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For Hearing-With Nautical Assessors.

Ship Vindomora (damage); Lamb and others

Y. Owners of the Vindomora and freight Ship Garonne (damage); Owners of Lucinda

v. Orient Steam Navigation Company

Ship Stelling (damage); Owners of ship

Burlington and others y. Owners of ship
Stelling and others
Ship Nantes (damage); Owners of cargo of
ship Theodore Ruge v. The Cunard Steam:

ship Company Limited
Ship Calliope (damage); Owners of Steam-

ship Calliope v. The Tredegar Iron and Coal Company Limited Ship Earl Wemyss (damage); Owners of the

Ardencaple v. Owners of the Farl Wemy88 Ship Empress of India (damage); Good

year and others v. Owners of Empress of India,

Closure Act 1887; Re Brocklebank; En
parto creditors
R: G. W. P. Moor ; En parte Cotton.

Summary of Appeals.
From the Chancery Division, final, 52.;
interlocutory, 1; total, 53. From County
Palatine Court, final, 7; total, 7. From the
Queen's Bench Division, final, 55; interlo-
cutory, 7; total 62. From the Probate,
Divorce, and Admiralty Division (Ad-
miralty), with Assessors, final, 7; total, 7.
From the Queen's Bench Division sitting in
Bankruptoy, final, 3 ; total, 3.-Totals :
final, 124 ; interlocutory, 8; total, 132.

Paper as to Liverpool and Manchester Distriot
Registry Business.

Adjourned summonses will be taken as follows :-Mr. Justice Kay, on Fridays and Saturdays; Mr. Justice Chitty, with non. witness actions, except procedure summonses, which (if any) are taken every Saturday ; Mr.Justice North, on Fridays and Saturdays; Mr. Justice Stirling, also on Fridays and Saturdays,

N.B. --The above note as to 'adjourned summonses is subject to alteration as their Lordships may direct.

(Before Mr. Justice Kay.)
Causes for Trial, with Witnesses and without

Me Curshaw ; Curshaw v. Gallimore
Lloyd v. Freme
Whitby v. Mitchell
Case v. Case
R: Irwin ; Irwin v. Catoliffe
Searle v. Cooke
Lockwood v. Folkard
Berrey v. Berrey
Pickford v, Pickford
Goddard v. Price, Hickman, and Co.
Re Palmer ; Palmer v. Hardwick
Re Thompson ; Kenyon v. Twisden
Dixon v. Mayor &c., of Borough of

Abdy v. Ingram
Hole v. Pople
Greenwood v. Barnard
Tuck v. Southern Counties, &c., Bank Lim.
Lawrence v. D'Hamy
Shoobert v. Smith
Kelcey v. Finis
Robinson v, Cartland
Rose v. Hale
Kerr v. McEmery
West v. Eliott
McIntosh v. Local Board of Romford
Re Trickett; Stephens v. Turner
Smith v. Warne

(Sit down to Thursday, April 18th, inclusire.)

Motions, petitions, and short causes will
be taken on the usual days, as stated in the
Easter Sittings Paper.

Actions with and without witnesses will be taken by Mr. Justice Kay on the usual cause days in the order as they stand in the cause book.

Mr. Justice Chitty will take witness actions on the following days, viz :-May 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, and 23. His Lordship will sit in Chambers every Monday during the sittings, and take further considerations on Saturday instead of Monday.

Mr. Justice North will take witness actions on the following days, viz ;-May 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, and 30,

Mr. Justice Stirling will take witness actions on days to be appointed by his Lord. ship after the commoncement of the sittings. His Lordship will sit in Chambers every Mon. day during the sittings.

