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Pump Court



No. 133.

To revert to the question of subsequent alteration PUMP COURT.

invalidating a document, it is difficult to see how such

an argument could be urged on the facts of the present The Temple Newspaper and Review.

case, apart from the statutory provisions of the Deeds of Arrangement Act. It is, however, interesting to note the law on the point, which played no mean part in the celebrated action of Doe dem. Titmouse v. Aubrey, in Warren's “ Ten Thousand a Year.” When a person produces a document which upon its face appears to have been altered in a material part, he cannot claim under it the enforcement of any right created by it, unless the alteration (even though made by a stranger whilst the document was in his custody, though without his knowledge or leave) was made before the completion of the document, or with the consent of the party to be charged under it, or his representative in interest. Such is the result of Pigot's case, 11 Rep., 47; Davidson v. Cooper, 11 Meeson and Welsby, 778, 13 M and W., 343 ; and the later case of Aldous v. Cornwell, L.R., 3 Q.B., 573, which decided that filling in the de

scription of parties, &c., subsequent to execution, that CURRENTE CALAMO. being consistent with the purposes of the deed, did not

invalidate it. Of course, where alterations and interDe Lege ; de Oninibus Rebus et Quibusdam Aliis. lineations appear on the face of the deed, and there

is no evidence at all to show when they were made,

they are presumed to have been made before compleThe decision of the Court of Appeal in re Batten, ex parte Milne, reversing the ruling of a Divisional Court, consisting of Cave and Charles, J.J., will be wel. In Fleetwood v. Hull, Charles, J., recently delivered comed by solicitors. The facts of the case will be seen judgment on a point of considerable importance to from the short note of the decision given in our issue publicans, and perhaps we may add, sinners. Defen. of last week. Shortly, however, the question involved dant was the assignee of a lessee, plaintiff the assignee was this. A deed of arrangement was registered ; when of a lessor, and the lease contained, amongst other proregistered it was executed by the grantor, grantee visions, a covenant " that the lessee will keep the said (trustee for creditors), and one creditor, and it was not promises open at all proper and legal hours, and will contest ed but that a true copy had been registered, as conduct and manage the business of an inn, tavern, or required by the Deeds of Arrangement Act, of the deed beerhouse-keeper in such proper and orderly manner in its then condition. Subsequently to registration other as to afford no ground or pretext whatever whereby creditors executed the deed. The names of these credi- the license or licenses should or might be suspended, tors did not, of course, appear on the copy which had been discontinued, or forfeited, or be in any danger of being filed, and it was urged that the copy filed was not a true suspended, discontinued, or forfeited"-and also a copy of the deed, because it did not show the names of proviso for re-entry on breach. In October, 1888, one all the creditors who had both prior and subsequent to Webster, who occupied by leave of defendant, was conregistration-executed it. This argument prevailed victed before Justices of selling liquor within prowith the Divisional Court, but not, we are glad to say, hibited hours on Sunday, and fined £5 and costs. The with the Court of Appeal. Lord Esher, M.R., said that conviction was not, however, endorsed on the license. the subsequent execution by some of the creditors was The following day plaintiff gave defendant notice, renot an alteration which invalidated the deed. He then citing that the conviction was a breach of the covenant dealt with the question of registration under the Deeds above set out, and requiring him, pursuant to the Conof Arrangement Act, and on referring to sections 5 and veyancing and Law of Property Act, 1881, section 14, 6 of that act, held that the true copy of every schedule to remedy the breaches montioned in the notice, so far or inventory therein referred to must be a copy of the as they were capable of remedy, and to make compenschedule which was in existence at the date of the sation therefor. After notice was delivered the license registration, and in its then state. With regard to the was transferred to another tenant, who was, when action affidavit required to be made by the debtor stating the was brought, in the occupation of the public-house. names and addresses of his creditors, that required the Plaintiff now sought to re-enter under the proviso, and names and addresses of all the debtor's creditors to be claimed damages. Charles, J., was of opinion, first, that given, and not merely of those who had executed the covenant did not run with the land, so that plainor assented to the deed of arrangement. With reference tiff, as assignee of the reversion, could not sue, and to the contention urged that the schedule filed must secondly, that the conviction, not being endorsed, did contain the names of all creditors who executed the not involve a breach of the covenant. It had been deed, his Lordship pointed out that the result of urged that the conviction, though unendorsed, would this contention would be that, inasmuch as registration necessarily, when reported to them, prejudice the was required to take place within seven days of its minds of the Justices at the Annual Licensing Sessions, first execution, most of such deeds would be rendered but Charles, J., said that though the discretion was void because the creditors did not all execute within absolute (Sharpe v. Wakefield, 22 Q.B.D, 239) it was to that time.

