Laws of the State of New York, 2권


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1713 페이지 - In such case there shall also be a lien for the charges enumerated so far as they are allowed by law and the contract between the consignor and the carrier.
1711 페이지 - ... at the time of its issue. If, however, the goods are described in a receipt merely by a statement of marks or labels upon them, or upon packages containing them, or by a statement that the goods are said to be goods of a certain kind, or that...
1714 페이지 - ... days from the delivery of the notice if it is personally delivered, or from the time when the notice should reach its destination, according to the due course of post, if the notice is sent by mail, and d.
1630 페이지 - ... him or subject him to a penalty or forfeiture. But no person shall be prosecuted or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any transaction, matter, or thing concerning which he may testify or produce evidence, documentary or otherwise, before said Commission, or in obedience to its subpoena, or the subpoena of either of them, or in any such case or proceeding...
1351 페이지 - They shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding five per centum per annum, and shall be negotiated for not less than their par value.
1476 페이지 - An act to consolidate into one act and to declare the special and local laws affecting public interests in the city of New York," is hereby amended so as to read as follows: § 1503.
1714 페이지 - ... describing the goods to be sold, and stating the name of the owner or person on whose account the goods are held, and the time and place of the sale, shall be published once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper published in the place where such sale is to be held. The sale shall not be held less than fifteen days from the time of the first publication.
1707 페이지 - ... (a) Be contrary to law or public policy, or (b) In any wise impair his obligation to exercise at least that degree of care in the transportation and safe-keeping of the goods entrusted to him which a reasonably careful man would exercise in regard to similar goods of his own.
1717 페이지 - ... to him had or had ability to convey to a purchaser in good faith for value, and also such title to the goods as the...
1588 페이지 - An attorney or counsellor shall not, by himself, or by or in the name of another person, either before or after action brought, promise or give, or procure to be promised or given, a valuable consideration to any person, as an inducement to placing, or in consideration of having placed, in his hands, or in the hands of another person, a demand of any kind, for the purpose of bringing an action thereon.

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