Mr. Justice Kekewich will take witness actions every day, in the order as they stand in the cause book. So note on Sittings


Interlocutory List,

S. C. Leicester v. J. Wood
The Consett Waterworks Company v. Ritson
Reg. y. Land Commissioners for England

(appeal of Lords of Leigham Manor from
order of Denman and Hawkins, JJ.)
Same v. Same
Smith (suing, &c.) v. Finchley Local Board
Harwood v. Colchester Brewing Company

Cran and Co. v. Riley
Beresford-Hope (pet.); Lady Sandhurst


Elborough Bros.; En parte the debtors Re


A GLANCE at the table showing the
Sickness and

business for the year 1838 of this Com

pany suggests the oft quoted saying of "physician heal thyself." There is a sickness about it that only can be cured by the application of large doses of funds from the proprietors of shares. The following tells the tale without comment from 18.

Premiums less re-insurances and abatements ...... £14,645
Rent, Interest, &c., less Income Tax and deprecia-

240 Other Income


£584,077, being an increase of more than £100,000
over the amount received in 1887. The total income
from this source and dividends and interest, profits,
&c., was £609,038. The disbursement sheet shows
the following outgo and balance :
By Fire Losses, paid and outstanding

Commission, including contingent commission on 1889 1

111,564 Income tax and foreign and colonial state taxes

8,954 Management and general expenses at head office and branches and abroad, and all other outgoings

78,052 Balance carried to General Fund

106,407 Shillings and pence


£609,038 Percentages to Premium Income for 1888 :Losses

£52 1 0 Expenses

34 0 0 Profits

13 90

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£100 0 0

Funds exclusive of Shareholders' Capital......
Percentage of Loss to Premium Income
Ditto Expense




Average Loss percentage for last 4 years
Average Expenses


Average Profit

do do do

£55 16 0 33 10 0 10 14 0


£100 0 0 THE annual meeting of the shareholders London and

of this prosperous Fire office was held at The prosperous outcome of the business for the past Lancashire Fire Office. Liverpool on the 25th ultimo, and the year has enabled the directors to declare a dividend of

record for the past year, which was 16 per cent. to the shareholders, which is an increase presented, is in all particulars one of an extremely of 4 per cent. over that paid for 1887. Besides this, gratifying nature. When we find an office materially the reserves have been materially strengthened, and extending its business in different directions, with now exceed £500,000, and the subscribed capital the result of a heavy increase in premium income, is £1,852,000, of which amount £185,200 is paid and at the same time keeping its losses at a percentage up. The London and Lancashire have ever shown much below its average for several preceding years, a careful hand at the helm of management, and we have and in addition to all this not incurring any perceptible no doubt that the present large increase in amount at increase in the average ratio of expenses of manage- risk has not been assumed without exercise of due care ment and extension, the shareholders are to be and caution nor without a substantial addition to the congratulated that their interests are in the hands of funds, and we may look forward, no doubt, to a conso careful and capable an executive. The fire premiums tinuance of this excellent showing, unaccompanied by for the year 1888, less re-insurances, amounted to any reverses or increase in ratio of losses.


nothing had ever happened-only the title was altered to “ North British." Bravo, Cottam !

WHEN à couple of months ago we re

The stagnation which has affected this Canadian commended Canadian Pacifics as being a Pacifios. really sound investment for an early

The Mining market for the past three weeks still

Market, continues, nor does there appear much rise, there were not wanting those who

chance of matters improving. South scolded us and ridiculed the grounds on which we based our argument. These shares were then selling rallying from the effects of recent bear movements,

Africans are infirm in the extreme, and instead of at 51–511; they have steadily risen until they are not firm at 57, nor do we think they have anything like

they seem to shrink away day by day. What the ultitouched their best price. We expect to see them touch

mate result may be does not require much discussing ; 60 at least before the year is much older. There is

prices will rally at an early date, and those who have little doubt that this line, as a means of either invest

been selling with so much avidity will find themselves ment or speculation, has been depressed by undue and

cornered in a most unpleasant fashion. The mines unjustifiable panic ; those who have been most promi: extremely rich. The output of gold from these mines