be exercised judicially, and he therefore could not


assume that the conviction would necessarily influence to the solicitor and been shown over the premises by the minds of the court. The covenant was not, in his the solicitor or his clerks ; letters had been written to opinion, equivalent to one not to commit any offence the references given by applicants, and reports against the licensing acts; even if a breach of the core- made of applications and references' replies, by the nant had been committed, Charles, J., was of opinion solicitor to the committee. In March, 1888, an order in that the case was not one for relief under section 14 of Lunacy directed a lease to be granted to Parkes, the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act, 1881. and taxation of all proper costs, &c., incident to the

proceedings. The solicitor's bill included items for

negotiations with, and attendances on, Parkes, who A POINT of considerable nicety arose for decision in subsequently became lessee. These the taxing master the case of The North Eastern Railway v. The Queen disallowed, holding that they were business connected An agreement had been entered into between the Post- with the lease, and so covered by the scale charges. office and the Company in 1868, by which, and by the The solicitor did not contest this, having regard to the Telegraph Act, 1868, which confirmed it, the Company case of re Emmanuel and Simmonds, 33 Ch. Div., 40, were to receive from the public and transmit messages and the prior decision of re Field, 29 CHF. Div., 609, but by telegraph, the transmission to be at the sole risk he had also included in the bill items for negotiations and expense of the Postmaster-General. In respect of with, and attendances on, persons other than Parkes, such receipt and transmission the Company were to act and against the disallowance of these items he carried as the agents of the Postmaster-General, and to receive in objections which the taxing master overruled. The remuneration therefor at a rate provided by the agree- Lords Justices, however, upheld the contention of the ment. Payments to the Postmaster-General for trans- solicitor that he was entitled to remuneration for this mission of telegraph messages (except for porterage) work, in addition to the scale charge for the lease to are required by the Telegraph Act, 1868, to be made by Parkes, and sent the case back to the taxing master for stamps, the Postmaster-General being required to keep review. a proper supply of stamps for sale to the public at such of the offices under his control as he might think fit to appoint. The Company had a telegraph clerk at

In the case of Attorney-General v. Mayor, &c., of their Newcastle station, whose duty it was to discharge Libraries Acts. Ten ratepayers served on the defend

Croydon, we have a valuable judgment on the Free the duties as to receipt and transmission of messages undertaken by them under the agreement. Stamps opinion of the borough as to the adoption of the Public

ants a notice in writing calling on them to ascertain the were supplied to him, as the Company knew, by the

Libraries Acts. Postmaster-General; and the Company having declined

Thereupon the defendants issued to receive the percentage allowed or to receive the

voting papers to the occupiers of premises rated, the supply of stamps which would entitle them to the

result of the poll being, as declared by the Mayor, that percentage, the clerk received the percentage, gave a

the provisions of the Acts had been adopted. It was receipt to the Post-office for the stamps, and from time

now sought to prevent these provisions being carried to time acco ited to the Post-office for the stamps

into effect on the ground that an order had been made delivered to him. He received from senders of tele

in 1869 by the Croydon Vestry, directing that owners of all graphic messages sums amounting to £624, but sent

rateable hereditaments, to which sections 3 and 4 of the the messages without affixing stamps, and appropriated

Poor Rate Assessment and Collection Act, 1869, extended, the money to his own use.

