The Works of John Dryden: Prose works


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199 페이지 - ... of our especial grace, certain knowledge,- and mere motion, have given and granted, and by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, do...
111 페이지 - I'll tell you, now, what I do. If I am to write familiar things, as sonnets to Armida, and the like, I make use of stew'd prunes only : but, when I have a grand design in hand, I ever take physic, and let blood ; for, when you would have pure swiftness of thought, and fiery flights of fancy, you must have a care of the pensive part.
266 페이지 - JLJ ow long, great poet, shall thy sacred lays Provoke our wonder, and transcend our praise ! Can neither injuries of time, or age, Damp thy poetic heat, and quench thy rage?
135 페이지 - Virgil succeeds in the world beyond its desert or " my expectation. You know the profits might " have been more ; but neither my conscience nor " my honour would suffer me to take them ; but I " never can repent of my constancy, since I am " thoroughly persuaded of the justice of the cause
134 페이지 - Towards the latter end of this month, September, Charles will begin to recover his perfect health, according to his nativity, which, casting it myself, I am sure is true, and all things hitherto have happened accordingly to the very time that I predicted them: I hope at the same time to recover more health, according to my age.
26 페이지 - Gibbon, x' has not been adequate to his merits. From a plebeian origin, he raised himself by his virtue and learning ; the character of the man prevailed over the interest of the pope ; and he sharpened those weapons which were soon pointed against the Roman Church.
126 페이지 - Upon triall I find all of your trade are sharpers, and you not more than others ; therefore I have not wholly left you.
266 페이지 - Grief chill'd his breast, and check'd his rising thought; Pensive and sad, his drooping Muse betrays The Roman genius in its last decays. Prevailing warmth has still thy mind possest, And second youth is kindled in thy breast ; Thou mak'st the beauties of the Romans known, And England boasts of riches not her own; Thy lines have heighten'd Virgil's majesty, And Horace wonders at himself in thee.
148 페이지 - ... drudging on ; always a poet, and never a good one. I pass my time sometimes with Ovid, and sometimes with our old English poet Chaucer; translating such stories as best please my fancy ; and intend, besides them, to add somewhat of my own ; so that it is not impossible, but ere the summer be passed, I may come down to you with a volume in my hand, like a dog out of the water, with a duc,k in his mouth.
199 페이지 - Know ye therefore, that we, of our especial grace, certain knowledge and mere motion, Have given and granted, and by these presents for us, our heirs and successors, Do give and grant...

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