now working on the Randt are, generally speaking, nent in running them down are at the present moment

is not diminishing, but is, on the contrary, going on the largest holders. The ruse they have played upon the public has led certain weak holders to sell, and the

increasing day by day. The action taken by certain market, being for a time glutted with people anxious to

speculators whose principle it is to run everything down clear out, has dropped to a ridiculous figure. We have

is opposed in every sense of the word to all data which endeavoured, not only on the present occasion, but also

we have to hand. Consequently, the reaction must soon in many previous articles, to combat this panic selling. arrive, and many of the shares which are now standing and if we have saved any of our readers from such

at panic prices will very rapidly recover lost ground.

In the miscellaneous market nothing is going so well ruthless selling we shall feel we have not written in vain. Anyone who has carefully studied the position

as Gympie Great Easterns, a mine which, if we had

accepted the verdict of some of the knowing people of this grand system of railways, must have been

who write on financial matters, was long since played struck with the enormous progress made by the com

out. The fact, however, that this company continues pany. We may take as an illustration of this the difference in the figures for the first three months of this

paying dividends varying from five to twenty per cent.

every month or two, shows that money must be obyear as compared with those of last, which stand as follows :

tained somewhere, whilst the reports from the property 1889


show that the money is obtained from the actual workJanuary

151,000 dols. 22,000 dols. ing of the mine, from which a clear profit has been February 151,000


made every month for some time past. As the next March


account does not commence until next Monday, there

is plenty of time for investments in mining shares to 666,000 dols. 238,000 dols.

have a chance of improving, and it is not unlikely that

during the closing days of the present week many im. thus showing that nearly three times the amount of portant changes will have to be recorded. business was done in 1889 as compared with 1888. These figures are really startling viewed by the light of

AMERICA has lately been much exercised respecting recent operations and the price at which shares in the Canadian Pacific Railway stood at last year. The Relying upon an act of the Legislature, several town.

the validity of township bonds issued in aid of railroads. position of this line is essentially a progressive one, and ships in South Carolina subscribed to the building of there can be no gainsaying the extraordinary progress

lines, issuing bonds in payment. Some cantankerous the company is making. In answer to several corre

taxpayers refused to pay the necessary increased rates spondents, we do not think that they have by any

to meet the interest as it fell due, and went to law means touched their highest price ; on the contrary, we

about it. The courts decided that it was within the think they can safely be held for 60 or more.

rights of the townships to do what they considered

best for the future of the communities over which The intricacies of company promotion they presided. Smart Promotion. are difficult of solution at any time, but

the professional promoter is sorely exer- THERE are nothing but American tips this week. cised now-a-days lest his well-planned precautions on

The American Market is going up. Yankees are sure the side of safety should lead him into the net

to rise. • Buy where you like and pay what you laid by oppositionists who are ever ready to make

please." But the safest things to dabble in just for capital out of other folks' ideas. That this is the case is shown by the comical, yet peculiar, Preference, and Pennsylvanias. Those people who

the present are undoubtedly Erie Preferences, Denver position that the British Water-Gas Syndicate forced

like the sound of the agreement between the Northern itself in last week.

It was
known for

and Union Pacifics will probably support their time past that two sub-concessions of the syndi- views, and may get a profit out of them. They are all cate, with the titles of the Scottish Water-Gas

worth trying. Company and the Lancashire Water-Gas Company respectively, were to make their appearance, the one on