should be rated to the poor rate instead of the occupiers; For this sum it was sought and it was contended, therefore, that in all cases in which to make the company liable. Chitty, J., however, held that the telegraph clerk, though hired and liable to be

the owners were rated instead of the occupiers, the dismissed by the company, and their servant for the

voting papers should have been issued to the owners, purpose of performance of the duties to be performed and not the occupiers, as they had been : that the by them under the agreement for the Postmaster- requirements of the Free Libraries Acts had conseGeneral, was in regard to the sale of stamps and the quently not been complied with, and that the poll was money received therefor, agent for the Postmaster

null and void. Stirling, J., however, pointed out that the General only, and not for the company, inasmuch as he

right to vote belonged to “every inhabitant, who would was liable to account to the Postmaster-General alone

have to pay the assessment in the event of the Act being in these respects; and that the money, misappro- merely · those who would be legally liable to pay” s0

adopted," and held that those words did not mean priated was therefore not money paid to the company for the use of the Postmaster-General. His Lordship

as to restrict the right to vote to the owners where they also considered the question whether the duty of

were rated pursuant to the Croydon Vestry order of the clerk to affix, or see the proper stamps were affixed, 1869, but must be construed as referring to those who to the form on which the message to be sent was

in reality would have to bear the burden of the rates," written, was part of his duty as servant of the company

viz., the occupier on whom the burden would fall prein the discharge of their obligations to the Postmaster

sumably in the shape of increased rent. The learned General, or part of his duty towards the Postmaster- judge, therefore, held the voting papers had been proGeneral as his agent, and came to the conclusion that perly issued, and the poll valid. his duty in that behalf was owed to the PostmasterGeneral, and that the Revenue and not the company The Gas Light and Coke Company, of Horseferry must bear the loss.

Road, Westminster, appeared in answer to two sum

monses for, on the 17th of October and the 5th of YEt another decision on the Solicitor's Remunera- November last, at the testing place, 4, Grove Gardens, tion Act, 1881, and one which will be deservedly Regent's Park, supplying gas of less illuminating power welcome to solicitors. The case re Martin came than it ought to be under the special Act of 1876, therebefore the Lords Justices Cotton and Lindley sitting in by making themselves liable to a forfeiture. Mr. Lunacy,” by way of petition, that the matter might be Roberts, from the solicitors' department of the London referred back to the taxing master to review his taxa- County Council, supported the summonses ; and Mr. tion. The facts were shortly these :—The committee Besley, barrister, represented the company. Mr. Roberts of the estate of a lunatic employed a solicitor with

said that the Act of Parliament required the company reference to letting a house belonging to the lunatic. A to supply gas to the public at an illuminating power notice that the premises were to let, and directing appli- equal to the light of 16 sperm candles, and failing in cants to apply to the solicitor for particulars, was placed that they were liable to a forfeiture. Testings were on the premises by the committee early in December, made at different hours each day at the testing-house, 1887, between which date and January, 1888, when the Grove Gardens, and the report of Mr. Bernard F. Holoffer of a Mr. Parkes was accepted by the committee, ford, B.Sc., London University, the appointed examiner several persons in addition to Mr. Parkes had applied was that on the 17th of October last the reading was 15:5, or a deficiency of illuminating power equal to half a candlo. On the 5th of November the testings showed a reading of 15:4, or a deficiency of over half a candle.

Professor Williamson had held an inquiry, and his report, which was final, endorsed the returns of the examiner. In defence, Mr. Besley urged that the calculations on the part of the complainants were not correct. The system of testing by candles had been found to be untrustworthy, and a new mode of testing had already been established. Mr. Truby, the chief engineer of the company, would tell the Court that the testings of the same gas at the two city stations and at Spring Gardens on the dates in question registered over 16:0. But, even if there had been a deficiency, it was so small that had it been a little less the company would not have been liable to any forfeiture. Mr. de Rutzen said the report of the chief gas examiner was conclusive, and he must therefore convict. He imposed a penalty of 20s., with 2s. costs in each case. This is the company that supplies the Temple and the Strand District with gas. We should like some testing to take place for these quarters.

record it, for there are always plenty to throw stones at the Queen's second son on the ground of his alleged meanness. The Duke is economical ; the more to his credit. The fact is, the Duke's income is very much over estimated, and people think that because he married a Czar's daughter his bride came to him laden with a mountain of roubles. Such was not the case. The Duchess of Edinburgh has £100,000 worth of diamonds, but these are not convertible into current coin, and to a Duke of somewhat limited means, for his position, must have been something like the present of lace ruffles sent to a man who had no shirt.

