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A Congressional hearing was conducted to consider a resolution which would authorize production of petroleum from the Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve for national defense purposes and to provide for further exploration of the reserve The nature of the petroleum shortage in the US is examined, The capacity of the petroleum reserve to alleviate the situation is evaluated. Restrictions on the exploitation of the reserves are defined. The findings of the committee are based mainly on the testimony of selected witnesses who are knowledgeable of the crude oil situation.


N74-28462*# National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt. Md. A MARKOVIAN MODEL FOR ASSESSMENT OF PERSONNEL HIRING PLANS Lawrence G. Katz Washington Jun, 1974 17 p refs (NASA-TN-D-7640: G-7410) Avail. NTIS HC $3.00 CSCL 05C

As a result of the current economic environment, many organizations are having to operate with fewer resources. In the manpower area, these constraints have forced organizations to operate within well-defined hiring plans. Exceeding personnel ceilings is in most cases an intolerable situation. A mathemati. cal model, based on the theory of Markov processes, is presented which can be used to assess the chances of success of personnel hiring plans The model considers a plan to be successful if the final population size, at the end of the planning period, lies within a range specified by management. Although this model was developed to assess personnel hiring plans at the Goddard Space Flight Center, it is directly applicable wherever personnel hining plans are used.


N74-28451# Select Committee on Small Business (U. S. House)
Washington GPO 1973 21 p Presented by the Select Comm
on Small Business to the Comm. of the Whole House on the
State of the Union, 93d Congr., 1st Sess., 10 Aug. 1973
(H- Rept-93-450; GPO-99-006) Avail US Capitol, House
Document Room

The achievements and significance of the Small Business Administration (SBA) in obtaining technology transfers for small business concerns is reviewed in preface to a Congressional recommendation that the SBA Technology Utilization Program be reinstated. The continuation and possible expansion of the program is urged in committee resolution and recommendations are outlined to aid the SBA in resuming its technology transfer activities


N74-28463# Bureau of Mines, Washington, D.C. Div. of
Fossil Fuels.
10 Oct. 1973 14 p
Avail NTIS HC $4 00

Domestic sales of distillate fuel oils, residual fuel oils, and kerosine in thousands of barrels are presented and compared to sales volume in 1971. Data are arranged by fuel type, intended uses, and state and year in which the transactions were made


N74-28453# Committee on Finance (U. S. Senate). PROFITABILITY OF DOMESTIC ENERGY COMPANY OPERATIONS Washington GPO 1974 222 p refs Hearings before Comm on Finance, 93d Congr., 20 Sess, 13-14 Feb. 1974 (GPO-28-572) Avail: Comm. on Finance

A Congressional hearing was conducted to present testimony relating to the problem for excess or windfall profits in the oil industry Tax legislation proposals are emphasized Information is presented by private firms and by petroleum trade associations, and the topics include the following: (1) percent of U.S. production by medium and small companies; (2) petroleum exploration and development expenditures: (3) profitability ratios: (4) sources of U.S. sales of petroleum products and foreign investments; (5) imports of crude oil and refine products: (6) gasoline and residual fuel consumption; (7) return on petroleum shareholders equity. and (8) earning growth and return calculations Recommendations are made for the formulation of tax and price policies as well as effective government/industry roles in the management of the energy market.


[blocks in formation]

N74-28465# Atomic Energy Commission. Washington, DC NATION'S ENERGY FUTURE Report to the President of the United States Dixy Lee Ray 1 Dec 1973 182 p (WASH-1281) Avail: NTIS MF $1 45. SOD HC $1.95

This report, developed under the general guidance of the Energy Policy Office, is in response to the directive of the President on June 29. 1973, to the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission to review Federal and private energy R and D and to recommend an integrated program for the Nation. The report recommends (1) a national energy Rand D program, (2) a five-year. $10 billion Federal energy R and D program, and (3) the FY 1975 Federal budget for energy R and D. The recommended program, based on what is now known, is both necessary and sufficient to maximize energy Rand D's contribution to the Nation's energy goals, even so. 1985 is the earliest date by which self-sufficiency can reasonably be expected By 1980. the recommended program can reduce oil imports to half those currently projected, other extraordinary measures will be required to displace the other half.