A LOT of money will be thrown on the market next Saturday of last week, and the other at a time to be appointed afterwards. The prospectuses were ready,

week by the repayment of old Consols. Where this is advertisements drawn out, and all the legal prelimi

all going to is still a matter of mystery. The question naries had been studiously regarded, when, much to the

is whether it will be temporarily put into English

Rails or reserved for the tempting new companies that consternation of the syndicate, they discovered that two companies bearing exactly the same titles, having

are flying their banners for it. Water-Gas would be a the same nominal capitals, and being in every respect

very good way to divert it into channels which have an infringement upon the ideas of Mr. Cottam and his

recently been running rather dry. co-workers, had been registered at Somerset House just in time to prevent the British Water. Gas Syndicate GENERAL BOULANGER was to have gone to the Press from carrying out its intentions. The shrewd mani- Club Dinner as a private guest of one of the members, pulators of Lombard Street were not, however, to be but owing to a paragraph which appeared in the Irish thus tricked and out-manæuvred. They immediately Times and was from the pen of a member of the club set to work, had the articles of association altered, fresh who did not wish the General to go, he refrained from prospectuses issued, and the Scottish Water-Gas Com. putting in an appearance. It is not easy to make any pany made its appearance the following day as if comments upon this, but it must surely be the duty of


journalists to know everyone without regard to party or whether this can be done in face of the wide-spread position.

feeling that the bottom has been completely knocked

out of the water-gas craze. NEW YORK banks do not shut on Good Friday, and, as a general rule, neither does the Stock Exchange.

A very cautious man in the Stock Exchange, who But this year an exception was made with regard to the

has also the misfortune to be young, will have nothin latter. Of course very little business is dono, although to do with South African Randt shares. He will nog it is on the following day, the Saturday, that the banks

buy them for a rise, and he will not sell them for a fallt feel the relaxation. As all the mercantile houses shut

He says that when they were going up he left other. up, and other places of business take a holiday, it seems somewhat short-sighted policy to keep the banks people to make money over them, and now that they

are going down, he prefers to leave others to lose money open.

over them. This they will no doubt do.

THE Rigi Railway has long been a matter of wonder

CITY editors were not much in force at the Annual to the cockney visitor to Lucerne; but this is now Press Dinner at the Freemason's Tavern on Saturday completely put into the shade by the Pilatus Railroad,

night. As a matter of fact, there is a certain feeling of which runs up to the very summit of the towering

hold-offishness between the ordinary journalists and black mountain which faces the easy-going Rigi. Last

the financial writer. The former looks upon the latter week the first train went up, and by the end of May

as something of an interloper, and the latter looks upon it is hoped that traffic will regularly commence. the former as a shorthand-writer set on horseback.

But a good many other well-known people were at the A little time ago a company appeared whose object dinner, and enjoyed the speeches and entertainment was to induce the public

at large to purchase artificial immensely. limbs; now a company appeals to subscribers whose object is to dispose of ear drums. The total capital is The tax on champagne is bringing good results. £151,000, of which £125,000 “will be required to be The more duty that is put on, the more of it seems to called up." We cannot see how it can be necessary to be drunk. During the past year, we find that over two call up £125,000 for the purpose of carrying on the million bottles more were exported from the champagne business of making ear drums; but then it is not given districts than in the year preceding. We are not told to all of us to understand the ways of new companies. whether these were magnums or merely pints.

By the time this is in print we shall probably have It seems nowadays that a newspaper thinks it does received definite news as to the strike amongst the men not perform its proper function unless it is continually employed by the Salt Union. The Financial News finding out some new grievance, and if no new grievgave them some very good advice one day last week, ance is to be found, why one must be manufactured. but which does not seem to have had much · effect. The mot d'ordre of the two daily financial papers is The men have taken up an impossible position in ‘Attack! Attack," legitimately if we can, but in any case, demanding that four workers shall be used where only “ Attack!" If there is anything or any person legitithree are now employed. This, of course, would mately assailable so much the better, but if not we must increase the cost of production by over 30 per cent. go for somebody or something. It reminds one of the

old saying directed against old-fashioned hospital nurs

ing, “ If the bed does not fit the patient then you must THE earnings of the American railroads are showing dislocate the patient and make him fit the bed." This satisfactory increases month by month. One of the evidently is the motif which actuated our contemporlatest statements issued, that of the Pennsylvania Rail- ary the Financial Times recently in the absurd attack road, is of an exceedingly pleasing character to the it made on Mr. Yelloly Watson of the Stock Exchange. shareholders. The Pennsylvania, in conjunction with Our contemporary falls foul of this gentleman on the the New York Central, enjoys the reputation of being ground that he got himself advertised by means of a the best conducted line in the States. And yet, as is prospectus issued by a gold mining company, in which often the case, these two rivals have a very bad opinion prospectus this gentleman is mentioned as the 'stockof each other.