Nine out of ten of the absurd stories of the Duke's parsimony are sheer nonsense, and those who understand what the life of a royal Duke is, and the moral courage which is required to exercise any economy at all, will rather respect than condemn the Duke for his careful habits, and will certainly join us in wishing him a rapid convalescence and complete restoration to health.

So the attempt to light the chambers and offices of the Inner Temple by electricity has turned out a com

It is not etiquette for royalty to take notice of the plete fiasco. A good deal of money has been spent,

comments made upon it in the Press, so that it is not though, in the abortive effort, and we should like to

to be wondered at that the shocking stories which have know who is the treasurer responsible for this leap in gone the round as to the supposed “hallucinations" of the dark. There is a new sub-treasurer ; perhaps, he is

the poor Emperor of Austria, should have called responsible.

forth a serious protest in the columns of the official organ, the Wien-Abeudpost. The Meyerling tragedy

was sad enough in all conscience, without having THE diverse criticisms upon General Boulanger and superadded to it a score of agonising rumours as to the his visit to London would be sufficiently amusing if, sufferings of the mother of the unhappy victim. No in some cases, their insulting and vulgar tone were not doubt this continued fanning of the flame of sensation distinctly offensive. There

There seems to be an anti- is due in some degree to the ill-judged "loyalty" of Boulangist mania in some quarters, and if le brav' those who send costly tributes to the tomb of the royal Géneral were indeed the anti-Christ which his enemies suicide, but under any circumstances common would have us believe he is, their denunciation of him humanity should forbid such cruel comments as have and all his works could not be much more virulent. been made upon one who, whatever her position in the *Adventurer'is one of the mildest terms hurled at his eyes of the world, is yet a bereaved mother and a hearthead. Well, qui vivra terra.

broken woman, and as such should claim the gentlest

consideration at the hands of all in whom chivalry is WAIT until the Universal Exhibition has run its

not yet quite dead. course, and we shall see what we shall see. General Boulanger's government of “wretches" will possibly be able to hold on to office until the Exhibition harvest This is the truth about the great Evening Neu's has been gathered in, and then-well, then we shall question. The Evening Post, owing to a number of see of what stuff General Boulanger is made, and causes, has not altogether answered the expectations of whether he deserves the confidence of the French its founders. Mr. Harry Marks, the go-ahead editor of people. For there are many, well qualified to read the Financial News, has purchased the Evening Neu's the signs of the times, who are convinced that before with which the Evening Post will be amalgamated in, the end of the year Boulanger will be back in Paris, the course of the next few days, and intends running the idol of the people, carried to the highest position it on quite original lines. City news will be a leading in the State by popular acclaim.

feature, and politics will be a strong second. The com

bination of talent which is to be brought to bear upon THEN will come the question-Peace or War ?

the new paper, for such it will in effect be, will And, despite the Cassandra-croakings of the alarmists,

assuredly establish it in public favour in a very

short time. we have sufficient faith in the sterling common-sonse of the General, as well as in his oft-repeated assurances of pacific instincts, to believe that he will not abuse

The following are the dates for the ensuing Spring the position, which is almost assuredly before him, by Assizes :

-North Eastern Circuit (Field and Hawkins, needlessly or recklessly involving his countrymen in

J.J.), Leeds, May 18th. Northern Circuit (Stephen, J., another war with Germany, 'the only possible outcome and a Commissioner), Manchester, May 11; Liverpool, of which, in the near future, would be disaster, and a

May 18th. Both civil and criminal business will be defeat from which la belle France would not recover

taken. Spring assizes are to be held nowhere else.

this century.