N74-28455# National Academy of Engineering. Washington,
D.C. Committee on Technology Transfer and Utilization
Feb. 1974 34 p refs
(Grant NSF C-310)
(PB-232123: NAE-COTTU-74) Avail: NTIS HC $4 75

A study to identify Federal agencies conducting programs directed toward technology transfer and utilization, determine and describe the methods used in programs, evaluate the effectiveness of methods, assess the extent these methods have been evaluated: and recommend policies for NSF and Federal government consideration. It was found that technology developed by federally funded programs since World War II has not resulted in widespread secondary applications of technology. An imbalance was found between the emphasis on collection, processing. and dissemination of technological information and the stimulation of secondary uses of technology. It is recommended the federal government redirect the emphasis and correct the imbalance by increasing funding for application, adaptation and utilization to at least the same level as that expended for information collection and dissemination. Other recommendations are made Author

N74-28470# Environmental Protection Agency, Washington,
DC Office of Research and Development,
Nov 1973 278 p
(PB-229297/7) Avail NTIS HC $17.00 CSCL 13B

The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development (OR and D) conducts and supports research, development, and demonstration efforts on a wide variety of courses and public education would be conducted at each center following successful operation of the POCE system


subjects primarily related to pollution sources and effects. environmental sciences and pollution control technology. The purpose of EXPRO is two-fold: to acquaint the research and development community with general, guidelines for working with the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development under grant or contract support, and to make publically available a list of specific grant and contract tasks which OR and D plans to fund during Fiscal Year.


N74-28578 Joint Publications Research Service. Arlington, Va.
M. A Novikov, A. A. Gerasimovich, G. V. Izosimov, T. V. Novikova.
and F. N. Uskov in its Space Biol. and Aerospace Med.. Vol. 8.
No. 3. 1974 (JPRS-62553) 24 Jul. 1974 63-68 rets
Transl. into ENGLISH from Kosm. Biol. Aviakosm. Med. (Moscow).
v. 8, no. 3. 1974 p 39-43

N74-28534 Massachusetts Univ., Amherst.
Ismael Gerardo Dambolena 1974 156 p
Avail: Univ. Microfilms Order No. 74-15005

A computer model is developed which evaluates the economics of offshore wind power systems and simulates the behavior of alternate designs Wind-powered generators either satisfy consumer demand directly or produce hydrogen by the electrolysis of water. The hydrogen can later be transformed back into electricity by fuel cells. Using the characteristics of the system components as input parameters, the model simulates system performance over time using historical or computergenerated wind-speed and demand data. Various statistics associated with the energy produced and costs are used to evaluate and compare alternative systems. Dissert. Abstr.

The influence of psychopharmacological preparations (aminasine, haloperidole, phenamine) on the distribution of functional duties within a group is studied by evaluating stability of habits and tactics, verbal communicability and the level of conflict tension. the psychological cost of group and individual activity, as well as empathic perception of the partner. It is shown that intra-group personality interactions can be controlled using psychopharmacological preparations.


N74-28636 Technische Hochschule. Darmstadt (West Germany).
Inst. fuer Arbeitswissenschaft.
Holger Luczak In DGLR tech. for Man-Machine-Invest. 1974
o 7-23 refs in GERMAN: ENGLISH summary

N74-28537*# Denver Research Inst.. Colo, Industrial Economics Div. APPLICATIONS OF AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY IN THE ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY Aug. 1973 116 p refs (Contract NASW-2362) (NASA-CR-138947) Avail: NTIS HC $9.00 CSCL 10B

An overview of the electric power industry, selected NASA contributions to progress in the industry. linkages affecting the transfer and diffusion of technology, and, finally, a perspective on technology transfer issues are presented.