broker who is entrusted with the sale of the shares ;

and our contemporary contends that this is doing MR. JAY GOULD has accepted the position of presi

by a side wind what the Stock Exchange avowedly dent of the Texas and Pacific Railroad Company

forbids its members doing, namely, advertising without any salary. Perhaps the experience of the

themselves, and is an infringement of the spirit shareholders will be something like that of Mark

of the rule against advertising or touting in

any way. Now, if ever there was caso Twain with his courier. It will be remembered that

of the latter did not charge anything for his personal

breaking a patient to fit the bed here is one. Wo expenses, and it was only after a time that his employer know something about the rule against advertising. was forced to the conclusion that somebody paid for

In no profession or calling is it so stringent as at the

Bar. Îo such an extent is it carried that he is not his board and lodging. Somebody will certainly pay Mr. Jay Gould for his attention to this railroad.

allowed in any way to designate his professional occupation, either on his visiting card or on his office door

or chambers. Yet who but a newspaper manufacturer THE Trust Companies which are now doing such a

of complaints would ever dream of blaming a barrister lot of good for stale bulls, are comparatively now to because a publisher for instance advertises a book as this country, although they exist by dozens in America. being written by Mr. So-and-So, of such an Inn, barIt is a very good idea, but its manner of enhancing the rister-at-law; or who would talk of his infringing the market value of securities that it takes in hand is con- spirit of the rule if a company prospectus bearing his trary to every law of sound finance, and must sooner name prominently as counsel to the company, is ciror later result in confusion and loss. But of course

culated broadcast. To be sure it serves as an advertisethat does not matter to the speculatars who are now

ment for him, but it is legitimate, and has no relation profiting by other people's short-sightedness.

whatever to touting for business generally, which, as being infra dignitate, is rigidly forbidden. The two

cases are exactely on all fours, and we cannot help It is well understood to be the intention of the pro- thinking that the Financial Times has overstrung its moters to carry the North-British Water-Gas Syndicate

bow this time and overshot the mark, to a substantial premium, It remains to be seen



E. COX & SONS, enabled to undertake, with punctualty, all

[blocks in formation]

Mr. THOMPSON transacts business in all classes of Securities, Bonds (Foreign and Colonial), Banke, Railways, Insurance, Telegraph, Tramway, Gas, Water, and all Miscellaneous Shares. Shares sold at Special Prices for forward delivery (one, two, or three months) on deposit of 20 per cent.

Orders by Letter or Telegram promptly attended to. Those taking an interest in Mining Shares should consult Mr. THOMPSON'S Mining and Investment Circular (free on application), which contains a Résumé of the Markets, and treats, in brief terms, of most of the shares generally dealt in.


of whatever length. (ESTABLISHED 1810),

Price Lists forwarded on application. Law Stationers to the Hon. Jr. Justice

Terms, ten per cent. discount on agreed

accounts. Chitty at Chambers, The Brompton

ADMISSION OF SOLICITORS.-The Stamped County Court of Middlesex, &c.

Admission Form, Affidavit, and Filing Law Stationers, Printers and Stamp, obtainable of E. C. and s., and all

information given, either verbally or by Lithographers,

correspondence, as to Examination and Ad. 102, CHANCERY LANE, W.c. mission. (Adjoining Law Institution anıl facing Rolls Yard) E. COX & SONS, Law Stationers, Undertake the Transaction, for Country

102, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. Practitioners, of all matters not necessitating the intervention of a Certificated Agent.