THOSE who doubt the future cause of General Boulanger will, no doubt, do well to note that that most astate young diplomatist, Lord Randolph Churchill, has laid himself out to be particularly attentive to our visitor, and although Lord Randolph is not a Parsee, he is by no means indifferent to the legitimate claims of a rising sun to respectful attention.

MR. Edward Terry has now entirely recovered from his recent indisposition, and is again appearing with his usual success

“ Dick Phenyl in Sweet Lavender "at Terry's Theatre,


The benefit to Mr. Riccardo Gallico at the Avenue Theatre, May 9th, will be under the immediate patronage and presence of General Boulanger, who has promised to attend on this occasion,

The Duke of Edinburgh is better. We are glad to



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cause must be so marked in the cause book at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be so heard, and the necessary papers must be left in court with the judge's officer the day before the cause is to be put into the paper.

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cause must be so marked in the cause-book at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be so heard, and the necessary papers must be left in court with the judge's clerk the day before the cause is to be put in the paper,

made returnable before him in his own Room, No, 181, at 11.30 a.m. on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Master Walton are to be made returnable before him in his own Room, No. 175, at 11.30 a.m., on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday,

O to Z. All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Master Manley Smith are to be made returnable before him in his own Room, No.114, at 11.30am., on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The parties are to meet in the ante-room of masters' chambers, and the summonses will be inserted in the printed list for the day after the summonses to be heard before the master sitting in chambers, and will be called over by the attendant on the respective rooms for a first and second time at 11.30, and will be dealt with by the master in the same manner as if they were returnable at chambers.


parte Gaze


Appeals from County Courts for hearing before a Divisional Court sitting in Bank

Re Gordon; Ex parte Official Receiver
Re Same ; Ex parte Le Barbe
Re Arkell ; Ex parte Arkell
Re Lane;

Re Same; E.r parte Same
Re Jones; Ex parte Tower Furnishing and

Finance Company Re Stevens ; Ex parte Stevens Rc Faulconer ; Es parte A.S. Cochraue Ne Jelf and Latham (separate estate of W.

Latham); E.r parte T. S. Latham Nr Giles ; Er parte Stone Re Jenner ; Ex parte Jenner R+ J. S. Boyd ; Ex parte J. Boyd Re Hopkins ; Er parte Official Receiver Re Rowe; Er parte Northern Counties Bank Ne Lockwood and another ; Er parte Nichol


For Argument.



Lord Chanoellor's Court.


2} General paper.


Set down 30th. October. Carlisle, Tear v

Dickenson & anr. Mr. Gully. Justice

Stephen. Set down 31st. October. Middlesex. Rob.

erts v Owen & Co, ld. Mr. Finlay. Jus

tice Stephen. Set down Oth, November. Middlesex. Wel.

don v Neal. Plt in Person. Justice

Denman. Set down 7th November Middlesex Ditton

Lavender Mr T Atkinson Justico Denman Set

Saturday ...11 { dagen pa

Re Potts ; Ex parte Wade
Re W. Shurly ; Ex parte J. Shurly
Re Miles; Ex parté Turnbull
Re Dixon ; Ex parte Dixon
Motions in Bankruptcy for hearing before

Mr. Justice Care.

Re Dear; Ex parte Martin r. Collings
Re Same; Ex parte Byrne & Ham 7. Collings
Re Nicholas and Paine; Er parte Lovatt.

Action transferred by Order.


Motions. Re Gadda; Ex parte Davis and Watkins Ne Apelt; Ex parte Byrne v. Seaborne Re Stocker; Ex parte Gilbert r. Baker Re Wareham and Secker; Ex parte Viney x.

Re Ford; Ex parte Musson 7. Seago
Re Parkes; Éx parte Campbell r. Fletcher
Re Read; Éx parte Annan r. Read and others
le Parfitt; Ex parte Board of Trade
Re Sharpe; Ex parte Sharpe r. C.O.R.
Ne Wragg; Ex parte Tower Furnishing

Company v. Rooke
Re Youngman; Ex parte C.O.R. Trustee
Re Bradley; Ex parte

Parry v. Bradley
Rc Turner; Ex parte Brown r. Turner
Summary of Matters in Bankruptcy.—Total

Appeals and motions, 36.