Three types of ergonomic experiments are distinguished according to the number of independent variables. Objectives and content of experimental design are explained. For the design of ceteris-paribus-experiments, the maximization of homogeneity of experimental conditions, the control and elimination of the experimental error by randomized blocks, Latin and Greek-Latin squares, and the minimization of the number of experiments by sequential analysis are proposed. Deterministic and stochastic methods for optimum conditions determination of several experimental parameters, with respect to a response function, are mentioned

Author (ESRO)

N74-28538# Mitre Corp., McLean, Va, PROPOSED PROGRAM AND BUDGET FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS Frank R. Eldridge Feb. 1974 147 p (Contract NSF C-831; Proj. 2950) (MTR-6613; NSF/RA/ N-73-111) Avail: NTIS HC $10.50

A study of the NSF 5-year Solar Energy Research Program is presented. The goals. suggested approach, funding, phasing, basis for funding estimates and task priorities are described. that would be conducted during the course of the proposed program for photovoltaic systems. This proposed program was designed to demonstrate, by basic and applied research and proof-of-concept experiments, the technical feasibility, economic viability, environmental impact, sociological desirability, institutional constraints, and potential utilization of photovoltaic systems that would derive replenishable energy from the sun to help satisfy future U.S. energy needs.


N74-28686# National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C.
Systems and Software Div.
Report, Doc. 1972
Susan K. Reed, ed., Dennis K. Branstad. ed., P. S. Browne. C.
G. Maple. W. H. Murray, and C. Weissman May 1974 89 p
rets Presented at the NBS/ACM Workshop on Controlled
Accessibility. Rancho Sante Fe, Calif., 10-13 Dec. 1972
(NBS-TN-827; LC-74-600078) Avail: SOD HC $1.25 as

Access controls, audit, EDP management controls, identification, and measurements were discussed. The members, goals, and reports for each of the preceeding catagories were also presented.


N74-28540# MITRE Corp., Washington, D.C. DISSEMINATION AND UTILIZATION OF SOLAR ENERGY RESEARCH RESULTS Dec. 1973 67 p refs (Contract NSF C-831; Proj. 2950) (MTR-6544; NSF/RA/N-73-3) Avail: NTIS HC $6.50

Recommendations have been made for establishing groups within, or reporting to the NSF Solar Energy Program Office. and initiating activities for the dissemination and utilization of solar energy research results. The primary recommendations include establishing an Advisory Commission and an information office reporting to the Program Director, and constructing visitor centers on the sites of each Proof of Concept Experiment. Training

N74-28697# Air Force Systems Command, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Foreign Technology Div. COMPUTER-ASSISTED DESIGNING OF DATAPROCESSING SYSTEMS WITH THE SEIS 1 SIMULATOR OF REAL-TIME INFORMATION SYSTEMS Gerhard Saeltzer 2 Apr. 1974 15 p refs Transl. into ENGLISH from Rechentechnik Datenverarbeitung (East Germany). v. 10. no. 7, Jul. 1973 p 5-10 (FTD Proj. 174-05-12) (AD-777649: FTD-HC-23-1562-74) Avail: NTIS CSCL 09/2 N74-28803* + National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. EARTH RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY SATELLITE. CUMULA. TIVE NON-US STANDARD CATALOG, 23 JULY 1972 · 23 JULY 1973. VOLUME 2: OSERVATION ID 23 Jul 1973 501 p (NASA-TM-X-70133) Avail: NTIS HC $28.25: EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, S. D. 57198 HC $1.25 CSCL 058

On the basis of comprehensive analyses of present and future production processes, a real time information system was developed for the operative control and design of the rapidly changing production processes in a production plant. The control measures in the operative control of the production processes are triggered by events in the production process. Data which are subject to random laws appropriate for the actual production process correspond to such events. An initial concept for the component system to be used (29 data-input and 29 data-output units, 3 control units with associated transfer lines. 1 central unit R 21 with direct access memory and operational system) and the application program system (10 programs for the control and guidance of the production process) is available. The central unit is used in the multiprogramming operating mode: the real time programs are run in hierarchical sequence within a clearly defined core memory range over other programs. Author (GRA)