REFUGE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Lim. DEEDS STAMPED and returned same day, for SIXPENCE each (including postage),

89, CORPORATION ST., MANCHESTER. where duty and sixpence remitted, with in- Branch Offices in all the Principal Touns structions.

throughout the Kingdom.
printed at the regulation charge of ONE

Annual Income exceeds £495,000.
SHILLING per folio. (No charge made for
Indorsement, and ten per cent. discount
allowed for cash, or agreed accounts.)

All Claims are settled immediately on
APPEAL CASES printed for the House of

proof of Death and Title. Lords and Privy Council.

Prospectuses, Forms of Proposal, and LAW WRITING AND LITHOGRAPHY.-A

every information may be obtained at the Large and Competent Staff of Writers being

Chief Office, or of the Agents. kept on the premises, E. C. and S. are

WM. PROCTOR, Manager.




Net Profit for the Year

Interest and other Receipts


£106,407 Dividend at 18 per cent.

29,632 Added to the Funds

£76,773 Increasing same to

886,339 In addition to Capital at Call

1,866,800 The Company does a Fire Business only. Having no Life Business, the Funds can only be used for Fire Losses. Not being a mutual company the policy holders incur no liability of partnership.


J. B. MOFFAT, Sub-Manager. THE LONDON AND LANCASHIRE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, which transacts Fire business only, invites applications for Agencies from gentlemen representing Life companies.



This Society is being formed to give effect to the Resolution of the Chief Law Society in favour of Repeal adopted at a general meeting on the 12th inst.

This Society will also support the Irish Incorporated Law Society in connection with the Bill now before Parliament to abolish such duty. It is proposed to form branches of this Association in all large towns. The Chanoellor of the Exchequer recently told a Deputation of Irish Solicitors that he did not like the tax, but waited for action to be taken in the matter.

It is proposed to hold a meeting in London shortly of those willing to join the Association. All communications should be addressed to the Hon. Sec. pro tom.,

CHARLES FORD, 13th April, 1889.

The Outer Temple, London, W.C.



{Tear this part off.]

To the Publisher of PUMP COURT,

33, Exeter Street, Strand, London, W.C. Please forward me, postage free, a copy of PUMP COURT, Weekly, for One Year from date, for which I 'enclose the sum of Fifteen Shillings.

[blocks in formation]



Vol. VIII.


No. 135.


The Temple Newspaper and Review.

in which they practise. It is urged as an argument in favour of the Bill that they are not disqualified to act as Justices of the Peace in boroughs in which they conduct their practice. We cannot think this a sufficient reason, and the Council were not well advised to rake up the matter, as there are many irreverent persons to be found who will endeavour to remove the qualification that at present exists in boroughs. Frankly, we do not think the measure a good one, and the indirect influence which a J.P. obtains in his county will be looked grudgingly upon by other practitioners and their clients, with a result not difficult to foresee.


We remind our readers that the dinner to the AttorneyGeneral, to be given by a great number of solicitors, and which we have already referred to in previous issues, will be held on the 29th May, at the Holborn Town Hall; also that the Attorney-General's dinner to Queen's Counsel and others, in celebration of Her Majesty's birthday, will take place on the 25th May, at the Albion Hotel, Aldersgate

CURRENTE CALAMO Judges to St. Paul's Cathedral is fixed for the afternoon

of Sunday, 23rd June ; and that the Judges' dinner at the De Lege; de Omnibus Rebus et Quibusdam Aliis. Mansion House will be given on Wednesday, 26th June. Ten thousand guineas is the amount of Sir Charles