Tues., Apr. 30 Mots, adj smns, & gen pa
Wed., May 11

1 Friday

3' Mots. adj sums, and gen pa

I Sht causes, pets., adj sums, Saturday


1 & gen. pa.
Monday 6 Sitting in chambers,
Tuesday 7
Wednesday 8

General paper.
Thursday 9
Friday ......10 Mots. adj. sumns. & gen. pa.

Sht. caus, pets, adj. sums, Monday .13 Sitting in chambers. Tuesday .14 Wed. ...15 General paper. Thursday ...16 Friday ......17 Mots, adj sums and gen pa

Sht caus, pets, adj sums & Saturday ...18

gen pa
Mon., ...20 Sitting in chambers.
Tues, ...21

..22 General paper. Thursday ...23 Friday, .24 ' Mtns, adj sums, and gen pa

Sht caus, pets, adj sums, Saturday, ...25

and gen pa Monday, ...27 Sitting in chambers. Tuesday, Wednesday 29 General paper. Thursday, ...30 Friday, ......31 Motns, adj sums, & gen pa

Sht caus, pets. adj smns, and Sat., June 1

gen pa
Monday 3 Sitting in chambers.

5 General paper.
Thursday 6
Friday 7. Mts, adj sms and gen pa
Any cause intended to be heard as a short

cause must be so marked in the cause book at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be go heard, and the necessary papers, including minutes of the proposed judgment or order, must be left with the judge's clerk one clear day before the cause is to be put into the paper.





A to F. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master

Johnson. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdaya, Master George Pollock.

G to N. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master

Macdonell. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master Butler.

O to Z. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master

Francis, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master Wilberforce.

A to F. All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to master Butler under these Letters are to be made returnable before him in Chambers, G to N Room

All applications by summons or otherwise in actions _assigned to Master Macdonell under these Letters are to be made returnable before him in Chambers, G. to N. Room

G to N. All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Master Kaye are to be

down 23rd November Middlesex Churchill v Gedney Mr R Vaughan

Williams Justice Stephen Set down 28th November Middlesex

Hiscocks v Andrews Mr Crump Justice

Stephen Set down 5th December Middlesex Strubs

V Southwark & Vauxhall Water Co Mr

Cock Justice Hawkins Set down 7th December Middlesex Weide.

mann v Walpole Mr Cock Baron Huddleston


Set down 15th January Middlesex Smith

v Poolman Mr. Bankes Justce Manisty. Set down 17th January Middlesex Johnson

v. Lindsay & Co. Mr. Kemp Justice Grantham. Set down 19th January Middlesex. Mar.

chussen v Birkbeck Bank. Mr Cook Jus.

tice Grantham. Set down 24th

January Middlesex. Rogers and anr v Whiteley. Mr. Candy Baron

Pollock, Set down 25th January Middlesex. Green

field v Harrison. Mr. Candy Justice

Grantham. Set down 28th January Middlesex. Barnard

v Hobson. Mr, Silvester Justice Manisty Set down 29th January Middlesex Goddard

Mann Mr Kisch Justice Manisty Set down 1st February Middlesax Simeon &

Mason v New Brunswick Trading Co of

London, ld Mr Finlay Justic Field Set down 4th February Middlesex Lea v.

Charrington Mr Morten Justice Grantham Set down 6th February Middlesex Samson

v Bayton, the younger Mr E Vincent

Justice Grantham Set down 6th February Middlesex. Mee,

Billing & Co v Bently Mr. Murphy

Justice Field Set down 6th February Middlesex Aldridge

v Whitford (Davey 3rd party) Mr Crispe

Justice Grantham Set down 9th February Middlesex Brown

v Lane Mr Greene Justice Cave by order Set down 20th February Middlesex Russell

v Wells Mr. Waddy Justice Grantham. Set down 20th February Middlesex Laxton

v Tully Mr L Glyn Justice Manisty

Chancery Court, IV.

MR.JUSTICE KEKEWICH Subject to arrangements for interlocutory

Business Actions for Trial will be taken on every day of the Sittings, from 30th April to 7th June, both inclusive.

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