N74-28804* + National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Goddard Space Flight Center. Greenbelt, Md. EARTH RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY SATELLITE. CUMULATIVE NON-US STANDARD CATALOG, 23 JULY 1972 23 JULY 1973. VOLUME 3: COORDINATE LISTING, REVISION 23 Jul, 1973 516 p (NASA-TM-X-70132) Avail: NTIS HC $29.00: EROS Data Center. Sioux Falls. S.D. 57198 HC $1.25 CSCL 05B

N74-28805* . National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt. Md EARTH RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY SATELLITE. CUMULA. TIVE NON-US STANDARD CATALOG, 23 JULY 1972 23 JULY 1973. VOLUME 4: COORDINATE LISTING, REVISION 23 Jul 1973 515 p (NASA-TM-X-70136) Avail: NTIS HC $28.75. EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, S.D 57198 HC $1.25 CSCL 05B

N74-28733*# Logistics Management Inst.. Washington, D.C. SUPPLY SUPPORT OF NASA TRACKING NETWORKS Feb. 1973 82 p (Contract NASW-2306) (NASA-CR-138832) Avail: NTIS HC $7.25 CSCL 220

The extent which supply support for Jet Propulsion Labora tory's Deep Space Network and Goddard Space Flight Center's Space Flight Tracking and Data Network should be consolidated is considered along with the identification of opportunities for improvements in each of the supply systems without regard to consolidation. There is a considerable amount of commonality between the items in the stock catalogs at the two network depots. 58% for federal stock number items and 30% overall. The workload at the DSIF Supply Depot (DSD) is small (less than 20%) compared to the Network Logistics Depot (NLD). A number of important benefits in supply support would result from a consolidation of DSD into NLD. LMI found that a consolidation as is, without any changes in inventory management techniques, would reduce annual operating costs by from $208,000 to $358,000. However, if the consolidation were coupled with a change to use of economic order quantities, the annual operating cost reduction would range from $930,000 to $1.078.000.


N74-28809*# Ohio Dept. of Economic and Community Development. Columbus. RELEVANCE OF ERTS TO THE STATE OF OHIO Progress Report, Mar. · Apr. 1974 David C. Sweet. Principal Investigator Apr. 1974 23 prets Original contains imagery. Original photography may be purchased from the EROS Data Center. 10th and Dakota Avenue. Sioux Falls, S. D. 57198 ERTS (Contract NAS5-21782) (E74-10553; NASA-CR-138443) Avail: NTIS HC $4.25 CSCL 08F

There are no author-identified significant results in this report

N74-28736*# Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge. Div. of Engineering Research. (FACILITY RESEARCH CAPABILITIES AT LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY] Final Report, 1 Sop. 1971 · 31 Aug. 1974 C. A. Whitehurst Aug. 1974 19 p (Grant NG L-19-001-097) (NASA-CR-138884) Avail: NTIS HC $4.00 CSCL 14B

Efforts of LSU are reported to develop research capabilities for supporting the NASA Mississippi Test Facility. Research activities reported include remote sensing technology and salt water encroachment.


N74-28862*# National Aeronautics and Space Administration, John F. Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Fla. PLANNING APPLICATIONS IN EAST CENTRAL FLORIDA Quarterly Progress Report, 1 Feb. - 30 Apr. 1974 John W. Hannah, Garland L. Thomas, and Fernando Esparza, Principal Investigators 30 Apr. 1974 17 p refs Prepared in cooperation with Brevard County Planning Dept., Titusville. Fla. Original contains imagery. Original photography may be purchased from the EROS Data Center, 10th and Dakota Avenue. Sioux Falls, S. D 57198 EREP (NASA Order CC-30281-A) (E74-10623; NASA-TM-X-70206) Avail: NTIS HC $4.00 CSCL 08B

There are no author-identified significant results in this report.

