition of material ter of only moderate importance, but is believed to be increasing. Rye flour, or, more accurately speaking, March 3, 1897, authorizing the bottling of spirits in

desired is expressly prohibited by law. The act of coarse rye meal, is chiefly used for bread making. A

bond, provides : considerable percentage of the wheat used is converted

“That for convenience in such process any number into a coarse or graham flour, which is, to a large ex

of packages of spirits of the same kind, differing only tent, combined with the rye meal in making bread. The

in proof, but produced at the same distillery by the standard bread in Sweden, found on the tables of the

same distiller, may be mingled together in a cistern working people, and seemingly always present on the

provided for that purpose, but nothing herein shall tables of the best hotels and the well to do, is a

authorize or permit any mingling of different products peculiar product. It is not a loaf. It is round, about

or of the same products of different distilling seasons, the size of a dinner plate, and similar in thickness, and I am tempted to say nearly as hard. Apparently terial or the application of any method or process to

or the addition or subtraction of any substance or mano yeast is used in its make-up. Being of coarse material, the color is dark. Though wholly uninviting to

alter or change in any way the original condition or

character of the product except as herein authorized. one used to white, spongy, flaky bread, and made more

John G. CAPERS, Commissioner. so to the average American taste by the presence of


Baltimore, Md. caraway seeds in profusion, yet to those accustomed to it, it is the staff of life. The people of the central and northern part of Sweden use mostly this kind of bread. In the south more of the softer dark breads are used. These may, as in the case of hard breads, be either all rye or a mixture of wheat and rye meals. White bread in loaves, as in America or Great Britain, is seldom used. The baking of higher grades of wheat

CLEANLINESS, HEALTH INSURANCE, flour aside from its use in pastry and cakes, is largely ECONOMY AND CONVENIENCE IN confined to the production of rolls or very small loaves of bread. That the use of white flour from wheat is increasing is evidenced by the imports and the increasing facilities of the Swedish mills for producing

OPET it.

There Is




Evaporated Milk

The Standard of the World WINS AND HOLDS TRADE

on account of its Superior Quality.

A PRACTICAL ROTATION. “I suppose you follow a system of rotation in your agricultural operations,” casually observed the highbrowed graduate of the modern agricultural college.

"Follow what kind of a system?" inquired honest, hard-handed Ezra.

“A scheme of rotation. That is, take that large field there; you put that to one purpose one year, another purpose the next year, and still differently the third year, and so on.”

“Oh, yes, I see what your meanin'. Well, sir, last year we used the proceeds of that field to give Elizabeth her musical education; this year the proceeds went to pay boot in a horse trade that I had the honor of engineerin', and next year I intend that field shall give me a trip down to the city and build a new concrete smoke-house. After that I'm countin' on lettin' the youngest hoy, Henry Absalom, farm the field on shares to kinder get his hands into the work.”—Exchange.

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Bausch & Lomb Chamot Chemical Microscope
'HIS Microscope, designed for chemical examinations of all kinds, is made

after the specifications of Professor Chamot, of Cornell Uuiversity.
g The stage is circular and revolving, with vulcanite top and rectangular
graduacions. The circumference is graduated in degrees and is provided with
centering screws. The sub-stage is adjustable vertically by quick-acting six-
threaded screw, having extra long range Polarizer and analyzer are both
medium-size Nicol's prisms. Price, complete, $75.00.
9 This microscope stand can be equipped for all kinds of microscopical work.
g We furnish everything for the equipment of the laboratory complete. Glad
to submit estimate. Write us about your requirements.
g Our name on a Microscope, Laboratory Apparatus, Field Glass, Pho-
tographic Lens, Scientific or Engineering Instrument is our Guarantee.
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company



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Good Ham is the most economical.

There are a great many ways in which Ham can be made into a delicious, appetizing dish.

A little book on "Serving Ham" in many dainty and tempting ways will be mailed to any address on receipt of your request.

Of all Hams, Swift's Premium Ham has a flavor most exquisite.

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The proof of its goodness is in the eating.

Swift & Company, Chicago, U. S. A.

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Pig-Sty or Cotton Field?

Since Biblical times, the hog has had the reputation of being a very uncleanly animal. How then can hog fat, from which lard is made, be clean and wholesome, and make healthful, digestible food ? It simply cannot, and does not.

Now let us consider the ingredients of COTTOLENE-just pure, refined cotton seed oil, and the choicest of beef suet. Do they not appeal to you as preferable to the fat of the swine ?

COTTOLENE is an absolutely pure product, and will make palatable, digestible food.

It is the best frying and shortening medium made today; wherever exhibited in competition with other cooking fats, it has always been granted high

COTTOLENA est award.

Made by
The N. K. Fairbank Company


q Armour's “Veribest” Meats comply absolutely with the standards fixed by the United States Meat Inspection and Pure Food Laws—they are clean-wholesome and nourishing. g More than that “Veribest" Meats are the product of the Armour method - perfected in 40 years of producing the best. g That means “Top-Notch Quality,” not "just as good,” but better than any food law requires.

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Veribest - Meats

DR. PRICE'S PRODUCTS Were as High a Standard and as True to Label as They are Today



IGE GREAM Flavoring



(The highest honor)

Awarded to







Ice Cream in seven minutes.
Remarkable for smoothness, palat-
ableness and purity, all flavors.


One package 10 cents, makes one pint of wholesome Fruit Jelly. All the flavors from true fruits.

For sale by all representative grocers.

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