The Exchange Telegraph Company is informed that the Russell's fees for the conduct of the Parnell case so far;

donor of the £100,000 for the erection of a National Porbut this will by no means represent the sum total of the

trait Gallery is a barrister of the Inner Temple, though not learned counsel's remuneration. It is idle to talk, as many has already distinguished himself by his munificence to

in practice. In Hampshire, where he resides, the giver of our contemporaries do so glibly, of the termination of the inquiry. The witnesses for the defence are not done public institutions, convalescent homes, and other charitwith, the speeches and reply respectively of Sir Charles

able objects. Among other works to which he has devoted Russell, the parties who appear in person, and the

his attention are the improvement of public roads and the Attorney-General have to be reckoned with. But before widening and strengthening of bridges, works which seem these events, this being a Court of Inquiry, the Commis

to have formed precedents for his generous gift to the sioners will no doubt have to supplement the information

nation, as they are of a character usually undertaken by placed before them by the parties, by independent investi

the community and not by private individuals. gations of their own, and we have no doubt there will be some rebutting testimony to be adduced on either side.

THE Treasurer of Lincoln's Inn, Sir Robert Stuart, and No! the end has not yet come by any means.

the Benchers entertained at dinner on the 7th inst., it

being the grand day in Easter Term, Sir James Hannen, We regret to have to record the death of Mr. Ince, Q.C.

Lord Justice Lindley, the Right Hon. J. B. Balfour, Q.C., There is an excellent sketch of the learned counsel to be

M.P., the Right Hon. J. P. B. Robertson (Lord Advocate found in our collection of “Queer Coves" published some

Mr. Justice North, General Sir Donald Stewart, G.C.B., time ago. The learned counsel, after conducting a case in

Admiral Sir J. Colomb, C.B., Sir George Innes, Lieutenant

Colonel Grant, C.B., Mr. Benjamin Greene Lake (President Mr. Justice Kay's court, repaired to his chambers in Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, where he had a late consultation.

of the Incorporated Law Society), Archdeacon Baly, Mr. This was hardly concluded when he called for his clerk to

Henry Seymour King, M.P., and Mr. Robert Spankie. attend him, and shortly after became unconscious. Before he

The Benchers present on the occasion were Mr. Osborne could be removed to his residence death seized him. The

Morgan, Mr. Justice Denman, Mr. Justice Chitty, Mr. deceased sat for Hastings on the Liberal side from 1883

Prideaux, Q.C., Mr. Pember, Q.C., Mr. Hemming, Q.C.,

Mr. Horton Smith, Q.C., Mr. Cibbs, Q.C., C.B., Mr. to 1885, when he was returned for the Eastern Division of Islington. At the General Election of 1886 he was, how

Swetenham, Q.C., Sir Edward Clarke, QC. (Solicitorever, defeated by Mr. Cowley Lambert, another barrister.

General), Lord Macnaghten, Mr. Forbes, Q.C., Mr. Romer,

Q.O., Mr. Everitt, Q.C., Mr. Cecil Russell. Mr. Justice In another column will be found some new rules relat.

Stirling, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Douglas Walker, Mr. Kennedy, ing to the taxation of costs. Our series of articles, Is

Q.O., Mr. Bush, Q.C., Mr. Cutler, Q.C., Mr. Latham, Q.C., Taxation a Failure ?" will find the Lord Chancellor ready

and the Rev. Dr. Wace, Preacher. to digest them.

On the 6th inst., at Westminster Police-court, on the

conclusion of the day's business, Mr. T. Duerdin Dutton, By a new General Order in Lunacy all lunacy taxations solicitor, said that, as he believed this was the last occaare to be referred to the Taxing Master, in accordance with

sion on which they were to meet Mr. Partridge at that the new scheme.

court, he desired, on behalf of the members of his own pro

fession and of the Bar who practised there, to thank Mr. The Council of the Incorporated Society are petitioners Partridge heartily for his uniform kindness and courtesy, in favour of a Bill—the Solicitors' (Magistracy) Bill—to and to express regret that they would no longer see him make solicitors eligible as Justices of the Peace in counties upon the bench at Westminster. Mr. Partridge cordially

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