N74-28802* + National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt. Md. EARTH RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY SATELLITE. CUMULATIVE NON-US STANDARD CATALOG, 23 JULY 1972 23 JULY 1973. VOLUME 1: OBSERVATION ID 23 Jul. 1973 502 p (NASA-TM-X-70134) Avail: NTIS HC $28.25; EROS Data Center. Sioux Falls, S. D., 57198 HC $1.25 CSCL 05B

A catalog cantaining data pertaining to the imagery acquired by the Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS) from its date of launch, July 23, 1972 through the first year of activity is presented. The catalog supersedes the previous catalog which supplied data available through May 1973. Two listings of the imagery are included: (1) an observation identifications listing and (2) a listing of the imagery based on geographical location, the coordinate listing.


N74-29065 Joint Publications Research Service. Arlington, Va. SYSTEM OF EFFECTIVENESS INDEXES OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH WORK IN THE METEOROLOGICAL PROFILE N. Z. Pinus, B. I. Sakhnev, and V. I. Chernysh in its Meteorology and Hydrol. no. 4, 1974 (JPRS-62306) 24 Jun 1974

115-132 refs Transl. into ENGLISH from Meteorol. i Gidrol. (Moscow), no. 4, 1974 p 86-96

A study was made of the role of various factors determin. ing the performance of scientific research work. On the basis of a systematic analysis, the analytical parametric scheme of indexes and the normative base permitting quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of the scientific research work in all stages of the research are proposed.


N74-29343# Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Environmental Policy Div. SOME SIMPLE CALCULATIONS TO SUGGEST THE EFFECTS OF SIX NATIONAL POLICIES UPON USE AND SUPPLY OF ENERGY Warren H. Donnelly 11 Mar. 1974 18 pref (TP-360: Rept-74-13-EP) Avail: NTIS HC $4.00

Policy options for total national energy use and supply from domestic and imported sources are considered Estimated balances for the years 1970. 1975. 1980, and 1985 for domestic and imported energy supplies are presented to illustrate the use that can be made of single energy models, and to test the major implications of any policies that may be proposed. Synthetic fuel production is considered in the analysis of a policy based on energy independence. Best and worst energy supply situations are also calculated as an additional aid in policy decision making


N74-29164# Oak Ridge National Lab., Tenn.
M. Roberts 1973 11 p refs Presented at the 5th Symp. on
Eng. Probl, of Fusion Res., Princeton, New Jersey, 6 Nov. 1973
Sponsored by AEC
(Conf-731114-41) Avail: NTIS HC $3.00

A review of the ORMAK program is given. The review briefly covers the engineering development of the ORMAK program in terms of injection research, high-field ORMAK. ORMAK F/Bx, magnet development, and liner surface development Management requirements of the ORMAK program are also discussed. NSA

N74-29247*# Science Applications, Inc., Rolling Meadows, III. ADVANCED PLANETARY ANALYSES Annual Report, 1 Feb. 1973 - 31 Jan. 1974 31 Jan. 1974 43 p (Contract NASW-2494) (NASA-CR-138829; SAI-120-A1) Avail: NTIS HC $5.25 CSCL 03B

The results are summarized of research accomplished during this period concerning planetary mission planning are summarized. The tasks reported include the cost estimations research, planetary missions handbook, and advanced planning activities. F.O.S.

N74-29346# Committee on Public Works (U. S. House). TO CONSERVE ENERGY ON THE NATIONAL SYSTEM OF INTERSTATE AND DEFENSE HIGHWAYS Washington GPO 1973 97 p refs Hearing on H.R. 11372 on Comm. on Public Works. 93d Congr., 1st Sess, 27 Nov. 1973 (GPO-25-702) Avail: Subcomm. on Energy

A Congressional hearing was conducted to investigate means of conserving energy on the interstate and defense highway systems. The legislation was concerned with establishing a maximum speed limit on any highway on the United States, territories, and possessions. The Secretary of Transportation was given authority to impose the lower speed limits after consulting with the Governor of the jurisdiction involved.


N74-29294*# Linguistic Systems, Inc., Cambridge, Mass. DEVELOPMENT OF ROCKET CONSTRUCTION AND ASTRONAUTICS IN THE USSR V. P. Glushko Washington NASA Apr 1974 73 p refs Transl. into ENGLISH of the book "Razvitiye Raketostroyeniya i Kosmonavtiki v SSSR“ Moscow, Novosti News Agency Press, 1973 p 1-95 (Contract NASW-2482) (NASA-TT-F-15378) Avail: NTIS HC $6.75 CSCL 228

The book discusses the development of rocket construction and astronautics in the U.S.S.R, beginning with early research. The work of Russians in the field and Soviet institutes involved in rocket research are exhaustively reviewed. Basic discoveries of different types of rockets are presented, together with data on Soviet space probes.


N74-29347# Committee on Public Works (U. S. House).
Washington GPO 1973 38 p Hearing on H.R. 11714 before
Comm. on Public Works, 93d Congr., 1st Sess.. 11 Dec. 1973
(GPO-28-428) Avail: Comm. on Public Works

A Congressional hearing was conducted to provide for the development of improved design lighting, insulation, and architectural standards to promote efficient energy use in residential. commercial, and industrial buildings. The administrator of the General Services Administration in cooperation with the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. and the National Bureau of Standards is authorized to carry out the provisions of the legislation. Testimony regarding the need for such action and the benefits to be derived was provided by selected witnesses.


N74-29363# European Space Research and Technology Center,
Noordwijk (Netherlands).
Hellmuth Gehriger 1974 16 p refs Presented at the Ann.
Gen. Meeting of Internet UK, London, 7 May 1974
Avail: NTIS HC $4.00

The possibility of integrating networking into a comprehensive management plan is exemplified for a project. At an early stage. the project is divided into suitable segments, and then a project cost plan is developed. Monitoring and control during project execution is explained.


N74-29341# Committee on Appropriations (U. S. House). HUD-SPACE-SCIENCE-VETERANS APPROPRIATIONS FOR 1975: PART 5: TESTIMONY OF MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTHER INTERESTED INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZA. TIONS Washington GPO 1974 494 p refs Hearings before comm. on Appropriations, 93d Congr., 20 Sess., 7-8 May 1974 (GPO-34-205) Avail: Subcomm. on HUD-Space-Sci.-Veterans

A Congressional hearing was conducted to determine additional Federal appropriations for: (1) Housing and Urban Development (HUD), (2) the National Science Foundation, and (3) the Veterans Administration. Testimony by selected witnesses is presented to show the needs of the various organization for funds to continue their operations. The projects conducted by the organizations and the proposed programs are explained. Financial requirements for the organization are presented in table form to show the extent of the funding requirements. Author

N74-29364# National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, Washington, D.C. Board on Science and Technology for International Development. MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF INDUSTRIALIZATION: A FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR AN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIALIZATION INSTITUTE Aug. 1973 145 p refs (Contract AID/CSD-2584) (PB-228348/9; LC-73-11740) Avail: NTIS HC $4.75 CSCL 05C

The report advances the concept of an independent. interdisciplinary research institute to illuminate new policy options confronting all nations. The study was made by an ad hoc advisory panel of the National Academy of Sciences, in consulation with leaders concerned with economic development from developed and developing countries.


(Contract NAS8-28298) (NASA-CR-120218: H-4-3) Avail: NTIS HC $8.26 CSCL 05H

Application and requirements for remoto manipulator systems for future space missions were investigated. A manipulator ovaluation program was established to study the effects of various systems parameters on operator performance of tasks necessary for remotely manned missions. The program and laboratory facilities are described. Evaluation criteria and philosophy are discussed.


N74-29404# Air Force Systems Command. Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Foreign Technology Div. HANDBOOK FOR THE AVIATION REAR SPECIALST A. G. Blok, V. K. Buzunov, S. B. Neroslev, and I. Ya. Skorkin 10 Apr. 1974 548 p refs Transl. into ENGLISH from the book "Spravochnik Spetsealista Tyla Aviatsii" USSR. 1972 p 5-499 (AD-779172, FTD-MT-24-604-73) Avail: NTIS CSCL 01/3

A handbook for military specialists involved in rear provisioning of aviation units and their subdivisions is presented. The handbook is also useful for managerial, technical, and engineering personnel and for specialists in ground based logistic services of civil and official government aviation. Some of the subjects discussed are: (1) operational maintenance of airfields. (2) airfield provisioning: and (3) technical support of flights. Data are presented which reflect the peculiarities of solving military logistics problems.


N74-29630# Technische Hochschule, Darmstadt (West
Mohamed Shahata 1973 206 p rets In GERMAN
Avail: NTIS HC $13.50

A standardized technical control concept for on-line analysis and management of industrial processes is developed. Modern control principles as well as practical aspects of real processes and calculation techniques are considered in modelling and analyzing the real process.

Transl. by G.G.

N74-29408) Army Aviation Systems Command. St. Louis, Mo. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORT ON QUAUTY AND COMMAND PROGRAM ASSESSMENTS Final Report May 1974 60 p (AD-779518. USAAVSCOM-TR-74-25) Avail: NTIS CSCL 01/3

The purpose of the executive summary is to supplement the management summary report. The quality and command program assessment portion of this report is designed to provide an overall picture of quality on aircraft or components. The report assesses quality-related problems experienced in the field by the user as well as quality problems occurring at the Army plant activities, and their impact on delivery schedules to the user. Quality and command program assessments are covered in this report. MDS assessment and comparative fleet evaluations. command statistics and problem summary, are covered in a companion report.

Author (GRA)

N74-29631# Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Datenverarbeitung. Vienna (Austria). THE 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON DATA PROCESSING IN EUROPE (4. INTERNATIONALER KONGRESS "DATENVERARBEITUNG IM EUROPAISCHEN RAUM") 26 Oct. 1973 558 p refs in ENGLISH and GERMAN Conf. held at Innsbruck, 22-25 Oct. 1973 Avail: NTIS HC $31.00

Conference papers consider the various aspects of computer utilization in industrial processes and the economic effects and social impact of automatic information processes in production engineering

Transl. by G.G

N74-29541# Leeds Univ. (England). Operational Research
Allan Humphreys and Thierry Scheurer May 1973 67 p refs
(Rept-19) Avail; NTIS HC $6.50

A new dynamic programming type algorithm for optimal project scheduling under multiple resource constraints is presented. This procedure belongs to a class of algorithms whose common features are initially described in a unified approach. This common approach makes it possible to relate some important characteris tics of the new algorithm to the corresponding characteristics of another algorithm in the same class, much more closely than could be done otherwise. Some of the results obtained so far from this comparison are given and proved.


N74-29409) Army Aviation Systems Command. St. Louis, Mo. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORT ON CH-64A ASSESSMENT AND COMPARATIVE FLEET EVALUATIONS Final Roport May 1974 95 p (AD-779517; USAAVSCOM-TR-74-24) Avail: NTIS CSCL 01/3

The purpose of the executive summary is to supplement the management summary report. It is an overview and summarization of the material contained therein. The parameters presented provide management perspective of the CH-54A fleet. in addition to comparative fleet evaluations. Various presentations of RAM related parameters give the present system posture of the CH-54A fleet. MDS assessment and comparative floet evaluations are covered in this report. Quality and command program assessments and the command statistics and problem summary are the other reports which make up the total executive summary for the CH-54A.

Author (GRA)

N74-29661# Air Force Systems Command, Wright-Patterson
AFB. Ohio. Foreign Technology Div.
V. M. Vegipko 17 Apr. 1974 24 p rets Transl. into ENGLISH
from Upravlyayushchie Sistemy Mashiny (USSR), no. 1, Sep.
Oct. 1972 p 71-78
(AD-778518: FTD-MT-24-542-74) Avail: NTIS CSCL 09/2

Systems for automation of experiments are analyzed and problems occurring in the design of such systems are discussed.


N74-29460*# Essox Corp.. Alexandria, Va.
Thomas B. Malone, Mark Kirkpatrick, and Nicholas L Shields
Jan. 1974 102 p

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